Aquarius ♒ Full Moon – Graduating to Higher Timelines and Time for Key Communications | Molly McCord | Aug 10, 2021 (Video)

The Aquarius Full Moon at 29 degrees on August 22 is a graduation point based on what you have been learning and understanding this year. A turning point is underway as higher knowledge has been rising up within you. You may have clarity and a surprise awakening into more of your truth and what is the correct path for you now.

Uranus RX in Taurus is trining go-getter Mars in Virgo and Mercury in Virgo, adding inspired energy to the tasks at hand and making productive progress on what it is in front of you. Saturn RX in Aquarius is trining Venus in Libra and the North Node in Gemini, opening up communications, ideas, and conversations that you’re ready to discuss more fully in an open manner, especially if a lot has been on your mind. There is now flow and ease for important conversations, as well as a willingness to hear and understand the other person’s perspective and needs.

This is also the second Aquarius Full Moon that puts the lunar cycle back on its normal progressive flow, as the energy has been building since the Leo New Moon on August 8th. Much more to share in this chart video. 

Understanding Lunar Cycles and the Reverse Lunar Cycle Energies ~



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