Masked Agenda | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film | Aug 15, 2020

Content Source/Owner: Zachary Denman
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Duration: 4 min
Video Intro:
Masked Agenda is a dystopian sci-fi short film set after the Masks were introduced into society to prevent the spread of the virus. The vaccine has been found, but is only successful on a few… Kain is a survivor after escaping being locked down in his cell, but the droids are tracking him and he is on the move to get out of city… is this the end of the world ? or the start to the new one…
Written | Director | Camera | Editor | Music
Zachary Denman
Kain – Actor
George Bloomfield
Masked Agenda is part in the Sci-Fi Dystopian Short Film series, you can watch the other parts here:
Mandatory Vaccine:

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