Liberation and Restructuring | Monique Mathieu | Nov 1, 2020

This transmission was published around Nov 21, 2020.
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Liberation and Restructuring
“Child of the Earth, Son of the Light, it is with immense happiness that we greet you.
We are coming to help humanity to awaken itself during this passage and we are trying hard to accomplish our mission near you.
We are a collection of twenty-one Galactic Beings belonging to several parts of your galaxy. Among us are found beings who come from Vega, from Sirius, from the Pleiades and many others.
If we have chosen to come, in the role of delegates, from several parts of our Galaxy, it is that from each of us a very particular vibratory frequency is emanated that brings a gift to humanity.
What gift is more beautiful than Love? One of the most beautiful gifts is liberation, and we also come to liberate humanity.
Of course, it is not twenty-one of our Galactic Brothers who will liberate humanity, but we have a specific mission notably near beings like you who have already opened their consciousness; we are going to direct you more and more towards your new consciousness, the spiritual consciousness.
This means that we are going to hoist you up little by little to other levels; you will perceive other realities of yourself, and you will perceive other realities in everything that surrounds you.
You may be aware of the work accomplished by seeing your change in behavior in relation to yourself, your change in outlook upon the world, and your change of outlook in regard to life.
However, this change is very important, this aid that we are coming to give to humanity, is going to generate important emotional states in you, because you will put on little by little a new garment, a cloak of Light. The old cloak will fall little by little from your body so that you can really integrate your cloak of Light.
If we have delegated ourselves to be near you, it is because it is urgent to prepare humanity.
We have the capacity to be everywhere. We have the capacity of bi-location (as you say on Earth), to be here and elsewhere, that is to say that multiple parts of our consciousness can clothe themselves in a material body or a spiritual body in order to be able to help over and over with the birth of this new world.
The most important aid that we can give you is to help you to stabilize your emotions.
Emotions are like currents that go through you and that you cannot necessarily control. Sometimes you are serene, and sometimes you do not know how to control your emotions because you have the impression that they do not belong to you, that they are outside of you. Sometimes the currents are very disagreeable and yet necessary going through you, not only so that you can evacuate all that is no longer necessary in your life, that is to say the past of this existence, but also so that you can clean up all that you have generated by your thoughts, your words, and your acts.
This is a great, a very great cleansing!
To use a human expression, it is as if we came to clean out the stables of Augias, that is to say that which is deepest within you.
Human beings are capable of cleansing all that is seen in their house but cannot clean what is not seen. We have therefore delegated ourselves near to you to clean in you what is not seen.
Sometimes, during your sleep or dreams, you feel us. When you really feel us, when you will have acquired and integrated what we have come to bring you, that is to say liberation, you will feel better and better upon awakening, even if sometimes you feel a little tired, it will be as if you have found another way to live, another existence, and little by little another way of thinking and of loving.
Our mission on planet Earth is therefore important at this time. We have not come to “combat” the somber light, we have come to help beings to liberate themselves.
The more human beings there are who can liberate themselves, the more this liberation will weaken the somber light.
We are also coming to give you confidence again.
You must understand, and we will insist upon this more and more, that you will never be abandoned, that all those who work for the Light and for Love will always be helped, always greatly protected, depending obviously on their Life plan.
Those who work for the shadow are protected by the shadow; those who work for the Light are protected by the Light. We would love to use another word, but we are using this one because it is comprehensible. For us and for you the word “protection” evokes fear. Men protect themselves from something out of fear.
We are not saying this so that you have less fear! We are saying it so that you will be less vulnerable to the considerable energies generated at this time, energies of fear, of suffering and of violence.
All will go well in you, and little by little you will perceive the world differently.
We will be more and more present near to you. In this world, we work closely with sincere groups, groups that have opened their hearts, groups that are sensitive to what we are.
Our mission is going to last a certain time, but not a very long time. It is for this that all is urgent, your transformation, our presence, and our help.
Then, it will be other Brothers in the Light who will take over to come near you so that you can restructure yourself, and we do mean “restructure yourself”, because through the narrow and somber passage that you must go through, there will be many beings who could be de-structured.
We are going to explain this de-structuring to you.
You are in large part in the third dimension since you live in your physical body, but more and more you will be living in parallel in the fourth or the fifth dimension, that is to say that you will live in several levels of consciousness in parallel.
In the same day, you could be overwhelmed or sad, or enormously moved at an emotional level; at that moment you will be totally in the dimension of matter. You could suddenly find yourself in a much more elevated vibratory frequency, that is to say in the consciousness of Love. This will correspond with the beginning of the fifth dimension. Again, in the same day you could be in joy, a little like a state of grace.
You will therefore navigate between several planes, between several levels of consciousness in the same day.
We will try to stabilize you as much as possible on the different planes which you will navigate; you will leave more and more the plane of matter to go towards the higher levels of consciousness and towards higher dimensions.
In order for this to be done in a very easy and agreeable way and so that you are not constantly shifting between several planes, we will be there to help you to stabilize yourself on the planes that are in accord with your level of consciousness of the moment.
We will explain ourselves:
When during the day you feel aggressed by the exterior or by one of your family members, by a word misunderstood, etc., you are automatically in the third dimension, and at that moment you attract some vibrations to you that are not yours and this fragilizes you.
Therefore, in the same day, you can be in perfect harmony with the encounter, a telephone call, with friends, etc., and all of a sudden you find yourself in a much higher vibration even if you are still in the third dimension. You must acquire the ability to navigate between the different planes, between the different levels of consciousness without being affected.
Here is what we mean by “re-structuring”.
This is considerable help that we bring you! Each time that you feel a little out of sync, that you can’t find your path, that you feel out of sync in relation to the third dimension in relation to emotional states that are too strong, call on us!
You can obviously call on your Guides, but you can call on our collective help with the restructuring and awakening of beings.
More simply, if you do not remember these terms, you can ask for help in regaining your stability, to be able to manage your emotional states and your diverse states of consciousness, your diverse vibratory states.
Therefore, we are going to involve ourselves more and more in relation to your evolution. Simply have confidence! Have confidence in what we can bring you, have confidence in what we are, have confidence in yourself!
Now, Son of the Light, Child of the Earth, it is with immense Love that we salute you, it is with immense Love that we say we will see you soon, and it is also with immense Love that we ask you this: if you need us, call on us! Know that your emotional states will be more and more compensated by an equilibrium that will be created in you.
Our Brothers have already spoken about the onion and the peels of onion; many of you will find yourselves nude, that it to say that they will have no more “peels” and they will feel vulnerable.
So how can you protect yourself from this world of matter, this world that is so difficult?
This is very simple! If you feel nude, create a magnificent cocoon of golden Light around you. Nothing, no one can attain you in this cocoon.
Try to think about it, try to do it, and you will see that you will have some results that are more than interesting, sometimes even miraculous, because the fact that you surround yourself with a cocoon of Light also allows you to climb faster to other levels of consciousness.
Now we say goodbye.
May peace inundate your life!
May confidence grow more and more in you, and especially that your Love be able to express itself in all ways, that is to say on the human level, the spiritual level, and the Divine level.
Be blessed, Child of the Earth, Brother of the Light, Son of the Light!
We love you infinitely!”
© 1984-2020 Monique Mathieu

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