Exclusive: An Inside Look at Border Trafficking Tunnels | Crossroads | Dec 30, 2020 (Video)

Content Source/Owner: Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP
Duration: 38 min
Video Intro:
We’ve often heard stories about tunnels used for human trafficking and drug trafficking, and about the various types of trafficking operations run by drug cartels and coyotes. Behind it is a business, wrought with a disregard for American law and for human life.
To learn more about these operations we contacted the San Diego Border Patrol, which granted us access to one of the trafficking tunnels captured from the cartels. We spoke with Border Patrol agent Lance Lenoir, who is a member of the elite tunnel team in the San Diego Sector.
1:57 Inside a Trafficking Tunnel 3:43 How Tunnels Are Planned 4:44 An Network Underground 6:09 The Cartel Tunnel Builders 7:35 An Investment for Illicit Activity 8:28 The Use of Children by Traffickers 9:55 The Dangers Underground 12:30 Disregard for Life by Traffickers 14:08 Outthinking the Cartel Strategists 15:24 Climbing Into the Tunnel 18:05 A Tunnel Captured From the Cartels 19:32 Different Sizes of Trafficking Tunnels 20:50 The Character of Human Traffickers 21:23 Capturing the Tunnel Builders 23:20 Slave Labor to Build Tunnels 24:53 The ‘Tunnel Rats’ 25:44 The Length of the Tunnels 28:15 The Model for the Wall 30:20 Cracking the Cartel Code 31:38 The Development of the Tunnel Networks 33:05 Primary Use of the Tunnels 33:30 Dangers for the Agents

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