Introducing ‘OnStellar’ – an Alternative Social Media Network for Truth & Spiritual Seekers

OnStellar is a new Alternative Social Media Network for those of you interested in Metaphysical, Spiritual and related topics which are not given adequate priority & coverage in the Mainstream Social Media platforms (such as Facebook).

OnStellar helps you to connect with like-minded people around the world and gives you the opportunity to explore your interests and express your ideas without been shunned or been called ‘crazy’. It is also censorship free.

In addition, a mechanism for monetizing material of individual Content Creators is been provided (due to the increasing demonetization of Content by Mainstream media platforms such as YouTube).

This is an opportunity to get onto OnStellar, before the full public launch of the platform (tentatively planned for Q4 2018). There are over 4000 users already.

If you are interested, please Join/Sign-up/Register at and give any one of the Referral Codes (in blue) below, as per your personal preference, during the one-time registration process.

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Further information on OnStellar

The broad subjects/categories are:

Strange and Profound
Science and Technology
Conspiracy Theories
Unexplained Phenomena
New Age Creative Arts
Mind Body Spirit & Spirituality
Ancient History & Mysteries
Alternative Healing & Medicine
Supernatural & Occult.

Quoting from some of the Frequently Asked Questions, as published on


From the paranormal to the metaphysical, ONSTELLAR is the world’s first social network where the unexplained lives.

The ONSTELLAR ecosystem is tailored to engage members in the exciting world of cryptocurrency, while at the same time providing opportunities to meet new people, engage with industry professionals, and gain access to products, services and events for our community. Connect and collaborate with others like you and be rewarded for creating and discovering content.

How is ONSTELLAR different from other social media platforms?

ONSTELLAR isn’t trying to become another social media platform similar to the mainstream platforms out there. We are different because of our worldwide audience who follow the paranormal to the metaphysical, our non-censoring policy, our data transparency, and the ability to monetize your efforts. ONSTELLAR provides all the basic functions of a social media platform and more, all wrapped into a beautiful and easy to use user interface.

What problem does the ONSTELLAR platform solve?

Tribal dynamics of traditional social networking services inhibit expressions of interest in certain subjects. Consequently, voices are silenced and latent curiosity remains unquenched. The statistics supporting belief and interest in subject matter from the paranormal to the metaphysical are indisputable and populations around the world search for new answers. As such, there is a void in the market for a platform focused on these areas which enables fans and content creators to connect and engage with one another.

The ONSTELLAR network will enable members to not only connect and collaborate, but also to find, review, and purchase new and exciting material in a safe and welcoming environment. It simplifies the process of connecting with this type of content.

Content creators benefit from a direct relationship with their followers by gaining constructive feedback while simultaneously encouraging a discourse and possibly engagement around project tasks.

For complete FAQs:

Promotional Video for OnStellar from SphereBeingAlliance:

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