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Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State by Joachim Hagopian
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APRIL 13, 2018
Chapter 16: The Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky Saga – Anatomy of a Grooming Pedophile Predator Enabled by a Legendary Head Coach, a Powerhouse Football Team and Respected University that Shamefully Values Winning over Children’s Safety
Joachim Hagopian
Section 4: Pedophilia Saturates the World of Sports

Where big money and power rule, so does pedophilia. No human arena on this earth is immune, the multibillion dollar industry of Big Sports of course no exception. From complicit owners, financiers and governing bodies of both professional sports worldwide as well as amateur sports at all levels, from Olympics to college football to national team sports like soccer (football outside US), and girls/women’s gymnastics and swimming, one by one all have been rocked by unprecedented major pedophilia scandals in recent years. And by far the biggest single sports event in the United States, the NFL Super Bowl, also offers child sex traffickers their busiest moneymaking day of the year. What does all this say about America’s favorite pastime, from their living rooms across the nation fixated on the boob tube, passively spectating the bread and circus gladiators, while Luciferian elitists raking in billions are ravenously raping hundreds of children for their after-game dessert? It’s a sick world that literally feeds off children to provide such demonically controlled decadence when our most defenseless population is being savagely served on the elite’s hedonistic pleasure menu. Just as in Hollywood, politics, religion, and the military, Lucifer’s diabolical machine knows no limits extending its unthinkable perversions to every avenue of human commerce, endeavor and amusement.

This section of the book will detail how pedophilia has corruptively invaded the world of sports, in a plethora of venues, beginning with the pedophilia scandal that painfully shook and shattered Happy Valley, still dividing Pennsylvania State University and the State College community today.[1] How the school’s beloved head football Coach Joe Paterno and top administrative officers covered up the pedophilia crimes of his assistant coach for decades with absolutely no regard for countless child victims is fully laid bare and exposed in this chapter. Also uncovered is how the Coach Sandusky scandal maintained ties connecting the New York-Philadelphia-DC pipeline that extends to the most prominent political elite operating the Eastern Seaboard child sex trafficking network.

Previous chapters have explored the inner workings and dynamics of the global child sex trafficking network, chiefly orchestrated by CIA pimps operating covertly through CIA front organizations like the US State Department, USAID and hundreds of charitable organizations, aided and abetted at every turn by top government officials like pedo-presidents and pedo-prime ministers along with secret societies from Freemasonry and Illuminati to those belonging to the Catholic Church led by the pope and his fellow Vatican Luciferians. We’ve caught glimpses of how this mammoth worldwide pedophilia operation is used as a blackmailing machine vis-a-vis the Zionist-Mossad Epstein Orgy Island operation selecting, grooming and ultimately owning and controlling the Luciferian system’s most powerful leaders… and how these most powerful leaders like the demonic worshipping pedophilic families the Bushes and Clintons and their criminal cabal directly oversee the global sex trafficking operations.

And now through the crimes of longtime Penn State University football Coach Jerry Sandusky, we will delve deeper down the rabbit hole to glimpse the anatomy of how individual pedophiles carefully select and groom their child victims and how they are subsequently able for decades to continue getting away with heinously preying on defenseless children. But lastly, in each of this section’s two chapters, our focus on pedophilia within the sports world will explicitly illuminate how each institutionalized scandal is neither randomly isolated nor operates in a vacuum independent of each other. Each and every one of them are part of the larger interconnected, systemic Luciferian whole that interlocks top levels of international and national governing bodies, organized crime, corporate media, religion, central banking and private industry.

Chapter 16: The Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky Saga – Anatomy of a Grooming Pedophile Predator Enabled by a Legendary Head Coach, a Powerhouse Football Team and Respected University that Shamefully Values Winning over Children’s Safety

74-year old Jerry Sandusky is now the life imprisoned grandson of Polish immigrants and a Polish American father who was the director of a children’s sports center for over 30 years in the family’s hometown of Washington, located in southwestern Pennsylvania not far from America’s steel capital Pittsburgh. Unless he lives to be 98, Sandusky is destined to die in prison for his diabolical sins against children. For his father’s contribution to providing recreational sports activities to local youth for multiple generations in Washington, Pennsylvania, likely enhanced by his son’s coaching stature as longtime defensive coordinator for the prestigious Penn State Nittany Lions football team, Arthur Sandusky was voted into the Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame in 1989,[2] seven years before his death. With Jerry Sandusky’s mother an Irish Catholic homemaker from a small coal mining town, by all appearance sake, Jerry enjoyed a wholesome, clean-cut upbringing within the quintessential all-American small town suburban setting, though in Sandusky’s 1999 autobiography Touched,[3] the convicted serial pedophile described himself growing up “an awkward, shy” kid. Residing upstairs on the second floor of the Brownson House, the youth center run by his father constantly supplying a wide array of sports for local children, in high school Jerry Sandusky exceled at football, basketball and baseball before attending nearby Penn State University where he emerged as the starting defensive end from 1963-65, nurtured by then assistant coach Joe Paterno.[4]

Other than a brief stint in the Army at the tail end of WWII, Jerry’s longtime boss Coach Joe Paterno never held a job outside of football. The ex-Brown University quarterback straight out of the Ivy League took to coaching America’s most popular game. In 1950 at the behest of his former Brown turned Penn State Coach Rip Engle, Paterno arrived in Happy Valley as a 24-year old assistant coach.[5] While Sandusky played under him in the mid-60s, in 1966 new head coach Paterno made Sandusky his graduate assistant. With the exception of yearlong stints as assistant coach at Juniata College and Boston University in 1967-68, the famed Penn State head coach hired the young Sandusky in 1969 as his assistant linebacker coach, officially commencing Sandusky’s 32-year tenure as Paterno’s longest running assistant coach.

Joe Paterno’s legendary record at Penn State piling up 409 wins from 1966-2011 distinguished “JoePa” as major college football’s all-time winningest coach in US history.[6] With a total of 61 consecutive years as a Penn State coach, and the longest running coach of a single team with the most wins ever as a head coach that included 5 undefeated seasons, two national championships, 24 bowl wins and roughly two of his every three years rankings in the top 10, Sandusky’s boss for over three decades, is indisputably recognized as America’s greatest college football coach in a rich history of the sport dating back to near a century and a half.

And as the right hand assistant to America’s greatest coach ever, Sandusky enjoyed Emeritus status after his official 1999 retirement seemingly right up to his November 2011 pedophilia indictment, able to freely utilize all Penn State athletic facilities in post-retirement.[7] Ostensibly this privilege was granted to Jerry Sandusky as recognition for playing such a crucial role in Penn State’s gridiron prowess for all but two seasons of Paterno’s near half century mark as the Penn State head coach, perennially ranked among the nation’s top five teams in defense, in large part due to Sandusky’s defensive specialty and expertise. Known as “Linebacker U,” with Penn State’s dominant success came multiple head coach job offers to earn millions elsewhere – at Marshall, Temple, Maryland[8] and a final offer at Virginia in 2000.[9] But Sandusky’s loyalty to both his Penn State home and his legendary boss compelled the defensive specialist to turn them all down.

Though loyalty to his home State and a football legend sound admirable, the bottom line, real reason Sandusky remained at Penn State is far more sinister. As a serial pedophile and chronic sexual predator, the years that Coach Sandusky meticulously invested to establish his familiar hometown roots and glory offered him a much needed, protective safety net and convenient steady stream of victims with his founding the charitable nonprofit organization the Second Mile in 1977 to help at-risk youth.[10] But instead of providing a safe nurturing home environment for troubled kids as a vital social service outsource, the constant flow of foster care placements at Second Mile were systematically targeted, only placing kids at further risk of abusive harm as the renowned Penn State coach’s easy prey. At its height with an annual budget into the millions servicing tens of thousands of disadvantaged children,[11] Sandusky carnivorously used his Second Mile group home residents and its numerous programs and camps to help himself to seconds, thirds and fourths, plucking child after child from his very own pedo-pipeline feeding his diabolically insatiable appetite for younger boys.

Sandusky also strategically ensured that Penn State as his heavily endowed employer merge its mutual interests with his own Second Mile charity in a convenient marriage that facilitated Sandusky’s full access to funding resources, university athletic facilities and ongoing co-sponsorship services leading ultimately to compromised corruption and soon enough a built-in mutually self-serving interest to conceal child sex crimes. Countless honorary board members, top officials and wealthy donors were indelibly affiliated with both.[12] [13] Sandusky and his “invisible” crime boss partners still-at-large engineered their pedophilic enterprises whereby should the pedo-coach ever become exposed and go down in flames, so would Penn State, paralleling the typical sexual blackmail dynamics of compromised public politicians, thereby guaranteeing Sandusky’s protection and assured cover-up.[14] And as the pedophilia operation played out for decades, Penn State’s top brass headed by compromised, coaching god Joe Paterno would have to follow suit, pretending Jerry wasn’t sodomizing little boys while looking the other way for nearly a half century, protecting the pedophile in order to preserve both the school’s venerable reputation and football program’s continued success and national dominance.

Over the ensuing years at Penn State, child rapist Jerry Sandusky and his wife Dotty raised six adopted children (all boys but one) and countless foster kids at State College.[15] Misusing his own children as yet another easiest available source for victims, for years the Penn State coach incestually abused at least one of his own sons Matt[16] and likely another Jeffrey arrested in 2017 on 14 counts of child sex abuse and, like father, like son, is currently serving a 3.5-7 year prison sentence (only his son’s sexual proclivity is underage girls instead of little boys).[17]

Matt Sandusky was born in 1978 to an alcoholic abusive biological father and a mother that divorced when he was six, living then moving with his mom Debra and younger brother and sister into his maternal grandparents’ home with a physically abusive grandfather.[18] As disadvantaged youth 7-year old Matt and his year younger brother Ron Heichel were referred to Sandusky’s charity Second Mile. But it wasn’t long before Matt was quickly snatched up from the predator coach’s pedo-pipeline. Sandusky singled out Matt and began stalking and grooming him, at first wining and dining him with gifts and invitations to attend both home and away Penn State football games and practices, given so much positive attention from the famous big man on campus.[19] Those were the grooming months leading up to the sexual abuse that began at age 8.[20] Without his mother’s permission the celebrity coach would often show up at will and take Matt out of school.[21] Matt suffered in silence through seven more years of rape and molestation at the hands of Jerry Sandusky.

The severely abused, troubled 16-year old teenager ditched school one day with a friend and headed for their usual hangout, an old barn where inside they encountered a parked truck. They got in and while smoking cigarettes, for childish kicks, impulsively foolishly placed a lit piece of paper inside the glove compartment that caused a fire to spread and burn down the barn.[22] After the unintended arson incident, while Coach Sandusky was in California preparing to play Oregon in the 1995 Rose Bowl, he personally phoned the juvenile court judge requesting Matt’s placement in his foster home, separating Matt from his biological family. Sandusky also sent a former Penn State player Matt knew to personally present the juvenile court and sexual predator’s ultimatum, forcing Matt to choose between juvenile lockup and adult prison at 18 or the Sandusky foster home. Trapped between a rock and a hard place, Matt chose the hard place – his abuser’s home.

What’s extraordinary is that while her son was yanked (“stolen” from his mother’s point of view) from her home, Centre County Children’s Services authorized Matt’s mother to become a foster parent for her nephew placed inside her home.[23] So Debra Long was deemed a fit enough parent to take care of a child not hers, yet unfit to take care of her own biological child she’d raised since birth, all because a famous, stalking control freak-pedo-predator pulled a few strings to gain closer, easier access to his child prey. According to Matt’s brother Ron, up till the barn burning incident, the two Heichel brothers were extremely close and inseparable, though Ron always knew the renowned coach favored Matt while totally ignoring him. But once Matt was sent to live in the Sandusky foster home, everything changed. In 1995, just four months after living with his abuser, Matt attempted suicide. Jerry Sandusky’s first words out of his mouth to Matt at the hospital taunted:

You couldn’t even kill yourself right.[24]

Matt’s school based probation officer Terry Trude grew so concerned about Matt’s safety while briefly living under the Sandusky roof that she was prompted to write a letter to the judge recommending that Matt be transferred to a different foster home:

The probation department has some serious concerns about the juvenile’s safety and his current progress in placement with the Sandusky family.[25]

After raising her son the first 16 years of his life only to lose him to a pedophile who’d been abusing him from age 8 to 15, while living with the predator coach, Matt’s biological mother Debra Long was permitted only a half day visit per month with her son. She vociferously fought and clashed with Children Services that never bothered to listen to her concerns. As the lone voice and first to express worry over Sandusky’s predatory nature as far back as 1994, even prior to Matt’s failed suicide attempt, Debra accused Jerry Sandusky of stalking and controlling her son.[26] One day she point blank asked Matt if Sandusky ever touched him inappropriately and Matt told her he “didn’t want to talk about it.” When his brother Ron would call the Sandusky house to try and speak to Matt, Dottie Sandusky would answer telling him he was no longer Matt’s brother.[27] In response to the opposition from both the boy’s biological mother and probation officer, the predator next seized opportunity to cement his relationship with Matt, effectively cutting him off from his own biological family by permanently adopting him upon reaching his 18th birthday to become the youngest of Jerry and Dottie’s six adopted kids.

Years later even when his adopted father was being investigated and Matt was questioned by police as well as the 2009 grand jury, he kept his chronic victimization secret, denying he was ever abused in order to protect his abuser. While still a young boy, Matt had long resigned himself to being the chronic rape victim as a necessary tradeoff to being accepted into an otherwise esteemed, stable, affluent family household where plentiful food was always on the table.[28] During the 2012 trial, Jerry Sandusky was still preying on Matt’s conflicted sense of family loyalty, pressuring and rehearsing with the then 34-year old married father of three, this time being “groomed” as a key defense witness to deny any and all abuse charges against his adoptive father.[29] It wasn’t until Matt was sitting in the courtroom right there with his unified Sandusky family all in loyal support of their perverted patriarch observing the emotional testimony of Victim #4 (whom Matt knew) bravely reporting his horrendous abuse identical to Matt’s own, that he finally decided he could no longer live the lie.[30]

Matt’s reticence to disclose his long term abuse is extremely common amongst young victimized boys and adolescents. Sexually abused male victims frequently are so traumatized with shame, guilt and confusion, for years they often avoid telling others, even their mothers. Gender roles for young males in American culture does not equate to being a victim.[31] Manhood and victimhood simply do not intermesh. Males also are far less apt to seek help out of fear of being stigmatized as weakness. When boys are perpetrated by an adult male, it often brings up feelings that threaten their sexual identity, i.e., fear of being gay. Homophobia is still rampant despite the LGBT movement, and being judged gay by peers often keeps young male victims locked into going it alone, suffering the abuse in silence.

But at 33 with a family of his own, for his own survival Matt Sandusky had come to realize that he must come clean and begin finally telling the truth. So he defected, approaching the prosecution team halfway through the trial to admit he’d lied in he past but was now willing to disclose his painful, tortuous history in court, in effect checkmating his infamous, abusive dad from taking the witness stand in his own self-defense. News by way of a recent police recording of Matt’s sexual abuse was released to the public the same day the jury began its twenty hour two day deliberation. And once the defense attorneys learned Sandusky’s own son was willing to testify against his father, the serial pedophile’s fate was sealed with a guilty verdict on June 22, 2012.[32]

Switching sides to dare speak the truth instantaneously estranged Matt from his adoptive mother Dottie and his five siblings, all still feebly claiming Jerry’s innocence.[33] And ever since, Matt Sandusky’s credibility and honor have been challenged and attacked to the point that he and his immediate family have been harassed and threatened numerous times, incurring the venomous wrath of legions of diehard Paterno Penn State supporters. During an hour long Oprah Winfrey interview in 2014, Matt expressed regret about disclosing his seven years of abuse, because it put his wife and kids in danger:

I can handle people attacking me; I handled the abuse… I can take it. My wife is an innocent. My children… they’re innocent. [34]

Matt said that one of his adopted brothers even admitted to him that he too was molested, and encouraged Matt if he were a victim to go to the police. But that brother later turned on Matt, accusing him of lying and betraying the Sandusky family. Betrayed first by his predator father, Matt felt betrayed a second time by the Sandusky family, yet on Oprah still acknowledged his loyalty and indebtedness to them:

They cared about me, they loved me. I owed that family everything. Everything I was and am I owed to them.[35]

This is the kind of torn ambivalence he has lived with for most of his life. As both therapy as well as delivering to the world his inside story as an abuse survivor, Matt authored the book Undaunted.[36] He has become a courageous public advocate using his own harrowing experience to speak out against the rampant child sexual abuse epidemic gripping both this nation and world and with his second wife Kim today heads the child advocacy foundation called Peaceful Hearts.[37]

In retrospect, in December 2011 a vindicated Debra Long lamented:

If they’d have listened, these boys [Sandusky Victims 1-10] didn’t have to be abused. They would have found the problem back then, and a whole lot of kids wouldn’t be victims now. We couldn’t get anything done. It was Jerry Sandusky. He started The Second Mile home. He could’ve done nothing wrong.[38]

The pedophile coach’s total number of rape victims may never be known, but with virtually an unlimited supply of kids spanning four decades at his disposal, and the final toll of pedo-casualties perhaps into the hundreds, no wonder Coach Sandusky chose to stay put in his insulated PA comfort zone, safely shielded by a famous boss and administration that valued winning football games over vulnerable children’s lives. Between taking refuge within the enabling Penn State University system and his readymade Second Mile charity programs delivering a constant fresh supply of young meat to ravage, behind his cultivated, saintly, altruistic image, the devilish Sandusky created a pedo-farm paradise for himself, that is until his despicable crime spree bubble finally popped in November 2011. Meanwhile, firmly ensconced and adoringly embraced by his State College community, the pedo-monster also made sure he was a “faithful” church-goer every Sunday at his local St. Paul’s Methodist Church,[39] describing his family as “old-fashioned” led by his always “stand by her man,” supportive wife.[40] The worst perverts so often hide behind religion and their “wholesome” Americana roots.

Jerry Sandusky calculatingly used his “big goofball” persona as the coach who never quite grew up to strategically grant him a license to regularly engage in roughhouse, “boys will be boys” horseplay in order to lay the initial grooming groundwork to establish increasing level of physical contact with his too many to count susceptible victims.[41] Sandusky and fellow pedos of his ilk, be it in Hollywood, State College, DC or anywhere, purposely hone in to carefully select kids without involved parents, either divorced or in process of divorce, or troubled youth already institutionalized within the child welfare system, having been abused and neglected as the most vulnerable child population to parasitically feed on. The next formulaic step as a sexual predator is to methodically shower targeted youth with positive attention, affection and gifts, in Jerry’s case taking them to Penn State or Steeler or Eagles football games, meeting the teams’ players, offering them a once in a lifetime childhood dream. Befriending and mentoring disadvantaged youngsters became this predator’s public face and persona, attending their sporting events and gaining both their trust and confidence in order to set the stage to transgress beyond the legal threshold of physical contact, into the dark taboo world of criminal child sexual exploitation.

If the intermediary steps to increase level of contact cunningly prove effective without a glitch, the coach’s standby M.O. after working out with his young victims at his always available Penn State athletic facilities was to introduce taking showers together where he would move in for his kill, either on campus regularly committing sexual assault and sodomy or once abused within the comfort and confines of his basement home, “hiding in plain sight” in what’s come to be a most familiar theme in virtually every predator’s dirty lowdown playbook. It became common knowledge within the athletic department and around campus that Coach Sandusky was mighty cozy and intimate with his underage male youth from Second Mile as a number of Penn State “staff members and football coaches regularly observed Sandusky showering with young boys.”[42] Getting naked and showering with young boys from his charity apparently was perceived as no big deal due to his “goofball knucklehead” image and prominent longstanding position as Paterno’s right hand man. For years at a time it safely shielded him from all accountability. And incredibly, apparently no one ever saw any urgency to notify superiors about Sandusky’s highly disturbing, inappropriate behavior, though sealed records of victims’ depositions indicate some staff and coaches over the years did take notice and reported it to Coach Paterno.[43] But he never failed to just sit on it. That all-important issue will soon be addressed.

In similar vein as suspected sexual predator Charlie Sheen coaxing 13-year old actor Corey Haim on their movie set to being sodomized as a perverse rite of passage with older guys “breaking” in the younger Hollywood boys, the “big kid” coach who never grew up opportunistically most often made his sexual advances within the safe, familiar confines of the university locker rooms. Should any of the boys he abused mention to parents or concerned adults about improprieties taken in the showers, the coach and his complicit cover-uppers (i.e., Paterno and Penn State’s top administrative officers) would invariably resort to the “boys being boys” cover story, evoking “innocent horseplay” as Sandusky’s apologetic fallback line and then thereafter cool any further efforts to sexually abuse those particular kids. Sandusky was highly skilled at not only preying on children but also preying on adults responsible for those children.[44] He became just as adept at confusing, deceiving and charming his way out of potential criminal entanglements that arose when kids did talk about their bizarre shower episodes with the “touchy, feely” predator coach.

In Sandusky’s own autobiographical words from his 2000 book Touched,[45] the big prankster readily admitted:

I live a good part of my life in a make-believe world. I enjoyed pretending as a kid, and I love doing the same as an adult with these kids. Pretending has always been part of me.[46]

Playing make believe as an adult came in extremely handy for Sandusky being able to live with himself, pretending for decades at a time that he wasn’t really a predatory monster shattering countless young lives with his molestations and brutal anal rapes… quite the make believer he was and still is. In fact, true to his form, he proudly declared:

I’ll never regret being called a ‘great’ pretender.[47]

And to this very day the “great pretender” is still pretending that he’s innocent… talk about living in a make believe world! The court of appeals judge didn’t buy it as the convicted pedophile’s request for a new trial was soundly rejected in October 2017.[48]



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