Grace and Trust

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This article was originally published on July 9, 2018.

The fall of Atlantis and beginning of quarantine/prison status here on this planet about 25,920 years ago was a traumatic experience for all the beings involved, and since then, strong implantation has created amnesia, which, together with difficult conditions on this planet most of the time, has created perpetuation and recreation of the traumas in a frequency loop.

The seed of trauma is caused by apparent disconnection from the Source. This creates an experience and feeling of abandonment, confusion of wondering how could this happen, pushing us to doubt everything, and to lose all trust, trust in the Source, trust in the Universe, trust in ourselves, trust in the Light, trust in each other. Trust is a very important point on this planet now.

This deep feeling of abandonment and not really trusting the Light is stuck in the energy fields of almost everybody on this planet to various degrees, and this is the entry point that keeps recreating the traumatic situations. When something is in the energy field then this is a free will decision to create something, when something is in the energy field it will manifest until it is removed.

Many awakened people on this planet keep creating and mirroring this in their lives in various ways. The stuck feelings about apparent disconnection from Source take various forms at different times, sometimes people feel angry at the Source and the Light for being abandoned, sometimes they feel sad for being abandoned, sometimes they feel apathetic about it, etc. Sometimes it is conscious, often it is in the subconscious. No matter what form it takes, this feeling keeps recreating the experience of disconnection from Source.

What happens then is that people project this on each other. Everybody sees that life here is not fair, everybody is born into this planet in pain and sadness, in fact that is the very first thing we do when we are born, we cry, because we are implanted, because the energy field here is distorted especially compared to higher dimensions where we come from. There is not one single being on this planet now who came here in a really fair way and who had a fair life of connection with Source and who they really are. This is unfortunately how things have been here.

Most people tend to be stuck in a childish approach to this. When a child feels like he/she needs something, he/she will turn the whole house upside down to get what he/she wants, completely unaware that others are going through their own experience as well, the child tends to act as if they are the only one going through something. But the truth is that we all have attenuating circumstances, we all have limitations and struggle and things to figure out.

Many people tend to think that they are the only ones suffering, or that they are the ones who have the worst situations. And so they just expect others to be there for them, to correct the wrongs that have been done to them. This is a very big thing on this planet, that motivates many actions of people. Everybody sees that life has been unfair to them and so everybody wants others to take care of them in some way, physically or emotionally especially.

The problem is that because most people are in that state, they also don’t want to take care of others because they feel that since they have the only or the worst problematic situation, they are the ones who deserve to be taken care of, they wonder why should they help ? Almost everybody on this planet thinks that, consciously or subconsciously, and so this creates a vicious loop. Most dynamics between people has been about getting something from the other, ‘I will do something if it can get me what I want’. Throwing a tantrum or making a mess, arguing with each other, getting in the way of mission and Divine Purpose, when what is wanted is not coming, when others are not giving us what we demand.

This is the consciousness of a wounded child and not the consciousness of knowing that we are the Source, that We Are/IAm Presence of Eternal Light and I can create what I need and I have to Be whatever it is I want to experience.

If we want life or other people or the Light to give us something, it is time that we realize that We Are the Source, and the only way something can be in our reality is through our I Am Presence, which means that we have to Be aligned with what we want.

This is the meaning of the saying, ‘Thou shall have no god before me’, ‘Thou shall have no god before IAm’, meaning no god before our own IAm Presence. Our IAm Presence is One with Source and the Light, and it is only through it that we can experience reality properly. We can not turn first to outside gods, to the Universe, to the Light forces, to other people, to the Event, or anything else. We have to turn first to our IAm Presence in every single situation, no matter how big or how small the situation is, and then through it we can connect with reality. There is no other way. IAm Presence is the only way. And IAm Presence truly has the power to resolve anything, it is the Light that cannot fail, that always aligns everything perfectly, if we only keep turning to it.

This is what Grace means. Grace is true and deep forgiveness of all circumstances, and being the forgiveness in action. Being, embodying whatever is needed even if nobody else in the Universe is doing it. Why should we help ? Because we can. Because we are Source, because we need a better reality. In truth, there are always Light beings providing what is needed, but it can only reach us if we are resonating with it, if we are aligned with it, if we are it. Sometimes it may appear that nobody else around us is doing it, and then to be able to be the Love, the Grace, whatever is needed, anyway, this is the real mastery.

Grace also has to be driven by Divine Purpose, it’s not about being a doormat and not creating what we want, it’s about doing whatever is needed to create our dreams and serve Divine Purpose of Liberation of all sentient beings. The only other option is to drive head first into a wall by expecting something to come from outside that we are not willing to be, and that is not a good road to go on. Many have tried and failed. It is time to remember and be the Grace. And as we do that we embody the Source again, we bring the Source back to this planet, and we heal the trauma of separation from Source that has been happening since the fall of Atlantis. We bring back reality of Light in all of creation.

For many years I used to think and say that my first superpower I would like to have is to be able to teleport. I could go anywhere and see whoever I want, get anything I want, anywhere on this planet and in other planets. Now I have realized that the first superpower I want is to be the Grace in every single situation. I could teleport and still carry my inner issues everywhere I go. Or I could be the Grace and create from my IAm Presence the reality I want, here and now, anywhere I Am, because I Am Presence and Source are everywhere. To be the Grace is the biggest treasure. And I can do that right now, I already have that power. We all have it. (but teleportation is still nice as a second superpower)

I Am the Grace
I Am the Grace
I Am the Grace
Wishing Love and Courage to all 💖

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