Dinner with Juan 2, Clarity by Sunday 24 January 2021 | Robert David Steele #UNRIG | Jan 19, 2021 (Video)

Duration: ~ 16 min

Juan O. Savin (P) is working closely with key people documenting the treason and conspiracy surrounding the massive election fraud committed by the Deep State and its agents inclusive of both Democratic and Republican governors, and media co-conspirators notably Associated Press and the New York Times. 
In this short video, under 20 minutes, he addresses foreign interference by the United Kingdom, available forensics, the compromise of the courts, confused legislators, and what may or may not happen from 6 January. Most significantly he states that the President is ready to used Martial Law and the Insurrection Act — the #1 Wood in the President’s golf bag, and that inauguration may be delayed. He has previously stated that it is an impossibility for Biden-Harris to ever be inaugurated.
Downloadable cartoons showing Alleged Pedos & Deep State March on America:
Robert’s latest, very important aces in the President’s hand:
Robert’s 3 rolling updates on Election 2020 fraud and Trump’s likely triumph:

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