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The English version of this channeling was posted around July 12, 2021.
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Do not focus on dates!

“There will be attacks, there will be great outages of electricity, there will be some very disagreeable things to live through at the moment that you must live through them, but you must know that when there is really a preparation, an attack, those who work for the somber light do not say when that will take place.

All that can happen as positive, or inferior will happen all at once. The moment of this attack is not really specified, therefore for the moment do not pay attention to all of this because it is still a way of instilling fear.

Once a fear begins to lessen a little, the deep state adds something else so that human fear of all that you can be made to experience is always present.

It is in fear that beings are easily manipulated and those who govern, those who pull the strings are very happy to be able to generate fear, because at that moment, people become docile, and beings no longer think for themselves.

There will be other attempts for sowing fear, but there will be other realities that will not be those generated by the deep state, but by the Alliance.

Do not forget that the Alliance has an advance upon the deep state, and to cut the grass from beneath its feet it can also act; however, it will not say that something will happen like the cutting off of the Internet at such and such a date. If this must take place by the will of the deep state, this will happen without anyone knowing, and at that moment this will really have a greater reality, a greater hold on the human being.

If all the medias were to be cut off, this would also cut the grass from under the feet of the Gafa, those who only see an insensible way through money, those who lead the world to its loss (or its resurrection because it is possible to see things in two different ways).

If there is really a cutting off of the medias and other things, the electricity will perhaps be protected for the good of each citizen.

We cannot certify the information that gives dates because for us nothing can ever be certified; all can be true today and false tomorrow and true the next day, therefore we do not attach ourselves to dates.

From the moment that you attach yourself to dates, you give energy to something that must not be.

Give energy to the Light at the level of your thoughts, at the level of your positive emotions, at the level of Love that emanates from you, give energy to the positive! By being afraid of what might happen, you give energy to the shadow, and you must not do this!

Take a position but do not give supplementary power to the obscure. If you always think positive, things will not completely take place as some forces would wish. This is very important.

We wish that you would no longer talk about the vaccine, that you no longer talk about who has been vaccinated or not, because you give energy and power to those who should not have it. Concerning what awaits you, this is absolutely nothing!

Know this:

All the beings who work for the Light will always be protected. Just as those who work for the shadow are helped by the shadow, those who work for the Light and Love, in compassion, who give themselves totally to the other, will be protected and will have nothing to fear.

This must be said!”

© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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