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Une immense préparation
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A huge preparation
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“The man of tomorrow will be totally different from the man of today. The man of today walks blindly on the path of life, and often he does not see what is around him, he does not even see what is in front of him. He moves forward, sometimes blindly, he moves forward because he has to move forward, because life, in a certain way, pushes him through the experiences he has to live.

The man of tomorrow will no longer walk blindly on the path of life, he will walk with his eyes wide open, aware of what he is, aware of his relationship with others, of his relationship with life, it is that is to say with everything that surrounds it.

The man of tomorrow will have a deep respect for nature, for the various kingdoms. Not only will he have a deep respect, but he will feel the vibration of the various kingdoms and their Love, because you must learn, that you conceive, that the mineral kingdom and the vegetable kingdom are capable of Love; the animal kingdom is capable of Love, and you can perceive it through your pets; the mineral kingdom, that of crystals, of quartz, of all the precious metals, can restore, radiate Love. The vegetable kingdom, by its beauty, by its power, by all that it is in its entirety, radiates and also projects Love on the other kingdoms.

Tomorrow the man of the new world, this world that you are going to create, not that of the golden age which is still above, of course, will have the capacity to feel, and above all he will perceive the benefits, for him- even, of the radiance and the Love of the various kingdoms.

From the moment you are in harmony with yourself you will automatically be in harmony with everything around you, and you will have total respect for life as a whole, because you will understand that in everything around you there is there is also a Divine Part. So, of course, it is necessary that in yourself, in your consciousness, you prepare yourself for the new world towards which you are going.

This new world is inscribed in you. We would like to say that it is written in your DNA and physical and spiritual, because you have two DNAs; your spiritual DNA is, in a way, the DNA of the soul, and nothing and no one can alter it since it is essentially energetic. So we cannot alter the energetic DNA of the soul.

Everything that is happening now is a huge preparation so that sentient beings can choose where they want to go and what they want to experience. There are two parts: those who are still comfortable in this third-dimensional life, and those who not only reject it but who feel totally out of step with what is imposed on them, in relation to their deep beliefs, to their deep feelings, to their hopes.

So these two worlds are there, in front of you, and even in those you love, in your loved ones, there are beings from this old world; you or other people around you, can also be ready to go towards the new world that human beings will obviously create with a help which will not be a help coming from the Earth, therefore from humans, but a help which can come from your Galactic Brothers or Beings of high spirituality who will come to help the new humanity to be born.

A birth or rebirth can be difficult. Watch the birth of a baby; it is very secure in the mother’s womb, (her soul was still much more secure before choosing the incarnation), then there is the birth with the suffering which, for a newborn baby, is linked to the extremely heavy vibration that this world is currently experiencing.

What is going on right now? Beings who are being reborn have this same heaviness, this suffering before rebirth, while a newborn feels it after birth; it is not totally the same, but the suffering is the same when you have to be reborn to something.

All the inhabitants of the Earth who are able to position themselves, to know themselves, to recognize themselves, and even if they have no religious, esoteric, or spiritual culture (because we still make the separation between religion and spirituality), all those who are awake, even without knowing it, but who have Love in their hearts, who want to change society, to always be in harmony with their environment, work for the new world even if they are they don’t realize it.

There are a number of ways you can work. You can do this in relation to what is most precious in you, in relation to your thoughts which project you towards this new world, towards what you hope for, and also by investing yourself, in what human beings do, at the moment in France and elsewhere, showing their disapproval of what they want to do to them.

Some of the beings who manifest are already ready for the new world. They don’t know it, some don’t even know that this new world is approaching and waiting for them. Others are not necessarily ready because they are still in anger, in revolt. They did not understand that some things are inevitable, that certain behaviors are also inevitable; we say that in relation to those who are responsible for managing countries.

So, as you say on Earth, to all things misfortune is good, but still it is necessary to understand that sometimes what makes you undergo the shadow has for goal to allow you to perceive the Light with even more power and of radiance, that is to say the Light in you and also the Light around you and in the Universe.

The new man, the one who will be ready to go to the new world, will have made peace with himself. It is not necessary to shout: “I want peace, I want freedom!” They are only words, whereas if all of a sudden you decide to be at peace with yourself, to be free within yourself, they are no longer words, they are affirmations that you are making. Do to yourself, and automatically your behavior will be based on those statements.

Making peace on your own is a lot less difficult than you might think. You just need to be attentive to your behavior, to the behavior of your personality, to your ego, to the situations you are going through; it is also more often than not to integrate serenity, to relativize, not to take at their word the experiences or whatever your rulers want you to live, because politics is a “game”; you might not agree, but religion is also a game, but a different game, a game that can make people evolve, whether in politics or in religion because it can make them reflect. A very bad policy makes people think. A religion or a philosophy which enslaves men can awaken beings.

You know that you are in the last experience of your incarnation in density, that this experience will now be able to last only a very short time, that it will be able to lengthen a little bit according to the multiple awakenings and the level of these realizations.

So now what should we do? You will only be able to change your society if you really go on this spiritual path. So you are going to say to us: “But how? What must we do to go towards this spiritual path and what is it?”

They tell me :

“From the moment a human being comes to realize the immense power that he has in him, that is to say the power of his Divine Part, and if he manages to make the unity between all he is, that is to say his human part, his soul and his Divine Part, the positive power that emanates from him is worth hundreds of thousands of demonstrators who cry “Freedom”, because at this then he is working on another level. He works on the level where the shadow acts, and it is the radiance of the Divine Part within him that absorbs the shadow that is raging on the planet now.

You don’t have to be millions to change society! Obviously, the unity between the consciousness of the body, the soul and the spirit, does not happen all at once, by snapping the fingers,

We insist on this: from the moment you manage to make peace within yourself, when you are no longer in permanent duality with yourself, where you get to know yourself better, where you manage to create serenity and peace. joy in you, you open the door to merging with the higher parts of yourself.

Don’t think it’s hard to make peace in yourself! Don’t think it’s hard to put serenity deep within yourself; it is simply going beyond experiences and asking your ego to be at your service and not to dominate your life; it is also asking your soul and your Divine Part to come and help you remove the veils so that you can unite yourself with what is most beautiful, more precious, more powerful in you- same.

Remember that one human being can turn everything upside down. We have told you and we will say it again to make you aware of your responsibility and your power for your actions, for what you can do to change the world.

So a human being can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back; a human being can also change the face of the world by radiating immense Love and by making unity within himself.

When God Father Mother created the worlds, He put part of His spark into each of His Creations. You just need to find that spark a little bit, and then sublimate what you are.

At the present time, which is the time of rebirth, the time of change, the time when the dark light shows all its power, but where the Light is there, too, and where it can show all its power. Power, what do you see? You see the actions of the dark light but you do not see the actions of the Light.

Instead of dwelling on all that is wrong, try to see all that is beautiful in your company! There are a lot of very positive things, and the most beautiful thing is the awakening of consciousness. You can see this awakening of consciousness through scientists, through healthcare workers, doctors, etc., you can see it at all levels. Of course, the level of politicians is not yet that of awakening consciousness, because, unfortunately, they are still in power and money.

Try, in the morning or in the evening, to see what is beautiful in your world and what is beautiful in you, and at that time your vision will change; this change of way of perceiving life and the world will accelerate the process of change; remember that your mind is creative, we will not stop telling you this.

Your mind can be the creator of beauty, of this new world that you are so waiting for, but your mind can be the creator of the lower. If you give body to fear, your mind is the creator of fear, that is, if you integrate the notion of fear you give it strength. All that is less should not be in your existence anymore.

We may be going a little deep because each of you will still have experiences to go through, experiences can be difficult, but you can have many ways of experiencing and seeing those experiences. You can have very difficult experiences with another level of consciousness, which shortens their painfulness, propels you faster to a new vibrational frequency and prepares you for the new world.

So whether you hope for it or not, and of course you hope for it, whether you like it or not, (and of course you want it), this new world is here. Just open the doors and it opens to you. All of you who are present, like those who can listen to us, are also the actors of this new world, it should not be forgotten.

Certain beings will be able to say to you: “Yes, it is beautiful but these are only words!”

No, it’s much more than words! If it were only words it would fall back, while it is all beyond the word because you give power to the word, you are convinced of the power of your thoughts and also of the power of your words. So you empower your thoughts and your words.

You will never convince those who do not want to be convinced, and you should especially not try to convince them. The only thing we ask of you and we know that now you can do it, is to be, to radiate what you are deep within yourself, not to be complaining anymore. Always try to be positive, it is beneficial for your physical body, because positivity, joy and serenity do not allow illness to take hold.

So in your daily life, learn to be positive.

We will speak again for a few moments about the new world.

It is obvious that it will be completely different in its structure, in its governance compared to your current world.

Your current world is over. It has lived and will not be able to survive the considerable transformations that the various nations and, of course, humans will experience; nor will he be able to survive those gigantic vibrations that we often tell you about that you do not see and that you only feel relatively. The sensitive will feel them more than those who are not yet refined to perceive them and to feel them, but these vibrations exist. These energies of a power that you cannot even imagine are there. They are there to help you not only wake up but settle into this new world.

So accept wisely, accept whatever you are going through right now. Do not blame anybody, do not blame the bearers of the law, false law moreover, do not blame those whose mission is to lead the people, and they lead them so badly, do not blame anybody! No one is to blame, because each being put in such or such a position or in such and such a place, is really the craftsman of the planet’s future, an inferior craftsman of course, but a craftsman of awakening, a craftsman of the new world who settles on your world ”.

You told us that to pass in the intermediate period it would be necessary for humans, when they have one knee on the ground, to ask for help from their Brothers of Light, from their Guides, from God.

“We have said that there will come a time when man will kneel down and lift his eyes to Heaven, praying, praying with his soul, with his heart, with his power, because he will be in despair.

Of course, bending the knees to the ground is symbolic, but from the moment when a being, whether kneeling or not, is capable, with his heart, with what he has most precious and strong in him, to ask for for himself and for his brothers, for the planet, he will be heard, and if there are ten, a hundred or a thousand who do the same, obviously everything can be transformed.

At this moment, the human being does not want to look up to Heaven, except those who are unhappy (there are also unhappy and unhappy); so for the moment the man is not yet in his spirituality. He still lives with his ego, with his intellect, with his way of functioning. He has not yet integrated the new notions of a real spirituality.

You don’t call, you don’t pray… well you pray, but you almost have to be permanently connected to the planes of the invisible, with yourself.

As long as the world is being reborn, you will also have the role of accelerating the rebirth process.

Obviously, if there is great upheaval (there will certainly be some in some parts of the world) sentient beings will be able to bow their knees because they will be in such distress that they will ask God for help.

So, in their deep distress and in their great suffering, if they ask for help from Father-Mother God, the Great Beings of Light or those whose mission is to manage planet Earth (no matter who they ask ), a request made with their hearts, with all that is strongest in themselves will always be heard.

Whether it is through dramatic events, whether it is through this change in society that you are so impatiently awaiting, pray!

We have already told you, pray with what is strongest in you, but let the words flow, do not look for church words!

It is by praying that you will also develop your real spirituality and that you will open the connection between the human and the Divine. When you rise up to ask for the plans of the unseen, from Father-Mother God (whatever), either you are answered if the Beings of Light think your request can be useful to you and the multitude, or this application allows you to open the connection between you and other parts of yourself.

So prayer, real prayer, automatically connects you to much higher planes, and the result is that it also allows you to connect to yourself. “To connect to yourself” is to connect to your soul and to your Divine Part, and this is what the dominant beings, whatever they are, political or religious, do not currently want; they do not want. not that the being becomes a spiritual being.

So the “knee to the ground” is symbolic! Some will do it physically, but what we ask of you is more to lift your eyes to Heaven than to put your knee on the ground. Symbolically it is strong, but we should look up to Heaven and say: “Help us! Help our world!” Before asking for help for yourself, ask for help for the world, for the various nations, for all your fellow humans, and automatically this help will be given to you personally; thus you will also act for the multitude ”.


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