Is this the legacy we want for our country and our world? | Lin Wood | Sep 19, 2021



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Lin Wood
People are dying in hospitals deprived of their human right to choose their own medical treatment. Deprived of the human right to have their loved ones at their bedside as they say goodbye. Deprived of their human desire to steal a final glance at the faces of the people they love.

What thoughts must race through their minds as they leave this world being treated so inhumanely?

These are people who for the most part lived their lives doing the best they could as imperfect people to play by the rules, love their families and friends, and be productive members of society.

What did they do in this life to deserve such an impersonal, uncaring end to their time on Earth?

A child who wants to be with a dying parent. A parent who wants to be with a dying child. A friend who wants to be with a dying friend.

Is this how we as a society want to treat our loved ones in their final hours and days in this world?

Is this the legacy we want for our country and our world?

Do we value our own lives so much that we are willing to allow others to be treated this way? Is this the way we want to leave this Earth ourselves?

Any set of rules, medical or government, which demand such inhumane treatment cannot be tolerated by a society which values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for its people.

These are not the actions of a people who live in a country founded under God.

This is not about Covid or protecting others. This is about how we treat our fellow human beings.

This is about our humanity.

How much longer will we stand to the side and quietly allow crimes against humanity to occur on our watch?

Have we lost our humanity?

I pray we have not.

But the choice is ours as a society to make, mindful of the reality that our society is made up of the collective choices of its members.

I pray we choose wisely.

Lin 🙏🙏🙏


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