2022 – 6 Messages From Metatron – 100 Steps Forward…. | Amanda Ellis | Jan 2, 2022 (Video)


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Amanda Ellis
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6 Messages from Metatron for a 6 year (2+0+2+2) ….. Happy New Year Everyone !
Message 1: Snakes & Ladders – 100 Steps Forward Possible this year – what are you summoning snakes or ladders?
Message 2: Create Space, Remembrance, Variance – Akashic Records and those to be written, Loosening the Ego’s Grip
Message 3: Not being a Doormat – Standing up for Yourself – Not being a victim, Moral Code 
Message 4: Owning our Power & Not Playing Small – Playing with the full 100% – CAN rather than CAN’T. Breaking the Spell…taking OFF the cloak of invisibility – step into your magical powers 
Message 5: Eastern Deities and Belief Systems – East to West Wave – Ganesh Removing Obstacles and Quan Yin – explosion of love when East meets West – Variance of working with different faiths
Message 6: Owning Responsibility for our own Wellness and Health
Oracle Decks:  The Secret Language of Light – Denise Jarvie, Spirit Song Tarot – by Paulina Cassidy, Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Oracle – Amanda Ellis & Jane Delaford Taylor
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