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The English version of this channeling was posted around June 25, 2021.
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Liberation of information
“Much information will be liberated.
Many people and “famous” personalities will commit suicide, like certain presidents of countries who will not be able to face the hate and the regard of their population. There will be arrests, this is obvious! This will perhaps be hard for human beings because the horrors that certain beings have committed during their incarnation will be made public.
We would like to say this in relation to the beings who work for the shadow that you are beginning to perceive, to understand, and whose behaviors will be revealed in broad daylight:
All of these beings have been made prisoner by certain forces that we will not name! These are often weak beings, beings who only see the power of money; these are beings who need to prove to themselves that they exist through all the trafficking that they commit, through the insensible pleasures that they can procure for themselves to the detriment even of humanity, etc. These are beings who are a thousand times weaker than you and it would require very little to make them fall.
Be certain that right now, in the wings, many things are happening that are more important than you think! Little by little there will be arrests that will surprise you. In the beginning, they will not all be disclosed at the same time, because that would cause shock in the people of your world; they will be disclosed little by little so that human beings can digest it, because this will cause such a shock that there will be a total refusal of men as well as enormous problems at the psychological level.
There will be a disclosure of many secrets. There will also be the unveiling of your Galactic Brothers, friendly or unfriendly, and there will be some information that many human beings will find it hard to support.
Those who believe too much in the reality of the life that is presented to them will have a problem believing what may seem unreal to them, but what is real for the beings who are open to what is beyond what they are made to believe through the medias or what they have been taught during their education.
Prepare yourself! Prepare yourself to live some exceptional things, some marvelous things, some difficult things! You will not have the time to be bored!”
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