Remote Viewing: ⭐ What’s Happening Underground in Australia? ⭐ | Quantum Truths JC Kay | Aug 2020 (Video)

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Quantum Truths JC Kay
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This is a really risky video that I’m putting out there, as it is not exactly what you would call mainstream beliefs. I’ve decided to document what it is that I saw underground when I did a deep meditation and remote viewed what was going on.
Please keep an open mind as it was certainly not what I expected. 😬
I have had a friend who was a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse confirm that as a child, she saw similar things in tunnels underground.
I will do a couple more videos to explain other things I saw in remote viewing sessions and astral travelling meditation sessions.
EDIT: I made a mistake on this video regarding King Cyrus and what he did. Sorry, my bad.
Please share if you feel other people will resonate with this!

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