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JULY 2, 2020
Chapter 25: Dunblane Massacre: Scottish Children’s Sacrificial Slaughter for Gun Control and 100-Year Masonic VIP Pedophilia Cover-up
Joachim Hagopian

The Dunblane Massacre of 16 schoolchildren and their teacher on March 13, 1996 offered the international crime cabal not only the excuse to justify its agenda to eliminate law abiding citizens’ right to bear arms to protect their families from those bent on taking their rights away, but it also afforded the opportunity to close ranks to conceal from public exposure its vast pedophilia network stretching throughout a long embedded home of Freemasonry – Scotland. By eliminating a “suicided” Thomas Hamilton as a gun toting, lone nut monster, minimizing his history as a boy procurer and boy toy porn peddler in yet another major VIP pedophile ring, posing a serious liability and major threat to the British Establishment, another catastrophic scandal and near disastrous close call was averted. After all, with child sex abuse scandals still a recurring hot topic in recent years from all of UK’s semi-exposed pedo-operation cover-ups – Elm Guest House, Dolphin Square, Islington, Lambeth, Northern Ireland and North Wales, Britain’s elite and Tory government in particular couldn’t survive yet another major VIP pedophilia scandal. So to ensure its cover-up, the judge presiding over the Dunblane Massacre inquiry – Freemason Lord Cullen[1] – made sure that over 100 incriminating documents amounting to 26 feet of shelf space stacked 8 feet high had to be unlawfully sealed away for the next 100 years.[2]

This fact alone illustrates the desperate and extreme measures the UK criminal government was and is willing to impose in order to conceal this ever-dark reality from public knowledge. More than any other child sex abuse scandal, this one exposes masonic pedophiles at the core of British power politics, high courts and law enforcement, caught red-handed colluding in a child porn-pedo-sex ring-cover-up. Without the secretly placed century long ban, the British Establishment would have been crushed and destroyed. This chapter will methodically unveil the diabolical curtain to reveal the not-so-hidden ugly truth spilling out at every turn. But first an introduction to the deranged antagonist-patsy behind the Dunblane tragedy.

By the time Thomas Hamilton was born in Glasgow, Scotland on May 10, 1952, his wayward bus driver father Thomas Watt was already separated from his hotel chambermaid wife Agnes Hamilton Watt, having left her for another woman.[3] As a result, Thomas never knew his real father and, to make ends meet and avoid facing unwed motherhood, mother Agnes moved back into her adoptive parents’ home. James and Catherine Hamilton were actually Agnes’s uncle and aunt. But in 1931 when James’ sister Rachel gave birth to Agnes out of wedlock, James and Catherine adopted and raised Agnes as their own daughter. In 1955 once Agnes and Thomas Watt were officially divorced, James and Catherine Hamilton also adopted Thomas at age 3 and raised him as their own while Thomas’s biological mother Agnes was relegated to the family role as Thomas’s 21-year older sister.[4] Confusing? They kept this their little skeletal secret in their family closet until Thomas was 22. Anything to avoid the family shame of an out of wedlock birth in the early 1950s.

From infancy to age 40 Thomas always lived with his pretend father or grandfather James, a Freemason welder who biologically was actually his great uncle, and his great aunt Catherine until her death when he was 35. With his mother Agnes also born out of wedlock to avoid the stigmatization of humiliation and shame, James and Catherine raised their actual niece as her adopted parents. So for two straight generations, James and wife Catherine adopted and raised both Agnes and her son Thomas as their own children… not that they were such ideal loving parents. Catherine is said to have been an extremely controlling “mother from hell.”[5] At age 11 in 1963 Thomas moved with his family from East Glasgow to 11 Upper Bridge Street, Stirling. Agnes moved out on her own in 1985 while Catherine died in August 1987, the same year that Thomas and James moved to public housing at 7 Kent Road in Stirling where Thomas lived until his death in March 1996.

As an adolescent, Thomas Hamilton was known to have had only one fleeting relationship with a girl until she apparently desired romance, at which point he immediately dropped her like a hot potato, never showing sexual interest in females.[6] As a matter of fact, over time he grew intensely resentful toward women, mainly for their fierce maternal instinct as a contentious, unwanted obstacle and enemy that stood in the way of his access to young boys aged 7 to 11, the true objects of his lustful pedophilic passion.[7]

While residing at 7 Kent Road after 1987, Thomas was increasingly abusive toward the elder Hamilton, perhaps for not coming clean about their family arrangement till he was an adult. According to neighbors Thomas shoved James around, taunting him and allegedly pissed in his drinks.[8] Finally the 84-year old man apparently couldn’t take it any longer and walked out for good in 1992, never speaking to Thomas Hamilton again. Four years later right after the massacre, the elder Hamilton had only these few words to say about Britain’s worst mass killer that he raised till age 40:

[Thomas Hamilton] wanted everything his own way and I got fed up and left him to it.[9]

Depending on the source, Thomas Hamilton’s academic performance as a child during his public school years is said to range from lackluster average[10] to good.[11] The consensus more unanimously reports Thomas Hamilton as a shy, socially awkward kid throughout his public education years, leaving school at 15 after attending Falkirk Technical College. After his “father” James bought an air rifle for him while Hamilton was an adolescent, young Thomas joined a rifle club and a youth club called the Boys Brigade.[12] Leaving school in 1968, Hamilton’s innate skills earned him a draughtsman apprenticeship at the county architect office but his interest shortly waned.

In 1972 at 20 years old the young Hamilton opened up his own do-it-yourself shop called Woodcraft in Stirling where he sold retail hardware, kitchen and home products in a somewhat lucrative, homespun business that lasted 13 years.[13] But eventually his preoccupying interest in guns and boys prevailed in his avid pursuit to become a Boy Scoutmaster.

By his late teens, young Thomas Hamilton was keen on the Boy Scouts, volunteering many hours in hopes of becoming a coveted Scoutmaster. The first warning sign of trouble ahead surfaced as far back as 1973 when Hamilton was only 21. Diligent leaders in the Boy Scouts Association began taking steps to wisely ban Thomas Hamilton from becoming a scout leader, a year later blacklisting him.[14] Several boy scouts reported that as their assistant scout leader he made the peculiar request that they strip off their shirts to pose for pictures,[15] a bizarre, pedo-suggestive routine that would become a “Mr. Creepy” custom trademark as he quickly became known amongst Central Scotland boys.[16] And after the March 1996 massacre it would emerge that former scouts claimed he sexually assaulted them.

But during his approximate yearlong stint in the Boy Scouts, it took Hamilton no time at all to show his true colors in flagrant disregard for youth safety. Even the milquetoast MOR Biography website reveals:

Before long, there were complaints from the boys that Hamilton was teaching them to use rifles and handguns, as well as forcing them to engage in perverted activities, and then paying them to keep quiet.[17]

While leading a group of young scouts from Stirling on a trip to Loch Loman for a badge, Hamilton’s plan to take boys out on open water without the proper safety equipment was promptly nixed by event organizers, his lapse of judgment drawing concerns.[18] But it did not stop him from a temporary promotion to deputy scout leader when a new troop started up in nearby Bannockburn. But then on the first of two 1974 scout outings to Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands, after Hamilton told the parents of eight boys attending that they’d be sleeping overnight in a youth hostel, probably by perverse design, he “neglected” to book space, instead packing them in like sardines to sleep with him inside his van.[19] As his excuse, Hamilton lied, claiming that the hostel was overbooked but officials confirmed it wasn’t. On the second Aviemore trip, his half dozen hungry, cold, wet troops were told to dig snow holes with several scouts on the verge of frostbite. Hamilton’s brazen recklessness, dishonesty and stubborn defiance quickly did him in as the Scouting Association had astutely seen enough of his dangerously bad habits to wash its hands of the boy menace, forcing his resignation by 1974. Scouting county commissioner Brian Fairgrieve’s parting shot towards the banned wannabe scout leader:

[The Scouting Association is] suspicious of his moral intentions towards boys.[20]

Years later the retired surgeon and former Boy Scout county commissioner told police:

I formed the impression that he had a persecution complex, that he had delusions of grandeur, and I thought his actions were almost paranoiac.[21]

Thomas Hamilton’s contention that he was unfairly maligned by the Scout Movement demanded a committee review but the Boy Scouts refused and eventually the loser begrudgingly submitted his resignation. But his early failure as a scout leader left him licking his narcissistic injury wound-turned-lifelong grievance that festered in him as poison his entire adult life. Among his major character flaws was an unwillingness, refusal and blind incapacity to face reality, failing to recognize his own serious deficiencies, shortcomings and wrongdoing, always playing out his internalized victim role while externalizing blame onto others as his groundless personal tormenters and vicious evil enemies.

Though buoyed by his acquired masonic membership and recently issued gun license from the year before, with renewed vigor and confidence in 1978, Hamilton persistently tried once again in vain to break into the Boy Scouts, seeking an end-around opening at a troop in the rural scenic Trossachs highlands. But Hamilton discovered that the Scouting Association wasn’t kidding when it insisted on upholding its lifetime ban against the derelict.[22]

Hamilton’s lingering paranoid obsession against the Boy Scouts resurfaced in August 1986, a full dozen years after his forced resignation. Still trying to be a Scout leader, Thomas Hamilton demanded a meeting with Dr. Brian Fairgrieve who noted that this time Hamilton had:

… The appearance of being on psychiatric drugs.[23]

Like virtually every mass murdering gunman in modern times,[24] Thomas Hamilton was likely also taking mind-altering prescription medications while under the watchful eye of security service spooks a decade later leading up to Britain’s deadliest mass shooting on March 13th, 1996.[25] It’s been reported he was on Prozac, an SRI antidepressant associated with mind control.[26] With Hamilton’s growing paranoia expressed in letters to Britain’s top leaders including the queen,[27] in all likelihood the UK government knew exactly what Hamilton was planning on March 13th. Bear in mind that during this exact same time period the misguided Port Arthur patsy, Martin Bryant, was also being set up by Tavistock drug pushing mind control practitioners in order to simultaneously pull off Australia’s worst gun violence in history.[28] In short order within months of the two tragedies, both nations had passed the strictest gun laws in the world.[29] But more on that particular Dunblane stream later.

The same year in 1974 that the Boy Scouts Association blacklisted Hamilton from lifetime membership, as a double whammy, he was also finally told the truth about his family. To compound his deep-rooted psychopathology, while being booted out of the Scouts at 22, he also learned his older sister was really his biological mother and his parents actually were his adoptive grandparents, or more accurately, his great aunt and uncle.[30] As a convenient explanation for why Thomas Hamilton was so odd and so creepy, fueling the distorted conclusion he was a lifelong misfit and loner, the media regularly cites his resultant “confusion” in family roles as leading to his severe psychological problems as a bona fide madman killer. With this “abnormal” family arrangement commonly cited as a major contributing factor to his mental instability, no doubt it might fuck up anybody’s head for a spell, causing some deep-seated identity confusion and lack of trust issues. But upon learning this as a young adult for the first time, if during his childhood he was nurtured, cared for and loved unconditionally while growing up, clinically the residual psychological damage would likely be minimal or nonexistent.

But Thomas grew up in a shame-based family environment where its public avoidance at all cost was the Hamilton clan’s #1 M.O in life. Hence, Thomas’s entire adulthood was spent trying to avoid shame and humiliation. He doggedly pursued the highly prized, respectable role as mentor of young boys, offering him opportunity of personal fulfillment through service to and aspired honor from his local Scottish community. Hamilton attributed juvenile delinquency to a societal upbringing lacking discipline. He saw his noble role in providing sports club activities as keeping kids off the streets and instilling much needed discipline in the face of younger generations addicted to junk food and television. But no matter how hard he tried to be the esteemed coach and positive youth role model, his aspirations were thwarted by what he considered malicious forces beyond his control intent on spreading ill will and false gossip about him to ruin both his reputation and life. Lurking behind Hamilton’s do-gooder rationale to instill Spartan-like discipline in young boys as a characterological strength, his overbearing dominance, excessive need for pathological control and unbridled sexual perversions creepily crept into every aspect of his unhealthy, obsessive involvement and perverse attachment to little boys aged 7 to 11.

As Thomas Hamilton’s other lifetime fixation, his passion for guns and bullets was overcompensation for his effeminate personality and voice, engendering the strong masculine identity he desperately latched onto that might overpower Hamilton’s reverberating internalized unconscious fears as a deviant outcast too weak and too geeky to make his manly mark on the world. During his island adventures on Loch Loman as the all-powerful tyrant, Hamilton would often re-enact the dynamics as depicted in the William Golding novel Lord of the Flies, the film version being his all-time favorite flick.[31] In fears buried deep within his own psyche, Thomas Hamilton was the personification of the Piggy character as a fellow four-eyed, pudgy, doughboy object of such sadistic scorn and cruel rejection by fictional peers echoed externally by an adult majority of his own community peers.

Hamilton’s overzealous embrace of guns and athletic prowess through hardcore physical fitness and masculine sport was in his mind the answer to his own unconscious shortcomings and failings as an adult male, hence the overly stern, stoic camping-sports club coach, ultra-harsh disciplinarian and overbearing taskmaster. In his cruel sadism inflicting fear, terror and pain on his Loch Lomond victims, it was get-even time for all his own both real and perceived suffering, past and present. Hamilton derived his ultimate sense of power and control combined with perverted, lustful gratification when directing half naked skinny little boys in undersized swimsuits to pant, sweat, shiver and suffer too.

From Hamilton’s frame of reference, his community’s parents, police and governing councils were all ganging up behind his back, unfairly conspiring to destroy him through “false,” unproven rumors and innuendo, for years busily targeting and branding him a sex pervert. As the martyred adult version of Piggy fighting for his very survival on his own home turf of Dunblane and Stirling, from Hamilton’s warped, twisted perspective, his plight was painfully reinforced on a daily basis by his “callous, judgmental” community. Rendering his noble quest to be a strong masculine role model for their sons an impossible, thankless task turned nightmare and ever distant illusion, this fact alone infuriated and degraded him to the depths of his being, eventually justifying his brutal attack on innocents where it would hurt his targeted enemies the most.

From an early age Thomas Hamilton was driven to make his grandiose mark on his community, perhaps initially, ideally as a strong “positive” male mentor for young boys, and as that challenge eluded him at every turn regardless of his focused, formidable efforts to fulfill and vindicate himself, the widespread rejection and humiliation he believed he was suffering and wrongly burdened with, from his deranged POV it more than justified him making his unforgettable mark of retaliation against his sleepy idyllic Scottish village of 7,300 residents as the ultimate avenger of every perceived injustice ever cruelly heaped upon him. Taking out a classroom of his community’s most defenseless, youngest children would be his “great” moment of revenge, his sleepy town’s ever-rude wake-up call turned nightmare for attaining his ultimate payback with a historic exclamation point for the record books. His inherited family legacy – avoiding public shame and humiliation at all cost – internally drove his pathological wounds and impulses in a desperate, insane attempt to regain his sense of stolen self-worth, identity and power as a force to be reckoned with, in his own tormented, depraved mindset, absolving his extreme act of unthinkable violence.

As psychoanalytic psychologist Peter Aylward framed it:

In Thomas Hamilton’s family history we have repeating experiences across the generations of an attempt to avoid the shame of children born out of wedlock. This perversion that took place within the family was in order to save face in the community. We know that shame and humiliation is one of the major contributing factors to violence where violence attempts to eradicate any feelings of shame.[32]

Hamilton has been described as having “a schizoid personality” as one of the DSM listings under personality mental disorders,[33] characterized by individuals who choose to remain within an emotional shell to keep their distance from others, manifested through strong isolative tendencies and an incapacity towards intimacy, and most often living out their underachieving, quiet, solitary lives as society’s reclusive oddballs.[34] Expediently tagging the monster with this psychiatric label might superficially help to explain how he ended up the mass murderer of young children, particularly when the need to peg him with the crazed lone gunman stereotype is so absolutely essential for the official narrative to be publicly believed and accepted. But artificially massaging reality to fit the lone nut gunman myth is a commonly deceptive ploy to manipulate and shape public opinion away from the real truth.

In December 1996, nine months after the massacre and shortly after Lord Cullen’s fake inquiry and report, a senior police source informed Labor MP Frank Cook for Stockton North that Thomas Hamilton at the age of 25 joined Freemason Lodge number 1413 of the Masonic Order in Glasgow in 1977.[35] No sooner was Hamilton the gun lover a Freemason, that same year he possessed his coveted first firearms license, a legal privilege he enjoyed the rest of his life with continual renewal help from masonic friends in high places, due only to his unbroken two decade fraternal bond with his secret brotherhood.[36]

But it turns out that even on Hamilton’s very first 1977 firearms certificate application, he lied. The pathological liar falsely claimed that he was a member of the local Callander Rifle and Pistol Club,[37] the same club that in late February 1996 – just days ahead of the massacre – had rejected his membership application.[38] He repeatedly violated the law when both selling and exchanging his weapons without following legal protocol. At any given time, he also possessed far more weapons than his 6-gun license authorized. One of his assistants at a club stated that he once proudly showed him six handguns, four rifles and a Kalashnikov assault rifle.[39] The man bragged constantly about his growing arsenal. It was believed that Hamilton also kept semi-automatic handguns outlawed after Britain’s first mass shooting in Hungerford in 1987 killing 14.[40] Police repeatedly failed to adequately follow up with reference checks or updated criminal intelligence files on him that would suddenly disappear, then reappear once the licensing application was processed and renewed. On countless occasions had law enforcement simply enforced existing laws and protocols, Hamilton would never have been able to attain either his licenses or his guns.

Though Thomas Hamilton was clearly an odd duck, and indeed a very creepy predatory pedophile, the media leap claiming he was a lifelong loner and social misfit as always portrayed by the mainstream press is a simplistic copout made to fit the standard mold of the lone nut gunman scenario.[41] The fact remains, since 1957 his “grandfather” James was a Freemason in Stirling until his death in 2000,[42] with Thomas joining in 1977,[43] the same year he acquired his first gun certificate after James had bought him an air rifle while still a teenager.[44] The bottom line, Hamilton maintained a fraternal, long term friendship and alliance with some very powerful, likeminded masonic brothers on the Central Scotland Police force headquartered in his hometown Stirling, along with local MP politicians of national prominence, senior figures in Scotland’s judiciary including the Crown Office, as well as within Scotland’s news broadcasting media, all sharing the same vested, self-serving interest to protect both him and themselves as pedophilic Freemasons.[45]

The more Hamilton is cast as the extreme misfit and abnormally deviant loner so apart from his social community – however much a gross distortion of reality, the more distance removed from any credible account that depicts Hamilton as the supplier if not leader of a major VIP pedophile ring. Yet as a masonic procurer of boy victims and child pornography in the pre-internet era for powerful sickos belonging to the “Friends of QVS,” VIP patrons of UK’s defense ministry’s Queen Victoria School, that’s exactly what he was for a number of years.[46] And according to the observant eyes of his neighbors Grace and Jim Ogilvie, flashy cars with well-dressed men were coming and going all the time to his rundown little flat, this is not the skewed one-dimensional portrayal of some isolated, schizoid hermit that the media and government inquiries would prefer us to believe.[47] A predatory psychopathic pedophile Freemason who covertly supplied victims to powerful VIP fellow masons? Most definitely. But more on his Queen Victoria School connections coming up.

Was Hamilton also a formidable legal force to be reckoned with through his obsessive-compulsive, exhaustive letter writing campaigns, venting all the perceived injustices ever inflicted upon him by his “cruel” community? With his latest and final postal entre addressed directly to Queen Elizabeth sent less than a week before his death,[48] the answer is most certainly in the affirmative, especially with the added boost of possessing likeminded friends in high places.

Hamilton spent years bribing and grooming local boys attending his clubs with money, gifts, lent bicycles, canoe trips, allowing truants to hang out at his D-I-Y shop during school hours.[49] A distinct change in attitude and behavior was often detected by parents in their sons after attending his clubs reflecting Hamilton’s parental subversion.

His club’s use of the word “rovers” in his first known club – the Dunblane Rovers Group, intentionally misled his community into believing his organization was affiliated with the Scouts Movement that at one time also used that same name. Moreover, since his sporting clubs regularly met at public schools, many parents assumed that his events were school sponsored. In addition to personally dropping off leaflets in residential neighborhood postal boxes for generating business, Hamilton would also unload bundles of his advertising leaflets left in schools to be distributed under the discretion of head teachers. This too would further lead to common misperception. And his bigger moneymaker, the summer camping clubs, were largely comprised of boys that attended clubs at the public schools. As a result, one parent stated:

All the parents thought the club was organised by the local school, where its meetings took place. We only found out later that the school had nothing to do with it.[50]

Gradually though, his Mr. Creepy aura and persona rubbed too many children, parents and teachers the wrong way based on his ill-intentioned vibes that fueled the community’s suspicions. By 1983 more than a dozen years before the school massacre, too many parents’ complaints from their 9-and 10-year olds attending Hamilton’s sports clubs at Dunblane High School led the Central Regional Council to suspend Hamilton’s contract.[51] Allegations emerged of inappropriate contact with boys. In response, Hamilton accused Boy Scout officials and local parents of maliciously spreading “rumors,” causing him to lose not only his D-I-Y business but also his “bread and butter” boys clubs as well. In actuality, he lost his home retail shop due to larger corporate competitors moving into the area to offer cheaper products in addition to his increasing preoccupation organizing club activities with young boys.[52]

The pedophile subsequently hired a solicitor to formally challenge the council decision and in 1984 the ombudsman of Central Scotland ruled in his favor, in effect the following year forcing the local high schools to remain his primary logistical platform for his boys sporting and camping clubs. Despite the sexual abuse allegations and plethora of parental misgivings, the ombudsman Eric Gillett felt that the parents’ grievances and arguments were neither criminal nor alarming enough to warrant preventing Hamilton’s legal access to Central Scotland schools and other council public buildings and venues for his clubs.[53] The ombudsman cited “unsubstantiated rumors” as insufficient legal grounds to deny him his means of livelihood. This victory carried the weight and momentum to largely tilt other district councils in Scotland to forego the legal hassle and cost of opposing his operations from spreading. It appeared his “charmed” life managing to avoid any and all accountability for his many years of shady behavior was inexplicable, unless of course consideration that the VIP pedo-Establishment was loyally protecting him.

So slighted by a constant flow of perceived enemies based on lifelong persecutory delusions, while still in his mid-20s and undaunted after his rejection by the Boy Scouts, the resourceful Thomas Hamilton created an alternative outlet to indulge his unhealthy fascination and perverted obsession for sleazily craving the company of young lads to boss around and abuse, soon enough organizing and running his own sports clubs and summer camps while maintaining his other unhealthy fixation on lethal weapons. By the late 1970s Hamilton began operating the Dunblane Rovers Group utilizing the Dunblane High School gymnasium and grounds. His sports clubs focused on rigorous physical exercise routines that catered to such popular sports as gymnastics and football (America’s soccer). Though banned for life from the Scouting Movement, Hamilton deceptively chose the name affiliated with the Boy Scouts. Initially his sports clubs and camping trips were quite popular in the early to mid-1980s, drawing up to 70 and 80 young boys respectively.[54]

Belonging to both masonic lodge #1413 and various gun clubs over the years (before most eventually also snubbed him), Hamilton would also regularly take his young boys to firing ranges for target practice shooting, knowing that for grooming purposes, young males’ interest in guns would only attract more boys to him and his organized activities.[55]

At all his sporting clubs and camps, Hamilton continued the dubiously suspect practice he’d begun in the Boy Scouts, forcing his young participants to strip down in front of his gawking, lecherous eyes to remove all their clothes in order to wear the Hamilton issued trademark, his skimpy, too tight black swim trunks, not even allowing the boys privacy to change in locker rooms. Right after the shooting, a boy that had attended one of his clubs at Dunblane High School revealed what Hamilton would regularly say:

You should take off your T shirts and have bare tops. Let’s see who has the best build, and you can be captain of the football team.[56]

Prior to a father pulling his preteen son out of a Hamilton club, the boy alleged that the pervert told him:

You can come around and see my gun.[57]

As soon as parents found out about these highly suspicious, sexually provocative rituals that were overt signs that something wasn’t right, immediately alarm bells would customarily go off. Additionally, without seeking parents’ permission or knowledge, Hamilton’s obsession to take photos and videos of boys (with a camcorder as of 1989), often filming long lingering shots concentrating either on their bare chests or groin sections was yet another tipoff that a homosexual child predator was on the loose in Central Scotland. Back in the pre-internet age, he allegedly supplemented his income selling these boy toy porn videos and photos to fellow pedophiles.[58]

Eventually by the early 1990s every one of Hamilton’s local film developer shops in Stirling refused to accept his business,[59] specifically developing his weekly supply of film rolls due to their kinky, pedophilic nature, some of which undoubtedly constituted child pornography sold to other pedophiles… in all likelihood the prime reason for his nonstop flow of visitors in fancy clothes and cars briefly showing up at his rundown flat right up to his D-Day and within an hour of his death, plain clothes security services emptying his place of all incriminating evidence including his prized collection of child pornography.[60] It’s been reported that over 4,000 photos dating back 15 years were removed from his flat by police. After revealing that “Hamilton was at the center of a massive pedophile ring,” the Sunday Mirror stated just four days following the Dunblane attack:

Hamilton supplied photographs to dozens of fellow perverts, many of them professional men who parked expensive cars outside his flat.[61] 

So it wasn’t just nosy neighbors who knew all about his wealthy clients showing up at his doorstep all the time. With some of his best customers among the thin blue line, the Central Scotland police were well aware of:

Names and details of men, most of them thought to be clients who paid him up to 100 pounds for pictures, are to be checked. Police also believe it was Hamilton’s paedophile trade which allowed him to indulge in his expensive hobbies.[62] 

Immediately following the mass murder, MSM and police readily admitted Hamilton was a child pornographer. Often before the mainstream press falls in line under strict orders to spew out only state controlled false narrative propaganda, actual truth can surface before absolute cabal censorship control takes over. Only in the first couple days after tragedy is it openly reported that Hamilton was at the center of a much larger pedophile ring that included well-dressed established figures.  None of this information was allowed after the first week right through Cullen’s heavily controlled public inquiry.

Back to the pedophile’s addictive passion for topless boys, whenever asked or confronted by an inquisitive, concerned parent about his constant picture taking, Hamilton the bullshitter would insist that focusing the lens on a boy’s particular muscle group through photos and film analysis assisted him as a “skilled” (unqualified) coach to better develop their athletic skills in the sport.[63] Professionally, Hamilton only possessed a gymnastics assistant certificate, qualifying him to only be able work with girls under the license of a more certified professional and, because of his predatory boy obsession, he never did. And rarely if ever, did he ever actually work under any credentialed supervisor as required by his lowest level certificate. So technically, virtually his entire so called boys club career, he was deceptively breaking the law. Moreover, Hamilton routinely exceeded the child to adult supervision ratio, violating yet another statute regulation. But whenever anyone ever inquired or tried challenging him over these serious breaches, again he always seemed to slither out of them protected by his masonic big boys holding special interest in the wares he was selling.

Hamilton even tried selling his unqualified, amateurish, unlawful services using his borderline child porn videos as a self-promo advertisement, but the unnatural, perverted effects from watching more than a minute or two nearly always backfired, turning parents away.[64] It was more than obvious that this geeky, bespectacled, pudgy, lying-his-ass-off, clinically insane freak was a complete sexual perv and deceitful fraud, capped off with a paranoid personality. For the Establishment to protect and defend him for 25 years is no different from how it protected fellow dangerous deviant Jimmy Savile’s predatory crimes, also unhidden in plain sight. Consider it a job perk that comes with the territory as child procurers operating within the same VIP pedophilia network.

Under increasing pressure to appear more legitimate and safe, by 1989 Hamilton was intentionally misrepresenting his boys club services by using the misleading name “Boys’ Club Sports Group Committee” under the false pretense that his virtual one-man amateurish operation was a professional group.[65] The ever-deceitful Hamilton submitted fictitious minutes to his alleged committee meetings to con councils into granting him contracts to use public buildings for his clubs, even listing his clueless mother Agnes as a bogus committee member. No doubt signatures on his petitions and letters allegedly supporting his clubs after councils had cancelled his lets were also fake. As his number of club members gradually declined over the years, early on Hamilton would attribute it to lack of patience and commitment in undisciplined, immature boys. But in later years Hamilton increasingly blamed negative gossip and lies spread about him through parents, teachers, police and Boy Scout officials. Despite communities across Central Scotland realizing he was bad news, at the time of the Dunblane shooting, he still was running authorized clubs in Dunblane, Falkirk, Bannockburn and Bishopbriggs.[66]

Whenever parents would express concern that no other supervising adults were present at his clubs, his typical response would be to falsely claim he was authorized to run his groups alone with up to 30 boys.[67] Yet another violation was Hamilton never carried mandatory insurance for his club business. Hustler Hamilton in an aggressive sales ploy typically applied undue pressure on any boy and his parents after attending just one session in order to recruit customers for his summer camps where he earned more money and more opportunity to abuse his prey.

After the ombudsman had given him the greenlight to resume his sports and camping clubs in 1985, Hamilton’s MP from his hometown Stirling Michael Forsyth made sure to send a congratulatory note for being able to continue doing what he loved best – hanging out with half-naked, submissive, browbeaten white boys. He even urged the pervert to use the ombudsman’s favorable decision as a selling point, writing:

Dear Mr Hamilton, thank you for sending me the commissioner’s report. May I congratulate you on your success. I hope you will take steps to ensure this is given proper publicity.[68]

The day after the Dunblane massacre, it was Forsyth who wrote Prime Minister John Major  expressing how urgently important it was for “the right judge” to be selected for the public inquiry,[69] which of course as the Scotland Secretary of State, Forsyth chose the alleged accomplice-to-the-crime Freemason Judge William Cullen,[70] who in turn chose fellow Freemason saturated criminal accomplice – the Central Scotland Police to investigate.[71] So it amounted to the criminals investigating the criminals, i.e., a win-win for pedophile protecting criminals only, utilizing the same old worn-out formula for pulling off yet another sealed tight pedo-cover-up.

After protecting and enabling the criminal for over 20 years,[72] placing the CSP in charge of the Dunblane massacre investigation is like a bank heist getaway driver put in charge of investigating the same bank robbery he just participated in. And the Dunblane investigator – Detective Chief Superintendent John Ogg who helped salvage Hamilton’s luxury cabin cruiser that caught fire years earlier made the vow to leave “no stone unturned” in the mass murder investigation, the same chap that allegedly cast a vote to hide all files for 100 years.[73] It’s so out there, you can’t make this shit up.

In response to the uproar over allegations that the Cullen Inquiry and CSP investigation were a cover-up, Ogg stated:

I can reassure you that the investigation into the Dunblane incident was absolutely thorough, and we covered every angle.[74]

On top of all the corrupt collusion that went into the making of the cover-up, a year after the massacre, it was revealed from several sources that Thomas Hamilton even served as a Central Scotland Police informer.[75] Scottish MP Tam Dalyell from Lithlingow who made the allegation first came into contact with Hamilton after a mother complained that the pedophile had made sexual advances toward her son. But when the MP contacted police, they said there was nothing they could do (i.e., he was above the law). No wonder CSP never arrested the creep. Throw in Cullen’s century long ban and all the VIP pedophiles blissfully live out their lives unencumbered, going to their graves never paying for their heinous crimes.

Thus for a so called nerdy “schizoid misfit loner, Freemason Thomas Hamilton “mysteriously” wielded a whole lot of unaccounted for clout and power granting him a lifetime “get out of jail” card and a lifetime supply of preapproved gun licenses despite decades of accumulating evidence of unsavory illicit activity. Clearly he was aided and abetted, armed and made all the more dangerous for a full quarter century both prior to as well as after his death (with another three quarters of a century still to go per protector Cullen) by a not-so-secret, impenetrable layer of impunity shielded by upstanding, rock solid pillars of the Scottish masonic community and British nation, all sharing the same perverted tastes for sexually preyed upon underage boys.[76] But this part of his seedy criminal life was virtually excised meticulously out of the Cullen cutout of a sham inquiry as well as the litany of distorted, half-truth mainstream accounts of his life, in particular, Hamilton’s central role as a Savile-like “pimp” for Scotland’s child abusing VIP Freemasons.[77] This segment of “the Thomas-Crown Affair” has been forcibly, surgically yet all-too conspicuously removed from public exposure for the rest of our lives and beyond.

During the Cullen inquiry there were just two brief gloss-over mentions of incidents related to inappropriate sexual misconduct on Hamilton’s part. One involved a 12-year old boy who showed up to a club for the first time around 1979-80 after hearing about shooting guns at the firing range. At the Cullen Inquiry the witness said that Hamilton sat down next to him and began rubbing his inner thigh asking him why he wanted to become a Dunblane Rover, the name of his group.[78] The boy recoiled and went home and told his father how Hamilton gave him the creeps. Yet when this same boy came back to the club the following week, knowing the 12-year old had complained about him, Hamilton refused to let him into the group under the pretense that the boy was too immature, code word for “can’t keep secrets.”

The other incident read at the inquiry was an anonymous account written by a man still in his mid-20s.[79] As a 12-year old boy in the early 1980s, he attended four sessions of Hamilton’s Rovers Club at Bannockburn High School. Two of those four weeks were spent shooting at a Dunblane firing range. When summer came, with about 7 or 8 other boys, the 12-year old signed up for a week and a half outing aboard Hamilton’s luxury cabin cruiser on Loch Lomond. One particular day and night stood out from the rest when Hamilton took turns placing a rope around each boy and flinging them overboard into the water. The 12-year old was too frightened, faking illness to get out of it. That night he was summoned to Hamilton’s private cabin wearing only his underwear while Hamilton was only dressed in shorts. Eerily similar to MP Cyril Smith meting out punishment for “bad boys” as his concocted lame excuse to sexually abuse his victims, while threateningly holding a pointer, Hamilton ordered the 12-year old to behave or else. In the victim’s words:

He began to touch me between the legs and private parts. I was very scared and started to cry. He told me to stop crying or I would be hit by the pointer.[80]

By this time Hamilton had slipped out of his shorts exhibiting a hard-on while commanding the boy to lie down on his bed. With the lad laying facedown, Hamilton then began stroking his back asking if he liked it while the abuser stroked his own penis.[81] When the freaked out, poor kid began crying again, an enraged Hamilton pounded the pointer into the pillow inches from the terrorized boy’s head, then told him to stand up and face the wall while breathing heavily, Hamilton again began stroking the boy’s backside. The traumatized 12-year old was frozen in fear for the duration of the encounter. Though by phone he pleaded with his mother the next day to come home early, he knew he couldn’t, nor could he tell his mother what happened.

Though this incident seems extremely credible and no doubt did occur, the inquiry solicitor representing the Crown Office Ian Bonomy explained that it could not be trusted because the alleged victim was recently convicted of a “dishonesty crime” and that other information conveyed was not verifiable nor was the witness located or willing or able to appear at the inquiry in person.[82] A running theme in all the pedo-scandals always puts child victims on trial as an expedient target to dismiss allegations. Judge Cullen had heard enough to completely write off the alleged sexual abuse as unreliable, again going out of his way to discard the fact that Thomas Hamilton was a predatory serial pedophile. For obvious reason, Cullen steered the inquiry away from any further exploring of Hamilton’s sexual crimes, ensuring that the Dunblane killer’s VIP pedophile ring was completely suppressed, safely hidden away till 2096.

Cullen’s over-the-top strategy in his inquiry was to blame law enforcement for letting the monster slip through the cracks while concealing his own judicial Crown Office from obstruction of justice.[83] The public was supposed to buy the Speculative Society Freemason Judge Cullen’s official story that the disgraced fall guy in the Dunblane Massacre is Central Scotland Police, Deputy Chief Constable Douglas McMurdo, whose chronic gross lack of judgement for decades at a time permitted Hamilton to misuse the flawed policing system, signing off on the killer’s firearms certificates in both 1989 and again for a final time in 1995 just months ahead of the Dunblane Massacre. McMurdo’s last signature according to the Cullen line is supposed to have sealed the tragic fate of 16 murdered schoolchildren and their teacher. At McMurdo’s lengthy 2-day cross-examination conducted by the solicitor representing deceased children’s families, Colin Campbell QC, the normally composed and businesslike lawman-turned-targeted public scapegoat reportedly broke down in tears hearing Campbell’s accusation:

But for the culpable failure by Central Scotland Police [i.e., DCC McMurdo], it is probable that the events of 13 March at Dunblane primary school would not have occurred.[84]

McMurdo became the cabal’s sacrificial fall guy so that over 100 documents and VIP pedo-criminals could remain hidden for the next 100 years. We’re supposed to actually buy this absurd line of crap that beyond the killer himself, only DCC McMurdo and his CSP caused the massacre through their own gross negligence and incompetence. One senior officer’s stupidity in the Freemason infested Central Scotland Police is how Thomas Hamilton was allowed to commit the biggest mass murder in British history… uh-huh. And for his taking on the scapegoat role in the Dunblane bloodbath aftermath in defense of the realm, as always Queen Elizabeth never fails to reward all her key pedo-cabal players for their sacrifice and dedication to the bigger pedo-cause. Just 19 days after the 1996 massacre, Her Majesty promoted McMurdo as assistant to Her Majesty’s Chief Inspectorate of Constabulary for all of Scotland.[85] Obviously McMurdo dutifully fell on the sword for the Queen’s Commonwealth Cabal, so the rest of the evil ones could escape justice free and clear.

But here’s the real truth. McMurdo and Hamilton were close friends, very likely masonic close friends. After all, on the final day of Cullen’s inquiry, McMurdo’s chauffeur testified that in the evening he often would drive his boss to Hamilton’s dirty little flat.[86] The fact that they were close friends explains why McMurdo never failed to rubber stamp his gun license renewals despite so much evidence against it.

Head of CSP’s child protection unit – Detective Sergeant Paul Hughes – conducted an inspection of Thomas Hamilton’s alleged illicit activities at his summer camps on Loch Lomond in the summer of 1991, writing a scathing indictment on the camp leader’s “unsavory character and unstable personality.”[87] Det. Hughes even had the foresight to realize the procurator fiscal, the office in Scotland that weighs police evidence to decide whether to charge and prosecute a suspect, would not prosecute Hamilton based on his police report. So on November 11, 1991 Hughes sent a memo to the Detective Superintendent, CID Headquarters unequivocally stating Hamilton’s firearms license should be revoked.[88] Despite the memo winding up on Deputy Chief Constable McMurdo’s desk, on November 14, 1991 McMurdo stamped “no action,” and went ahead signing off on his next gun license. For his catastrophic “mistakes,” once this damaging news surfaced during the Cullen inquiry in the summer of ’96, followed by the release of the Cullen report in October, McMurdo was toast, compelled to resign from both his lofty law enforcement posts despite the symbolically empty royal props from the queen.[89]

If it’s not really true that all it took to allow VIP pedophiles to go Scot free is sacrifice one senior cop’s career, then release the over 100 secret files to disprove it. Otherwise, it can only be taken that the above statement has to be true. The British Establishment needs the ban in place so that the guilty sodomizers atop the pedo-food chain can peacefully go to their graves untouched by their God-defying sins.

During the Cullen Inquiry DCC McMurdo admitted:

I knew him better than anyone… but I didn’t think he was dangerous.[90] 

Scotland’s assistant HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary lied under oath:

Everything I knew about him [Hamilton] was related to boys’ camps. There was no evidence he would be dangerous with a firearm.[91]

Tell that to all the young boys and families over the years that witnessed firsthand and reported to police Hamilton recklessly brandishing his vast collection of loaded firearms or one of the boys’ mothers Doreen Hagger, who he angrily threatened with his rifle on a 1988 camping trip to Inchmoan Island on Loch Loman, followed by:

Wouldn’t it be strange if your tent caught fire tonight?[92]

On another occasion after she’d reported him to the police, he drove to her home to angrily confront her. In Doreen’s words:

He was in his van one day and stopped me outside my house. He said he heard I had been talking to the police. I told him that as far as I was concerned he was a pervert and should not be in charge of boys. At that he produced this gun from under his seat and pointed it at me, saying it was loaded.[93]

Yet McMurdo had the audacity to pretend there was no evidence that Hamilton was a dangerous gun lunatic, threatening repeatedly to use his lethal weapons on anyone bold enough to confront and oppose him. When Doreen reported the incident to the police, she was told that Hamilton was simply moving his gun to a new location and had gun permits, unwilling to lift a finger in her defense, much less take action against his emboldened criminal offense. It was obvious that Hamilton’s cockiness stemmed from knowing his police friends in high places would be backing him up.

Doreen and Hamilton had clashed months earlier. Right after the massacre according to a March 1996 Irish Times article, Doreen Hagger heard from her 10-year old son attending one of his Loch Lomond camps in 1988 that:

Boys were forced to run around naked, rub suntan oil on to Hamilton, and were stripped and thrown into the freezing loch [94].

… these same complaints heard from others as well reflect more echoes of the Lord of the Flies theme.

Incidents alleging that the pervert was rubbing suntan lotion on boys’ inner thighs, and demanding that they in turn rub the lotion all over his naked body accompanied by an unavoidable erection and heavy breathing clearly was sexual abuse involving indecent acts committed against minors. Journalist Jonathon Russell wrote in The Mirror a March 1996 article that:

[Boys were] forced to rub suntan oil all over his naked body as he writhed and groaned in ecstasy.[95]

Hamilton reportedly slept in the same tent with his favorite boys as well. Yet when Doreen Hagger compiled all this evidence and presented it to the police, it was dismissed as mere hearsay, never taken seriously as a crime.

The disturbing information her son had shared with his mother was what prompted Doreen and her friend Janet Reilly to rush to Hamilton’s campsite, ostensibly as adult volunteers in order to see for themselves what was going on.[96] But Hamilton rarely included other adults at any of his activities, regularly violating statute codes of the child to adult supervision ratio. From the very start, Hamilton viewed Doreen and Janet as intruding troublemakers raining on his pedo-parade rather than much needed adult helpers.

Immediately they clashed when Doreen saw how he underfed the boys while cracking a slave driver’s whip to impose hard labor on his young captives. While boys had powdered porridge for breakfast, the tyrant had bacon and eggs. While he drank juice, they were forced to drink water out of the loch. While he stood ordering them around as King Tut, since 8AM they were gathering a week’s supply of large logs for firewood, while required as always to wear skimpy swim trunks regardless of the cold weather. She had to insist the boys be given water breaks and at 11:30AM cease their assigned chores.[97] After he’d gone to sleep that night, Doreen went through his supplies and the next morning fed his young campers his eggs and bacon. She also forced Hamilton to make an off island shopping trip to begrudgingly spend £80 on real food including fresh fruit and vegetables. By day two he hated the female intruders’ presence and it was at this point that he threatened to burn down her tent. She practically had to beg one of the older boys to help her, her 7-year old daughter Vicky, son Andrew and Janet escape once everyone had gone to bed. Yet Doreen had a long sleepless night feeling guilty that she’d abandoned the abused boys still left in camp with the petty, wicked, dangerous man.

By predatory design, Hamilton preferred to be alone with boys, especially at the remote campsites, since he could easily get away with physical and sexual abuse without interference from “prying” adult eyes. Only allegedly invited likeminded VIP pedo guests rendezvousing at his isolated campsites were welcome. From the late great journalist and author Dave Magowan’s 2001 The Pedophocracy:

One police report sealed under the [100-year] order ‘concerns Thomas Hamilton’s activities at a summer camp in 1991, five years before the shootings,’ and allegedly links Hamilton to ‘figures in the Scottish establishment, including two senior politicians and a lawyer,’ according to The Guardian.[98]

Immediately following the Dunblane shooting, five teenage boys emerged to tell their horrific stories of cruel abuse at the maniac’s hands while stranded alone for days on Loch Lomond on what they call “Devil’s Island” in the late 1980s or early 90s. On their camping expedition for kicks, Hamilton forced one of the primary school youngsters to swallow a .22 rifle bullet, then bellied over in uncontrollable laughter.[99] Once they arrived on the island, the brother of the bullet swallower stated:

When Hamilton got us alone on that island he told us that our parents had given him permission to beat us.[100]

The sadist took immense pleasure terrorizing the 8- and 9-year old boys, confiscating all their clothes upon arrival and requiring them to wear only his issued black swimsuits without shoes through bracken and nettles, scratching, bruising and cutting up their feet and legs. That would be his sick lame excuse to then inflict more pain rubbing “white spirit” on them. When boys would cry, he would give them “special treatment” in his punishment tent. He used a hairbrush on their backsides for those cringing in tears. Meanwhile, the rest of the unhappy campers were forced to stand at attention outside the punishment tent listening to the screams of their peers being beaten. A mother of a 10-year old restated the familiar scene that he would force boys in the punishment tent to rub suntan oil on his private parts. In her words:

He’d pick a couple of boys to do it every night. The kids spoke of him moaning, and wriggling about making funny noises.[101]

Another favorite form of punishment mentioned earlier was being thrown into the frigid lake water to stand at attention until they turn blue. Around the campfire at night he wouldn’t tell ghost stories but stories of murder with chopped off heads. This is an old predator tactic to scare young children into a state of such fear and anxiety before sleep that they become less resistive to physical “comforting” from the adult pervert’s lustful touch. Right after the Dunblane mass killing, allegations surfaced that Hamilton used sticks with thorns to beat naked boys on his camping trips.[102]

Hamilton conned parents, even two fathers who were police officers, into believing his camps were loaded with good, clean, innocent summer fun, fun for only the sicko who regularly got his jollies off at abused, molested children’s expense. One of the cops said “he led them like slaves,” similar to a boot camp or prison. But when both police officers registered formal complaints about Hamilton’s pedophilic crimes to their bosses, again no charges or prosecution resulted.[103] Only more confirmation that he was protected by a masonic pedophile brotherhood.

The brother of the boy made to swallow the bullet also disclosed:

He took me inside a tent alone and made me strip. It was creepy. He stared at me for a while before giving me some skimpy black shorts to wear. Everyone got the same treatment. [Another lad chimed in] He was a weirdo. Some of the things he made the kids do was terrible.[104] 

The final statement above means the media and public still doesn’t know the half of it. The untold shame of trauma typically precludes male adolescents from full disclosure. What is most clear, Hamilton derived demented pleasure turning their world into a pure nightmarish hell for his terrorized victims.

Another mother was sickened to learn that her 7-year old son was the object of Hamilton’s nocturnal attentions:

Hamilton was so desperate to get my Steven at the camp that he offered to let one of my sons go for free. At nights during the trip, Steven would always lay down to sleep beside his friend. But Hamilton would physically lift him and put him beside where he was sleeping. If Steven woke up during the night he would go back to his pal. But Hamilton would follow him and carry him back to lie beside his sleeping bag.[105] 

Again the madman’s pattern of twofold abuse was similar to Sir Cyril Smith, except much more protracted. They would both use punishment to “discipline” and “toughen up” victims with their physical abuse, and then when alone under the guise of comforting boys, they’d sexually abuse them. With heavy breathing arousal, Hamilton would attempt to cuddle or rub suntan oil all over their bodies. On a daily basis, he violated legal boundaries, both physically and sexually assaulting his helpless captives.

One of the boys on a brief visit into town managed to slip away to make a quick phone call home to a father who rushed to his rescue. The pedophile was furious as the boys were all evacuated after the father contacted the police. But when the evidence was reported to a senior police detective, after saying he would consult with the procurator fiscal, he never got back to him… surprise, surprise.[106] Another father whose two boys attended one of his Loch Lomond camps alleged that Hamilton would order boys to strip and then beat them “across the buttocks.”[107] He too brought the criminal matter to police in Dumbarton but again he was never charged. Between the police, the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscals as pedophile enablers, if not full blown pedophiles themselves, they’re all alleged to be part of a masonic pedo-ring, flimsily hidden in plain sight by Lord Cullen for 100-years. Once the Boy Scouts organization smartly banned him for life in 1974, over the next 22 years on 25 separate occasions the serial child abuser came to the attention of police, prosecutors and councils that could never do what the Scout Association did…[108] for an all too obvious reason – an evil masonic pedophile brotherhood rules over Britain and for that matter, the entire world.

Sandra Uttley teamed with the most vociferous Hamilton adversary, parent Doreen Hagger to campaign for a new inquiry. Sandra cites certain actions, confrontations and observations between Hamilton and Doreen during that volatile 1988 camping episode on Inchmoan Island, drawing the conclusion that those who knew Hamilton “know for certain he didn’t kill himself.” Doreen steadfastly maintains:

He [Hamilton] was far too much of a coward.[109]

Doreen, her daughter Vicky and her friend Janet Reilly saw for themselves how Hamilton as the lone operator cowardly and sadistically bullied and maltreated the young boys in his charge. After observing how the tyrant starved the boys and made them do backbreaking work, for a little, get-even fun, Doreen rallied the troops to gather up spiders and creepy crawlies to place in Hamilton’s sleeping bag that night. He did not disappoint as he freaked out like a scared little girl. Then when the island suddenly attracted a huge flock of geese, Hamilton came running to Doreen seeking protection. Those who knew him realized he was a coward through and through.

Doreen Hagger’s valiant quest to derail pedophile Thomas Hamilton from harming more boys met only with shameful apathy and passive resistance from law enforcement, forcing her and friend Janet to take law into their own hands. On May 16, 1989 she and her friend gave the slimeball a dose of his own medicine. They concocted the nastiest brew they could come up with, featuring such unpleasant ingredients as liquid manure, fish manure, vinegar, wallpaper paste and flour laced with a large amount of suntan oil, since the pervert got so turned on when he made boys rub it all over his disgusting naked body.[110] Shortly after Hamilton had finished running another one of his sports clubs at the Linlithgow Academy gym, waiting outside as he headed to his van, he was ambushed by the two ladies-in-waiting who each showered him with a bucketful of his oily gook favorite, essentially assaulting him with the expressed intent to be arrested, complete with a press reporter and photographer for maximum publicity. The school janitor called police but much to Doreen and Janet’s surprise and disappointment, the crafty Hamilton refused to press charges, no doubt anticipating that more dirt about him would be sure to emerge in court. As they poured the foul substance over him, Doreen yelled:

I’m sorry I couldn’t get a wee boy to rub it in!

Since the police refused to do its job investigating the pedophile ringleader, Doreen was determined to force a case into court that might prompt a true investigation of the sex criminal. At this exact same time a housemaster named Glenn Harrison from the Defense Ministry’s Queen Victoria School (QVS) also located in Dunblane was also pushing for the exact same outcome, an actual investigation into the pedophile ring directly linked to Thomas Hamilton.[111] More to come on the QVS-Hamilton pedo-connection. Because law enforcement, the Crown Office and high-powered politicians were always shielding him, either no real police probe would occur or were never given the greenlight for criminal charges to be brought against him.

After learning that Hamilton had gone to the home of one of the boys from the Linlithgow club with two firearms and a rifle and allowed the entire family to pose for pictures with his weapons, Doreen also presented this unlawful development to the police, but again to no avail.[112] After DCC McMurdo received the report, he yet again lied under oath at the Cullen Inquiry insisting he never knew the gun fanatic could be dangerous.

For all her efforts reporting Hamilton to the authorities, the Lothian Regional council finally suspended Hamilton’s let in May 1989. Based on the mounting evidence, Lothian Regional council canceled Hamilton’s access to conduct business at the district’s public buildings.[113] Even though Hamilton complained to the ombudsman again, this one ruled against him, an early sign that the Freemason was finally starting to lose his power grip, at least at one local level.

In response to more parents’ complaints that Hamilton was physically assaulting boys at his Loch Lomond campsite during that same summer of 1988, two constables from Strathclyde police were dispatched to investigate.[114] Their observations concluded that Hamilton’s supervision left much to be desired, including a very messy campsite with dirty dishes strewn about, lack of both supervision and available nutritious food, and inconsistent allegations from boys regarding Hamilton’s violence towards them. Of course Hamilton defended his actions as necessary disciplinary punishment in order restore order dealing with two misbehaving troublemakers. Yet any adult’s physical aggression towards youth constitutes criminal assault. Despite a sense that Hamilton was a very shady character, their police report stopped short of making any formal charges. Yet Hamilton characteristically overreacted, taking their appearance as a personal affront and attack on his moral character, and ultimately lodged a formal complaint against the investigating male police constable. Due to Hamilton’s unfounded retaliation, the legal squabbling was long and dragged out, with ultimately the police backing the restrained actions of the constable, which only reinforced Hamilton’s paranoid contention that police were out to get him. Though the targeted constable contemplated filing a more than justified defamation suit against Hamilton for his relentless harassment, the constable decided against it. One has to wonder if the policeman backed down because he knew Hamilton had powerful masonic connections behind him that could spell further trouble for the constable.

Nearly a decade later having heard about an incident with three young boys who ran away in the middle of the night in their pajamas from Hamilton’s camping club at Dunblane High School, together with accumulated negative reports over the years, a senior leader at the Fife Regional Council opted to close Hamilton’s contract in 1992, based more on his overall gut feeling than on any single factor.[115] As it should, protecting youth in his district weighed foremost on his judgment. Though Hamilton complained to the ombudsman, again this time his contract was withdrawn for good because pedo-boy apparently refused to meet with the council members in person. Finally, it appeared that at least some of the local Scottish authorities were gaining the upper hand, slowly halting Hamilton’s criminal operation from continuing to flourish and expand across Central Scotland.

Unfortunately having lost its first attempt to cancel the pedophile’s contract due to the ombudsman overruling it in 1984, at the 1996 Cullen inquiry members of the Central Regional council like Robert Ball subsequently defended their decision to retain Hamilton’s services once the council lost its case a decade earlier, suggesting the probability that he still had sway over key positions in Central Scotland politics.[116] Other members claimed that had they been informed of both Lothian and Fife’s successful ban, they would have followed suit. But this hindsight gesture’s likely just face-saving CYA bluster in the face of the recent local tragedy.

As time went by, Hamilton’s powerful protectors had begun cutting their losses, cashing in their pedo-chips to distance themselves from Hamilton as a potential liability. In the final couple years of the child pimp’s life, he found that the pedophile Establishment’s interventions on his behalf that had always loyally shielded him from all past consequence, showed signs of weakening and drying up, just like his clubs.

This places more credence on CSP and security services in the final months conspiring with him on his Dunblane act of revenge, while leading him to falsely believe he’d still remain protected with a new life awaiting him, thus boosting his spirits and giving him an unprecedented rosy outlook on life observed daily by his neighbors towards the very end in March 1996. He appeared to have plans for his future and was not showing any signs of either depression or suicidality during the final days leading up to the shooting.[117]

Though a coward underneath his uptight and domineering personality, Hamilton had an overbearing, intimidating way of throwing his weight around, lashing out against perceived threats with both verbal and written attacks. As demonstrated against Doreen Hagger, he also used threats of lethal violence in efforts to overpower and subdue his targeted adversaries, especially women and children he perceived to be weaker, again not unlike the crude, thuggish edge of Savile’s arrogant swagger. Also similar to other infamous predatory pedophiles, Hamilton frequently groomed underage victims by buying their silence with money[118] or promises of Loch Lomond boat rides or trips to the shooting range as opposed to handing out free tickets to popular BBC TV shows with backstage passes.

In January 1995 that cocky air of intimidation was on full display when 30-year old Police Constable Anne Anderson was dispatched to Hamilton’s home to inquire about his latest (and final) firearms licensing application.[119] While she was scribbling down notes in response to his answering a checklist of questions, for lack of writing space in his small cramped flat, she was forced to kneel on her knees. Meanwhile, with gun in his hand, Hamilton lorded over her, gloating while hovering above, emitting an aggressive body language while defiantly showing her his proud collection of fine guns he treated like his own babies. While given a lift home from the Stirling Gun and Rifle Club just eleven days before the shooting, he was observed affectionately stroking his guns, referring to them literally as his “babies.”[120] One sick dude that clearly unnerved Constable Anne during her strange, uncomfortable encounter with the alleged future killer, later confessing to the press:

It was the way he looked at me. It’s very difficult to put it into words.[121]

Still shaken, back at the police station PC Anderson stated that a senior detective inspector emphatically reminded her that there was nothing she could do to stop Hamilton from obtaining his latest gun license, as if already a done deal, automatically preapproved from the top of the power food chain, allegedly including a certain MP’s sterling character reference.[122] By the way, fellow Freemason Lord George Robertson is both a son and brother of Scottish policemen,[123] holding a fraternal brotherhood bond for life. Borrowing the title of a famous Beatles composed Joe Cocker song, seemingly untouchable Thomas Watt Hamilton got by “with a little help from [his] friends.”

It wouldn’t be a UK pedophilia scandal cover-up without missing flies. Turns out that at Hamilton’s final licensing, criminal intelligence flies on Hamilton were removed from the computer system that would have cancelled his gun renewal in January 1995.[124] This reinforces the adamant remark by PC Anne Anderson’s higher-up stating Hamilton’s license approval was already a done deal. The Hughes report explicitly stating the pervert should not own guns among other red flags were all “mysteriously” missing that would’ve been cause for denial. Reports were wiped clean. One file labeled “HOMO-INDCH” meaning homosexual, indecency with children was “lost” preventing firearms officers from consideration. Central Chief Inspector in firearms Colin Mather noticed shortcomings on Hamilton’s application, but because commander of operations in Stirling (soon chief superintendent) Jim Moffat had already signed off, it was rubberstamped. Clearly, the powerful masonic hidden hand ensured gun-crazy Thomas got his guns for his March madness. Additionally, immediately following the Dunblane killings, the entire catalogue of Thomas Hamilton’s police files went missing.[125] CYA time for CSP.

In addition to support from well-placed, likeminded masonic friends, for years Thomas Hamilton’s primary assault weapon against both real and perceived enemies was his infamously countless letter campaigns, aggressively arguing his legal points ad nauseam as a mistreated, violated innocent victim, despite being every bit the predatory aggressor. Instinctively knowing his best defense was a relentless offense, Hamilton often would wear down his opponents through an endless, willful war of attrition.

And of course for years the hidden-in-plain-sight masonic pedo-Establishment regularly shielded him from prosecution or loss of gun permit… that is until his bitter end when at approximately 9:34AM on that fateful icy Wednesday morning of March 13th, 1996 at the Dunblane Primary School gymnasium, it appears the Establishment had finally had enough of bailing his lame ass out, suddenly turning on him to ultimately silence Hamilton for good with two bullets through the brain fired from the missing Smith and Wesson .357 Magnum revolver never found at the crime scene and never used to injure or kill any of his 32 gunshot victims.[126]

The bottom line, since at least 1981 with the total of 16 different boys clubs he ran, parents were reporting Hamilton for his dangerous behaviors, regularly displayed before their children in countless incidents, resulting in at least a half dozen police investigations, four of which recommended arrest. But with the procurator fiscal always having the final word,[127] the Crown Office in Freemason pedo-country Scotland was and is the chief gatekeeper guarding the VIP predator henhouse. Needless to say, there exists overwhelming evidence indicating the maniac Thomas Hamilton should never have owned a firearm nor been allowed near kids, and you’d best believe if it was you or me in his shoes, we would’ve been arrested and locked up years ago.

The only reason why this sick fuck was protected for decades at a time was the exact same reason Sir Jimmy Savile was protected, because both were child procurers to the same VIP sodomizers, and as such, the Crown Service did its cabal duty best to look the other way “in defense of the realm,” consistently claiming “not enough evidence,” the never-ending mantra heard like a broken record in every single UK pedophilia scandal-cover-up – bar none. In Sandra Uttley’s Dunblane Unburied, she writes that Norman Bassett even accused Thomas Hamilton of supplying young boys to Tory sickos at London’s Conservative Party Central Office.[128] And despite four different police forces investigating the child molester[129] at least a half dozen times, four times recommending prosecution,[130] the lifelong pervert was never even arrested while police continued issuing his gun license seven straight times.[131] Yet with or without his guns, DCC Douglas McMurdo put on his deceitful act on the witness stand pretending he had no idea Hamilton could be dangerous, exposed only to his apparent “lack” of danger around kids at dozens of his campsites (according to Hamilton’s boast, 55 camping expeditions by 1988 alone). So why that should not have gotten in the way of his owning lethal weapons, only McMurdo and his defense-of-the-realm cabal really know.

Flagrant evidence that the pedo-Establishment circled its wagons right after the massacre to continue protecting itself and, by extension, the deceased Hamilton, came in the form of Scottish Office Minister Lord James Douglas-Hamilton’s pronouncement in November 1996:

There was in fact little evidence of any acts of indecency on the part of Thomas Hamilton. So far as can be established no incident amounting to sexual interference with male children as reported to the police while Hamilton was alive.[132]

You think with the same namesake Lord Hamilton is protecting his own kinship relation? Or is it the fact that Lord Hamilton is also a fellow Freemason (#1722 in the controversial Speculative Society, same as Brother Cullen’s)?[133] Or is he just another pedophile protecting another fellow pedophile with the same last name? Inquiring minds want to know before 2096, especially about that buried notorious letter from Brother Thomas written to Brother James.[134] Lord Hamilton goes on to defend his Brother William:

The actions of the police in reporting cases to the Procurator Fiscal were examined by Lord Cullen, who concluded that there was no evidence of any criminal act on Hamilton’s part before the tragedy. In the light of Lord Cullen’s findings, the Secretary of State sees no need for further investigation into the actions of the police in making reports to [the] Procurator Fiscal, and the Lord Advocate considers that further investigations of the actions of the Procurators Fiscal is unnecessary.[135]

On the one hand, Cullen says no evidence shows Thomas Hamilton was a child abuser. Yet when he had to explain himself over his 100-year secrecy on all documents, he cites that names of vulnerable sexually abused children must be protected… which is it?[136] You can’t have it both ways fool.

Now on to Lord Hamilton’s incredibly hideous statements, not only is he declaring the pedophile Hamilton innocent, but the very criminals [and likely pedophiles] from both the law enforcement and legal professions that overtly went out of their way to protect the pedophile, are also declared innocent. What’s clear is how quickly they rush to wash their hands clean of the sordid Hamilton affair, pretending there was nothing more to the story than captured in the whitewashed Cullen report. Yet if that were true, why withhold all the evidence from the public for a full century if there’s nothing to hide? It’s very plain and clear that all the masonic pedo-enablers – if not child sodomizers – are protecting each other’s criminality as always. After all, the fifth of the Five Points of Freemasonry Fellowship explicitly states:

Defend a brother’s character in his absence as in his presence.[137]

Speaking of defending fellow brothers in defense of the realm, Dr. Ian Oliver was former DCC McMurdo’s boss as Chief Constable of Central Scotland Police for a near dozen years (1979-1990) and then Grampian (1990-98). He too admitted to personally knowing Thomas Hamilton.[138] Immediately following the Dunblane shooting, Dr. Oliver spearheaded the creation of a firearms consultative committee to work with Parliament on rolling out the strictest gun control legislation in the world. In 1996 and 97 former CSP and current Grampian police chief and his police force were already under fire over its mishandling of yet another murdered child’s investigation, the case of a 9-year old boy abducted and strangled by yet another pedophile-killer fresh off the Dunblane massacre.

But then the event that toppled his law enforcement reign arrived when the married 58-year old Oliver was photographed in a compromising position kissing the 26-year old wife of a millionaire businessman, exposed in the Scottish Sun before the disgraced police chief was forced a year later into early retirement…[139] like Lord Robertson pressured out of NATO at 58. But versatile Dr. Oliver began a new career at the UN as an NWO expert, coveted public speaker and author on terrorism and the wrath of drugs.[140] Pedo-enabling Prime Minister David Cameron hired the shamed copper’s son Craig Oliver, a journalist at Savile’s pedo-infested BBC as the PM’s final director of communications in 2011, year of Sir Jimmy’s death.

So let’s recap: the top two Central Scotland Police commanders whose police force under their watch reputedly steeped in Freemasonry repeatedly bailed out fellow mason Hamilton who both honchos admittedly knew as a personal friend, but despite overwhelming evidence for two decades refused or failed to arrest him or revoke his gun license; also the big cheese failed to rescue another pedo-murder child victim while instrumental in UK’s sweeping gun control legislation right after the massacre and soon became embroiled in a messy adulterous scandal. Then once his lustful leanings washed up his police career, Dr. Oliver reinvented himself, resurfacing as a United Nations expert and author on such related topics as drugs and terrorism, both directly connected to the state sponsored terror invariably committed by spooks and stooges heavily medicated by Big Pharma while always accompanied by invisible handlers from intelligence agencies. Way too many coincidences to be purely random events. Are these guys major cabal players or what?

The entire public spectacle of Freemason William Cullen’s orchestrated inquiry scam was simply part of the cabal’s much larger game plan strategy, endlessly milking to death the Hegelian Dialectic of “problem, reaction, solution” as the most effective Deep State tactic to create a globalized fascist authoritarian police state. Incessantly staging state sponsored false flag mass shootings and terrorism like the Dunblane massacre and Port Arthur bloodbath is the ruling elite’s Modus Operandi.[141] The Deep State cabal first defines the problem as lack of public safety in an extremely dangerous, unpredictable world filled with hateful violent extremists and so called terrorists. So the natural reaction of course to this unsecured, ultra-perilous world-view is a constant steady stream of covert episodes of staged terror masked in acts of government sponsored democide delivered through mass gun violence, either falsely blaming Islamic terrorists (as cabal created proxy allies in its fake “war on terror”) or more often the use of lone nut gunman extremists as CIA, Mossad and MI5 Big Pharma mind controlled patsies that always justify rolling out the preplanned Deep State solution, introducing yet more draconian laws usurping what’s left of our individual rights, liberties and freedom, with ultimate aim in America to repeal the constitutional 2nd Amendment right for citizens to bear arms. Historically, a disarmed civilian population is democide or genocide on a grand scale waiting to happen. Again, this valuable history lesson is explicitly explored later in the chapter along with the cabal’s latest violent episode in New Zealand.

As an independent journalist I’ve written extensively on this critical all-encompassing subject of the Hegelian Dialectic and my analysis utilizing this broader contextual lens to dissect the 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting featured as Chapter 6 in the Kevin Barrett edited book Orlando False Flag the Clash of Histories.[142] During the last quarter century, the international crime cabal has repeatedly deployed state sponsored school shootings (as well as mass killings in churches/mosques/synagogues, cinematic/concert theater venues, nightclubs, military installations and various other workplaces), but the favorite for obvious shock effect purposes exploits the spilled blood of sacrificed children (or at Sandy Hook lack of blood[143]), ultimately with the aim of criminalizing private ownership of guns worldwide. The 1996 Dunblane Massacre and Port Arthur as cabal first installments were executed as early entries ushering in the current age of New World Disorder. By dual-design, Dunblane also served to conveniently hide for the next 100 years yet another British VIP pedophilia scandal and cover-up at the planet’s pedo-epicenter.

Until one realizes that from the very get-go, Freemason Judge Cullen’s public inquiry objective was to whitewash as much of the government’s dirty truth out as possible, it may seem initially striking that no new evidence about Thomas Hamilton’s pathetic, sordid life emerged from his month and a half long inquiry, lasting from the end of May to near mid-July 1996 and interviewing a total of 171 cherry-picked witnesses.[144] That meant that 1,069 witnesses who gave written statements were never heard at the inquiry.[145] By carefully selective design, Cullen ensured the deeper, darker depravity of Hamilton’s criminal connections to Britain’s larger pedophilia network were completely exorcised out of the judge’s sanitized, self-serving version of events. But as much as Cullen manipulated the proceedings, he realized his willfully deceptive efforts to cover-up the bigger picture still failed miserably, forcing his unprecedented decision “in defense of the realm” to place a century long blackout on all evidence. Yet despite Hamilton racking up a flood of warning signs, particularly during the final decade and a half of his life, the cabal continued shielding him from any real consequence that would’ve protected the most vulnerable within the community from their tragic end.

It’s been reported that Hamilton was just another brainwashed patsy and that the actual child murderers at Dunblane were government employed MI5 operatives.[146] Especially taking into account the dozens of state sponsored false flag incidents perpetrated ever since 1996, complete with intelligence agents serving as standard handlers of psychotropic drugged, mind controlled, killing patsies, the British pedophile Establishment was no doubt in direct colluding cahoots with Thomas Hamilton in his showdown at the Dunblane not-OK school corral and savagely utilized the bloodbath to take the Manchurian madman out at the last second, calling it suicide and no one was deemed worse for wear for not knowing the actual truth, particularly the pedophile criminals in power.

The fact is all of us are worse off for not knowing what unforgivable sins and untold atrocities our own governments are routinely capable of committing, including the use of defenseless little children as their sacrificial lambs to conceal their worldwide pedophilia epidemic while disarming citizens of their right to protect and defend themselves from global police state tyranny leading to human genocide, or as they affectionately call it, depopulation. Think Prince Philip’s death wish as a reincarnated Killer Virus[147] or his son Prince “Transylvania-is-in-my-blood” Charles’ fixation on his favorite bloodline relative Vlad the Impaler[148] and you can begin to understand the ruling elite’s obsessive, bloodthirsty bloodline agenda to cull the human herd as illegit global underworld overlords.

Increasing complaints from parents in the 1990s forced the Central Scotland Police to have to repeatedly investigate Hamilton. By 1993 the police compiled enough evidence to arrest him on ten different charges but his “friends” in the gatekeeping legal profession, in this case Stirling’s procurator-fiscal James Cardle, decided as always “not enough evidence.” This incredible pattern just kept repeating itself almost on a yearly basis – with police probes in 1988, 1991, 1992 and 1993.[149] Less than two years before the Dunblane murders, Edinburgh Police caught the pedophile in the classic pervert pose with his pants pulled down “in a compromising position” in the presence of a likely underage victim, yet once again as always, no charges were ever brought.[150] Hamilton was clearly another protected pedo-cat permitted to freely live out his nine lives.



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