Significant Lava Expansion in Nátthagi 🔥 | Fagradalsfjall Volcano, Iceland | GutnTog | June 12, 2021 (Video)

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Lava expanded by a few hundred meters in the last 4 days. We just returned from the 22nd expedition to the eruption site yesterday. Volcano increased in activity. Now we are observing nearly ceaseless lava outflow from the crater.
Magma output increased from 15 to 30 cubic meters per second during past two weeks. Crater lake keeps rising and is about to start spilling from all the sides soon. Lava flows change from day to day.
4 days ago we saw massive inflow of lava into Nátthagi valley.    Those flows stopped for now. Most of lava is flowing to the North East now into Meradalir but also in Geldingadalur valley. In this video I m exploring the newly arrived lava in Nátthagi valley on my way to the volcano.

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