USA, in the end comes the cavalry for Trump? | L’Unico | Jan 12, 2021

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USA, in the end comes the cavalry for Trump?
Net of the grotesque reconstructions of the renowned media, some clues suggest that the planned transition between Trump and Biden in the US will not be on January 20, but, after a military interlude, it could be Trump who resumes the role of President.
January 12, 2021
by Paola De Santis
The President of the United States, Donald Trump

It is becoming increasingly difficult to follow the narrative of the famous media on the American election battle. The distance of their narration from reality is such that it takes on the traits of parody. We found ourselves listening to gossip about Trump’s safe divorce from his wife, about abandoning children, debates about the despondency of the lonely man, and even learned dissertations about his madness and danger. We have witnessed the deafening silence, if not even the applause, on the purging of the main social media (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) of the President in office of the United States followed closely by an infinite series of political figures, journalists, opinion leaders, lawyers, writers, artists… to reach us.
The narrative carried out by the American media has reached a level of paradox worthy of the cine-panettone by describing a censored President as a dictator, the abuse of power of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as responsible behavior, the Democrats (in these circumstances it makes laugh already the name) invoke the censorship of political opponents. A social network (Parler) was closed after Donald Trump created a new profile and his followers rushed to download it. The same confidently describing Biden as the President-elect when his party is initiating proceedings such as impeachment that take much longer to implement than the few days it takes to get to his oath is surreal.
If I were a comedian these days I would have serious problems finding inspiration as reality is surpassing even the wildest fantasy. In this surreal and paradoxical situation it is difficult to guess what will happen but the thing that is perhaps most likely is the arrival of the cavalry. Strange as it may seem, many facts suggest a possible military transition between President Trump and the new President, who will be Trump again.
The lawsuits for fraud in the various institutional settings are carried out by two legal teams, the team led by Rudy Giuliani representing President Trump and the team led by Sydney Powell on behalf of the We the People association which operates in the name of the Constitution ( We the People are the words with which the American Constitution begins) and could also bring the cases forward in military courts. If all available constitutional options have been exhausted and fraud and foreign interference in these elections are proven, self-styled President-elect Biden will be tried for high treason and the election invalidated.
In this hypothesis, in the delicate phase of the transition or when new elections are called, the military would take power as guarantors of the Constitution. By January 20, President Trump could be asking for the passage of power to the military who would temporarily hire him as guarantors of the Constitution to defuse the threat of riots and above all the foreign threat.
The Insurrection Act of 1807 and Executive Order No. 13848 of 2018 to date have not been proclaimed and are not official, but probably something has already moved. The declaration of the emergency throughout the District of Columbia which authorizes the use of FEMA from 11 to 24 January in anticipation of possible riots at the presidential inauguration on 20 January, the activation of sanctions for interference in the 2020 elections towards government officials and a Ukrainian parliamentarian leave him to think.
The Mike Pompeo speech in broadcast Voice of America yesterday in which he spoke of the executive order signed on January 5 against Chinese interference (a decree that will enter into force after 45 days, well beyond the date of inauguration of the next President) and hoped that the next administration will be built on the basis of this he reads without ever naming Biden, suggests that there will be no transition on January 20.
At the moment it is very difficult to make predictions, but it is not unlikely that an ending with fireworks shouting “ours are coming” like in old American films is not unlikely.

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