This is Absurd! – You Can Amend A Death Certificate In Retrospect To Change Cause Of Death As Covid and Be Reimbursed $9000 From FEMA | Jason Shurka | Aug 19, 2021 (Video)

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Jason Shurka
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Not only are we being encouraged to change the cause of death (in retrospect) on the death certificates of our loved ones to list C*v*d-19 as the primary cause of death,but FEMA is now reimbursing individuals up to $9,000 for doing so!
Please tell me, who wouldn’t do this?? Especially in such difficult times. They are giving us all a financial incentive (a bribe) to lie!
And what do you think will happen next? The numbers are going to SKYROCKET 🚀. And then, they further justify taking EVEN MORE liberties away from us! 
This is a crime against humanity and it must be stopped. Step 1… be aware of the fraud.
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