The World of Moss: Soothing Beauty, Subtle yet Refined | Core Kyoto | NHK World – Japan | Aug 19, 2021 (On Demand Video link)

From the Core Kyoto program series of NHK World-Japan.
Image Credit: NHK World-Japan
Content Source Credit/Owner: NHK World-Japan
This program was originally broadcast on Aug 19, 2021 and is available at the link below until March 31, 2024.

You can watch this program/on-demand video at:

28 min
Verdant, furry moss, of which there are some 1800 varieties, has the power to fascinate. 
Moss makes a literary appearance in an early-10th-century poem. Later a culture revolving around moss appreciation evolved through the influence of Zen and the Way of Tea’s aesthetic concept of “refined and rustic.” 
During the pandemic, moss is enjoying a comeback, and people are finding solace in moss terrariums and other interior items. Discover the complex yet delicate beauty of this lush greenery.

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