Lin Wood’s Reflections on Honesty and Imperfection – Telegram Message | Feb 5, 2021

It takes great courage for a person in public life to admit being wrong about something, especially when one is already under scrutiny and has a large following. 

Lin Wood has time and again displayed this courage with candor and humility.
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Lin Wood

Feb 5, 2021 (11.08 AM EST)

As we sometimes do and perhaps should do more often, I reflected last night on my efforts and public statements in recent months. 

I stated in one of my recent Fireside Chats that I had not told a lie since my first year in law school. That is accurate in my professional life and in my voluntary efforts as a social commentator. It is not true in my personal life. 

I have made many mistakes in my personal life over the past 4 decades. I am a flawed person and some of my personal actions have inflicted pain on others, including my family. I used to drink too often and failed over the years to honor my marital vows. I am a sinner. 

I am thankful every day that my God has forgiven me for the sins I committed and the wrongs I inflicted on others. I have had some brutally honest conversations on my knees with Jesus who I have found to truly be my best friend. Since I found Christ 2 1/2 years ago, my life really did change. I became a better man albeit still a flawed one. 

I also found an email last night that I sent to Justin Gray at WSB wherein I said that I had been “domiciled” in South Carolina for several months last year after I purchased property in South Carolina. The email was unrelated to the false accusations about my residency. I visited S.C. and my use of domiciled was inaccurate. But I said it. So I owe Justin an apology on that point. I hope he will accept it. I stand by the rest of my statements about the false Breitbart article. 

I hope you will also accept my apology and forgive me for my lack of total candor about my personal life. I do not want to be placed on a pedestal by My Followers. I am imperfect. 

I now try every day to do God’s will and be a good role model for others. But I will still fall short at times as I remain a sinner who continues to need forgiveness. 

Thank you for your many emails and words of love and support. I will continue to try my best going forward to be worthy of your support and trust. I hope to one day be able to respond to each of your emails.

Our country is at a crossroads. We need honesty. We need each other. We need God. 

God bless each of you. – Lin


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