Lin Wood’s Telegram Messages: Feb 1, 2021 – On Reclaiming Our Freedom

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Lin Wood

Feb 1, 2021

How are you feeling tonight?

Getting tired of watching your freedoms stolen from you, your family and your friends?

Getting tired of watching criminals stay out of jail and stay in government?

Getting tired of a “media” hiding the truth and spewing lies/propaganda? 

Getting tired of worrying about your job?

Getting tired of being told to wear a mask and being told how far you can stand from other human beings?

Getting tired of sending your money overseas to be wasted or investing it for your future only to see it manipulated by strangers for their benefit to your loss?

Getting tired of your friends being terrorized and threatened by the FBI for simply attending peacefully a political assembly to support President Trump?

Getting tired of being threatened because you merely speak truth and exercise your First Amendment rights?

Getting tired of being told when and how you can worship God with your fellow believers?

I am. 

I do NOT advocate and would never advocate violence. But I believe in non-violent civil disobedience urged and exercised by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I believe in the Power of The People.

My next post will discuss some lawful acts We The People must start undertaking now before we lose all of our freedoms. 

It is time to once again reclaim our Bill of Rights. Every one of them. 

Now more than ever, It is time to pray to Almighty God ask God to strike this evil down. 

We The People will not go quietly in the night. 

What can we do non-violently within the law to fight back to reclaim our freedom?

1. Pray, pray, pray. Pray Psalms 35, 37, 140-145.

2. Tell your friends who think the election was legal to go get a mental health examination. They are the ones who are crazy  or willfully ignorant. 

3. Call a Communist a Communist. Do not be intimidated – exercise your free speech to the maximum extent allowed by law. 

4. Make sure you do not buy anything made in China. When you a find a cell phone made in America, throw away your iPhone. In the meantime, do not spend a dime with Apple, Google, Amazon, Walmart, or other major companies who do business with the enemy. Cut off their money. Boycott them. 

5. Write members of the military and tell them you love the fact that they will never dishonor their oath to defend the Constitution, freedom, and the People. 

6. Injustice inflicted on one is injustice inflicted on all. Stand up for your fellow Patriots. If one is being mistreated or harassed for their belief in freedom and support of President Trump, flood the enemy with emails and voice mails with words  supporting your fellow Patriot and decrying injustice. Stand up for your fellow Patriots. Let your voice be heard over and over again. 

7. Turn off your television. Do NOT watch any mainstream media. None of their movies, comedies, game shows, or other meaningless mind junk. 

8. Read books that tell you how to effectively battle Communism and lawfully resist a color revolution. 

9. Don’t be afraid to wear a  MAGA cap. The enemy is scared to death of them. 

10. Consider selling your stocks before the enemy intentionally crashes the market to steal your money. 401(k)’s are worth $0 under communism. Buy precious metals and land.

More to follow.
11. Protect yourself, your family and your friends.

12. Organize your communities. Talk to the leaders in your church. Designate leaders in your community and meet regularly. Share truthful news. Take shelter in the Word of God and surround yourself with believers. Offer help to non-believers. Lead by example. 

13. If your employer is a Communist or Communist sympathizer, find another job. There will be a Patriot who will help you with a job. For the short term, stock up on essentials and prepare to live a more frugal lifestyle. It will be short term pain but it sure beats the lifestyle under Communism. 

14. Resist any “friend” or “leader” who urges capitulation to the enemy. Don’t tolerate being told to do something (or refrain from doing something) that in so doing you feel violates your basic human rights or the Bill of Rights. Follow the TRUTH of God. Do not cohort with the enemy. 

15. Identify the enemy in federal, state, local government and flood their emails and voice mails with demands for freedom and recognition of your God-given rights. 

16. If your friend does not care to stand up for freedom, find another friend who does. The former will end up being friends with the enemy. Do not fear rejecting such people. Freedom deserves better.

17. Spend as little money as possible. Cut off and limit the enemy’s receipt and use of sales tax.

18. After you organize your community, identify lawyers who are Patriots who will assist you when you lawfully and non-violently resist unconstitutional demands, such as wearing a mask or limiting the number of people in your home or your church. They cannot put us all in jail.

19. Stop waiting on others to protect your freedom. Make sacrifices yourself for liberty. It will be well worth it. If not for you, then for your children and your grandchildren and generations to come.

20. Talk to members of your community in person and form a plan for community unity and protection. Care for others more than yourself. Especially when it comes to standing up for freedom. 

21. Love all and forgive all but always demand justice and righteousness.
Last thought for this evening:

I  have quickly banged out some ideas for action tonight. We should all come up with more, refine them, and share them.

When you find a truth-giver online, tell all of your friends to listen, join, and share that person or his/her message with others. People long for TRUTH. Spread it far and wide. Never stop. Never quit. 


Trust God. Wait on the Lord. Talk to Jesus in prayer and tell Him how you feel – He listens and He will answer. 

God bless you. 


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