The Secret Organization TLS that is Saving our Children | Sep 2020

I got this information through Cyntha Koeter (the co-producer of the Fall of Cabal series) on the Telegram group: Q-Anon groep (

Video Source: @TheQWall
Duration: 51 min

The Secret Organization TLS that is saving our children
Incredible new information regarding the children, the tunnels, and an amazing secret organization (TLS) that is saving our children!
This interview aired in September 2020. It tells us more about the tunnels and what is happening in the so called DUMBS. The magnitude is very big and powerful. Tunnels are found all over the world. It is not a conspiracy theory. Many Censoring Media are trying to make us believe that this is pure science fiction while it isn’t.
Tunnels are existing FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS. The source of this information is TLS: a short for “The Light System”. They are no less than a Divine organisation because of the things they do for our world. The organisation TLS consists of about 7,000 initiated agents around the world. They are absolutely worldwide. Their main focus is: restoring UNITY and spreading AWARENESS. Their purpose here is to assist and elevate and guide humanity in reaching a new level of awareness to what we could describe as a world that we all want to live in.
For example they have done a mission in New York, starting at the end of March and ended in the beginning of May 2020. About 100 TLS agents participated in this mission. Their missions that are occurring underground to free the children that are being horrifically handled and tortured down there. We’ll get into what’s going down there as well. In that specific mission that lasted for over a month, 200,000 children were saved, were freed from those tunnels and 6 of the 100 agents that took part deceased due to the mission. 
In Melbourne Australia there was another mission pending that saved already 300.000 children from out of the tunnels. And their aim is to save 1 million children over time. The curfews in Australia are not supported by the amount of deaths of Covid, but they need the curfew because there’s an operation going on. There is also a mission in Israel where 3,000 US marines are assisting. The curfews in Israel are not needed to protect the population in Israel against Covid, because the amount of deaths related to Covid is relatively minimal compared to the 9 million inhabitants of Israel.
Now about the tunnels. They are not conspiracy theories. There are many tunnels and I’ll explain how they work, what technology is being used down there, what the purpose of the children is in the first place. And certain things that are done down there. It is not just sex trafficking, it is much bigger than that. We need to disclose the subject. 
Tunnels are worldwide. Some are very shallow, some are more than 6 miles deep. They are run by who many call “The Elite”, that can be Government Elite, Corporate Elites, and many people that we don’t know as well. The tunnels connect all states, all countries, all continents and they exist already for a very long time. So the first question is: “How do they have the technology to do something like that?” There are stories that there are machines that would be able to build about 7 miles tunnel per day, but that is childsplay compared with what these people actually have and how they’re making the tunnels in reality.
They use EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulsation), and EMLP (Electro Magnetic Laser Pulsation) technologies, incredibly massive and powerful beyond comprehension, that can perform exactly what you need to make tunnels around the world, some of which are way, way bigger than 40 feet in diameter. There must be about 140 underground cities worldwide, connected by these tunnels. They are real. 
In these tunnels they have a very, very high tech train-system. The electricity they use is based on Tesla technology, and is much safer compared to the electricity we are used to. It does not manipulate the energetic field of the human body. Their trains run on magnetism and can transport people at extreme velocities. Traveling from New York to London for instance takes just over an hour. This technology is run by nothing less than psychopaths, to say it nicely.
Now about the children, and what is happening to them. Many speak already about the production of Adrenachrome and its use. Children are not just being used for sex trafficking. They’re used for satanic rituals. They’re used for hunting. There is cannibalism in these tunnels. There is nothing that doesn’t go for these people. Why they do it is beyond imagination, but it is happening and it must be stopped. 
In terms of the ages of the children; they range from early, early infants to literally being born in the tunnels, because many of the children are not just kidnapped from their families. Many of the children have been kidnapped a long time ago and are second, third, fourth, fifth generation clones of the original body that they took. The ages of the children range from infants to 18 years old. The older they get, the less use they have for them. That has to do with the use for sex trafficking, adrenochrome and these rituals they do with them.
Children are also used for hunting events, just like hunting on animals. The children are being hunted just for sports. They dispose themselves of children by hunting, cannibalism, burning, or burying. They even can pulverize them with the same technology that they use to make the tunnels. The laser beam is so powerful that a body will pulverize totally without leaving any recognizable trace. The body is completely gone. 
In terms of adrenochrome: that is also very real. The price of Adrenochrome is high: about $100-$230 per gram. There are centers all over the world, but the main hub of Adrenochrome production is in South Africa, because the black children are considered to produce a more potent form of Adrenochrome. There is also a hotspot of Adrenochrome production in Melbourne Australia. Other sites are not disclosed yet, because on an undisclosed amount of time they will be raided by ILS and other good forces. 
Adrenochrome is created through initial torture of children to raise the adrenal level in their blood. They’re not killed in order to get it. They take the blood and create the drug from the blood. There is a demand for Adrenochrome because it is a very euphoric sort of drug. It creates an effect like LSD, but on a much higher level. 
My main purpose is to explain it and to validate that it is real. It is a very dark and difficult subject to speak about, but it is important that we start speaking about it and share it, because the awareness is necessary to expose it to the public and put it to a halt. The question is, what are we able to do about it? How can we change? How can we make this disappear from the earth?
All of this will be exposed. How, when and by who is not clear yet. It is time for us to get up and stand for it as we supposed to. It is not a conspiracy theory. It is real. Children are being exploited. Humanity is being suppressed. We have to stand up and start speaking about it and stop the social media censorship on the “Save the children”-posts. It is pure truth and absolutely NOT a conspiracy theory.
After the interview, some questions of the public were answered.

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