1.21.21 Scott McKay & Dr. Michael Salla: Secret Space Programs, Hidden Technology, Coming Disclosure | Tipping Point Radio (Video)

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Patriot Streetfighter is being constantly censored by YouTube, so Scott has to keep creating more backup channels and switching back and forth while waiting out the 1 week strike period.
This broadcast was on the Tipping Point Radio show. The actual conversation starts from around the 5 min 45 sec mark.
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Scott McKay     (Patriot Streetfighter)
Patriot Streetfighter 2 (Backup Channel activated around the Jan 22, 2021)
Patriot Streetfighter (Backup Channel activated on Jan 19, 2021)
The Tipping Point Radio
Duration: 1 hr 39 min
Dr. Michael Salla, a professor of exopolitics, Secret Space Program/UFO Disclosure expert and human ascension guide discusses the realities of a world that could be with the dismantling of the wall between humanity and it’s rightful place in the innovation of human ingenuity.
Dr Salla’s website is:   https://exopolitics.org/
Dr. Salla is conducting a seminar on his fascinating work on Jan 30, 2021.
Jan 30 webinar info is here:
Title: Exopolitics & the Second American Revolution – 4 hrs

The Untold history Channel is DOWN. Patriot Streetfighter ACTIVATED! Patriot Streetfighter as of this upload is now in YT Jail for a week so Livestreams are now being broadcast on Patriot Streetfighter 2. 
Patriot Streetfighter 3 is now up as well so SUBSCRIBE!! Prepare to change firing positions as this war continues. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQzUWxrzsCvl4w9dynzOFZg

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