An Account of a Nurse about the Current Situation: I just left my job of 24 yrs from the largest healthcare company HQ’d in Nashville | Sep 16, 2021

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I just left my job of 24 yrs from the largest healthcare company HQ’d in Nashville. I have been a nurse for 24 years. I can tell you first hand that there definitely IS a medical conspiracy going on.
The nurses and doctors are working hard. They are doing what they have been taught to do in most cases. We all trusted the CDC. We trusted the FDA. We trusted that all clinicians were like us, wanting to actually help and cure people.
I have learned just how false that is. What you don’t understand is that the frontline clinicians who are doing their best, have come to trust leaders that are currently misleading them. The recommendations and protocols come down from corporate, who are following the CDC guidelines.
I watched frequent presentations of obviously manipulated data. I listened to constant urging to convince everyone to get this safe and effective vaccine! What I never saw or heard was the truth. 
No public health officials wanted to discuss VAERS data (vaccine adverse events reporting). No one wanted to discuss unreliable or changing cycle thresholds for the PCR test (false positives/false negatives) No one wanted to acknowledge data from across the world that suggested Ivermectin as a successful treatment. 
No one wanted to have to admit that the most vaccinated country on the planet, Israel, is now the most infected! No one wanted to talk about the change in guidance for cause of death, for who was counted as a “hospitalized COVID patient”.
There is a script, one narrative. Everything else is ignored, censored or excused. Doctors and nurses on the frontlines do not know these facts because after a 13 hour shift in the thick of it, who wants to hear anything else about it.
They know what the hospital administration tells them, and that’s only what is passed down from corporate. They are told to give Remdesivir. That drug killed so many people in a trial for ebola that it couldn’t finish the trial. It causes renal failure and multi system organ failure, you know, the things that the most severe COVID patients seem to die from. 
This just happened to a friend of mine. I told them not to take him to this certain hospital chain because of this protocol. They took him anyway. He didn’t last 48 hours. As this scenario is witnessed over and over again, it terrifies the nurses.
They are told all this death and devastation is from COVID, that’s the disease process. No one questions the drug. After all, occasionally it works. It is so much worse than you can comprehend.
No one has been given informed consent with these vaccines because all the data has not even been collected and many of the most severe of reported side effects are not listed on the package inserts. I’ve read them all.
I’m so disappointed in my career field that I have spent most of my life very passionately living in.

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