2.11.21 Patriot Streetfighter Post Election Update #48: CDC Strikes Again, Cabal Can Hide No Longer (Video)

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Scott McKay     (Patriot Streetfighter, The Tipping Point Radio)
Patriot Streetfighter 3 (Only for Livestream viewing)
Duration: ~ 1 hr
Post Election Update for Feb 11, 2021
Day by day the Cabal apparatus becomes more apparent to everyone with the CDC revelations.
This video was brought down voluntarily withy 90,000 views following the broadcast so as to preserve our Livestream ability and protect content by uploading to Rumble.
 This is the new Patriot Streetfighter Information Warfare Strategy!!

The Patriot Streetfighter Information Warfare Platform is taking shape. Check out https://scottmckay.us​​. We will be adding an email list so all will get notifications to upcoming online events. Soon to LIVESTREAM from there so as to protect our message from being censored or blocked. More coming soon.

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