Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State by Joachim Hagopian – Book Excerpts

Foreword by Robert David Steele

Excerpt: Chapter 1: Introduction to Pedophilia – The Mental Disorder and the Child Sex Abuse Crime

Excerpt: Chapter 2: Elite’s Sinister Agenda to Normalize and Decriminalize Pedophilia

Excerpt: Chapter 3: Tracing the Ruling Elite’s Pedophile Bloodlust for Children from Antiquity to Today

Excerpt: Chapter 4: The Secret Military Order of the Templar Knights – Satan Worshipping Pedophiles

Excerpt: Chapter 5: Sins of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

Excerpt: Chapter 6: The Jesuits as the Vatican’s Order of Assassins

Excerpt: Chapter 7: Sins of the Pope and Vatican–Satanic Pedophilia Abuse and Church Cover-up

Excerpt: Chapter 8: America’s Military Pedophilia Scandals – Daycare Scares and “Satanic Panic”

Excerpt: Chapter 9: Military-CIA Mind Control, Torture, Pedophilia and Satanic Sacrifice

Excerpt: Chapter 10: Anatomy of the Luciferian Elite’s Global Child Sex Trafficking Pedophile Operations


Excerpt: Chapter 11: More US Military, CIA, Private Contractor and UN Perversions Driving the Sex Trafficking Network

Excerpt: Chapter 12: The “Finders” Cult: A CIA Front Caught Red-Handed in 1987 Trafficking Child Sex Slaves in Global Operation

Excerpt: Chapter 13: The Franklin Scandal and Cover-Up

Excerpt: Chapter 14: The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal – Anatomy of the Zionist-Illuminati Sexual Blackmail System

Chapter 15 (full text): Satan and Pedophilia Rule Hollywood

Excerpt: Chapter 16: The Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky Saga – Anatomy of a Grooming Pedophile Predator Enabled by a Legendary Head Coach, a Powerhouse Football Team and Respected University that Shamefully Values Winning over Children’s Safety

Excerpt: Chapter 17: The Olympic Umbrella is a Cover for Worldwide Pedophilia Operations Child Athletes, Pedophile Coaches and the Exploited Power Differential

Excerpt: Chapter 18: World’s Pedophilia Epicenter – UK Soccer Pedophilia Epidemic

Excerpt: Chapter 19: Sir Jimmy Savile: British History’s Biggest Pedophile, Sexual Blackmail Kingpin, VIP Pimp, BBC Pedophile Ringleader and the Massive Cover-up

Chapter 20 (full text): Savile: Occult Death Cult Practitioner of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Necrophiliac & Best Friend of Britain’s Deadliest Serial Killers


Excerpt: Chapter 21: BBC Pedo-Ring’s Deadly Silencing of Those Who Knew Too Much – The Jill Dando Murder and a Dozen Suspicious BBC Deaths

Excerpt: Chapter 22: Sir Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher’s Pedo-Love Affair

Excerpt: Chapter 23: Tony Blair, his Pedo-Infested Ministers and how Zionism and Pedophilia Reign Supreme

Excerpt: Chapter 24: Heart of the Westminster VIP Scandal and Cover-up – Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square

Excerpt: Chapter 25: Dunblane Massacre: Scottish Children’s Sacrificial Slaughter for Gun Control and 100-Year Masonic VIP Pedophilia Cover-up

Excerpt: Chapter 26: Raping Hollie Greig – Another Scottish VIP Pedo Cover-up at all Cost

Chapter 27 (full text): The Rothschild Banking Dynasty: How Zionist Luciferian Overlords Came to Rule the Earth

Excerpt: Chapter 28: The 3rd Lord Victor Rothschild: Planet’s 20th Century Overlord to Zionist World Dictatorship

Chapter 29 (full text): Northern Ireland’s Kincora Scandal: British Intelligence Sexual Blackmail Operation and Cover-up

Excerpt: Chapter 30: North Wales Masonic Sex Abuse Epidemic: Elite Pushback – Lies of Denial and Murder


Chapter 31 (full text): The Hampstead 2 Whistleblowing Kids Expose Satanic Cult’s MK Ritual Abuse-Child Porn Operation

Excerpt: Chapter 32: England’s Asian Grooming Gang Epidemic: The Perfect Cover Hiding the VIP Pedo-Network

Excerpt: Chapter 33: The British Royal Family, Pedophilia and the End of a 1200-Year Parasitic Monarchy

Chapter 34 (full text): Deception of the Ages: How Humanity Was Hijacked over a Quarter Million Millennia Ago and Ruled by Extraterrestrial Slave Masters Ever Since

Chapter 35 (full text): Belgium: When the King, Prime Minister and Elite Pedophiles Get Caught Red-Handed…

Excerpt: Chapter 36: Netherlands – The Pedophile Kingdom and Sodom and Gomorrah of the Modern World

Chapter 37 (full text) – Germany’s Exploding 2020 Pedophilia Crisis

Chapter 38 (full text): The Pedophilia Crisis in Today’s Scandinavia – Rape and Bestiality Capital of Europe

Excerpt: Chapter 39: Epstein-Maxwell Zionist Blackmail Operation: Lucifer’s NWO Control Matrix Dissected

Chapter 40 (full text): Spain and Portugal: Iberian Peninsula’s Dark Pedophilia History of Unprotected Kids


Chapter 41 (full text): Pizzagate Turned Pedogate: Internet Sleuths Link Clintons and Podestas to Washington Satanic Pedo-Ring that Mainstream Media Labels ‘Fake News’

Excerpt: Chapter 42: The NXIVM Scandal: The Sex Cult, Megalomania and Pedophilia Protected by the Pedo-Cabal

Chapter 43 (full text): Canada & Pedophilia: Genocide against First Nations Women and Girls Deconstructed

Chapter 44 (full text): John Roberts and Mike Pence: Treasonous Trump Deep State Enemies Inside the Gate

Chapter 45 (full text): Italy’s Pedophilia: The Deep State and Today’s War Between Good Versus Evil

Excerpt: Chapter 46: France: The Pedophile Haven Holdout Still Awaiting Its Age of Consent Law

Chapter 47 (full text): Eastern Europe: Western Europe’s Stepsister Is the World’s Sex Trafficking Capital

Chapter 48 – full text (Book 5 Chapter 9): Israel, Saudi Arabia & the Gulf States: Global Child Sex Trafficking’s Belly of the Beast

Chapter 49 – full text (Book 5 Chapter 10): Evergreen Traffickers Busted in the Suez Canal: The Crime Cabal’s Pedo Empire Is Going Down!

Chapter 50 – full text (Book 5 Chapter 11): Australia: Where the Globalized Satanic Pedophilia Network Thrives Like No Other


Chapter 51 – full text (Book 5 Chapter 12): China’s Totalitarian Control, Failed State Policies and Booming Sex Trafficking Trade

Chapter 52 – full text (Book 5 Chapter 13): Latin America: A World Trafficking Hub for Child Rape, Murder and Disappearing Girls and Women

Chapter 53: full text (Book 5: Chapter 14) Elite’s Sinister Agenda to Normalize and Decriminalize Pedophilia