Journey to Truth Podcast: EP 144 – Johan Fritz (William Nutter) & Jodi Reynosa – SSP Information Access – Counterparts & Memory Recall | Sep 3, 2021 (Video)

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Journey to Truth Podcast
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Jodi and Will Nutter (aka Johan Fritz) are both involved in –
Energy work and Healing
Spiritual Development
Secret Space Program Disclosure

Jodi and Will have served both together and apart within the SSPs. They both have separate and shared memories of the programs. 

They have a goal of bringing healing to the disclosure community and other communities that 1) need it and 2) want it. 
All too often we see on Facebook and other social media platforms people discussing screen memories, “their memories”, or actual recalls. In many cases, they are either rehashing someone else’s memories or rehashing their own trauma. This doesn’t help the healing process.

We want people to discuss what they have been through in a healthy healing and whole way. It’s fine to discuss the events that have occurred. It’s re-traumatizing when the individual doesn’t heal from them.

They have launched their website –

On this site they provide numerous services to facilitate healing.

They have the honor of working with  clients around the world.


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