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MARCH 7, 2019
Chapter 24: Heart of the Westminster VIP Scandal and Cover-up – Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square
Joachim Hagopian


Married couple Haroon Kasir (aka “Harry” originally from India) and Carole Kasir (recently learned not from Germany but England) opened up their Elm Guest House initially as a bed and breakfast for gays in Barnes, South West London in the mid-1970s, less than a decade after adult homosexuality was decriminalized in the UK. As part of the sexual liberation of the 1970s, the Elm Guest House that has since been converted into flats, began as a meeting place for gay men to hook up and comfortably enjoy sex with an adult consensual partner. But a group of evil men had other nefarious plans. Enter South African transplant out of Amsterdam Peter Glencross, commercial manager for the international Spartacus Club, who convinced Carole Kasir of the opportunity to make gobs of money catering to the sick whimsical perversions of homosexual pedophiles. Queen Elizabeth’s 1977 silver jubilee was considered the turning point. The Elm Guest House used the queen’s celebration to transition towards a boy brothel for demented child abusers, throwing the first of many King and Queen Balls where powerful VIPs, some dressed in drag, marked the occasion indulging in their deviant sexual appetites with delivered boy toys at what quickly morphed into a house of horror assembly line for trafficked in hapless care home residents.

Defiling children was the main course on the menu, mostly rent boy runaways and care home youth brought in for orgies and regularly plied with drugs and alcohol by UK establishment figures, rich and famous predators lustily seeking gratification through molestation, rape, torture, and perhaps even murder,[1] paralleling the eerily identical goings-on at VIP sex parties held at the notorious Dolphin Square complex in nearby Pimlico (covered later in the chapter). A short list of household political names identified as perpetrating heavy hitters at the Elm Guest House are Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith, Anthony Blunt, Nicholas Fairbairn, Peter Hayman, Peter Morrison and Jimmy Savile, every single one of them high-powered, queen honored knights celebrated as Very Important Persons within the British Empire.[2]

The earliest victim to come forth and divulge his shocking, sad story to the Sunday People in February 2013, just four months into learning about Jimmy Savile’s depravities, was a family man in his late 40s. As a 14-year old boy, he, his 13-year old brother (in the press later identified as deceased Peter Hatton-Bornshin[3]) were frequently from trafficked 8 miles away to the Elm Guest House within a year after their 1978 placement in Grafton Close Children’s Care Home in Richmond.[4] Told that they were in for “a treat,” upon arrival at the Barnes guest home they were lured into drinking hard cider and competing in beer guzzling contests to first intoxicate and sedate the VIPs’ targeted prey. Then they were ordered to dress into girls’ fairy costumes for picture taking (no doubt for blackmail purposes) with disgusting older, well-dressed men with upper class accents, constantly pawing at them as paying house guest patrons, salivating as they verbally compared notes – “he’s cute,” and “oh isn’t he nice.”

The boys were then coerced into hideous hide and seek games before the perverted sickos moved in for the kill, committing the most vile acts sexually assaulting the youth. As he recounted his trauma years later, he broke down in tears. Their father had died in an industrial accident and then their mother committed suicide, placing them in the UK Care System. The horror they experienced while trapped in UK’s “Care System” as Grafton Close residents caused his brother ten years out of the system to commit suicide over his abusive, tormented past. The courageous surviving orphan concluded:

The people responsible have blood on their hands. I shouldn’t think my brother is the only one to have taken his life because of this. I’m speaking out now because I want justice done for me and for my brother. What went on was absolutely disgusting. When we told the staff at the care home what was happening at Elm they used to say ‘They are friends, they are good people.’ No one was listening to us. It’s taken 30 years for anyone to listen.[5]

A month prior to this article, in January 2013, a police raid had taken place at the home of child campaigner-social worker Mary Moss who a quarter century earlier had befriended Carole Kasir, gaining access to many of Carole’s Elm House documents. From their confiscated items the police discovered that South African pedophile Peter Glencross was instrumental in turning Elm Guest House from a gay guest house to a boy brothel in the late 1970s.[6] Glencross operated out of Holland along with his boss, the Spartacus underground network founder – ex Catholic priest John Stamford, who had fled the UK to the Netherlands after a conviction for sending child pornographic material through the mail. Spartacus maintained a membership in Britain alone of 25,000 followers. From his office on the outskirts of Amsterdam, Stamford was the publisher of Spartacus International, a directory of worldwide resources marketed for adult predators bent on abusing boys and Glencross was assigned the task of establishing boy brothels like Elm Guest House all around the world. In effect, it was a perfect, albeit most sinister, unholy union between the likes of the CIA-MI5/MI6-Mossad blackmailers and Spartacus “boy loving,” sickos, among them sexually compromised and controlled VIP perverts from around the globe.[7]

A Spartacus advertisement in the Capital Gay newspaper touting a 10% discount for Spartacus club members at the Elm Guest House is believed to be an encoded message informing homosexual pedophiles that children were readily available for sex.[8] Just eight months after the June 19, 1982 law enforcement house raid at Elm, the Sunday People explicitly exposed Stamford’s pedo-holiday tours, boasting where the best havens in the world for sex with boys younger than 12 could easily be arranged, mentioning Sri Lanka and the Philippines in particular as pedophile paradises.[9] Of course the despicable sex tourism and sex slave trafficking industries promising illicit sex with children in Asia have spread like a cancer to the earth’s four corners as a global blight. Currently sex trafficking falls just behind illegal arms on its way to overtaking drug sales as the largest, yet fastest growing, most profitable illegal trade on the planet.[10]

Eventually in 1995 at only 56 years of age, John Stamford wound up dead in a Belgium prison from a heart attack, another apparent victim of the common fate befalling criminals who know too much just days ahead of standing trial for sexual abuse.[11] Undoubtedly the criminal cabal knew Stamford’s prosecution posed a serious liability to high-powered VIP pedophiles in Britain and Europe alike.

Up to 1983 the Kasirs entertained many British Establishment figures at their spacious Edwardian three-story guest home with regularly scheduled parties held day and night featuring trafficked in children predominantly from Grafton Close Home to satisfy the lustful, demented tastes of MPs, cabinet ministers, entertainers, judges, police commissioners, spy chiefs, high level civil servants, clergy, top businessmen, lawyers and doctors, no different from the elite pedophile rings that were simultaneously springing up in the US, Europe and Australia (through CIA and friends).

Though the Kasirs owned and operated the hotel-turned-boy brothel, from the get-go it was implicitly a joint British intelligence services’ operation not unlike the Mossad sponsored Jeffrey Epstein’s web of Caribbean-Palm Beach-Manhattan child honey-traps, as the modern mechanism used to sexually blackmail targeted politicians, judges, royalty, entertainers, and high-end VIPs for obvious international cabal control purposes. By the late 1970s, underage children had already become the preferred honey trap commodity, holding more bang for the buck than old fashioned heterosexual adultery or even homosexuality in the shady world of sexual blackmail and global espionage.

Sexual blackmail threatening to expose the perversions of royalty and powerful members of the elite for money had been around for well over a century,[12] but especially over this last half century, the elite bloodline puppet masters increasingly utilized blackmail to control leaders from around the world by deploying the global intelligence community led by the CIA as blackmailers as well as chief engineers and child pimping procurers. Hence, in Britain the dot connecting links of MI5/MI6 fingerprints are left at every single pedo-crime scene – from the Elm Guest House,[13] Northern Ireland’s Kincora Boys Home[14] to the North Wales Bryn Estyn scandal.[15] All are interconnected as irrefutable evidence confirming that care home children from Northern Ireland, Jersey in the Channel Islands and North Wales have been systematically trafficked into London to be victimized by VIPs at Elm Guest House as well as posh flats at Dolphin Square.[16]

Jet setting British VIPs are also known to travel abroad to abuse children in Northern Ireland, Jersey Island, North Wales and European cities like Amsterdam within the larger international pedophilia network,[17] that is whenever they’re not being showered with perks and money bribes by Zionists sponsoring free trips to Israel.[18] The mushrooming Israeli pedo-network will be covered in a later chapter. Additionally, evidence shows that MI5 has regularly brought in foreign diplomats and dignitaries from mainland Europe, America and elsewhere to both London’s Elm Guest House and North Wales, videotaping their sexcapades as evidential leverage for blackmailing foreign dignitaries as well.[19]

It’s an ugly sick world at the top of the power pyramid that systemically misuses innocents in this most appalling, diabolical way as the common currency of elitist blackmail bait. Luciferians running this planet have gotten away with it for far too long and their age-old addictions to both young flesh and blood literally feed their unquenchable thirst for absolute power and control. Soaring to unprecedented demonic heights today like never before, the pedophilia business is the devil’s playground and must be eradicated if the human species is to survive, much less evolve and thrive.

Early in 1982 the Scotland Yard was tipped off by a boy asserting that he was sexually abused by none other than Thatcher cabinet secretary Leon Brittan. The victim was terrified of repercussions for revealing the abuse done to him and other children victimized on an ongoing, near daily basis at Elm Guest House at 27 Rocks Lane on the Barnes Common. Shortly after he spilled the beans on his VIP sexual predators, the youth disappeared altogether, never to be seen nor heard from again, one victim among many missing and murder cases. Good, honest rank and file cops wanted to bring justice for this vanished boy and his many child peer victims being gravely, savagely harmed for life. But once the initial investigation confirmed that household names belonging to such powerful men running the country were identified as the prime suspects, what may have begun as a local police probe was quickly taken over by the British security services and Metro’s Special Branch as is always the standard custom in the United Kingdom.

To prove that it was British intelligence services that abruptly ended Metro’s policing operation in order to eliminate incriminating evidence in the subsequent cover-up, just six days after MP Tom Watson’s House of Commons speech in October 2012 linking a widespread VIP pedophile ring to Westminster and Downing Street, the Daily Star published a highly revealing article with the explosive headline “Tory Paedo Cover-up.”[20] A former Met detective who had worked on the original case in early 1982 disclosed to the Daily Star that he and his team of investigators were told they must immediately halt their police inquiry. The still angry, frustrated, honest copper explained:

It was a case of ‘get rid of everything, never say a word to anyone.’ It was made very clear to me that to ­continue asking questions would ­jeopardise my career.[21]

The 1982 police investigation determined that the then current Home Office Secretary Leon Brittan was among the top VIPs abusing boys at Elm Guest House as young as ten.[22] The police source said that MI5 had vetted Brittan prior to his becoming a Thatcher cabinet minister and that both security services and Thatcher were already well aware of his illicit sexual proclivities with underage boys, as has been proven repeatedly with her other royally knighted, demented minister monsters like Peter Morrison and Peter Hayman among a startling number of purposely selected creeps atop her government.[23]

It’s simply by sinister elitist design that so many of the most powerful political puppets are mentally ill perverts who get rewarded for their despicable indulgences and systematically cherry picked to occupy the highest offices as easily controllable pawns doing the Zionist-Masonic-Illuminati bidding[24] – making war on the planet permanent,[25] enslaving the global population in insurmountable usury debt,[26] now topping over $244 trillion where near half the world lives on $5.50 a day,[27] while rapidly poisoning the earth[28] to kill off at least 90% of the human species.[29] The more suffering inflicted on humanity, the more these Luciferian beasts are rewarded with more power to harm.[30]

Because Scotland Yard discovered VIP heavyweights were perpetrating pedophilia crimes at the Elm Guest House, on short order Special Branch was called in to shut the policing operation down. As the lead agency within British intelligence reportedly setting up nationwide sexual blackmail operations, MI5 worked with the likes of Sir Jimmy, Peter Righton and Colin Peters and even murdering thugs like Sidney Cooke and his clan to serve as both dutiful procurers and avid partakers of children primarily from UK care homes and rent boy runaways off the mean streets of London. As ravenous child sodomizers feeding and exploiting the same child pipeline network, more than solid evidence links Sir Jimmy Savile, Peter Righton, Sidney Cooke and Colin Peters supplying children to the likes of such VIP politicians as Sir Leon, Sir Cyril Smith and dozens of other sirs pathologically serving themselves in government.[31] Recall from an earlier Savile chapter how for years Elm Guest House proprietor Harry Kasir boasted Jimmy Savile among his best friends, allegedly taking tea with him countless occasions.[32] MI5 had its web of go-to procurers and pimps that lined up VIPs at Elm and Dolphin Square with a steady diet of supplied victims. By the way, a Savile cohort and fellow derelict BBC DJ showing up on the Elm House guest list is none other than serial pedophile Chris Denning, still serving time after multiple child sex convictions.[33]

From the last chapter we learned that Peter Righton was considered the foremost policy expert on the UK Care Home System and like Sir Jimmy, enjoyed unlimited access to exploit and abuse hundreds if not thousands of victims in children’s homes and schools throughout the nation and beyond. His 1992 slap- on-the-hand fine of £900 for possessing child pornography followed by another “order from above” to prematurely close down his police investigation was no doubt due to Righton’s international trafficking reach to such notorious pedo-havens as Malta and Holland as well as Denmark and Sweden that to this day still await full exposure.[34] Among Righton’s closest pedophile buddies sharing boys between them is convicted, currently imprisoned Charles Napier, whose half-brother is the longstanding Tory MP John Whittingdale.[35] Child protection officer Peter McKelvie’s testimony and longtime quest to unveil Righton and Napier’s powerful links to the UK pedo-establishment is the very reason why MP Tom Watson in October 2012 proclaimed in Parliament:

The evidence file used to convict Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring. One of its members [PIE treasurer-Foreign Office teacher Charles Napier] boasts of his links to a senior aide [Foreign Office diplomat-PIE member Peter Hayman, convicted of child porn] of a former prime minister [Margaret Thatcher who blocked stripping Hayman of his knighthood[36]], who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad [Cairo, Egypt]. The leads were not followed up, but if the files still exist, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan police secure the evidence, re-examine it and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10.[37]

We’re still waiting for the full truth to come out, no help from the long faltering Home Office fiasco – Theresa May’s anything but Independent Inquiry.

As the tireless former child protection team manager who supplied key information resulting in Peter Righton’s 1992 conviction as well as Tom Watson’s 2012 Commons speech, Peter McKelvie has uncovered historical evidence of child sexual abuse committed by anywhere from 10 to 20 MPs and Lords still needing to be further investigated in Operation Fernbridge focusing on abuse at the Elm Guest House.[38] Along with MP Watson, 138 other Parliament members were convinced that an independent inquiry into VIP government abuse investigating crimes over the last three or four decades is necessary due to the cover-up by criminal obstructionists at Westminster and 10 Downing Street. Initially in the early days of Fernbridge, yet more overt evidence of cover-up appeared.

In 1982, the same year the Elm Guest House was raided, UK Customs Officer Maganlal Solanki employed at the Dover point of entry seized a package of child pornography consisting of three 8mm films, three video cassettes and an order form discovered in the possession of Russell Tricker.[39] One of Tricker’s videotapes included footage of Leon Brittan sexually abusing a young boy.[40] That video was labeled “LB,” matching the exact same initials as the only minister in the UK government in 1982.

But this is no first, recall that Sir Leon was captured on film before. From a March 2014 Mirror article:

They [Met Police] are understood to have already spoken to the ex-minister about another video that places him at a sex party involving teenage boys three decades ago. Now they are expected to speak to the customs officer.[41]

After a two hour hold in 1982, Customs released Russell Tricker free to enter England minus his child porn videos that were then allegedly handed over to MI5. Placing child abuse videos in the hands of the security services agency chiefly responsible for both creating and protecting the British pedophilia blackmail network is just what the MI5 boss Sir Leon would want. They don’t call it security services for nothing. But the question becomes, whose security is served? Definitely not the abused children. Brittan’s sick secret was safe with MI5, ensuring that such explosive evidence that could take down the entire Thatcher government would never see the light of day. It would later be learned that Russell Tricker was a PIE member whose job as a coach driver ferrying underage boys back and forth from Britain to Amsterdam[42] also worked alongside the likes of MI5 agent-fellow PlE member-pedo-procurer John Rowe and Spartacus advertising agent Peter Glencross to convert Elm Guest House from a gay B&B to shielded VIP pedophile sex orgy haven. And like his MI5 boss Leon Brittan, John Rowe was also a frequent visitor at the Elm boy brothel.

Onetime English teacher Russell Tricker was among an army of English expatriated predators living in the Dutch capital, forced to leave UK after getting caught buggering, then opportunistically profiteering from child sex trafficking as well as making and distributing child pornography. Besides the tape with “LB’s” initials on it, another confiscated video tagged “GB10,” according to a child abuse victim, is nothing short of a sweet shop catalogue serving up fresh British boys for sex slave orders within the international pedophilia network typically featured through organizations like Spartacus Magazine. After several minutes of train footage, yet another video entitled “Amsterdam Tramway Museum” suddenly switches to showcasing European boys on fully displayed abuse for salivating perverts to order, a slight variation of the window prostitutes in the city’s red light district, except they’re legal and child abuse isn’t. The Amsterdam Tramway Museum was simply Tricker’s front company for his trafficking ring, no different from the CIA always creating fronts for its nefarious and illegal undercover operations worldwide. Toff Travel and Toff Apartments were another angle of twisted Trickster’s business web, masquerading behind his other child trafficking job as a coach driver ferrying young sex slaves across the channel.[43]

Claiming he was merely an innocent courier having no idea of the contents inside his seized brown paper package in 1982, the vile trickster’s Tricker treats could trick no more, running into a temporary obstacle in 1992 when he was convicted of child sex abuse back in Holland. But like the notorious Warwick Spinks (discussed in more depth later in this chapter), perhaps because Tricker was also an early player in the London-Amsterdam pedo-nexus, he only did 5 months of a two and a half year sentence while his abused victim soon wound up murdered.[44]

Customs Officer Maganlal Solanki had another this time direct encounter with Leon Brittan himself at the Port of Dover also in the 1980s.[45] Spotting Sir Leon’s chauffeur driving suspiciously, the diligent customs agent pulled the vehicle over and subsequently discovered yet more child pornography films in the cabinet secretary’s personal possession. Solanki confiscated them but just like Tricker except with less waiting time, Sir Leon was allowed on his way. But Fernbridge detectives confirmed that they were in the process of being able to procure both Tricker’s and Brittan’s highly incriminating illegal videotapes. Apparently journalist-documentarian Tim Tate was able to learn from a Fernbridge insider that UK law enforcement held the videotape with conclusive evidence against Leon Brittan, yet purposely sat on it, keeping it from public exposure and the government’s highest profile pedophile out of prison.

Also according to Tim Tate based on a recovered document from Richmond council archives, on the night of the Elm Guest House raid in June 1982, apparently the only young boy discovered inside the brothel was allegedly taken into police custody and interviewed that evening by a detective and a social worker. But Neil Kier was not a typical Richmond social worker but Officer-in-Charge (OiC) of Grafton Close Home.[46] No subsequent news accounts of the raid mention any boys from Grafton Close Children’s Home ever being present at Elm Guest House on the night of June 19th, 1982. It would make no sense for standard protocol to be breached where a Richmond social worker fails to accompany the Special Branch raid on the Elm House unless the prearranged plan was to remove Harry and Carole Kasir’s 10-year old son Eric from his home on 27 Rocks Lane and place him as the newest resident at Grafton Close Home that night.[47] It’s more than likely Eric Kasir is yet another Elm Guest House abuse victim, and that VIP monsters like Leon Brittan sodomized him too.

Eric Kasir as the only young boy found inside Elm Guest House that night explains why Grafton Close Home’s OiC Neil Kier was designated as the accompanying raid “social worker” since it had already been decided that Eric Kasir’s new home would be Grafton Close Children’s Home, ironically the very source of trafficked in victims abused by VIP guests at Elm. This premeditated arrangement also goes far in explaining why the Grafton Close fall guy of the Elm Guest House scandal would eventually be Kier’s deputy head John Stingemore rather than mystery man Kier himself who’s rarely mentioned for his part in supplying sacrificial lambs to the VIP child slaughterhouse.[48] Also the one count charge directly involving Elm Guest House abuse that Stingemore was facing at his upcoming 2014 trial no doubt would’ve implicated his partner-in-crime Neil Kier. Conveniently for Kier, just before trial Stingemore suddenly wound up dead. Neil Kier was off the hook, never in trouble with the law and never properly investigated by police because he was more than likely part of the MI5 blackmail operation. That same year 1982 Stingemore was hit with a sexual assault charge and terminated from Grafton Home but since the scandal was swiftly covered up, Stingemore was granted a 30 year reprieve to harm yet more boys in East Sussex.

It wasn’t until MP Watson’s speech on the post-Savile 2012 House of Commons floor that eventually launched Fernbridge to eventually bring down the lowest hanging rotten fruit at Elm – John Stingemore. With Fernbridge and Midland in dire need of suspects after millions of taxpayer pounds were invested ostensibly to uncover the Westminster scandal, similar to post-Savile Yewtree, Stingemore was thrown under bus as the pedo-cabal’s sacrificial slime ball that in turn soon caught up to his fat unpriestly friend McSweeney who had also been shielded up to that point. Meanwhile, back in 1983 Neil Kier was quietly permitted to move on after two years as Grafton Home OiC and throughout the decades has clearly been protected from accountability, reportedly considered a witness and never a suspect by Fernbridge investigators. But a handwritten note from child campaigner Mary Moss based on conversations with Elm Guest House victims exposes Neil Kier in all his perversions:

Systematically buggered by Kier and other older boys. Too frightened to complain. Introduced to H by Keir. He used to ring & tell them were (sic) to go to pick them up and take to mens homes[49]

The three nameless MPs often referred to in the August 1982 press coverage of the Elm Guest House scandal as interrupted guests the night of the raid may well have included popular young Tory MP Jocelyn Cadbury elected to Parliament in a major upset in 1979.[50] With his father linked to Knights of Malta, the 36-year old heir to the Cadbury Brothers chocolate empire was questioned by police over the Elm House affair.[51] With an older brother and sister both dying mysterious, tragic young deaths, barely a month after the Elm Guest House raid in an apparent suicide, on July 31, 1982 Jocelyn Cadbury allegedly shot himself with a shotgun blast to the head at his parents’ Birmingham estate.[52] Yet no one has been able to figure out his motive when golden boy had so much going for himself and according to friends never appeared depressed or suicidal before snuffing himself. If it was related to the raid, it’s not like a VIP at Elm Guest House had anything to worry about as all have been fiercely protected. And if murdered, why and by whom? At the time, MP Cadbury was also Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to then Minister of State for Industry Norman Lamont, among the most powerful men in the British government.

A well-known journalist was told that a decade prior to his death, a young victim is alleged to have reported Cadbury to her doctor, calling him a “sadistic pedophile.”[53] Another reputable reporter claimed that Cadbury killed himself just two days after police had interviewed him about his involvement at the Elm Guest House. Might Cadbury have been among the three alleged MPs reportedly caught at the Elm Guest House the night of the raid, and if so, was Jocelyn the MP referred to when the only young child at the house “was rescued from horrific sexual assault” per a July 2014 Telegraph article?[54]

Aside from disclosing to journalist Mike James in 1986 that future Labor Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a satanic pedophile (see last chapter), Lord Norman Lamont possesses his own share of shady elitist ties to organizations as a faithful Rothschild employ, leading member of the Cambridge mafia, the Privy Council, the powerful Pilgrims Society, head of Le Cercle and Savile friend appearing on Jim’ll Fix It,[55] in one way or another all linked to the unholy marriage between covert intelligence and high finance pillage and plunder, and its darker, hidden hand in illegal arms sales[56] and the global pedophilia network.[57] In the meantime, the man who thought the world of both his fallen PPC as well as Sir Leon, slammed Met Police for investigating historical child abuse.[58] Wonder what deep dark secrets he has to hide making him so nervous and upset over historic child abuse investigations?

The currently retired police officer who originally interviewed the one boy found in Elm Guest House in the 1982 raid was tracked down by Fernbridge police in 2014. The former officer described the victim as the most sexualized child he had ever observed. In 2014 this abuse survivor – now an entrepreneur in his early 40s residing in the United States – informed journalists from The Telegraph that he was sexually assaulted by at least one “senior MP.”[59]

This retired detective who interviewed the boy reported that the victim claimed he had been sodomized by at least nine men at Elm Guest House, but appeared surprised that the police were even involved since he’d apparently been repeatedly told that “Uncle Leon” “at the big house” (referring to Westminster/10 Downing Street) would take care of any problems that arose.[60] This again sounds more like the words coming from a young boy who’d been living at 27 Rocks Lane, not a trafficked in child from Grafton Close. No doubt with customers like a naked Sir Leon photographed with naked boys, and tea buddies like Sir Jimmy, the Kasirs must have had a false sense of inflated security and impunity while also begrudgingly paying an extortion police fee for added protection.

Immediately the interviewing officer realized “Uncle Leon” was Thatcher Minister Leon Brittan. Fernbridge police were perplexed that the council document failed to either mention “Uncle Leon” or include the boy’s signature. The retired officer explained that since the boy had been interviewed late at night, Neil Kier and the Special Branch officer agreed he could sign it in the morning after getting some sleep. But the next morning the child apparently “acted out” and allegedly refused to sign. This explanation may be a cop-out as the more likely reason the signature was never obtained may have more to do with the boy’s last name.

When the interviewing officer from 1982 was then asked why the “Uncle Leon” reference was omitted from the original report, the former copper quickly grew agitated over the Official Secrecy Act leaving him vulnerable to prosecution, loss of pension and/or death. But with such crucial evidence left conspicuously hanging, Fernbridge sent a US Marshall previously on secondment to Metropolitan Police to interview the key witness in America. Though he initially did cooperate, by the time Scotland Yard was ready to dispatch detectives to speak more at length with him, he suddenly changed his mind.[61] This also makes more sense if it’s Carole’s son changing his mind knowing what they did to his mother. Also during Operation Fernbridge, police raided Harry Kasir’s Richmond home in January 2013, the same month they raided Mary Moss’s domicile in efforts to remove the last traces of VIP Elm House evidence. After that, Harry Kasir reportedly was planning to leave Britain to join his son Eric in Connecticut.[62]

Of course Harry Kasir is still denying that VIPs ever victimized kids (much less his own) at his Elm Guest House, insisting right to the bitter end that his three story eight room hotel only served gay consenting adults. Meanwhile, the key witness capable of blowing up the entire Elm Guest House cover-up, revealing the sordid filthy truth is none other than the proprietors’ long lost son. But again, after the cabal murdered his mother, it’s understandable that the entrepreneur would much prefer leaving his abusive past long behind rather than risk a family repeat a generation later. How can anyone blame him? Even without his explicit testimony, through bits and pieces enough of the truth has gradually emerged to form an increasingly clearer picture of what diabolical hell went down for kids trapped at 27 Rocks Lane between 1977 and 1983.

Eric Kasir’s vacillation of telling what he knows segues into addressing the pertinent topic of victims changing their minds over talking to authorities about their past abuse. This has always been a major problem over the years as children far more than adults do not report their sex crimes, and only one in 10 adults report sexual assault. When the power differential between offender and victim is so extreme as in the Westminster scandal, especially when taking the dismal outcome into account of those who’ve tried to honestly report their abuse in the past, the small minority that might be inclined to report probably won’t. And the reason is all too obvious. When the thousands of abuse victims throughout the decades whose firsthand allegations never resulted in any justice but only an enduring record of nonstop cover-up and subsequent pain, understandably it’s rendered both UK law enforcement and legal system institutions not trustable.

Unfortunately this is the all too common result when hundreds of thousands of victims’ past abuse disclosures have fallen on deaf ears and been summarily rejected, smeared and dismissed with no action taken against the perpetrators, producing a deep distrust and doubt that testimony given years later would be deemed any different, more credible or effective in facilitating their long-awaited justice. To have to relive past traumas in the face of providing yet more agonizing detailed evidence years later that’s consistently failed to deliver a single conviction to any VIP pedophiles delivers the natural consequence of deterring already reluctant victims from ever coming forth again. To victims for all too obvious reason, UK law enforcement’s disgustingly shameful track record covering-up pervasive elite sexual abuse justifiably relegates all legal authorities as thoroughly untrustworthy and criminally complicit. When the top-on-down system is historically so morally bankrupt, corrosively corrupt and grossly unjust, this is the resultant frustratingly painful pattern. Eventually victims give up trying to report abuse, especially when the one-sided power differential between perpetrator and victim has proven so unbreakably fixed and stacked against them.

Official channels like Theresa May’s Inquiry or the Metro police are not purveyors of truth at all because as systemically deployed truth suppressors their built-in purpose at all cost is simply to whitewash and maintain status quo of the tightly sealed cover-up. Otherwise, the plethora of collected photos and videos graphically proving Leon Brittan and other famous pedophiles would have been made public eons ago. By design Metro’s Fernbridge and Midland investigations hit a brick wall just as they were supposed to, complete with designated fraudsters to effectively smear all honest victims, not for lack of them offering real evidence to prosecute but simply because the system is so irreversibly rigged against truth and justice ever prevailing in a British court of law. Predictably by 2016 both VIP investigative operations were shut down in utter failure and waste, and still not a noteworthy creep or peep’s been heard or brought to justice from either a courtroom or the IICSA currently on artificial life support a full half decade after its proposal. The British Establishment will never come clean, too many gatekeeping pedo-foxes ensure that the massive cover-up will continue on forevermore. The Scotland Yard, Crown Prosecution Service and the IICSA alike are all rabbit hole deep in complicit criminal cover-up and they should all be indicted for gross obstruction and perversion of justice if the complete truth ever finally does emerge.

That can only happen when courageous victims as seasoned survivors resolutely unite in solidarity (like the Shirley Oaks Survivors Association as the prototype model) to empower and give voice to bravely speak out against their rapists, regardless of the unpunished criminals’ power, status or position. But because as separate individuals the victim’s voice has systematically been drowned out, negated and silenced by elites’ consistent non-response, overuse of D-notices, libelous lawsuit threats, harassment and/or death, truth suppression is their reigning M.O. allowing aging perpetrators to successfully hide behind a colluded cover-up decade after decade after decade. An approaching critical mass soon to be reached among informed, educated and impassioned world citizens for justice, committed to supporting survivors’ truth is the people’s most powerful weapon of elite mass destruction. Clearly it’s the elite that can’t handle the truth, running like cockroaches for the nearest safe cover(up) of darkness. Like so called “Murun Buchstansangur’s” valuable website,[63] it’s up to us to keep the “spotlight on abuse” using the light of truth as both our guide and weapon.

For one solid week in June 1984, two full years after the Elm Guest House raid, mainstream newspapers across Britain and even America ran story after story of rumors circulating about an unnamed Thatcher minister caught having sex with boys during the so called “Cabinet Secretary scandal.”[64] The press at the time reported that it could be the sex scandal of the century,[65] and, had the UK elite not resorted to its blatant cover-up, it definitely would have. Margaret Thatcher’s then Home Secretary Leon Brittan was again the thinly veiled VIP culprit, although with so many of her gay pedophile minister pals craving little boys, it could have just as easily been “eeny meeny miny mo.” (See Chapter 22)

The London newspapers reported that the government countered the “assassination by gossip” and “trial by media rumors” by sternly vowing it would not be tolerated. The prime minister herself threatened any publication that named the rumored pedophile minister would immediately be slapped with a costly libel suit. By month’s end, Iron Lady’s aggressively viperous response effectively shut down all further coverage, just like two years earlier when after little more than a week of newspaper frenzy, breaking headlines about the most infamous of all VIP boy brothels – the Elm Guest House – was suddenly silenced for the next several decades, likely with more D-notices.

During that final week of June 1984, one publication – Private Eye Magazine, went so far as to identify Leon Brittan as the alleged child abuser but made sure to call the allegation a smear leaked by a disgruntled rogue element within MI5 in retaliation for the home secretary warning he’d impose a major MI5 shakeup for “mishandling” the April 1984 Libyan embassy attack when London constable Yvonne Fletcher was gunned down.[66] Another lame explanation given for MI5 “spooks and loonies” to make up such a “lie” about Britain’s first Jewish home secretary is the Zionistas’ old familiar standby – anti-Semitism. But forensic evidence soon emerged to indicate the 1984 embassy gunfire volley was a CIA led false flag in cahoots with MI5 to whip up Thatcher tag team support for Reagan/Bush’s vilification of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi,[67] the same criminal element echoed years later in 2011 with Hillary’s hideous reaction upon learning that her assassination hit on Gaddafi was successful:

We came, we saw, he died, [hee, hee, hee].[68]

The treasonous Bush-Clinton-Obama cabal still lives on in today’s deep state havoc.

The now defunct Private Eye rag did have strong links to MI5.[69] On top of a Jewish Home Secretary being the MI5 boss in 1984, by that time British security services were heavily controlled by Thatcher’s security advisor – bloodline Jew Lord Victor Rothschild. In short, MI5 in 1984 was not anti-Jewish at all. At the height of the scandal, the Private Eye article went out of its way to emphasize that Brittan was innocently maligned, definitely not a pedophile but simply a target of a maliciously false, racist smear campaign, reportedly already confirmed by News of the World.

In a ploy to convince the head of the Press Association, Leon Brittan cunningly invited him into his office expressly to read the article as proof of the home secretary’s “martyrdom.”[70] So the “MI5 leak” was strategically and timely inserted with the intent to take the heat off its “venerable” yet unfairly maligned leader Sir Leon. At that very same time with Brittan losing/destroying two incriminating dossiers as the deserving object of unshakeable multiple abuse allegations over the ensuing decades, regardless of how hard the police, the complicit media and the corrupt UK politics machine try to cover-up his pedo-crimes, far, far too much evidence has long implicated Sir Leon as a slithering prolific serial pedophile.

British security agencies had set up the Elm Guest House as a boy brothel with a sauna and both hidden and unhidden cameras (for child porn purposes) installed in every room (a la Jeffrey Epstein style) to serve as a sexual blackmail operation to control not only British VIPs but elites flown in from Europe as well. Recurring media coverage reported in 1982, in 1984, and again every year since 2012 (once deceased Savile was publicly outed) that a litany of police probes and whistleblowers have confirmed surveillance evidence exists of video footage and numerous photographs of Brittan in action along with pedo-porker pig Sir Cyril Smith, royal traitor Sir Anthony Blunt, our old friend Sir “Kitty” and a host of other decked out, totally compromised VIPs either entering, frolicking inside or departing Elm Guest House. As is often the case when it comes to the voracious appetites of dead sexual predators, Fernbridge detectives played it safe confirming Cyril Smith visited Elm Guest House.[71] The fat man was reportedly even banned from Elm Guest House for a short spell after breaking a toilet seat and refusing to pay for it.[72] On another visit he got stuck in the sauna and had to be hoisted out.[73] Like Sir Leon, Sir Cyril was a guesthouse party regular.

Longtime social worker and child protection consultant Chris Fay testified that he had viewed compromising photographs of Brittan taken with young boys dating back to the early 1980s.[74] Reportedly abusing boys as young as 8, 9 and 10, a nude Lord Brittan in one photo is allegedly wearing only a scanty French maid apron with a naked youth sitting on his lap.[75] Recall another photo lost and found at a London train station a few years earlier depicting Sir Kitty dressed in women’s underwear surrounded by underage boys that in a flash was scooped up immediately by dispatched thugs from Special Branch, Britain’s longtime organized crime fixers. Reportedly that photo was used by Mossad to manipulate and control the aging superstar to pay homage to Zionist controlled lsrael, which explains his frequent Tel Aviv trips.

But ultimately it was Iron Lady’s Home Office minister as the Lithuanian Jewish central pedo-gatekeeper from 1982-85 whose job was in charge of both British intelligence as well as all police operations, ensuring every investigation into pedophilia was called off and every dossier given him was lost or destroyed. While still alive during the post-Savile Operation Fernbridge, only once in a long pedo-career was Sir Brittan ever even questioned by detectives under caution over his alleged rape committed years earlier on a teenage girl,[76] yet even that critical piece of evidence was lost when someone accidentally-on-purpose “forgot” to push the record button.[77] Right up to Leon Brittan’s January 2015 death, Metro Police was purportedly still investigating fresh historic child abuse claims against him.[78] But like all his fellow derelict VIP monsters before and after him – Sir Jimmy, Sir Cyril, Sir Ted, and subsequently Sir Greville to name a handful, unpunished, aging child rapists exit this planet without facing their victims who are consistently denied their day in court.

So let’s do a quick recap of Lord Leon’s known and confirmed sex crime history against underage children. Over the years he’s undoubtedly had multiple accusers from the sex orgies at Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square alone, not to mention the one in South Yorkshire, he’s been frequently naked while photographed with naked boys, he’s played the child molesting villain abusing a boy in kiddie porn, was caught possessing child pornography videos by the same government agent who also separately observed Brittan on film abusing a child, was accused of date raping a teenage girl, was called in for police questioning but never recorded, was responsible for losing or destroying at least three different pedo-dossiers, and by as early as 1984, he was already being rumored and virtually outed as the most offending pedophile amongst Thatcher’s platoon of pedophile ministers. Yet his widow was awarded a million tax-paid pounds worth of police apologies in undeserved compensation while all his countless victims received no justice at all but for nearly all, only a lifetime of pain and hardship. For sake of his victims, we need to finally uncover the full truth and nothing but the truth so help us God.

Another important survivor’s story released through the Sunday People links two serial predators Peter Righton and Cyril Smith to sex orgies at both the Elm Guest House and Dolphin Square. While stuck in the UK Care System and groomed and abused by Righton and his VIP pedo-network from age 11 in 1977 until age 16, in April 2013, the man in his forties disclosed what he observed while on one of Righton’s trips to a local London park.[79] The boy witnessed Righton get out of the car and walk over to talk to a very obese man that the victim later identified on TV. While speaking to the famous MP, Righton would regularly look back over at the boy and Smith each time would nod and smile at him. As mentioned earlier, Peter Righton was one of Britain’s major child procurers delivering boys in the UK Care System to VIP pedophile politicians and high level civil servants, corroborated by the abuse survivor recalling that networker Righton would often boast of his bigwig contacts so high up in government. In the informant’s words:

People have talked about a paedophile ring working in the UK. This was not just a ring – it’s more like the Olympic rings, interlocking on a ­large scale. It went everywhere. I believe it went to the heart of the Establishment. It needs to be investigated properly.[80]

After sharing his story with the press, the man said he was planning to talk to detectives at Metro working Operations Fernbridge and Midland investigating child abuse committed by Westminster members. Unfortunately as in every other UK police operation, Fernbridge and Midland also made sure to fail at arresting and charging any MPs, conveniently because of so much “lost and destroyed,” “unsubstantiated” evidence.

A closer look at listed frequent Elm House guest Colin Peters is also very telling.[81] Despite his and a buddy’s arrest in their early 20s for committing child sexual abuse in Naples, Italy back in 1967, swiftly patched over by diplomatic immunity and their Foreign Office boss Robin Jasper,[82] the British government saw fit to strangely seal the record of their Naples arrest at the National Archives for the next 87 years until 2056.[83] In 2015 after the Sunday Times raised the question over why would two junior Foreign Office employees Colin Peters and colleague Alastair Laing’s pedo-crimes be locked away for nearly a century, the Home Affairs ministers “agreed” to look into it.[84] In view of the fact that Oxford educated barrister-career diplomat Peters was essentially set free to abuse boys again and again over the next couple decades, at both the Elm Guest House and then in 1989 caught running the largest known pedophile ring in British history,[85] the question begs answering why 22 years earlier Peters’ buggery crime in Italy would be so guardedly shielded from the public.

It’s been speculated that Peters and Laing were procuring young Italian boys for such British cultural luminaries as WH Auden who for years rented a villa on Ischia in the Bay of Naples, regularly entertaining guests like Benjamin Britten[86] and EM Forster[87] as well as employing the services of underage local Neapolitan rent boys.[88] The then UK Minister for the Arts, Baroness Jennie Lee, may have rushed to their aid to not only protect British Empire’s most acclaimed national treasures of arts and letters but also the internationally expanding pedophilia network as well. The same year that adult homosexuality (21 and over) was no longer deemed a state crime in Britain, the government may well have been invested in protecting both its world famous gay pedophile icons living abroad as well as its Foreign Service pedo-pimps, unwilling to risk public disclosure until 2056. Again to the depraved establishment it’s a no-brainer, protecting pedophile VIPs ranks a far higher priority than protecting a few street urchins from Italy or the UK.

Speaking of the arts and pedophiles, Colin Peter’s fellow shielded partner-in-crime in Italy – Alastair Laing – went on to become art curator and author for the National Trust,[89] as well as co-author of a book with the queen’s art curator-Soviet spy traitor-fellow pedo Sir Anthony Blunt and Blunt protégé architectural historian Christopher Tadgell,[90] who’s married to prominent Somerset Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg’s mother-in-law who’s an ex-MP herself.[91] Mogg’s 2007 wedding guests included a couple known Elm guests as well. Lord Peter Brooke whose online essay on man-boy love is on full display[92] as well as Peter and Virginia Bottomley. As Health Minister she played a key role in closing Righton’s criminal investigation while all three Peters – Colin, Brooke and Bottomley made the infamous Elm House guest list… small world amongst the pedo-elite.[93] Yet another Elm Guest visitor is deceased Tory MP Solicitor General of Scotland, mentioned in previous chapters as pedo-gatekeeper Esther Rantzen’s adulterous lover boy Sir Nicholas Fairburn.[94]

Another little dark chapter to add in the unending book of British pedophilia cover-ups on Health Minister Virginia Bottomley’s watch (1992-95) involves a claim that the Hereford and Worcester head of social services for 20 years David Tombs went to senior civil servants in her health ministry while apparently she was busily closing down the police investigation on Peter Righton after his 1992 arrest. David Tombs, an office colleague of whistleblowing child protection manager Peter McKelvie, had access to the local police investigation on Righton and his VIP cronies in UK government and abroad, clearly indicating that a Westminster pedophile network was flourishing.[95] With such a childcare expert and UK policy kingpin like Peter Righton under criminal investigation as a serial pedophile, on behalf of UK Health Minster Virginia Bottomley, UK Chief Inspector of Social Services Sir William Utting requested from David Tombs a report based on the Righton police probe findings with social services’ recommendations on how to prevent future child abuse in the face of predators operating within the UK Care System.[96] It was Peter McKelvie who wrote the report in 1993 alerting the Health Department of the alarming trend that pedophiles like Righton and Westminster VIPs pose to thousands of at-risk youth, having infiltrated all levels within the UK Care System. It included specific recommendations necessary to tackle the national pedophile ring engulfing Britain, urging deployment of a joint police-social worker investigation team.[97] Though the report was sent, Health Minister Bottomley completely ignored it, shutting down the ongoing Righton police investigation.

David Tombs as head of social services urgently also tried bringing the Westminster pedophilia network to the health department’s attention as a major “national concern.” During a July 2014 BBC Radio 4 program, David Tombs stated:

It was coming across to me at the time that there were names there that were linked into the establishment, if you like.[98]

His dire warning of grave “national concern” to a senior health official drew the following reply, in David Tombs’ words:

I was told that I was probably wasting my time, that there were – and the words used were along these lines – that there were ‘too many of them over there.’ Now, I was talking about paedophilia. I was in the Department of Health and the ‘over there’ to me indicated, although the words weren’t used, within Parliament or within Government and Whitehall.[99]

So on the one hand while the Health Minister’s ignoring McKelvie’s report and shutting down the police probe because it’s implicating pedophiles atop the government, one of Baroness Bottomley’s senior civil servants openly admits there’s too many pedophiles in government to even bother trying to deal with them. Keep in mind this rampant pedo-epidemic and cover-up comes during the post-Thatcher years of the 1990s. Again, it’s not about a particular era, leader or party because British culture-bred pedovore vultures running the United PEDO Kingdom have been doing it seamlessly and with full impunity for nearly a century.

Chapter 8 covered the satanic ritual abuse at daycare facilities throughout the 1980s from the controversial McMartin case in Southern California to military daycares at West Point and the Temple of Set’s Lt. Col. Michael Aquino’s Presidio scandal. Chapter 10 further exposed Col. Aquino as a master mind control, programming wizard and pedophile in the CIA-Tavistock-MK Ultra Monarch mind control programs exported worldwide. Evolving from the Babylonian-Cabbalistic-Egyptian rooted deities that are currently still practiced today in various forms as Satanism, the Illuminati Order, Freemasonry, Knights of Malta, Jesuits to Luciferianism, the ruling elite have for centuries engaged in occult rituals involving blood sacrifice and satanic ritual abuse (SRA) of children (also addressed in earlier chapters).

The inner club of powerful pedophiles and their enablers often are members of these malevolent secret societies. When in the 1980s satanic ritual abuse caught America’s attention by storm, the CIA pedophile scientists swiftly dipped into their bag of tricks, pushing back with dubbing the sociological phenom gripping the nation as “satanic panic,” followed by their next rabbit out of the hat called the False Memory Syndrome, “scientifically” backed up by the FM Foundation to plant the seed of doubt in every abuse victim’s testimony, chalking it up to kids and misguided adults’ overactive imaginations and paranoia, i.e., nothing to see here folks, no such thing as satanic ritual child sex abuse.

Just as the CIA labeled critical thinkers and doubters questioning the official government’s false narrative behind the JFK assassination as “conspiracy theorists” as the forevermore M.O. calling card to instantly instill doubt and disbelief toward those intelligent enough to be skeptical of authoritarian lies. Embedded into the mass media propaganda machine, these CIA false labels are simply fabricated machinations strategically unleashed to shape, manipulate and control mass public opinion and perceptions of consensus reality within mainstream popular culture. In effect, the cunning elite are masters at turning the gullible masses into easily brainwashed, mind-controlled, misinformed, enslaved, non-thinking, robotic automatons addictively placated, mesmerized and distracted by addictive, button-pushing magic, while insidiously programmed to reject, scorn and ridicule those still capable of engaging in critical thinking, original, independent thought, or those who readily see through the government bullshit behind regularly staged false flags of state-sponsored terrorism at times killing its own citizens (3,000 on 9/11). This deceptive, sleight of hand defense mechanism utilizing cognitive dissonance to instantly on cue evoke a blindness through disbelief effectively burying and smothering the truth unfortunately has been extremely successful. So when child abuse victims’ allegations are made, they’re easily discarded or rarely taken seriously, especially when it’s the famous perpetrators participating in satanic ritual abuse. Too unbelievable say the naysayers and deceivers as the Luciferian way to utilize propaganda as a WMD to systematically negate, obscure and silence the truth, discrediting and marginalizing those who seek it over elite’s nonstop lies and calculated mass manipulation.

This temporary diversion can now come full circle, returning to the lovely Bottomleys. As a former psychiatric social worker turned Health Minister, after closing down the Righton police inquiry and suppressing evidence proving links to the Westminster VIP pedo-scandal, in 1994 Virginia implored British social workers and childcare workers “to take heed” of a report her health department financed, written by her friend and scholar Jean La Fontaine, claiming that there’s no such thing as satanic ritual abuse.[100] Upon the report’s release, Bottomley arrogantly declared that the “myth of satanic abuse” has been thoroughly exposed.

While over the last 31 years the Baroness has been Governor of the Fabian founded London School of Economics where she earned her master’s degree (recall also Margaret Oppenheimer’s alma mater),[101] for decades her pal Jean La Fontaine as LSE’s anthropology emeritus professor has faithfully provided the “scientific” cover to subvert public exposure and awareness that organized ritual abuse is both real and far more prevalent than commonly known. Jean La Fontaine’s latest application of her lifelong work helped a high court judge in 2015 declare the alleged satanic cult’s reported ritual child sex abuse in the Hampstead scandal a complete hoax.[102] This story and its cover-up will be fully dissected in Chapter 26.

The genius Stanley Kubrick wasn’t murdered for nothing four days after his near final editing cut on “Eyes Wide Shut,” boldly revealing the elite’s inner secrets of perversion, occult ritual and death. With his next scheduled pet project purported to be an exposé on the rulers’ obsessional agenda with pedophilia, the treacherous crime cabal had seen enough of Stanley Kubrick. The man knew too many secrets and had the audacity to want to share them with the world. He often would remind his wife:

Be suspicious of people who have, or crave, power. Never, ever go near power. Don’t become friends with anyone who has real power. It’s dangerous.[103]

lt’s as if he knew his own tragic fate, an all too common outcome of those who “step out of line and the man come take you away” as Stephen Stills once wrote. Staged murder made to look like suicide or in Stanley’s case a heart attack is untraceably common, and yet another running theme of this book befalling dozens who knew too much. Be it through academia, mass media or hired assassins, the elite’s waging an all-out war on truth on countless fronts with a hi-tech arsenal of lethal weaponry we don’t even know about.[104]

The evildoers in control of this planet that regularly practice organized satanic ritual abuse and murder of children en masse of course would rather have us all believing it doesn’t exist at all. Deferring to a post on the bold, feisty Chris Spivey website entitled “The Who’s Who of Satanic Abuse,” a list of alleged members belonging to or affiliated with a particular British satanic cult or coven that includes such luminaries as both the former health minister Virginia Bottomley and Professor La Fontaine in addition to Ted Heath, Dame Margaret Hodge, Lord Peter Mandelson and other likeminded ministers, lords and MPs.[105] It appears to have been compiled during the years leading up to 2010 by an organization called the Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support (RAINS), an advocacy support group for ritual abuse victims, in this case a mind control SRA victim diagnosed with dissociative disorder named Helen G.

Since former Tory Prime Minster Ted Heath from 1970 to 1974 was mentioned in previous chapters and the paragraph above, this blackmail controlled Luciferian pedophile-murderer-traitor who sold Britain’s national sovereignty to the international cabal behind the European Union was involved as noted earlier in PIE, Jersey Island pedophilia and murder with procurer Savile and abusing boys in Northern Ireland’s Kincora scandal. But according to The Sun, the Wiltshire police probe apparently interviewed women claimants who as young girls maintain that Edward Heath sexually attacked children as a member of a satanic pedophile cult run by their own parents.[106] They accused the cult of engaging in ritual child sacrifice in churches and woodlands in southern England as well as Africa, stabbing, maiming, torturing and slaughtering up to 16 children from babies to teenagers, then as cannibals resorting to blood drinking and consuming organs. This of course would support other allegations like the one mentioned above that Ted Heath was a satanic cult participant.

After a thorough albeit heavily challenged and controversial investigation named Operation Conifer begun in 2015, in February 2017 Wiltshire Chief Constable Mike Veale gave “120%” confidence behind the alleged 30 people who came forth with allegations of abuse against Heath being “genuine.”[107] Veale said their accounts are “strikingly similar” and “totally convincing,” corroborating their veracity. At one point, Heath had no less than five police forces investigating him – the Met, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Kent and Jersey.[108] But his political power ensured cover-up. Veale’s inquiry included 42 allegations from seven alleged victims from 1956 to 1992 that police claim today would require questioning under caution.[109] Turns out Heath’s name was also on that dossier Barbara Castle gave to Don Hale in 1984 that Special Branch thugs swiftly scooped up. Of course David Icke outed him as a murdering pedophile-Satanist in his 1998 book The Biggest Secret, but too few were listening then a full seven years ahead of Heath’s death in 2005.[110]

Now for a last look at fellow Tory, thin-skinned hubby Sir Peter Bottomley. Thatcher’s former transportation minister sure knows how to get around. In addition to Elm Guest House and Monday trips across the Channel, a most memorable trip to Brussels on May 29, 1985 placed Peter Bottomley at the Heysel Stadium disaster where 39 rowdy, hapless football fans were crushed and trampled to death.[111] Two years later the queen honored knight happened to be at the Kings Cross underground station fire that killed 31 on the evening of November 18, 1987.[112] Rent boys in an underground café at Kings Cross may have been targeted by what’s now been concluded to be a very deadly arson fire.[113] And just like clockwork, two years later again Sir Peter witnessed the Kegworth air disaster on January 8, 1989 when 44 passengers died. Unclear whether the lucky man was one of 79 passengers who survived or just happened to observe the tragedy while at the East Midlands Airport that day. Bottomley did not appear to be among the 300 guests attending the 30-year commemoration ceremony at Leicestershire in January 2019.[114] Bottomley’s first close encounter with death during his harrowing 80s decade of disasters came while representing the British Council of Churches attending the funeral of assassinated Archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador on March 30, 1980, when 14 mourners around him were mercilessly gunned down.[115]

Imagine in less than one decade the odds of one man surviving four extremely deadly close calls and, at 74-years old today, still be alive to tell his grandkids, not to mention Sir Peter not slowing down as senior Conservative Member of Parliament for the last 44 years.[116] But then it appears that all his traumas from the 1980s may have caught up to both him and his wife in the 1990s. Her bizarre, reactive, anti-children’s crusade as heath minster and his volatile, erratic, highly irrational, acting out misbehavior speak volumes. For instance, in a March 1993 article for the Independent, journalist Beatrix Campbell responds to the health minister’s call to get tough on disciplining children under her brand of health care:

Mrs Bottomley’s attitude is a symptom of the public’s retreat from its awareness of children’s pain. Her vaunted vocation as a social worker ended when the new age began. Her message, indeed Britain’s message, is simple: when children don’t oblige by being innocent victims, when they are demanding and difficult, when they are awkward accusers, and when they don’t care whom they hurt, including themselves, then adults are absolved. No longer ashamed, we blame the victim.[117]

While his wife Virginia was busy betraying at-risk kids in 1993, hubby Peter was doing his own anti-child thing too. In 1993 when a staff member working at Melanie Klein children’s home in Greenwich was being investigated for his sexual debauchery abusing and contributing to the delinquency of underage girls, MP Bottomley rushed to the abuser’s defense, barging in to interrupt a council disciplinary hearing with his unprovoked, off-the-wall tirade.[118] An even more disgraceful meltdown on full public display was exhibited when the ranting madman tried in vain to halt Thames television from filming an investigation on the case. Not only did Sir Peter insist the program not move forward, but screamed in rage at the Thames board for allowing it. It was as if he was the sexual abuser being accused. What does that man have to hide if he never abused a child?

To put it mildly, neither Mr. nor Mrs. Bottomley were acting the least bit kid-friendly in 1993. As Beatrix Campbell alluded, the 1990s were even more unsafe for British children than the preceding decade when MP whistleblower Geoffrey Dickens first tried to alert the government about pedophilia amongst his peers. Was Sir Peter Bottomley unraveling because his name was being bandied about as an Elm Guest House regular, the notorious house of horror gnawing at the heart of the Westminster VIP scandal? Or perhaps it was those Monday Club cruises to Amsterdam and Brussels. Or maybe he was suffering from PTSD survivors’ guilt. In any event, Bottomley was bottoming out, allowing all the rumors to rattle his cage to the extreme, only leaving observers with the impression that either the loose cannon was having a nervous breakdown or he was a man with much too much to hide for his own good. Eventually he threatened libelous action against any and all who dared make reference to his association with child sexual abuse.

Scalawag Magazine pointed out that he’d been groomed from a very early age for bigger and better things, yet the height of his political career prematurely eclipsed as mere Junior Minister for Northern Ireland, while his baroness wife’s pinnacle reached the much higher perch as Health Minister.[119] Perhaps his questionable past and psychological instability as the ticking time bomb undermined and arrested his ambitious climb to the top. Or just one too many personal traumas from the 1980s.

In 1986 – two years into Virginia Bottomley’s 21-year Parliamentary stretch, Dame Esther Rantzen began her BBC ChildLine operation reportedly filtering out calls from child victims of VIP sex abuse. It’s rather telling that in a February 1989 Daily Mirror article covering the biggest pedophile ring bust in British history, that the final paragraph be devoted to soliciting Esther Rantzen’s reaction. The ChildLine pedo-gatekeeper was promoting the idea that Britain urgently needed “a Ministry of Children” a full decade and a half before pedo-enabling Tony Blair made Esther’s wish come true, selecting his former neighbor and Esther’s Jewish “pedo-sister” Dame Oppenheimer the nation’s first minister of children.[120] It’s as if the elite’s diabolical plan had already been mapped out years in advance, which is exactly how the Luciferian planetary controllers operate.

Skip ahead just four years to 1993 and we have on full display the health minister in charge of the UK Care System and her longtime MP husband blatantly not operating in the best interest of children. If only Britain followed the immediate advice of gatekeeper Rantzen and had a caring, nurturing minister of children like Dame Oppenheimer Hodge whose maltreatment towards her own poor Islington kids at that time was finally being exposed in the press, how under Margaret’s loving care, kids were being sexually mauled and attacked every single day on her watch. Margaret and Virginia’s system of care was crawling with so many child sexual predators that their public records were clearly protecting. Leave it for another decade before the “compassionate” Prime Minister Tony Blair to finally implement Dame Esther’s splendid idea to create the position especially for Dame Margaret to so fiercely protect rapists, I mean children. Again, regardless of decade, leader, party, male or female, those entrusted with the responsibility of taking care of children, by their own overt actions on public record took care of rapists first and children last.

By far the biggest theme of this book on modern pedophilia is that the same protected child sodomizing VIP criminals keep getting away with it their whole lives through, with few if ever caught and brought to justice. As a semi-notable on par with Peter Righton, it took Met’s Operation Hedgerow (1987-89) to finally temporarily stop career Foreign Office diplomat-serial pedophile Colin Peters (with nearly two dozen others’ arrests as well), resulting in their 1989 convictions and his eight year prison sentence.[121] Police determined this enormous pedophile ring procured mostly local runaways off the English streets and public toilets as well as from one of his crime partner’s cleaning business and youth football club. But despite the QC Foreign Office barrister’s London based sex ring having links to the much wider international pedophilia and child pornography network stretching to Italy (recall Naples 1967 sealed till 2056)), Asia and the US, Operation Hedgerow was too underfunded and understaffed to follow up on its critical global leads.[122] Reporting on the case in 2013, the Independent stated:

[Colin Peter’s pedophile ring] was used by highly placed civil servants and well-known public officials.[123]

A prominent MP and a member of high society were also implicated in the Hedgerow bust. But because trespassing on the cabal’s worldwide pedo-operations was taboo even back in 1989, the two lead detectives’ chain of command requests to expand the operation and establish a specialized international pedophilia unit were summarily rejected, especially once high society VIPs like a House of Lords peer and a West London vicar emerged as suspects. One of two lead detectives behind Operation Hedgerow, the retired Detective Chief Superintendent Roger Gaspar went on record in 2014:

I was warned off… ‘Don’t open the box, you will never get the lid back on.’ I was warned not to open the box to find what else is going on because it would just carry on and on.[124]

Hmm… kind of like the IICSA and UK’s never-ending cover-up.

Despite making 23 arrests resulting in 14 convictions compiling evidence of abuse of at least 150 boys in the biggest pedophile police operation in UK history to-date, after two years Operation Hedgerow was shut down in 1989 with no further media coverage exposing this tip of the global pedo-iceberg. Again, another police probe got too close to pedophiles at the top of the predator food chain caught sprouting their international tentacles far and wide. And let’s face it, Colin Peters along with the likes of Peter Righton and Jimmy Savile were among the elite’s prime crime players busily working, in Jimmy’s own words, “undercover” with MI5 and MI6, coordinating pedophile rings serving the British Establishment VIPs nationwide and far beyond, but most importantly, serving the control matrix through its globalized blackmail apparatus.

In its ever-expanding control over blackmail operations, even further back in the 1970s, MI5 made sure to infiltrate Britain’s largest, most influential pedophile organization – the Paedophile Information Exchange (1974-1984).[125] A longtime civil servant turned whistleblower at the Home Affairs Office maintains that Metro’s Special Branch funded PIE in the late 1970s and early 80s as a subversive means of implementing sexual blackmail control over PIE member politicians.[126] Recall former MI6 deputy head Sir Peter Hayman was an active PIE member with a particular penchant for sexually fantasizing about torture and murder of children.[127]

With Scotland Yard’s Special Branch having infiltrated PIE, Met Police obtained possession of a PIE membership list in 1984.[128] Additionally, the same week in 1983 that MP Geoffrey Dickens submitted a 40 page dosser on infiltrated pedophiles high up in government, the Scotland Yard also sent Home Office Secretary Sir Leon a PIE dossier outing 15 known pedophiles.[129] The then pedo-enabling Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Thomas Hetherington also received a copy. Yet he too sat on it. But more on Sir Thomas the protector later. Of course pedophile Leon Brittan proceeded to do what he did best, lose and destroy all evidence, especially when it incriminated himself and/or his VIP pedo-pals. Unsurprisingly, Brittan also refused to take action to abolish the Paedophile Information Exchange that Dickens had railed against, passively allowing public exposure pressure to disband the group by 1984.[130]

Geoffrey Dickens used Parliamentary privilege to name diplomat and MI6 deputy director Sir Peter Hayman as a pedophile due to a package found on a bus belonging to the pervert containing child pornography.[131] Yet while lesser known P. I. E. members were prosecuted and jailed in 1978 on either the same or lesser charge of conspiring to corrupt public morals as a mere member, Hayman was protected and later knighted by the queen. In January 2015 a secret 37 page file was released by National Archives detailing Margaret Thatcher and her then Attorney General Michael Haver’s preoccupation over concealing Sir Peter Hayman’s sick habits from going public in anticipation of Dickens threat to expose him in Parliament.[132]

For four years between 1981 and 1985 the courageous MP Geoffrey Dickens spoke continually of a Westminster-Downing Street pedophile ring linked to child pornography and organized crime, recognizing the evil and “vast sums” made abusing children on camera.[133] Geoffrey spoke of “big, big names – people in positions of power, influence and responsibility” involved in child abuse. How correct he was.

For calling attention to such a disturbingly taboo topic, MP Dickens was a very brave and honorable man surrounded by pedophiles and wolves in his midst. On November 29, 1985 he spoke for the final time about the scourge engulfing all around him and his nation:

The noose around my neck grew tighter after I named a former high-flying British diplomat on the Floor of the House. Honourable Members will understand that where big money is involved and as important names came into my possession so the threats began. First, I received threatening telephone calls followed by two burglaries at my London home. Then, more seriously, my name appeared on a multi-killer’s hit list.[134]

Yet for the trouble of telling the ugly truth, Geoffrey Dickens paid a price. The vast majority of his peers scoffed and laughed at him… again, the usual treatment of a truth telling whistleblower bold enough to utter such shocking allegations. And in an evil system, the good guys always get punished with character or bodily assassination while the bad guys always remain protected and even rewarded. After his 1985 speech until his death at 64 in 1995, the 16-year MP never raised the topic of pedophilia again, perhaps because he feared assassination for him and his family. Dickens’ widow also allegedly destroyed her husband’s only dossier copy because she thought it was too “toxic,” probably code word for lethal.[135]

After Met Police submitted its PIE dossier to its Home Office boss Sir Leon and it too was lost or destroyed, it fails to absolve Britain’s largest police force from its moral and legal duty and responsibility to make life safe from its long list of 300 known criminals.[136] And a high number of PIE members from that 1984 list were serial sexual offenders who acted out their perverted desires for many more years. In fact, a slew from that list were later arrested, often times even decades later.[137] But back in 1983 up to the time of their arrests, the Met Police Services (MPS) grossly failed to protect hundreds of child victims from self-confessed, known pedophiles, a most serious and grave dereliction of duty that an apology can never excuse.[138] One member was arrested 27 years later. Imagine how many young lives could have been saved from the lifetime damage and suffering caused by the reoffending crimes of 300 degenerates.

The most pressing question becomes why didn’t Metro Police Services (MPS) do anything to stop known pedophiles from hurting children? The answer no doubt lies in the same reason the Met had virtually every investigation of a pedophile ring shut down prematurely from “orders from above.” Clearly the MPS follow(ed) orders to let child abusers remain free to repeatedly harm children, especially if the perps happen to be MPs, lords and cabinet ministers. So the question becomes was there ever an explicit order, as in all the police probes stopped from “on high,” not to investigate or surveil these identified men known to be on the prowl for their next child victim? And if so, who? Also from the notorious Elm Guest House list alone[139] as well as media covered chief constables outed for their pedo-crimes,[140] [141] it’s more than evident that police chiefs too often turn out to be pedophiles themselves (not to mention order-following enablers),[142] and in the same way Sir Leon refused to out himself, senior pedo-police officers no doubt criminally resort to the same self-preservation tactics.

Investigative journalist Tim Tate in recent years has pressed the IICSA to thoroughly examine the Met’s pervasive, systemic failure to protect children, in this case, passively sitting on a list of known PIE pedophiles.[143] But despite the fourth presiding IICSA chair Alexis Jay’s stated objective to probe PIE regarding its VIP connections, no official criticism or substantive uncovering of police failures have emerged from her “independent” inquiry during the past four years since it began.

Don’t hold your breath. Just like Westminster, the Home Office, the Scotland Yard, and the Home Office mismanaged IICSA fiasco, none are willing or able to take a hard honest look at themselves and do the self-policing required to flush out the cold hard self-incriminating facts, much less out themselves for perverting and obstructing justice.[144] Yet even the most casual observer can readily see that the emperor wearing no clothes has been committing criminal cover-up for decades. Like the zillion past inquiries before it, unwilling to examine the mountains of UK child abuse and more mountains of cover-up evidence, the IICSA has only proven itself to be yet one more enormous smokescreen for gross incompetence leading to more avoidance and more cover-up.

The IICSA as a poorly staged Home Office production of half-truths has chosen to focus almost exclusively on Church of England and Catholic Church horror, so far sidestepping the elephant in the room, the wider web of horror inflicted on children by a powerful network of so called famous government leaders, several of whom have been Home Office ministers. Though the cherry-picked victims providing abuse testimony at clerical run schools have a history of horrendous trauma that deserve a public forum as well, the bulk of the pedophilia at the heart of the British government’s been forever covered up and so far conveniently glossed over by this sorry excuse of an inquiry.

Merely scratching the surface with Rochdale’s Cambridge House hostel and Knowl View residential school abuse only touching on the relative safe zone of one obesely dead whale is hardly getting to the core truth. And then for the IICSA to pass off the blatant lie, concluding that no “deliberate cover-up” of Cyril Smith’s over 40-year crime spree occurred is an insult to any human’s intelligence with half a brain.[145] The Inquiry panel also bogusly claims that police never quite possessed enough evidence to prosecute the queen’s knight when everyone in his giant shadow knew full well he was a pedo-monster with incredible amounts of incriminating evidence over the years to secure a number of convictions.

Moreover, the timing of the stretched out Brexit saga designed to overshadow the feeble, never-ending now four-year run of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse are both scheduled to culminate at the same time in March 2019.[146] These two co-timed events are no accident. With the March 29th official EU exit, Brexit’s been set up to provide sleight of hand distraction drawing attention away from the inquiry’s scheduled public hearings on the Westminster VIP cover-up.[147] lf it is anything like the Rochdale/Smith whitewash, this inquiry will go down as another duly noted government scam, a forgettable footnote in history books. Rather than expose the VIP child fuckers at the top of the predatory food chain, which would be the natural targeted objective of any actual independent inquiry, so far it’s just been another sugarcoated version of nauseating cover-up. Meanwhile, a vast pedophilia network remains alive and well, feasting off the flesh and blood of child victims in today’s booming global sex trafficking slave trade. Unless radical truth bombs begin surfacing in March, the IICSA will be regarded as the devil’s charade. Hence, the Brexit debacle’s been scheduled to take center stage.

As the “Jimmy Savile” of the British government, Liberal Democrat Cyril Smith and the infamous DJ’s criminal lives ran an uncanny parallel course, intertwining constantly as close friends with the same addiction cut from the same predatory cloth active during the same five decades. Britain’s two most prolific, high profile predators met each other at a medieval banquet in 1977 when Cyril sang and Savile invited the politician onto his Clunk Clink show.[148] Together they shared the same sick sadistic passion for destroying upwards of thousands of young lives, getting away with their countless crimes linked to many of the same crime scenes – Elm Guest House, Northern Ireland’s Kincora,[149] the Moors outside Scarborough and Manchester.

Both were openly rumored to be serial pedophiles for many decades but never served one day in prison. Born less than two years apart (the younger Smith in 1928), their crime sprees spanned the same marathon stretch from the 1950s to their year apart deaths (Smith in 2010, Savile in 2011). And they were both knighted by the queen as major players in the same pedophilia network, fully shielded by the uppermost echelons of British Establishment power structure – the government, royalty, police, intelligence agencies and Crown Prosecution Service. And early on in their illustrious careers, both Savile and Smith gravitated to immersing themselves tirelessly into philanthropic youth charities as the convenient cover to seize unlimited opportunity to prey on a deep reservoir of defenseless kids in care.

As a Rochdale businessman, council member turned mayor in 1966, Cyril Smith helped establish Cambridge House hostel for troubled youth, Knowl View special school for the learning disabled, the youth charity Rochdale Childer and, at one point, was governor of 29 local schools.[150] Uncovered Knowl View documents indicate that up to a quarter of the children at the school may have suffered sexual and physical abuse by Cyril Smith and friends.[151] The staff is accused of dereliction of duty in its failure to protect its vulnerable young students with learning disabilities.

Like Savile, Smith’s orchestrated “altruistic arrangement” at multiple youth facilities gave him free day and night access with keys to buildings to waddle from classroom to classroom and children’s center to children’s center with no questions asked, typically playing the depraved role of either “medical examiner” or disciplinarian or both in his abuse ritual of young boys. He’d unlock the door to boys’ bedrooms at Cambridge House and order youngsters to take their clothes off. His stated deceitful purpose:

I’ve been told you’re ill and I’ve come to examine you.[152]

Three to four times the size of his victims and overpowered by his authoritative, intimidating presence, one victim recollects:

I remember his eyes watching me like a beast sizing up its prey. In the folds of fat around his neck I could see rivulets of sweat. Shaking with fear, I did as I was told. He bent down and clasped me with huge hands like shovels. Suddenly he grasped my private parts and began to squeeze. I screamed. Violence flashed in his eyes. ‘Now, now, lad. I’ll have none of your petulance. This is for your own good. I’m checking to see if there’s anything wrong with you,’ he said, as he forced his way between my thighs again.[153]

Thirteen survivors of Smith’s abuse have come forward at Cambridge and Knowl View alone, indicating a likelihood of perhaps hundreds more during his near half century reign of terror, with his first confirmed incident dating back to 1961 grooming a Christmas carol choirboy. Eight brave boys from Cambridge House made abuse allegations against Cyril Smith as far back as the 1960s.[154] Most of his victims were unaware of his political title, only that the “fat man” as they called him was “Mr. Rochdale,” and everyone in town knew Cyril Smith to be an extremely powerful local Godfather-like figure. The lifetime bachelor made his mother the “First Lady of Rochdale.”

No matter if you’re awakened in the middle of the night and forced downstairs to a room where the waiting fat man demanded a blow job, or if you had an allergy to eating meat and the big man brought a plate full of ham sandwiches and ordered you to eat, nothing else mattered.[155] Smith stuffed the sandwich down his victim’s throat and within seconds, when the young boy became sick, the sadistic, enraged punisher delivered a swift backhand paw swipe with such force that the boy’s head hit the wall, causing a gash requiring stitches at the local emergency hospital room and knocking out his front teeth. But just like Sir Jimmy, victims were either disbelieved or deemed too powerless to go up against the most famous big man of Rochdale.


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