New Prophecy for the Old Soul (Mystery Series) – a Kryon channeling | Lee Carroll | Apr 30, 2024 (Video)


Kryon gives a series of four channels on mysteries. In this channel Kryon reveals a prophecy for Old Souls. Does the way God treat humanity ever change? Kryon reminds us that as the collective Human consciousness changes everything else will change as well.

There is an ancient system that has been called reincarnation and it involves karma and the Akash. It creates a depository of past actions that influence your future life.

What if that system would change? Why would it change? You sit in the middle of an energy Shift of humanity and a remarkable future is at hand. This future cannot exist with an old spiritual system. The system of reincarnation is changing for you.

There is a prophecy for Old Souls and lightworkers who are going through the Shift. They are graduate Akashic workers. In their next incarnation they will not have karma or an Akash.

The new kind of karma and Akash that will be collected along the way will be positive, benevolent, and filled with mastery. Your future will come with a different system. The result will be a new light on the planet.

That is the prophecy. You are the hope of the future.

11 min


Content Source/Owner: Kryon Lee Carroll


As the original Kryon channel, I have been doing this now for more than 34 years. Thank you for your support of my work!

I make my living as a teacher, putting together the information that Kryon has given, writing books, doing live and on-line lectures, and special videos with my partner Monika Muranyi. In the past years this has been through on-line teaching courses and a great weekly streamed show called Healing Wednesday. Check it out on You can see some of the Healing Wednesday videos on my channel’s playlist.

This YouTube channel has lots of KRYON channellings from all over the world, both audio and video. Recently the monetization rules of YouTube have changed, and my efforts to create an AD-FREE channel has no longer worked. Due to the popularity of this channel, we now have ads throughout. This was not my vision, but it is now all part of being on YouTube.

Blessings to all of you!

Lee Carroll – The original Kryon Channel – 1989


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