Eye opening disclosures and communication with Val Thor. Elena Danaan ~ Laura Eisenhower. (Repost) | Dec 15, 2020 (Video)

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Elena Danaan
2 hr 10 min
This video was re-posted on Jul 1, 2021.
This is a repost from December 15/2020, as Laura’s channel was terminated by the dark ones. Thanks to some people who saved this video, I am able to repost it on my channel.
In this historical encounter, that went around the web and the world, I confirm to Laura what she always knew deep in her heart, about her great grandfather Dwight. Emotions… 
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Laura was hit very hard financially, as they even terminated her Patreon. Subscribing to Conscious Vitality is giving her a bit of support for all the work she does for Humanity.
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