New bill by US House to abolish Electoral College? Florida lawmaker: No more Big Tech | Front Page with Scott Goulet | Jan 14, 2021 (Video)

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Front Page with Scott Goulet
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In light of YouTube’s recent notice to begin censorship of videos disputing the 2020 US presidential election. We are asking all of our viewers to SIGN UP to our email list to STAY INFORMED:
Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook have lost $146.6 billion in market value in one day after their joint blocking of President Trump, his supporters and conservatives. 
Gab, a free social media outlet, has grown by 2 million users in the last 5 days, but also received thousands of job applications from the Silicon Valley tech industry.  “We aren’t just building a free speech social network, we are building a free speech internet and infrastructure to replace all of Silicon Valley” Gab CEO Andrew Torba wrote in an earlier blog. 
On Tuesday, Florida Congressman, Randy Fine, announced in his tweet, “This morning I asked the Governor and Cabinet to divest the state from Amazon, If they get to decide who they want to do business with. Then so do we.”


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