#562: What is This Weird Stuff in the Nevada Desert at Project Shoal Underground Nuke Test Site? | Wonderhussy Adventures | Aug 18, 2021 (Video)

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Welcome to Wonderhussy Adventure #562

Investigating a site in the remote Nevada desert where an underground nuclear warhead was detonated back in 1963. 

What were these concrete foundations poured for? And what is that giant billboard-looking thing up on the mountain??
Additional Info, from viewer comments (credit: Bob Bryant – https://www.youtube.com/user/bob88061/)
Was in the US Army Signal Corps (1966-1972), the “drive in movie screen” is a passive microwave repeater.
Using a reflector allows for microwave signals to be bounced off the reflector and provides enough signal for your transmitter/receivers to work. Saves having to put in a active repeater which would require active equipment (power & maintenance). 


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