COBRA – Clarification on First Contact and Inner Earth Resistance Protocols – Update and Commentary


This article by Shem El-Jamal of DTM (Discerning The Mystery) is a good analysis of the controversy in the online awakened community that was in reaction to a recent post by COBRA – ‘Entry Protocols.’

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COBRA – Entry Protocols Update

It was interesting to see the variety of reactions from awakened communities following the recent update from Cobra. That update was fairly new in format and subject matter, and this newness appears to have taken some audience members by surprise.

It was reported by Cobra and various sources that a number of audience members were sent into a panic of sorts after reading the update regarding the contact protocols. This reaction may be understandable if audience members had not yet gained the discernment skills necessary to avoid the hazards they claimed to be fearful of. However, if we have grown adequately over the years we have had to do this work, the task of discernment may not seem as daunting.

When we receive new information, it is understandable that we take time to understand it prior to deciding whether or not we accept it. Likewise, in any new situation, it is important that we do not simply react with our first impression of the situation and rely solely upon knee-jerk reactions. In any situation—especially one as important as First Contact—it is vital that we develop the discipline of self to remain calm and to take full stock of any situation prior to any response.

Personally, I do not yet consider myself prepared to handle a physical first contact. Though I have learned to discipline my energy to some extent and to evaluate the motives of those I interact with, I do not yet feel prepared to face all of the stimuli involved in a physical first contact experience. I am also uncertain whether or not I would want to be completely separate from the surface population without being able to assist in the ways I am present.

I do, however, intend to be prepared for contact, should that moment take place in the near future. Personally, I would like to reach an energy level which would allow any benevolent, service-to-others-oriented being to feel comfortable stopping by and having a conversation, should they need a place to crash for a few moments (though “crash” probably isn’t the best verbiage to use).

It seems unfortunate to see so many people who have such huge potential still being so fearful of the unknown and relying upon others to dictate truth to them. This is not at all to claim that I myself have all the answers one needs. However, it is important, in my view to have enough self-discipline and self-trust in said discipline to feel secure enough to make our own observations about the world around us.

As things stand, there is no better way to gain experience than to have experience, as in a sense, we all do. If we desire to have any experience on a conscious level, all we need to do is to manifest it. If we do not know how to manifest, we are in luck, because the act of manifesting is happening everywhere we look.

We manifested our food today, if we are fortunate. We manifested the clothes we are wearing right now. We manifested the interactions with the people around us, our jobs, and our computers. We manifested the experience of reading this blog post. So clearly, we have some knowledge of how to manifest any experience we desire. The challenge is not so much in manifestation, but in actualizing and deliberately steering that manifesting potential toward something new.

There was one post from a blog which I happened upon a number of days ago. This post was similar to the above update from Cobra, in that it addresses the reaction which Cobra’s recent post received. The following article may help us define the difference between a mature response to new information and the knee-jerk reactions which some had following the recent Cobra update.

It is far too rare, in my view, that we as truth-seekers take responsibility for our emotions and experiences. Too often do we assume that our unpleasant experiences and difficulties are caused solely by those around us.

Most of us have been exposed to the wisdom which helps us to orient ourselves toward self-evaluation and critique. Yet when difficulties arise in our lives, many of us still react by blaming others for those difficulties.

Again, this is not to claim perfection on my part. These are lessons which I am quite used to and which still present challenges to me at times. However, to realize one’s imperfection, I feel, is a first step at improvement. This is an ongoing process of growth and evolution for me. So when I speak on these matters, it is not as any teacher or guru, but as a fellow student of life.

As stated in the commentary of the previous post from Cobra, these times are defining for of us, in that they are calling all of us to a new level of responsibility. For years, we have been asking for First Contact, and yet when the possibility is presented to us, what is our response?

Do we have the same anticipation of possible benevolent outcome—considering all possible experiences which may take place, or do we panic and claim that Cobra has been replaced by a pod person when he discusses it?

How will we respond to other developments that we have claimed to desire in the past? When full disclosure happens, will we be grateful? Granted the event may be quite a shock in some respects, but underneath it all, will we hold the space for gratitude and vision for the positive future which could result?

It is important for all of us, I believe, to remember that it is we who are steering this proverbial ship. Whatever its destination, it is we who choose it. This means that if we truly want to be afraid of new potential developments, we will be. If we focus on First Contact being dangerous instead of disciplining our skill of discernment and preparing for it, we may end up creating the very experiences we are afraid of. If we want to suspect every source who appears to change their story in a benign way and claim that they are a clone, that may be the world we create for ourselves.

If we are going to think, why not think about that which we desire? If we create, why not concentrate on creating a future we want to see as opposed to always fearing what may or may not be around the corner? If we are still fixated upon what might go wrong, chances are that very thing will go wrong for us. However, those who learn to discipline their own minds, emotions, and energies will be those who enjoy the world they create for themselves. My humble advice: Be one of those people.

We have had plenty of time to grow, plenty of time to figure out enough to get ourselves out of difficult situations. Let us avoid being slaves to our own negative perceptions and rise above our past hang-ups. This is how the world is liberated, in my view—not by some guru, savior, or messiah, but by the free will choice of the collective of humanity for freedom and prosperity.

The Event—just like everything else—is an achievement of the inner self. Only when we master our own perceptions, emotions, thoughts, and energies—as these are the very tools of our creative ability—will we fully realize the world we wish to see.

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