The War on Critical Thought! | Jason Shurka | May 9, 2021 | (Video)

Content Source/Owner:
Jason Shurka
Duration: ~ 5 min
We are currently in the midst of a full-blown war on critical thought between those who are exercising their basic human right to think critically and those who shame those who exercise their basic human right of critical thinking. In order to ensure that critical thought does not become extinct, we must be very conscious and aware of how this war is being fought. We are all powerful and sovereign beings capable of reaching levels of intelligence through critical thought that is not dictated by the identification that college, university or society gives us!
I am aware the creating videos like this one causes me to run the risk of being de-platformed. If that ever happens, I can always be found cens*rship free at:
With Infinite Love,
Jason Shurka 🙂

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