Lin Wood’s Telegram Messages: Jan 26, 2021 – On being Discredited as a Messenger instead of addressing the Content of his Messages

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Lin Wood

Jan 26, 2021

Good morning. I was reflecting this morning on why I am the subject of so many vicious attacks being made to discredit me? I know the answer. I speak truth. 
Since my adversary cannot successfully attack my message (i.e., truth is incontrovertible), he is left to only attack and attempt to discredit the messenger. 
Does that make sense to you?
My support of President Trump is political. People have different political views. So the anti-Trumpers attack me because they do not like Trump. 80+ millions Patriots agree with me and disagree with the anti-Trumpers. That truth must make my adversary very unhappy.
What do I support outside of the political arena which is admittedly subject to different views?
(1) I believe in God and I try my imperfect best to follow the role model of Jesus Christ. There are certainly differences among us on faith issues. There are believers and non-believers. Believers support my views on faith. Non-believers do not. That is another reason for by my adversary to try to attack and discredit me.
(2) I strongly believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Freedom of speech  is the bedrock of our Bill of Rights. I abhor censorship. Does my adversary hate our Constitution and our Constitutional rights?
(3) I have fought for honest elections and have tried to expose the massive amount of evidence that establishes that the 2020 election was a fraud. Does my adversary advocate for dishonest and fraudulent elections?
(4) I fight against the horrendous crimes of pedophilia and child sex trafficking. I want to expose individuals engaged in these crimes. Does my adversary support pedophilia and child sex trafficking? Does my adversary want the identities of the perpetrators of these heinous crimes to remain hidden and unknown to the public?
The high profile individuals who are influential people and support my positions are all, like me, being attacked as being “crazy,” as being “conspiracy theorists,” as being “grifters” or “liars.”
See the playbook?
Don’t fall for it. Do not be deterred or intimidated from searching for truth and speaking it. Be fearless. 
I fully intend to keep speaking truth. Since I am imperfect, I am not always right. But I will continue to do the best I can to find and convey truth to you.
We must bring light to the darkness.


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