Mel K and Dr. Charlie Ward Weekly Monday Morning Meeting | Jan 18, 2021 (Video)

Please use your own judgment and discretion when you view this video and seek your own inner guidance on how you respond to this information. Thank you!
Mel K and Charlie break down the weekend booms, clarify the mission, and share hope and faith. Monday mornings are for rallying the Patriots, and prepping for another BOOM week on our road towards the American Revolution 2.0, and the #GreatAwakeningWorldwide. Armed with truth and facts, nothing can stop what is coming! #GODWINS
Note that many of the communications platforms are down and are expected to be going down so we all need to be nimble. Adapt and Improvise!
We love what we do and are working hard to keep on top of everything to help this transition along peacefully and with love. 
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Thank you amazing patriots for joining us on this journey, for your support of our work and for your faith in this biblical transition to greatness.

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