Antonio Vivaldi – Four Seasons: Winter (L’Inverno RV 297) in F Minor, Full | Cynthia Freivogel & Voices of Music

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This video was published on Apr 10, 2016.
9 min
Vivaldi Winter! The complete concerto performed on original instruments.
Vivaldi’s Concerto for violin and strings in F Minor, “Winter” (L’Inverno, RV 297), the original version is best!
Cynthia Miller Freivogel, baroque violin and the award winning Early Music ensemble Voices of Music.
Q.  What are period instruments or original instruments; how are they different from modern instruments?
A. As instruments became modernized in the 19th century, builders and players tended to focus on the volume of sound and the stability of tuning. Modern steel strings replaced the older materials, and instruments were often machine made.
Historical instruments, built individually by hand and with overall lighter construction, have extremely complex overtones—which we find delightful. Modern instruments are of course perfectly suited to more modern music.
0:00 Allegro non molto 3:31 Largo 5:28 Allegro

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Voices of Music continues our groundbreaking work as a pioneer in the new field of Ultra-High definition video. Although the Four Seasons is the most recorded work in Classical music, this is the first time that the work is made freely available in this format, and performed on period instruments. 
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Voices of Music and the Instruments in this Video:
Hanneke van Proosdij & David Tayler, Directors
Maria Caswell, baroque Viola, anonymous, Mittenwald, c1800
Cynthia Miller Freivogel, baroque Violin by Johann Paul Schorn, Salzburg, Austria, 1715
Lisa Grodin, baroque Violin by Paulo Antonio Testore, Larga di Milano, Italy, 1736
Katherine Heater, baroque Organ by Winold van der Putten, Finsterwolde, Netherlands, 2004, after early 18th-century northern German instruments
Carla Moore, baroque Violin by Johann Georg Thir, Vienna, Austria, 1754
Maxine Nemerovski, baroque Violin by Joseph Gaffino, Paris, 1769
Farley Pearce, Violone by George Stoppani, Manchester, 1985, after Amati, 1560
Hanneke van Proosdij,  Italian single manual Harpsichord by Johannes Klinkhamer, Amsterdam, 2000, after Cristofori, Florence, c1725
Elisabeth Reed, baroque Cello, anonymous, 1673
David Tayler, Archlute by Andreas von Holst, Munich, 2012 after Magno Tieffenbrucker, Venice, c1610
Tanya Tomkins, baroque Cello, Lockey Hill, London, England, 1798
Gabrielle Wunsch, baroque Violin by Lorenzo Carcassi, Florence, Italy, 1765

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