Bombshell Report on Masking Kids with David Zweig, and Little House on the Prairie Tell-All with Karen Grassle – Ep.224 | The Megyn Kelly Show | Dec 17, 2021 (Video, Podcast)

An example of the CDC gaslighting!
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Megyn Kelly
The Megyn Kelly Show (Podcast)
1 hr 34 min


Megyn Kelly is joined by:
David Zweig, author and journalist at The Atlantic and New York Magazine to talk about Zweig’s bombshell report on the truth about kids and masks, the flawed study the CDC is basing their guidance on, the key question of vaccines for kids, 
and Karen Grassle, actress and author of “Bright Lights, Prairie Dust,” Grassle’s tell-all “Little House on the Prairie” book, and more. 
Plus – Megyn Kelly reveals her recent magical “Willy Wonka” journey.



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