LIVE STREAM: USA GROUND ZERO! – THE EYE OF THE STORM | Sacha Stone, Simon Parkes, Robert David Steele and Others | Jan 20, 2021 (Video) – Updated on Jan 21, 2021

Updated on Jan 21, 2020: This video was removed by YouTube for violating YouTube’s policy on “harassment and bullying”. Who was been harassed and bullied, poor Joe Biden?

You can access this video on the website at this link:

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Roundtable Commentary Panel with Sacha Stone, Simon Parkes, Robert David Steele, Sean Stone and others.
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Sacha Stone

This live broadcast you do not want to miss. Share widely. 
Details coming out VIA EMAIL through Reclaim Your Lives:
YouTube Censorship: Video has been removed.

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2 Responses

  1. The vid has been removed

  2. arigelab says:

    Thank you Rebecca, yes there's been so much increased censorship by YouTube over the past few days. For instance Robert David Steele's YT channel has been terminated yesterday.

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