Do NASA Maps Really Prove HIMARS Reduced Russian Artillery Strikes? (No) | The New Atlas | Aug 18, 2022 (Video)


Newsweek and many others both in the mainstream Western media as well as across social media have claimed NASA maps indicating fires in Ukraine “prove” US-supplied HIMARS have reduced the number of Russian artillery strikes.

However, a quick visit to NASA’s publicly available map (the link is in the references below) indicates that the number of fires varies greatly day-to-day including some days with hardly any fires at all long before the first HIMARS was delivered to Ukraine.

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Newsweek – Ukraine Map Suggests U.S.-Supplied HIMARS Could Be Turning Tide of War:

NASA – Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS):;d:2022-07-12;@38.5,48.6,8z

DW – Could HIMARS turn the tide of war in Ukraine? (indicates first HIMARS strike took place in late June 2022):



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