Recent United Airlines Boeing 777 engine failure and fallen debris | Feb 22, 2021 (Multiple Videos)

Multiple Video Sources.
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Passenger video:
According to the uploads, “shortly after we reached 10,000 feet on our flight from Denver to Honolulu, we heard a loud “boom” and the plane jolted forward. My husband immediately opened his window shade and saw the engine was damaged. We eventually saw flames and smoke on the engine. 
The pilots made an announcement that we had damage to an engine and would be returning to Denver. It probably took about 20 minutes or so to land safely back at Denver International Airport.”
Source: Rich Sementa

Source: KMGH
Debris from a United Airlines Boeing 777 that made an emergency landing at Denver International Airport fell on several Broomfield neighborhoods Saturday. Authorities said nobody aboard or on the ground was reported hurt.

Raw footage from helicopter: Debris from United flight falls on Broomfield neighborhood. 6 min video.


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