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JULY 3, 2020
Chapter 35: Belgium: When the King, Prime Minister and Elite Pedophiles Get Caught Red-Handed…
Joachim Hagopian



Throwing its psychopathic child procuring killer Dutroux under the bus, then running over all its criminalized victims, is how Belgium protects its child raping, murdering kings and prime ministers. That’s:

When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you [know you] are ruled by criminals.


The reality of an organized pedophilia network flourishing unabated throughout continental European nations like Belgium and the Netherlands and beyond is identical to pedophilia scandals in North America, Great Britain and Australia – and essentially everywhere across the globe. More than any other national scandal, this one in Belgium illustrates the impunity of gangsterism and criminal free will of a sicko sodomite Establishment to rule and suppress, destroying and burying evidential proof of guilt by the world’s ruling class of predator beasts. As always, the child victims who live long enough to become adults never see any real justice as their VIP perpetrators always remain untouchable and above the law. Decade after decade the pure unbridled evil of royalty, heads of church and state and their gatekeeping minions remain unpunished as never are these soulless, less than human creatures ever brought to prison for their sins against children and humanity. Again, it’s worldwide, it’s nonstop and unchanging throughout history… till now. And proof of guilt has never been so blatant as in Belgium.

This particular section within this A-Z pedo-sourcebook takes on the scandals at the heart of black nobility Europe, presenting this out-of-control widespread scourge beginning in nations like Belgium and the Netherlands, and from there expanding north, south and eastward. Though up to this point Britain’s often been referred to as the planet’s pedophilia epicenter (at 16 chapters near half the book), the Low Countries surrounding Brussels and Amsterdam provide the linking hub across the 23-mile channel connecting the international child sex trafficking web to the Euro-lilly pad beyond – Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Munich, Berlin, Geneva, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Prague, Belgrade. And the European pedophilia network bypasses court prosecution of its elite to remain a booming enterprise to this day.

That said, if in any real court of law within any nation actually possessed the political will to clean up the pathological filth and damage done to its throwaway child victims, it would be convicting the guilty prior to them escaping this life to their graves. But the sad reality is no nation on earth is yet to hold the powerful perpetrators accountable – none, not one. That’s why this treatise is being written, in the conviction that a new era is emerging where justice will finally be done and child fuckers and murderers will get prosecuted, convicted and put away for life. The fact that they’ve never not gotten away with it is the biggest reason why the elite are still practicing sodomy against children more than ever today – because they can. But that day is coming to an end. Good people everywhere on this planet must step up and finally do the right thing by our children.

This global network infrastructure is so infiltrated by such shadowy Deep State embedded secret societies and organizations – the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (See Chapter 5), Jesuits (See Chapter 6), Opus Dei, Freemasonry (See Chapters 19-33), Pilgrim Society,[1] Bilderbergers,[2] Committee of 300,[3] Trilateral Commission,[4] Le Cercle,[5] European Institute of Management[6] and the 1001 Club (the latter trio being combination think tank lobby groups and private intelligence networks). They collectively exercise control over promoted and installed puppets in national and continental governments, the major political parties and the global intelligence community, playing a significant intermediary role between the largely “invisible” black nobility overlords operating the planet-wide satanic pedophilia-blood sacrifice network.[7] The fascist roots of religious extremism serving as a cover for cabbalistic occultism aka Luciferianism, are indelibly imprinted in all of these criminally dark and subversive elitist outfits behind the worldwide cesspit of systematic child rape and slaughter.

As just one index barometer, the ever-revealing, infamous black book belonging to Mossad sexual blackmail operator-child rapist-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, himself a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission,[8] contains the names of well over a hundred prominent members of these pedophilia-linked deep state groups, a veritable who’s who of planetary owners and controllers. At the top of the list are two Illuminati gurus and lifetime members of every Luciferian club known – Henry Kissinger and the late David Rockefeller. Other famous VIPs on “the list” are unprosecuted fellow child rapist-Pilgrim Society member Prince Andrew, Serco CEO-fellow Pilgrim Society member Rupert Soames, disgraced Canadian Pilgrim-Bilderberger-Trilateral Commission-media magnate Conrad Black, Pilgrim Viscount William Astor (of the notorious Illuminati bloodline clan), failed US presidential wannabe-Trilateral Commissioner[9]-Malta Knight-Jewish billionaire Michael Bloomberg,[10] four Rothschild overlords and literally dozens of royalty and former heads of state from around the globe.[11] You’d best believe that all of these global movers and shakers knew exactly what Jeffrey Epstein and Mossad partner Ghislaine Maxwell were moving and shaking. After all, these same powerful individuals are the backroom planners of all wars, killer viruses, economic Depressions, globally trafficked children, human organs, drugs and arms.

This chapter will graphically demonstrate how Europe’s sodomizing ruling class extends control over its political puppets through its all-too-familiar sexual blackmail system, absent of conscience and soul exploiting and destroying innocent, easily expendable children as convenient bait and fodder to run its deadly control matrix. This particular European scandal will focus on the diminutive sized nation of Belgium at just under 12,000 square miles (near the size of the state of Maryland), home to just 11.5 million Flemish Dutch speaking and Walloon French speaking Belgian residents, sandwiched between Netherlands to the north and France to the south, but also sharing an eastern border with Germany and southeastern border with tinier Luxembourg.[12] With capital Brussels its third region’s home to both NATO and European Union headquarters, Belgium represents a key strategic geopolitical power point on earth, particularly in terms of New World Order dominance. Hence, no surprise it also serves as the primary crossroads connecting the larger European and global pedophilia trafficking network. Therefore, it should not come as such a shock that during the years between 1991 to 1996, when the Belgium pedophilia network was extremely active, leading up to the so called Dutroux Affair, 1300 kids in the small country vanished.[13] No doubt many became fatalities in the Belgian elite’s notorious pedo-scandal.

By diabolically criminal design, pedophilia in Belgium has forever been linked to just one man – Marc Dutroux. Like the JFK “lone gunman” Lee Harvey Oswald, Dutroux is merely Belgium’s designated fall guy used to deflect attention away from the larger European pedophile network involving the nation’s most prominent bloodline families and political figures atop the Euro-power structure. Dutroux’s monstrous infamy alone caused over one third of all bearers sharing his same surname to legally change their name.[14] The elite pedophiles in Belgium made certain that their exposed scandal began and ended with this one man, benignly referred to as the “Dutroux Affair,” almost as if it’s simply a capricious extramarital love-hate tryst. Constantly, Orwellian doublespeak carefully selects words connoting diffusion, distortion and absence of truth (i.e., federal reserve concealing the Rothschild private central banking enslavement). This “affair” only involved masked Belgian prime ministers and royalty murdering children in ghastly, demonic Sado-Masochistic snuff films, satanic ritual, blood sacrifice leveraging sexual blackmail upon influential VIP puppet targets, culminated by the longest, unresolved, agonizing criminal legal case in Belgium history, accompanied by the most aggressively murderous, egregious top-down, state sponsored cover-up in pedophilia history. Dutroux was always just a minor bit player and nothing more. The real story is the bloodsucking leeches in the ruling class at the top of the Belgian-Euro satanic predator food chain.

But there were other working class stiffs besides Dutroux working the same turf as serial child raping, murdering procurers, namely auto mechanic Patrick Derochette. Just like Dutroux, Derochette was also a convicted pedophile who struck again with rape and murder and also finally caught years later. Derochette had raped four boys and spent all of seven weeks in a lockup mental institution diagnosed as a mental case instead of dangerous serial sex offender.[15] Nine-year old Loubna Benaissa disappeared in August 1992 walking to the local store for yogurt. She had to pass by a car repair shop one street from her home where she was abducted, raped and eventually brutally murdered, stuffed in the garage basement for the next four and a half years before her body was finally discovered in March 1997 at the height of the Dutroux debacle, opening up fresh wounds across the nation.[16]

Two weeks after her disappearance, her friend saw her being driven in Derochette’s car but when she reported it to the police, she was given the brushoff. It’s near certain she wound up in the same pedo-ring operated by crime boss Jean Michel Nihoul,[17] who was a regular customer at his service station and personally knew the Derochette family, as reputed patrons frequenting the same sex bars and clubs. Pedophile victim-witness Regina Louf (or designated as X1 in the Belgian X-File Dossier) picked out Loubna as a fellow victim in the same network when police showed her photos of missing girls.[18] The parallels between this rape-murder and Dutroux’s, and the common link to pedo-web boss Nihoul is anything but coincidental. Plus, the “bungled mishandling” by the same complicit police forces appears identical to the Dutroux case. The investigative judge presiding over this case was also a friend of Nihoul’s, employing a law clerk that married into the Derochette family directly tied to Loubna’s kidnapping and murder.[19] Derochette’s father was purportedly a colonialist friend of Nihoul’s frequenting the same sex club child orgies.[20] It’s a small world when it comes to the same child rape and murder network in a little nation like Belgium. In January 1998 The Telegraph reported:

New Evidence from a lawyer involved in the investigations blows a hole in previous police claims that there was no link between the cases involving the alleged child murderers Marc Dutroux and Patrick Derochette.[21]

Another serial child abductor-rapist-murderer in Belgium and France, Michel Fourniret, the “Ogre of the Ardennes,” follows this exact same pattern, covering up the same linked network of perpetrators and enablers to be expounded on further later in the chapter. The key point is these infamous low life errand boys are all part of the same satanic network led by the same Luciferian black nobility that run the world.

During the mid-1990s, Dutroux, Derochette and Fourniret served among numerous murderous errand boy-procurers for the global pedo-network, in each of their cases, for the longest time all were protected by the Belgian mobster “businessman” Michel Nihoul and his royal and prime minister bosses. Dutroux abducted and sold child slaves for $5000 each to Nihoul,[22] after raping, caging and sometimes murdering them in his secret, DIY underground dungeons built in his “somehow affordable” multiple owned properties. Had Dutroux and his accomplices not been caught, arrested and detained, the nationwide network of torture, rape and murder of young girls perpetrated by Belgium’s super elite would likely never have seen the light of day. Through the debacle surrounding Dutroux and his cohorts’ police protected crime sprees spanning the 1980s and 1990s,[23] this disturbingly grotesque story exposes a high-end trafficking web operated by black nobility bloodlines that include political puppets as the usual suspects – blackmailed prime ministers, cabinet ministers, parliament members, judges, police and CEOs, the crème de la crème class regularly participating in highly organized satanic ritual abuse, often taking place in nearby countryside castles and manors.

As in every scandal where victims and witnesses allude to satanic “eyes wide shut” ritual and blood sacrifice, the unbelievably shocking horror is always exploited and preyed upon by establishment media to portray truth tellers as insane fantasists, typically evoking such bogus standbys as the False Memory Syndrome,[24] and once again actual Luciferian worshiping child rapists in high places escape justice, systematically getting away with highly organized, shielded murder of unshielded, highly vulnerable, expendable innocents. The powerful guilty have used this effective formulaic strategy the world over every single time to drown out the demonic truth. Yet the Belgian “X Files” of actual witnesses, police reports, a 1997 parliamentary commission findings and statements from Mark Dutroux and Michel Nihoul unequivocally indicate a massive pedo-network atop the power elite, complete with cameras, aka intelligence services via the Jeffrey Epstein-Ghislaine Maxwell operation for sexual blackmail of most important political figures.[25]

Marc Paul Alain Dutroux was born on November 6, 1956 in Ixelles, Belgium as the eldest of five children. Both his parents were schoolteachers and when Marc was still an infant they moved to the Belgian Congo for several years during an increasingly unstable political climate leading to the Congo’s independence in 1960. Dutroux has stated he was beaten by his parents as a youth in an unhappy, conflict-ridden home. After his parents divorced in 1971, by age 16, Dutroux left his mother’s domicile. While an adolescent drifter, he began selling his body to older homosexual men, establishing the predatory pimp-child victim dynamic that drove much of his inherently violent criminality. Early on as an adult, Dutroux quickly opted for the criminal life, mostly as a petty thief, thug and drug dealer though he trained as an electrician. In 1975 at age 19, he married his first wife but as an unfaithful wife-beater, he later separated in the 1980s. Dutroux met his second wife Michele Martin at a skating rink where Dutroux commonly sexually assaulted underage girls, pretending to bump into them accidentally. Eventually he divorced his first wife and married his accomplice wife in 1985.

Throughout the 1980s Marc Dutroux repeatedly raped underage girls. From the outset, his life of crime proved slow to legally catch up to him. By December 1985 both he and his accomplices that included his wife Michelle were repeatedly abducting and Dutroux and company were repeatedly raping at least five teenage girls, the youngest only 11.[26] A couple of his victims were never found and presumed murdered. Yet somehow he avoided prison until 1989 while continually committing horrendous crimes, brutally robbing a 58-year old woman with a razor blade in her vagina. Dutroux was finally convicted in 1989 but then only served three of his 13.5-year prison sentence. Once out, protected by police and judiciary, he quickly reverted right back to his old familiar ways.[27] Dutroux’s own mother Jeanine Lauwens wrote the prison director in 1992 warning him against her son’s early release:

What I do not know, and what all the people who know him fear, it’s what he has in mind for the future.[28]

Yet Belgium’s Justice Minister Melchior Wathelet, who as interior minister signed Dutroux’s unusual decade early prison release, was the same accused derelict alleged to have attended child sex orgies where child torture and murder were committed.[29] This misdeed from on high was also committed in spite of the fact that:

A medical report described him [Dutroux] as a perverse psychopath, an explosive mix. He was an evident danger to society.[30]

At the time of Dutroux’s August 1996 arrest, though Wathelet took some heat for his earlier “poor” judgment unleashing the killer back into society, it hardly stopped Wathelet from attaining new heights of success. According to the late David McGowan in his classic 2000 exposé The Pedophocracy, Part 1:

[Wathelet was] rewarded with a prestigious appointment to serve as a judge at the European Court of Justice at The Hague.[31]

In 1997 the accused child raping, overachieving pedo-judge was further rewarded with an additional 6-year extension at his lofty post serving on the highest European Court. Once compromised and owned for taking part in systematic rape and slaughter of children, as long as you do what you’re told by your masters, all the wealth, fame, prestige, power and protection are yours. That’s the crux of how this putridly inversed Luciferian system works.

And from the low end of the pedo-machine as a mere child supplier, protection and privilege are limited, especially when the entire perverse system is at stake of being toppled. After years of favored protection, Dutroux found himself on the outs, no longer shielded as the pedo-network’s scapegoated fall guy. To save itself, the system went out of its way looking the other way for Dutroux, granting him preferential lax treatment by government, judiciary and law enforcement authorities, never delivering appropriate, fair and just punishment for his kidnapping, raping and probable murder of no doubt far more than the five victims for which he was convicted. As long as the pedo-cabal’s self-preservation benefits by shielding low-end criminals like Dutroux, he remained protected. But once it was no longer feasible or self-serving, in the end, the cabal always throws the lowest hanging rotten fruit under the bus as its scapegoated patsy, the “isolated pervert” as the lead magistrate called him. Boss man Nihoul, with all his high-end connections, was deemed high enough on the food chain, to receive a mere slap on the hand, token punishment. But everyone above him on the predator food chain, members of the inner club and pillars of society, always get a free lifetime pass on their heinous crimes, no matter how despicably vile… such is the law of the pedo-jungle.

During the years immediately following Marc Dutroux’s premature 1992 prison release, the number of children reportedly missing in Belgium began rising significantly, but the nation’s intelligence and security agency (known as BOB, a branch of the Gendarmerie equivalent to America’s FBI) was unable to “develop any solid leads”[32]… total lie because they sat on numerous tipoffs and leads, all leading straight to Marc Dutroux. By 1995, figuring rightly so that he was well-protected by police, pedophile Dutroux had already been busily abducting and raping children for three years, feeding the pedo-machine, supplying ordered flesh and blood commodities on demand for untouchable satanic worshiping slavemasters. Shortly after prison, Dutroux began building cages as holding cells in secret compartments in the basements of his many homes. And it was there in his DIY-made holding tanks that Dutroux would lock girls up and repeatedly rape them as his own defiled objects of sadistic violence. The cabal paid the former electrician and builder turned prolific child abductor-procurer well for his services, at any given time enabling him to reportedly own anywhere from 5 up to near a dozen homes,[33] while enjoying fulltime access to violently raping little girls.

Towards acquisition of his main residence in the Charleroi suburb of Marcinelle, fresh out of prison in 1992, Dutroux plunked down hard cash to acquire the property for twice the amount of the next offer.[34] Nobody gave it a second thought to question how or where the money came from. But be assured, it wasn’t from 3-years of isolation in prison, obviously it was his welcomed return to the crime syndicate for his paid obligation as child procurer within Belgium’s commercial child sex trade. As long as he provided an ongoing fresh supply of on-demand child victims to the nation’s pedo-network, he was golden. Dutroux’s investment in homes and his DIY secret underground prisons built under his multiple properties proved incredibly lucrative in an expanding global child sex slave trade and internet porn.

The ushering in of the computer age created a booming child pornography market and pimping young girls for elite sickos was never more enticingly profitable. Thus by 1995 and 1996, missing Belgian children in the vicinity of Dutroux’s many owned homes proliferated into worldwide Big Business. Yet police were at a loss for leads? What a fucking joke. With kickbacks buying protection in the movement of stolen kiddie flesh, child snuff porn and stolen cars, and a wide open market expanding in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, the sky was the limit. Dutroux is on record having made multiple trips to other European pedo-hotspots like Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.[35]

Among countless unanswered questions in this shocking tragedy that begs illumination is how does an unemployed former electrician and convicted sex offender living off $1,200 a month on welfare subsistence come to reportedly own up to 11 mostly vacant homes in Belgium? Even if, as authorities claim, he was operating as a “lone nut” criminal, which of course we know he wasn’t, there’d be no way possible for him to afford acquiring so many properties at his disposal. With his co-defendant wife on a schoolteacher’s salary, plus his monthly welfare check and supplemental criminal income earned from selling drugs, stolen cars and underage girls, it still doesn’t add up… unless he was financed by a mega-mafia pedo-Establishment with unlimited resources, not unlike the Mossad Epstein operation… just another anomaly among so many in the bogusly false official narrative.

Moreover, lead police investigator Patrick De Baets discovered that since Dutroux’s early prison release in 1992, officially collecting welfare ever since, within just four years Dutroux amassed a relative fortune, his financial worth skyrocketing to an estimated 6 million francs (current USD equivalent making him almost a millionaire), with a sizeable bank account deposit noted after each missing girl from an area near one of his properties disappeared.[36] Yet Belgian security services maintain they had no leads.

On top of the disastrous disgrace that a convicted violent psychopathic serial child rapist-killer that both prison doctors and his mother already expressed grave reservations to setting him loose on society, and an accused sadistic child rapist minister-judge ascending to the European Court overriding their warnings, while always in ownership of more than a half dozen properties, Dutroux then manipulated a psychiatrist to placing him on welfare with a fake disability pension, prescribing him an unlimited drug supply,[37] including the date rape drug Rohypnol used to regularly sedate and rape little girls as well as sedate and bury alive three murder victims.[38] It’s been one protected horror scheme after the next, but the complicit state’s insistence that Dutroux was an isolated perv who never received assistance or protection from any outside source (beyond his wife and one other accomplice) is the most absurd joke that would be totally laughable if it wasn’t so damn pathetically tragic. The nation of Belgium is part of the worldwide mafia pedophilia cabal, just like its neighbors Netherlands and Britain.

This crime cabal set up by the same rich, powerful international pedo-Establishment, is bent on sexual blackmail of prominent puppet politicians around the globe. All three high profile cases – Epstein, Savile and Dutroux, illustrate this sobering reality. After all, how else did an aging, way past-his-prime, mere radio DJ own multiple plush properties, multiple Rolls Royces, lots of flashy gold jewelry and be Britain’s #1 children’s charity fundraising donor and #1 protected pedophile in British history unless he was also #1 child procurer to the rich and famous members of the pedo-cabal? Likewise, how did a college dropout with no clients (other than one Zionist Mega Group billionaire Les Wexner), own four sprawling mansions and a partridge in a pear tree, while overnight turn into a protected multibillionaire himself overnight? Granted, operating on a slightly smaller budgetary scale, Belgian multiple property owner Dutroux also functioned as child procurer for the same international pedo-Establishment. Epstein, Savile and Dutroux were all involved in the shady business of child sexual blackmail, and as such, all three were well-compensated for their child procuring services, and all three were sexual predator-psychopathic pedophiles of the first and worst order, serving the exact same international criminal cabal, feeding children into the elite insatiable jaws of the wicked Luciferian ruling class. Both Epstein and Savile’s celebrity-hood status with super-close ties to heads of state and royalty kept their sorry satanic asses out of prison (not counting Epstein’s overnight Palm Beach sleepovers nor his one-month NYC stint), that’s basically the only real difference between them and Dutroux. If not a serial murderer himself, there’s little doubt that Savile was minimally an accomplice to murders committed by Britain’s most infamous serial killers who, like princes and prime ministers, were his best buddies. So with all three there exists lots of undeniable parallels and connecting ties to the same pedo-mafia bluebloods [aka Anunnaki hybrid descendants] running this world to this day.

Ultimately from 1992 to 1996 when a slew of missing girls sprang up across Belgium, where were the police whose job is to protect and serve the public? When 1300 children disappear in a tiny nation the size of Maryland from 1991 to 1996 and a bunch of missing girls keep turning up in Dutroux’s neighborhoods, police should have immediately checked on all previous convicted abductor-rapists. Dutroux admitted to receiving protection from police and for them not to track this asshole down as soon as underage girls were disappearing since the early 1990s is damaging clear-cut evidence that Dutroux was on the dole receiving complicit protection from law enforcement and judiciary. Dutroux, his crime boss Michel Nihoul and a rogue faction within Belgian law enforcement and gatekeeping judges were clearly in cahoots working criminally together within the flourishing nationwide pedophilia network, all possessing the same despicable habits of getting off on raping, torturing and murdering children. This evidence is irrefutable.

Lending even more solid proof confirming this blistering reality, during the first week of the Dutroux police investigation back in August 1996, one of seven suspects initially rounded up and arrested was senior police inspector Georges Zicot.[39] Dutroux claimed two police officers had helped him and his accomplice Michel Lelievre in August 1995 pounce on his two teenage abductees, An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks in Ostend.[40] Additionally, less than a month after Dutroux’s August 13, 1996 arrest, shortly after police inspector Zicot’s arrest during the earliest phase of the Dutroux investigation, nine fellow police officers were also detained. According to a September 11, 1996 Los Angeles Times article:

The raids were the latest indication that police in the southern city of Charleroi may have helped cover up the alleged crimes of Marc Dutroux.[41]

The fact that Dutroux repeatedly admitted to working with police with so many police officers arrested and detained is extremely telling, strongly indicating they were engaged in criminal partnership, which also explains why Dutroux was so often helped by supposedly faulty police methods and such sloppily applied “gross incompetence.” Even the Washington Post reported that unaccounted for missing children linked to “Dutroux was part of a child-prostitution ring” that “may have enjoyed police protection.”[42]

The fact is, Dutroux and key gatekeepers within the three Belgian police forces were in league together, all operating within the nationwide pedophile ring.[43] So another glaring anomaly that blows the lid off the state’s bogus “lone predator” contention is the fact that according to AP, just two weeks into the initial investigation by late August 1996, police had already rounded up 10 arrested suspects,[44] by October that number had risen to 13.[45] September’s detainment of nine Charleroi police officers on suspicion of criminal complicity in the cover-up and three magistrates brought in for interrogation lends ample credence to Dutroux’s insistence he was part of a much larger pedophile operation protected by state agents.[46] Aside from the main suspect, with a dozen others arrested, it hardly can be called a one-man operation.

While Dutroux was detained in December 1995 on a carjacking charge for three and a half months, the two girls trapped in cages at his Charleroi dungeon were left to die without food, water and electricity through the winter months. Dutroux’s kindergarten schoolteacher wife who worked with children near the same age as the two girls wasting away in her basement, and a mother of three young kids of her own, would daily go to the house to feed their dogs, yet chose not to bother leaving any food for their captive third graders starving to death in their cages below, later telling police in her lame defense that she was “too frightened”[47] that 8-year old “little beasts would attack her.”[48] So she chose to coldly just let them die.

A reminder, inhumanely locking up horrifically abused young traumatized children in cages subjected to systematic torture while being drugged and undergoing trauma-induced dissociative disorder as enslaved mind control victims is the exact same Paperclip/Tavistock derived protocol used en masse by the CIA in its still ongoing MK Ultra Monarch mind control torture programming (See Chapter 9), conjointly used by multiple generation Illuminati families worldwide as well. There is definitely a parallel connection between the CIA mind control-child abduction-pedophilia-torture-murder operation and Belgium and Europe’s quasi-mind control-child abduction-pedophilia-torture-murder operation. It’s all globally interlinked and interconnected, run by the same criminal operators. The totality of this book’s running theme is the recognizable in-our-face fact that a Luciferian agenda to cruelly enslave the masses demonstrates an overwhelming preponderance of proof. Yet the guilty cabal remains criminally intact.

Marc Dutroux shared his twisted wet dream fantasy with his attorney Julien Pierre, who represented him from 1996 to 2003, from his year of arrest right up to the year leading to his long-awaited trial:

Do you realize that no one has ever asked why I chose that house, that region? My idea was to carry out mass kidnappings of children and then to create, in a mine shaft, a sort of underground city where good, harmony and security would prevail.[49]

Why Dutroux chose Charleroi to set up his operation? The economically depressed, post-industrial city in the French Wallonia southern section of Belgium has the reputation as the nation’s mafia headquarters,[50] a natural fit for Dutroux to choose buying up so much property in the region.[51] And regarding his vision of an underground city, he’s not too far off, considering that deep cavernous underground chambers comprising subterranean cities and tunnels have long been part of the Deep State’s black budgeted infrastructure for decades. Deep underground military bases (DUMBs) and cross continental high speed transport systems[52] are covertly paid for by illicit international trade in drug-arms-child sex-human organ trafficking.[53] Nearly all major above ground military installations are equipped with DUMBs, including Area 51 near Las Vegas, Dulce, New Mexico and California’s Edwards Air Force Base. These massive underground military facilities typically include top secret subterranean multi-level platforms used as ultra-secret guarded settings where mind controlled child sex slaves are housed and abused, often permanently kept in cages, and where in so called milabs the elite engage in genetic experimentation, “ET” abduction, mind control torture abuse, satanic ritual abuse and blood sacrifice in today’s hidden underground Luciferian world.[54]

Also Dutroux’s idea to build underground cages and dungeons is a familiar theme in satanic ritual abuse scandals. Recall the Hampstead kids being taken to hidden secret chambers and rooms for abuse, and the McMartin Preschool victims referring to underground tunnels that eventually were proven real. Also recall the reptilian ETs and grays that dwell in subterranean environments. Dutroux’s conceptual grand vision shared with his lawyer is actually already in existence, except his fantasy “where good, harmony and security prevail” is likely the reflection of his own demented, narcissistic world where torture and abuse carried on deep within the safe confines of the underground bring only him and others of his evil ilk “harmony and security.” It is this subterranean domain where the Luciferian pedophilia network commonly partakes of its occult perversions worldwide, harvesting and drinking trauma-induced adrenochrome blood and ritualistically calling for interdimensional demonic possession in these vile hidden sanctuaries as the devil’s playground, no doubt offering a very real sense of security for the predatory, less than human creatures.

Some have even reported that the US Marines and Navy Seals as part of a Pentagon Pedophile Task Force are destroying DUMBs in covert operations to rescue enslaved children, and that the Red Cross vessels like the Mercy docked in LA and the Comfort in the New York City harbor recently were saving and treating trafficked kids emerging from tunnels and DUMBs.[55]

Virtually no media coverage promoting Dutroux as the “lone wacko pedophile” will ever connect dots to either CIA mind control or the elites’ global pedo-network. Highly organized satanic ritual abuse and blood sacrifice globally practiced by Luciferian Illuminati elites often also utilize the heavily guarded sanctity of their countryside manors and castles, including underground tunnels and caverns, to conduct their occult satanic rituals where children are mercilessly tortured and slaughtered. The infamous Chateau des Amerois located in southern Belgium not far from Dutroux’s Charleroi residence is but one prime example.[56] But more on this demonic house of horror shortly.

Just a year after Belgium’s alleged pedophile minister of interior granted Dutroux his get-out-of-jail-card, a decade plus earlier than his original 13.5-year prison sentence, as early as 1993, cops began receiving tips from at least three different sources informing police that Dutroux had attempted to entice them to join his lucrative child abduction enterprise, waving before them a $3000 to $5000 carrot stick price tag per child.[57] In October 1993 Claude Thirault, a tenant from one of Dutroux’s homes, was one day riding in his car when Dutroux suddenly remarked, “There’s a fresh one,” pointing to a very young girl walking down the street. He then boasted of the money to be made, selling girls into sexual slavery abroad as an impromptu recruiting ad.[58] Instead, right afterwards Thirault went straight to the police. Then in early 1995, prior to two 8-year old girls’ June kidnapping, an informant disclosed that Dutroux was building secret compartmental chambers in his basements to imprison abducted girls.[59] In June 1995, Dutroux was sued for illegally widening his basement opening in order to install venting tubes in his dungeon cell.

Though starting in early August 1995 police placed Dutroux under supposed surveillance for five months, law enforcement failed to stop, notice or intervene in his deadly kidnapping operation whatsoever, despite receiving repeated warnings at the same time that an influx of young girls were reported missing near many of his homes. With all this vitally concrete information flooding in, on top of surveilling his premises, it’s unconscionable that he was never even contacted directly or brought in for questioning… almost as if police were going out of their way to protect him, oh yeah, they actually were.

On June 24, 1995 eight-year old friends Julie Lejeune and Melissa Russo went to an overpass bridge near their homes in a Liege suburb to wave at the passing cars below and were never seen by their loved ones again.[60] Dutroux abducted the two young girls and began keeping them hidden in locked cages in his basement dungeon in Charleroi. Their disappearance drew little media attention despite a spiked number of recent missing girls reported in Belgium since Dutroux’s 1992 prison release. Soon after her abduction, little 8-year old Melissa Russo was reportedly sighted at several locations, one in an upstairs room of a seedy Charleroi nightclub where wealthy pedophiles were known to carouse.[61]

After Dutroux kidnapped the 8-year old girls that same month, the original informant Claude Thirault went back to police warning them about Dutroux’s plans to kidnap girls and altering his basement to install prison cells.[62] Several days later the police actually got back to Thirault asking if he had any more “solid evidence” that would legally justify attaining a search warrant. Unbelievable, given his prior criminal record and knowing he was planning to abduct and lock up girls up in his basement, what more do they need for seeking a search warrant? Again, orders of police protection appear more than evident.

Another cruel act of fate working against Melissa and Julie’s survival was the investigative magistrate assigned to their missing persons’ case. A woman whose surname is phonetically pronounced the same as the perpetrator, Judge Martine Doutrewe, was leaving on an extended Italian vacation and not due back till August 9, almost two months after the poor girls’ abduction.[63] Then on top of that, she was suffering from ill heath after surgery, ultimately dying of cancer by 1999 while at that time her husband was facing embezzlement charges of millions of euros. She never got involved with the case, never arranging a wiretap, a search warrant, or an inquiry into Dutroux’s finances, all the while maintaining little to no contact with investigating police. In other words, regarding the welfare of these two tortured, seriously life endangered girls, she was good for nothing. A brutally unkind fate? Failure of a broken system? Or premeditated protection of a known criminal operating within the known larger pedophilia network self-designed to shield the most powerful criminals in the country? Or perhaps combination of all three factors operating together, with the latter seemingly carrying the most weight.

The pedophile ring’s alleged mastermind as organizing host of many of the elite’s rape-torture-blood sacrifice encounters, Michel Nihoul, was a regular patron at a number of his favorite nightclubs where pedophilic activities frequently occurred.[64] One of the girls’ parents hired a private investigator since the police never took the disappearance cases seriously. The PI came up with a profile that the abductor was likely unemployed and very methodical. Given all the known parameters including his prior conviction and current status on the welfare dole, Dutroux was only one of five suspects in the entire small country that perfectly matched the profile.[65] Yet incredibly, even with police watching Dutroux under daily surveillance, they still made no move to even question him. Instead, they report they “had no leads.”

Then on top of all the tipoffs from informants with the camera watching his home, lead investigator Rene Michaux even received a letter from Dutroux’s mother Jeanine Lauwens, explaining that she’d been approached by her son’s frightened neighbors complaining of strange loud noises coming from the basement of her son’s Charleroi residence,[66] the same location where the camera was foolishly turned off every day at 6PM.[67] With convergence of so many trails all leading to this one known repeat offender Marc Dutroux, abducting four girls that summer all being kept at his Charleroi address causing such a neighborhood ruckus, while the child fucker’s doing his damage under the nose of law enforcement officers, they still allowed him to continue abducting yet more girls, committing yet more heinous crimes. In no way can all this insanity simply be written off as police incompetence. By late 1995, it clearly becomes conspiratorial criminal complicity as a clear cut accomplice to abduction, rape and murder, crimes committed by both this obviously well-protected monster, but also the crimes being committed by his and Nihoul’s larger VIP crime syndicate as well.

No doubt emboldened by such overt signs of police protection, less than two months after abducting Julie and Melissa, on assistance from two police officers Dutroux would later acknowledge, on August 22, 1995 he struck again. An Marchal, 17, and Eefje Lambrecks, 19, were enjoying a camping trip at the seaside town of Ostend, about ready to make their way home when kidnapped on their last night on holiday.[68] Dutroux and drug addict accomplice Michel Lelievre, allegedly paid off in drugs, reportedly picked them up hitchhiking at night after they’d been hypnotized earlier that evening onstage attending a magician’s show.[69]

Since Dutroux’s dungeon was already occupied with the 8-year olds, Dutroux elected to chain his latest victims to a bed in one of his rooms at the same Charleroi address. Ostensibly these latest girls were abducted on orders from Dutroux’s crime boss Michel Nihoul. During their relative short stay as raped captives, on August 25, Eefje even managed to climb out the bathroom window and the two teenagers were even seen by neighbors in Dutroux’s garden at one point.[70] For the likely reason that the 17- and 19-year old adolescents were judged too old to be of use to the pedophilia network catering to the elite’s deviant perversion for younger girls, within weeks after they’d been abducted, Dutroux elected to drug and kill them, mercilessly burying them alive after wrapping them up in plastic sheets and disposing them in a hole under a shed at another one of his homes. According to the German publication Der Spiegel:

An and Eefje lived only a few days. They were murdered, burned and buried after their execution was recorded on video.[71]

Less than a week after killing An and Eefje, 14-year old Alexandra Scalon was found in Charleroi-Nord, murdered with a bashed in skull. Charleroi judicial police senior inspector, Georges Zicot, summoned Dutroux to the police station for the “formality” of questioning.[72] Less than a year later, Zicot himself would be arrested as a suspect in the Dutroux case. Two months later in November 1995 a young girl was raped and found with a slashed throat in Obaix. Chloroform had been used, the same substance observed by police in Dutroux’s basement several weeks later.[73] Again, Zicot and Dutroux danced through their familiar routine, without as much as hair and blood analysis required of Dutroux as opposed to Zicot’s two other possible suspects. Without an alibi, the known convicted sex offender’s investigation in this latest crime was terminated, compliments of senior inspector Zicot. See how Charleroi police were under orders to remain in total cahoots with the Dutroux-Nihoul pedo-network? Because the Charleroi police worked in criminal partnership with Dutroux’s auto theft trade,[74] they permitted his movement of stolen children supplying the elite to slide as well, acting as enablers and some as child rapists themselves within the widespread criminal network.[75]

One honest prosecutor in Michel Bourlet found the Obaix rape victim’s hair inside a car belonging to Dutroux’s accomplice Bernard Weinstein and reopened the case, noting the obvious:

The necessary things were not done here deliberately.[76]

So Dutroux was extremely well-protected with assistance from both the Charleroi judicial police as well as the Charleroi Gendarmerie BOB security service branch and top cops in Brussels.[77] Speaking of which, assigned BOB’s lead detective, René Michaux, supposedly had Dutroux and his Marcinelle residence under surveillance for five months during Operation Othello throughout his entire crime spree, from August 10, 1995 to January 1996.[78] But due to the camera set up for only daytime business hours, failing to detect Dutroux’s nocturnal criminal activities, under the cover of night when criminals are most active, police failed to notice two more kidnapped girls brought into the home on the night of August 23, 1995.[79] And then a couple weeks later the teenage girls were taken out of the home to another Dutroux address and brutally murdered, all under the blind “look the other way” eye of Belgium’s security services led by its fearless leader Rene Michaux. While Dutroux’s homicide victims were coming and going, so was the nation’s top intelligence agency, entering and inspecting the Dutroux home three different times, yet yielding zero results other than four dead girls. During Operation Othello, Dutroux was allowed to execute 4 minors and an adult accomplice in Bernard Weinstein. And the citizens of Belgium and world are supposed to actually believe this unfolding tragedy was simply the result of a bunch of bungling cops? The official narrative falls to pieces under the spotlight of these alarming known facts.

But there’s more. After Dutroux was jailed for car theft in early December 1995, Detective Michaux and a locksmith even located the secret entrance to the Charleroi home basement in search of Dutroux’s homemade dungeon that at the time was still holding the two missing 8-year olds that informants and Dutroux’s mother had already clued police in on. Both Michaux and the locksmith distinctly heard muffled girls’ cries for help. According to the locksmith’s testimony:

I remember almost nothing of the house search, except one thing: when I went down with Rene Michaux and handed him a searchlight, we both clearly heard two children’s voices. Of two little girls. One said three or four words, the other briefly answered; one word of one syllable. It lasted a few seconds. At that moment, a colleague of Michaux came running down the stairs making a lot of noise. Michaux shouted: ‘Tais-toi – Silence!’ We heard nothing after that anymore.[80]

No doubt following orders to sabotage the case, the lead detective’s demand for “Silence!” effectively silenced the hapless, ill-fated girls to their death, and Michaux stubbornly insisted the voices must have come from outside. Though the accompanying locksmith vehemently disagreed, in an Inspector Clouseau-like moment, the annoyed investigator turned to him and retorted, “Who’s doing the investigation here?”[81] Later during his trial testimony, Michaux would maintain that he was certain that the noises had come from the children playing outside that he bogusly claimed to observe upon entering the residence. But the locksmith who was with the police inspector the whole time emphatically insisted that it was in the middle of the week during school hours and that there were clearly no children present outside playing upon their arrival. The lame dick’s excuse trying to cover his own lying ass backfired, thanks to the headstrong testimony of the locksmith.

Despite knowing Dutroux’s basement had been recently renovated constructing his hidden dungeon, Inspector Michaux failed to notice that one of the walls looked newer in contrast to the three other older walls, which covered up the L-shape dug out underground for additional cell space where their cries for help were just several feet away from them on the other side of the wall.[82] Nor did the dumb fuck inspector apparently make anything of the vaginal cream, the speculum, handcuffs, chloroform and two videotapes, one labeled a program about missing children and another containing footage of Dutroux raping a 14-year old girl and him actually building his bookshelf latch-way to his dungeon. They were returned to Dutroux’s wife after never ever having even been looked at – which is too hard to believe.

Michaux’s failure and seemingly calculated refusal to take any appropriate action or follow up during his team’s home inspections on December 13 and 17 led directly to the two horribly abused, innocent young girls’ tragic slow deaths by starvation and the abusive lifelong trauma of two more kidnapped victims to come in 1996. For responding as he did and knowing more than he ever let on, Detective Michaux and the entire BOB agency and judicial police both deserve to be charged as accomplices to murder. Instead, no doubt for being such an obedient order following police patsy, after the Dutroux case, Michaux was transferred to the Brussels federal judiciary police and rewarded as police commissioner.[83] This is so typical of critical cabal players who do what they’re told instead of what’s morally and legally mandated, they always get rewarded. Just ask Queen Elizabeth and all her child raping knights. Commissioner Michaux didn’t last long though, perhaps possessing a guilty conscience, admittedly haunted the rest of his life, dying at only age 55 in January 2009 from bowel cancer, poisoned by too much bullshit compacting the cruddy system. In contrast, guilt-free, true psychopaths generally live much longer lifespans free of a burdened conscience.

Ultimately the police searched Dutroux’s home on three separate occasions,[84] and police records report that during another inspection, when the girls again were heard screaming for their lives, the devious brain of the psychopath Dutroux convinced “gullible” police officers it was just his kids playing outdoors, straight from the same “look the other way” script Michaux followed.[85] From an Independent article in September 1998:

When officers went to Dutroux’s home to arrest him for car theft in the autumn of 1995, they heard children screaming but accepted Dutroux’s word that it was the voices of his own girls playing.[86]

So armed with multiple tipoffs that a convicted serial child rapist was keeping kidnapped children in his DIY dungeon basement, the cops simply swallowed the criminal’s made-up lie, rather than inquire further in what was clear evidence he was hiding imprisoned young rape victims within his home. Again, we’re supposed to believe this was just simply more honest stupidity on the part of law enforcement professionals? Totally unacceptable and totally unbelievable. The truth is Belgium’s Establishment had all of its robotic puppets lined up, compulsively playing out their criminal “dumb-fuck” roles in order for the cabal to save itself from total disgrace and scandalous downfall as a nation led and controlled by a bunch of sadistic, child sodomizing, coldblooded, murdering psychopaths that run this entire world.

All the facts clearly indicate that this is what was really going on. It’s the exact same story in every nation – Britain, America, Canada, Australia, all of Europe and beyond, all controlled by the same child fucking cabal. 35 chapters into this demonic shit exposing the human scourge, tearing at the soul of humanity, is more than enough ugly proof to force all good people on this planet to rise up from their complicit passivity and dumbed down impotence to become active doers for a change, demanding that we as a human species take decisive action now to finally begin protecting our children and hold the guilty savages at the top accountable once and for all. No person or thing is above the law when it comes to harming and abusing defenseless children. There is nothing more black and white than this, it should be the great uniter of all humanity. The fuckers at the top can’t keep getting away with this shit forever!

A South African periodical wrote how months later when one of the girl’s parents went into the cell:

They noticed that one of the girls had managed to scribble a last word on the wall with her nails in the slow moments before death. One of the journalists covering the case said that one of the most moving moments he experienced was when he saw the parents hutched down together holding hands in that horrific cell, in tears.[87]

Years later in June 1999 it surfaced that police had confiscated hundreds of videotapes from the Dutroux residence that again included him and other infamous pedophiles captured on film raping girls as well as footage of him caught in the act building his makeshift cellar dungeon.[88] This confiscated key video in question, filmed by Dutroux’s wife Michelle Martin and so critically important in saving two lives, had been in police possession since December 1995, while Dutroux was detained on his carjacking charge and the two 8-year old girls were still alive. Growing weaker by the day, yet they were still able to muster loud enough desperate cries for help to be heard twice by police. That law enforcement had already been tipped off repeatedly that missing girls were being held captive in Dutroux’s basement, yet when actually hearing them literally screaming for their lives, it fell on deaf ears two times in a row, is unconscionable and heartbreakingly tragic.

By early November 1996, not long after Dutroux’s final arrest in August, the press reported that police admitted that Dutroux and company made more than 300 videotapes capturing his and others’ heinous activity, providing conclusive evidence that the videos were mass marketed as child snuff pornography for profit. After a tenth suspect was arrested in late August 1996, an AP headline even called Dutroux’s criminal enterprise a “child pornography ring.”[89] And within the week, a Chicago Tribune article specified that Dutroux “lived mostly from the sale of pornographic videos,” adding:

Police say Dutroux forced the girls to perform sexual acts in front of his camera and then sold the videocassettes to other pedophiles.[90]

Yet in the months, years and decades to follow, not a word was heard from either authorities or MSM about Dutroux ever belonging to a pedophile ring or wider network again, and suddenly all those 23 detained and arrested suspects less than a month after Dutroux’s incarceration,[91] apparently vanished as once the cabal’s handpicked Magistrate Jacques Langlois took over investigating (code word for covering up) the case in October 1996, the official narrative pushed ever since right up to today is that Dutroux operated as an “isolated pervert.”[92] Agreed, he was a pervert, but never isolated nor ever acted alone.

Dutroux had Jean Michel Nihoul and his royal ties to the crème de la crème of Belgian society behind him. The notorious Belgian gangster Michel Nihoul counted among his closest friends not just Belgium’s fascist Bilderberger-Le Cercle circle of friends of prime ministers and princes he regularly partied with [underage girls and boys to rape and murder for fun], but he was also in tight with founding CIA member-right wing reactionary-US General John Singlaub and the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon,[93] bizarre cult leader and fascist right wing Bush family ally.[94] Nihoul and his Belgium friends led directly to the Col. Oliver North-Iran Contra-Bush-AmeriCares-pedo-connection that in turn led to the Franklin scandal (See Chapters 5 and 13). By indelibly connected dots, Belgium’s elite pedo-scandal links to the pedo-trafficking network scandals across the globe.[95] Needless to say, this inconvenient thread of rotten worldwide truth never saw the light of day during the lengthy, stretched out Judge Langlois phase from 1996 to 2004 of the shadowy Dutroux “affair.”

Add the internet snuff-torture-rape child pornography angle in which Dutroux and company cultivated a significant role, even picked up by Newsweek as yet another loose end liability in a March 2001 issue:

A number of recent cases illustrate how global these networks are. When authorities last year took down a child-porn Web site run by Wayne Camolli in Palm Beach, Fla. [no doubt crime-related to Palm Beach neighbor Jeffrey], they were acting on a tip from Belgian police. They found that confederates of the notorious Belgian pedophile Marc Dutroux had sent pornography to Camolli, who was later sentenced to 16 months in federal prison after being convicted on one count of transmitting child porn. In Dutroux’s dungeon-equipped house, police had found 500 videotapes, many depicting the rape of children, according to Belgian police investigative files obtained by Newsweek.[96]

So it’s not just 300 videotapes as reported by CNN, The New York Times and lamestream media,[97] but at 500 tapes, nearly twice as much graphically depicting Dutroux et al raping little girls, and that count was just his in-house inventory, not the thousands, if not millions of uploaded images and file footage on the internet dark web or worldwide distribution of videotapes. Per the aangirfan website:

The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux’s house, in 1996, unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies. [98]

The near buried fact that Liege Prosecutor General Anne Thily, her boss in the Ministry of Justice, the Belgian prime minister and Belgian King Albert II all ensured virtually complete suppression of the massive amount of evidence linking the Marc Dutroux-Michel Nihoul pedophilia operation to the worldwide child pornography web and the global child sex trafficking network is irrefutable. To keep the lid sealed from public exposure, as in every scandal, dozens of key witnesses have been murdered. Those individuals will be covered later.

The child pornography rabbit hole led directly to computer hard drives found in an apartment in Zandvoort, Netherlands, a sleepy North Sea coast town after the apartment owner German child pornographer Gerrit Ulrich was shot and killed by his 24-year old Belgian lover Robbie van der Plancken in Italy in June 1998.[99] Had a top employee at the Dutch Justice Ministry not just been busted for downloading large files on his work computer, perhaps this case would never have drawn international media attention from the likes of AP and Reuters.[100] But the real story remained concealed by Rothschild owned mainstream media.

The Zandvoort scandal was the largest internet bust of its time, with Gerrit Ulrich’s computers and diskettes alleged to contain 88,539 photos and video files depicting the most horrific snuff and torture images and footage ever found.[101] Additionally, a who’s who contact list was discovered of the biggest child porn gangsters including Warwick Spinks, notorious German Lothar Glandolf and the Belgian contingent Nihoul-Dutroux.[102]

This international Dutch porn operation was broken up because of a meeting between 23-year old Belgian Robbie van der Plancken, forced at age 14 into child prostitution, and 46-year old Belgian Marcel Vervloesem, founder of Morkhoven, an anti-child pornography NGO. Plancken had expressed interest in getting out of the porn racket and the two Belgians met up at a Dutch café in 1998 in Vandvoort. Unbeknownst to Plancken, incognito Morkhoven members observed 49-year old child pornographer Gerrit Ulrich from the shadows taking photos of the meeting. Vervloesem and Ulrich were later formally introduced and Ulrich came to view Morkhoven as a future aid reducing a potential prison sentence if arrested.

The next time Marcel heard from Ulrich a few days later, he was on the road calling from Lyons, France, claiming he and Robbie embarked on a motorcycle holiday to Italy. In that phone conversation, Ulrich shared that under his Zandvoort apartment floorboards was a large cache of his child porn collection on CD-Roms. In Pisa, Italy Robbie Plancken then allegedly murdered Ulrich, though he claimed it was an accident. When word of Ulrich’s death got back to Vervloesem, while Italian authorities were in process of arresting Plancken, Marcel Vervloesem contacted police regarding the porn stash. Plancken wound up serving 10 years of a 15-year sentence behind bars in Italy.[103] Back in Zandvoort, Marcel joined Ulrich’s sister-in-law and her friend to meet police at Ulrich’s apartment where he led then to the stored child pornography. While police seemed hardly to react, the three agreed to meet at the apartment the following day. But upon arrival, the police rushed in to make arrests. Ultimately, ever-so-briefly, Marcel Vervloesem was credited with uncovering the huge porn bust with international tentacles, but ultimately it cost him his life. Despite cooperating with Dutch law enforcement and making contact with Belgian authorities for follow up action to aggressively pursue the child pornography criminals network, the Belgium attorney generals went after Vervloesem for possession of the massive child porn material.

A scandal within a scandal was quickly covered up when another child victim turned transvestite prostitute surfaced, encouraged by Marcel, in February 2001 Robert Jan Van Warmerdam confessed to police that as a minor he had been forced to participate in the killing of a 13-year old boy believed to be abducted German Manuel Schadwald in a snuff film made in a sado-masochism snuff studio in Amsterdam.[104] Robert also stated that he observed Marc Dutroux showing up at that studio, owned by Didier Pellerin, a transvestite dominatrix known as Mistress Roxanne. Warmerdam also stated that “Mistress Roxanne” hired Nihoul’s wife Marleen de Cokere as an employee at one of Pellerin’s two snuff film studios. Didier Pellerin who was born in 1959 also frequented Nihoul’s favorite sex club The Dolo. Yet this troubling testimony was buried by authorities in the interest of protecting Nihoul, his two female companions, his marital partners-in-crime Annie Bouty and Marleen De Cokere, as well as De Cokere’s onetime employer and mutual friend, Miss Roxanne. Essentially, the legal authorities destroyed the messenger in order to protect the satanic royal political child torture-murder network.

When Marcel Vervloesem uncovers the biggest child porn online scandal on record, neither Belgium nor Netherlands wanted to investigate perps doing the most egregious sick shit to little children. Instead, the Belgian authorities prosecuted the anti-child porn advocate Vervloesem while protecting some of the worst scum on earth. The Zandvoort File remains an unspeakable hot potato that the justice ministries and royal families in Belgium and Holland want no part of.[105] Because Zandvoort exposes Belgian-Dutch complicity in the wake of the Dutroux scandal that in turn exposes black nobility bloodlines and blackmailed political puppets in both nations, the man who exposed the Zandvoot Pandora’s box – Marcel Vervloesem, had to mercilessly be put down. As mentioned, assassination is the elite’s primary weapon, be it by murder or suicide(d) death, harassment and/or character assassination. Weaponized media[106] and the judiciary regularly attack threats determined to expose the international mafia pedo-cabal. During the final decade of Marcel’s life, he was relentlessly targeted with phony trumped up charges that repeatedly sent him to solitary prison confinement. Willfully failing to treat his medical issues ultimately led directly to Vervloesem’s death at age 65 in 2008. The state committed premeditated murder and got away with it.

In August 1996, Dutroux, Nihoul, Annie Bouty and Marleen De Cokere were all arrested, though Bouty and De Cokere were released shortly and never prosecuted while Nihoul was released after five months. In October 1996, police briefly questioned Didier Pellerin but nothing came of it. While Marcel Vervloesem signed a deal to cooperate by providing Vandvoort evidence for Neufchateau Prosecutor Michel Bourlet, ultimately Marcel was betrayed by Belgium prosecutors that attempted to make him the Vandvoort villain.[107] Bourlet responded that he had his hands full already with the Dutroux case and couldn’t look into the massive Vandvoort evidence while two other Belgian prosecutors from other districts made bogus charges and imprisoned Marcel till he died. While Belgium was super lenient in protecting ringleader Nihoul and completely let all his accomplices off – Bouty, De Cokere and Pellerin, with a free pass for their part in the child slave snuff trade, in contrast it aggressively persecuted Marcel Vervloesem to death for his righteous part in uncovering the mafia cabal. Everything’s rigged and reversed in Lucifer’s world.

Fact – the scourge that was exploding technologically on the world wide web stage back in Holland during the late 1990s had tentacles leading straight to the Nihoul Belgian operation. Similarly, recall how protected British snuff peddling child porn kingpin Warwick Spinks (See Chapter 24), headquartered for years in pedo-paradise Amsterdam,[108] prior to the violent fugitive’s allowed escape back to his Eastern European pedo-paradise Prague in 2014.[109] Because their grotesquely dark criminal products portraying children as young as toddlers bloodily tortured, adrenochrome harvested and systematically sacrificed for profit at huge market value as entertainment consumption by so called pillars of our society – kings, queens, princes, prime ministers and presidents – monsters like Warwick Spinks and Nihoul et al are allowed their freedom as pedo-pillars continue pillaging our planet and kids, while courageous victims, witnesses and truth tellers are criminally silenced by any and all means necessary, the singular theme played out ad nauseam throughout this entire pedo-chronology.

International pedo-web child procurer and snuff-child porn peddler-contributing distributor Marc Dutroux was hardly a “small fish” as his defense lawyer dubbed him, but the key point is he was an integral part of the burgeoning child porn industry bursting across the worldwide web network, commercially exploiting while committing unthinkable violent acts against children within this illicitly protected mega-billion dollar organized crime industry. This industry includes abduction, trafficking, rape, torture and murder of millions of kids each year, growing bigger all the time, operated and protected by the global crime cabal mafia.

Once the honest Judge Jean-Mark Connerotte was pushed out as investigative magistrate in the Dutroux case by October 14, 1996, no more references were officially made to a child pornography or child prostitution ring again in Belgium. His replacement Magistrate Jacques Langlois “influenced” both police and media to try and convince an acutely distrusting cynical public to buy into the con job that only through human error of police negligence and gross inefficiency, Dutroux escaped justice for so long. The bitter pill we’re supposed to swallow from the “Dutroux Affair” is that law enforcement failed to watch any of the 500 confiscated videotapes or countless computer files to notice Dutroux captured on film building his cages and basement jail cells that, had police done its rudimentary job, would’ve quickly led directly to saving two terrified, starving-to-death 8-year old girls. With Magistrate Connerotte on the verge of exposing the VIP pedophilia network wide open, Belgium’s cover-up captains of the rape-torture-murder porn industry – Belgium’s Supreme Court, Prosecutor General Anne Thily and her newly installed “investigative” Magistrate Jacques Langlois buried and silenced the truth. In October 1996 The New York Times specified that:

Mr. Connerotte was on the verge of disclosing the names of senior government officials who had been recognized on confiscated videotapes.[110]

An important June 1999 Guardian article would have us believe that police were busy watching, criminally tampering with and censoring videotape evidence before handing it over to the judicial investigators and prosecutors:

The force admitted that it had held on to the footage for nearly four years without passing it to the judges investigating the country’s paedophile ring. Prosecutors were given copies of the tape earlier in their inquiry with the vital scene [of Dutroux building his secret jail cell], and footage of Dutroux sexually assaulting a woman, edited out.[111]

So who were these cops working for? Obviously operating to protect their master – the pedo-cabal mafia. But how can police claim they never viewed the videos when the videotape(s) handed to the prosecution team had the most significant crime scene conspicuously censored? And why would police edit out such crucial, potentially life-saving evidence so that the judge and prosecutors never see it, unless their agenda was to sabotage the case altogether, helping protect Dutroux and Nihoul’s high-end friends get away with murder? Once Langlois was on the scene, cherry-picked, newly assigned dirty cops were also dispatched to be in synch on the same criminal cover-up team that all answer to the same Luciferian masters. That same highly revealing article states that the police feebly claimed that they never actually took the time to properly check the hundreds of confiscated videos out, yet they apparently took time to edit out the most important critical piece of all that would’ve saved lives.

You can’t have it both ways. Law enforcement’s version of events remains highly contradictory, highly implausible, and highly suspect. The plethora of anomalies are totally illogical and only make sense if police were desperately, intentionally protecting Dutroux, or not so much Dutroux as Belgium’s VIP pedo-web kingdom. The media conveniently passed off Dutroux slipping through so many police security nets for so many years as simply gross police incompetence, combined with institutional competition and petty rivalry between three enormously dysfunctional police forces.[112] Talk about half truths hiding the bigger whole truth so help them Lucifer. The never-ending lies and desperation of the international pedo-crime cabal are an insult to our human intelligence, at least those of us not so dumbed down to retain at least half a brain.

As a result of the flagrant criminality of Belgium Establishment executing its blatantly over-the-top criminal cover-up, intense public pressure steadily built up advocating criminal justice and police reform, as if electing to eliminate the third bureaucratic law enforcement wheel in 1998 to go into effect in 2000 would automatically remove the butting heads dynamic between local and federal police agencies, or bigger problem of rotten-to-the-core corruption therein.[113] Obviously it goes much deeper and far more sinister than either the police or MSM’s flimsy explanations of what went wrong in Belgium, especially when the bottom line is senior police officials in charge of the investigation along with gatekeeping judges were both specifically identified and named as sexual perpetrators and murderers in this elite pedophile network by multiple victims.[114] All the most powerful players in this Belgian pedo-club specifically named by their victims have yet to be brought to justice, and likely never will. Yet we know who they are and will be covered further along in this chapter.

But the bottom line reality is dirty cops and corrupt judges are always at the perverted core of every pedophilia cover-up and security services’ coordinated and controlled sexual blackmail operation. Superficial reform cannot ever begin to change the deep rot within soulless Luciferian controllers bent on retaining status quo power in their international crime cabal mafia. That’s what the global pedo-network is, it’s an out of control mafia syndicate and only until it’s fully exposed to the public can fundamental change even begin to ever take place.

An informed and educated citizenry facilitates sufficient empowerment to directly challenge the entrenched historical agenda of the cabal mafia lawlessly committing crimes against children [and humanity] with neither consequence nor accountability. The broken usury debtor enslavement system that enables and rewards corruption and control must be completely overhauled, essentially blown up and destroyed, and with the current global economic system in freefall collapse right now from the engineered scamdemic, the opportunity for implementing the necessary major change is finally upon us… for starters providing a jubilee on all earthly debt and a global financial reset to boot.

Prosecute and lock up the top genocidal killers, strip all their resources and humanity can finally stop this child holocaust and human slavery now unprecedentedly raging across our planet, and have the resources to end poverty, hunger, impoverishment and austerity forever. All that’s necessary is simply enforcement of existing criminal laws. The will of the people backed up by the authoritative teeth wielded by honest, constitutionally-minded and motivated legal representatives, facilitating truth and reconciliation commissions and legal proceedings in legitimate courts of law will ultimately bring truth and justice to lifelong criminals from the elite class as well as millions of their abuse victims. It’s never been done before, but now more than any other time in human history, this first is long overdue.

Dutroux made the bogus claim that upon release from prison on March 20, 1996 for car theft charges, after near four months, he rushed back home to his cellar dungeon to find a pair of emaciated girls still clinging to life, but upon arrival, melodramatically they died in his arms. The examination of the two victims’ bodies showed that one of the girls, Melissa Russo, had been repeatedly raped just two weeks before she died.[115] But Dutroux was still in jail at the time, proving it was more than a one-man operation. It’s been reported that no forensic DNA tests were ever conducted to even determine the possible identity of additional abusers while Dutroux was in custody, since that would obliterate legal authorities’ insistence that Dutroux acted alone.[116] Dutroux’s attorney, Xavier Magnee, asserted during the trial that some 6,000 hair samples found in the basement dungeon where the two eight year olds starved to death revealed up to 25 “unknown” DNA profiles, concluding:

There were people in that cellar that are not now accused.[117]

This confirms that while Dutroux wasn’t even there during his near four-month absence from December 1995 to March 1996, in all likelihood, others were coming and going, also raping the little girls who at the time, without food or water, were growing weaker by the day and week. Yet the state blindly remained in complete denial of this blatant truth.

Another damaging claim made by attorney Magnee is his contention that the state withheld critical evidence of the satanic cult Abrasax’s involvement.[118] The Dutroux lawyer stated that inquiries were not pursued in order to protect the identities of VIP satanic practitioners. The defendant’s attorney called his client a “small fish” working within a much wider network with links to the police.[119] Though by no stretch of imagination is Dutroux a victim in spite of declaring himself one, there is a degree of truth in his statement that he was “a puppet in a show trial,” and loads of truth asserting he had to be put away to “hide the truth” and serve the interests of “organized corruption.”[120] He also insisted that only 10% of the case had actually been investigated, asking why the independent police team was removed and why clues and leads were never properly followed up. The answer is simple, had they, it would have proven the existence of a much larger criminal web.

The Guardian alluded:

Many Belgians seem resigned to the fact that much about this story may never be known.[121]

The article closed with a statement from one of the murdered girl’s grandfathers:

I think we will never have the truth.

Full truth, maybe not. But enough of the truth to know the bigger picture, most definitely. Plenty has already been documented in the three journalists Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, Annemie Bulté and Douglas De Coninck’s 1999 exposé The X-Dossiers, based primarily on victim-witness testimony published a half decade ahead of the show trial.[122] Their accounts maintain repeated reference to satanic ritual abuse, torture and sacrifice that is also further supported by the majority of scandals already presented in this book, all involving members of the world’s aristocratic and political elite, particularly from European black nobility bloodlines like the Windsors and Rothschilds, all belonging to the same worldwide Luciferian death cult (i.e., Illuminati, Freemasonry, Red Garter, Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Opus Dei) where secret occult rituals involving blood sacrifice of children are typically held in castles and estates throughout Europe (and world), especially black masses on satanic holidays. No surprise or accident that abuse survivor Regina Louf, known as X1 in the X-Files, and a number of other X numbered victim-witnesses independently make these same corroborative allegations against the same high powered members of this Belgium pedophilia network. And it bears repeating that a country of little more than 11 million people had 1,300 missing children cases reported from 1991 to 1996 alone,[123] with the demonic appetite for small children sacrificed by this satanic death cult nothing short of compulsive and voracious.

Regina Louf provided testimony as a witness of several girls’ murders, providing details that helped solve missing persons’ cases. In the early 1990s when Regina was in her 20s and married with children, pimp Tony vanden Bogaert[124] wanted to make sure she would never go to the police and talk. So he forced her to participate in the killing of 15-year old Katrien de Cuyper, sacrificed in a snuff scene at Castle Kattenhof. Just to let her know he still owned her, between 1990 and 1995, well over a dozen times, the pimp transported Regina to this particular crime scene castle until her mid-20s.[125] The inhumane agony and torture of her trapped imprisonment grew intolerable, so despite countless death threats toward her and her immediate family should she ever report mafia network crimes to police, through a friend in 1994 Regina was in contact with gendarmerie officers to make a statement:

In 1994, Regina indirectly contacted the gendarmerie/police after Tony had threatened her at her new home. The two inspectors that went to visit her at her home, told they know something was going on, but were not willing to burn their fingers. That was the end of it.[126]

So even prior to Dutroux’s arrest, police refused to get involved, knowing full well the dangerously high stakes of their corrupt mafia system, and what happens to those who try to uncover it. Then two years later came the 1996 arrest of Dutroux and Nihoul, and her close friend coaxed her to respond to Magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte’s open call request for information from available witnesses at large.

Providing witness testimony as X1, the first to bravely come forward, Regina was presented with police photos of missing girls and pointed out 15-year old Katrien de Cuyper, who disappeared the evening of December 17, 1991, seven months later found dead near the Antwerp harbor docks on June 19, 1992. Regina explained to police in 1997 that her pimp Tony vanden Bogaert brought her to the castle where Katrien was murdered. Because Regina had been to this same location 15 to 20 times, her description of the crime scene was detailed enough for police investigators to trace it to the Castle Kattenhof just northeast of Antwerp, belonging to a Belgian family of nobility – the de Caters.[127] Cercle de Wallonië member Patrick de Caters along with uncles and cousins own the castle. Castles are typically a convenient venue for either pure diabolical sex and death lust or more formalized satanic ritual abuse topped off by eyes wide shut blood sacrifice. Regina Louf identified Michel Nihoul as the primary organizer of most of these events where she was forced to witness several murders of her fellow sex slaves. But this one proved even more traumatic.

Regina stated that a janitor’s quarters on the sprawling property doubled as a makeshift snuff studio where she maintained that she was forced to kill Katrien de Cuyper. Because Regina’s testimony implicated so many powerful pedophiles atop the government, it was never believed by corrupt authorities determined to cover-up the nationwide network. Those pedophiles who were present that allegedly forced Regina to kill her peer were Michel Nihoul and Anne Bouty,[128] his former companion and a disbarred lawyer who regularly accompanied the ringleader at sex orgies. According to Regina, others present during the snuff killing included Count Leopold Lippens,[129] the current 78-year old still mayor of Regina’s hometown, the coastal municipality of Knokke-Heist.[130] Leopold’s brother Count Maurice Lippens was a Bilderberger and the Lippens brothers have been described by multiple witnesses as vicious pedophiles involved in the snuff movies.[131] Regina stated that ex-attorney and longtime abuser Michel Vander Elst also witnessed the killing inside the castle janitor’s home.[132] As another pedo-party regular, Vander Elst became an infamous member of the Haemers gang responsible for the fake kidnapping of former Belgian prime minister and notorious fellow pedophile friend Paul Vanden Boeynants. Vender Elst was sentenced to 8 years in prison for his complicity in the kidnapping but also testified at the Dutroux-Nihoul trial, providing a likely false alibi for Nihoul’s acquittal in the Laeticia Delhez abduction.[133] Vander Elst also assisted Nihoul in establishing a shady offshore shell company as a tax haven that ran afoul causing Nihoul to run up a debt of over a million dollars in unpaid taxes.

Among the most widely read mainstream newspapers in Britain, the Sunday Times, in December 1996 just ahead of Belgium imposing major censorship and official “lone wacko” narrative monopolizing all further coverage of the Dutroux “affair,” the explosive Times headline read “Satanic Links to Belgian Murder Trial,” opening with the following shocking revelation:

Satanic sects involved in bizarre rites including human sacrifice are being linked by Belgian police with this summer’s string of grisly paedophile murders in which at least four children died. Five witnesses came forward last week and described how black masses were held, at which children were killed in front of audiences said to have included prominent members of Belgian society. One investigator said it was ‘like going back to the Middle Ages.’[134]

This revealing, sensationalizing yet accurate piece goes on to assert that Belgium’s highly organized satanic pedo-network possesses tentacles extending across its borders to the Netherlands and Germany all the way to America. Brave victim-witnesses like Regina Louf and others receiving death threats explained in their X-File police dossier that sacrificed babies were voluntarily handed over to the powerful death cult for money while other children used in blood sacrifice rituals were abducted.[135] Recall in Chapter 31 the satanic ceremonial operation of trafficked infants smuggled in from foreign countries having their throats slashed by the Hampstead Luciferian cult that also held rituals in secret specially built rooms. Similar if not identical mind control-sexual torture-murder sacrifice is/was being practiced the world over. X-Dossier witnesses independently confirmed that photographs were taken of ritual participants, accompanied by threats that if police were contacted, the incriminating photos would be handed over to law enforcement. Again, this is consistent with accounts that the Belgian pedophile web was a sexual blackmail operation with heavy police and security forces involvement.

The Satanic Order of Abrasax that Dutroux’s attorney Magnee accused of participating in the crimes, is headquartered in the village Forchies-la-Marche, within very close proximity to Dutroux’s own southern Belgium city Charleroi, each located not far from both the shared border with France and Luxembourg. On December 21, 1996 the police raided the Abrasax compound and reportedly removed human skulls and other artifacts used in black magic rituals.[136] The raid of the satanic headquarters was prompted by a recovered letter found in the personal effects of the home of Dutroux’s accomplice, Frenchman Bernard Weinstein, who Dutroux admitted to killing. His body was found having been drugged and buried alive next to the two eight-year old victims at another of Dutroux’s properties in the town of Sars La Buissiere, southwest of Charleroi. The undated letter from Abrasax addressed to Bernard was:

Asking him to remind someone else that a special ceremony was approaching and to remember a ‘special gift.’[137]

Der Spiegel added this information that apparently was sent with Weinstein’s above reminder request:

Attached was a sort of order form for 17 people between the ages of 2 and 20 who were used for anal, oral and vaginal sexual practices.[138] 

The personal note was signed “Anubis,” an ancient Egyptian god represented by the Abrasax sect’s priest the now deceased Francis Desmet, and obviously the term “special gift” refers to abducted children to be used in sacrificial ritual. Also recovered in the police raid was an Abrasax document providing a rundown specifying age and gender requirements of blood sacrifice victims according to the particular satanic holiday.[139] The police raid was timed on the evening of the 1996 winter solstice, normally a black mass holiday, but the building was quiet and no further incriminating evidence was known to have resulted from any police efforts to connect Dutroux crimes to Abrasax. However, on the day before the raid, a witness observed:

On December 20, 1996 a moving van with the Museum of the Royal Arts of Brussels printed on it with six men and one woman made two trips back and forth to the Abrasax building, each time hauling out filled cartons of materials, as if the satanic temple had been tipped off that a police raid was eminently forthcoming the next day.[140] An added piece to this puzzle is four Chaleroi police officers were Abrasax members, one even the satanic cult’s treasurer[141] as the likely source providing Abrasax with advance notice. Just hours before the planned raid, the named witness actually went to police on December 21 to report the strange occurrence from the day before. Despite a police record made of the reporting, apparently the police never followed up on this crucial information. That would explain why the raid turned out a fruitlessly wasted effort that only made police look bad. With Judge Langlois at the helm, tasked with official cover-up of the wider satanic network, this dead-end outcome may have been a planned ruse by design, offering plausible deniability since never again was there further probing into any satanic connection.

Another revealing twist – among the most notorious known members of this satanic Abrasax cult, and a close friend of its priest and priestess, is one Armand van Ghyseghem, a purported Belgian businessman apparently with political connections protecting his known criminal habits.[142] His employee filed a police report on record that states Ghyseghem told him that he regularly has sex with five-year old “little girls locked up in iron cages.”[143] Of course police were already aware of abducted children in hidden cages at Dutroux’s house in Charleroi not far away. Ghyseghem was also known to brag about his sexual exploits with underage girls in Thailand and the police report states that he was actively involved in trafficking girls from Thailand to Belgium. He was reportedly also a friend of the notorious John Stamford, the British defrocked priest who founded Spartacus International, a pedophile publication promoting pedo-tourism in nations like Thailand (See Chapter 24). Three witnesses actually made police statements outing this alleged protected pedophile.

The Sunday Times article also stated:

Police have long suspected that Dutroux, a convicted paedophile, was part of an international network which abducted children, sexually abused them and then killed them. Their activities appear to have been financed by the sale of pornographic videos filmed by members of the ring.[144]

This is obviously not the workings of an “isolated pervert” at all, unlike the lies of Liege Prosecutor General Anne Thily, the provincial judicial boss overseeing Judge Langlois’ cover-up operation. The Sunday Times mentioned a Belgian paper publishing an article just the day before in December 1996 that stated:

A former European Commissioner was among a group of judges, senior politicians, lawyers and policemen who attended orgies held in a Belgian chateau and organised by Michel Nihoul, one of Dutroux’s alleged accomplices. La Derniere Heure, which claimed to have a guest list, did not name the commissioner but said he ‘came with a girl, Josette, nicknamed JoJo, the Bomb.’[145]

Also nearby Dutroux’s Charleroi home where the 8-year olds starved to death is the world infamous chateau called the Mother of Darkness Castle, otherwise known as Chateau des Amerois. It’s been referred to as the epicenter for the Illuminati underworld where satanic rituals involving high level Monarch mind control programming is said to occur.[146] Pedophile NWO Luciferian ex-CIA Director George HW Bush’s “1000 Points of Light” was allegedly inspired by a ritual ceremony he attended at the Chateau des Amerois cathedral featuring a dome ceiling displaying a thousand lights.[147]

David Icke, the rabble-rouser famous for uncovering the cabal’s not-so-hidden control matrix devotes much of his Chapter 15 entitled “Satan’s Children” in his 1999 The Biggest Secret to Belgium and its connection with what he refers to as the Satanic Brotherhood death cult:

The reason that Belgium is a headquarters for Satanism and so many Brotherhood institutions is very simple. The Brotherhood created Belgium for just this reason in 1831 and they imposed upon it a reptilian ‘royal’ line, the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the bloodline of the British royal family and, through its branch in Prussia, the supporters of Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Bavarian Illuminati.[148] 

In Belgium’s X-Dossiers exposé written by journalists Jean Nicolas and Frédéric Lavachery based upon eyewitness accounts and police records, they mention this same castle on page 259. It addresses a police report referring to a letter written by a retired gendarme who allegedly hosted a visiting Mexican priest in April 1996, several months prior to Dutroux’s final arrest.[149] A Dutch friend of the priest spoke of an American assigned to NATO in Brussels who allegedly attended a function at the Mother of Darkness castle and was appalled by what he observed, an apparent blood sacrifice of children. The priest told the retired cop he was staying with, who then formally reported it to a senior police commandant. Again, more than one of the X victims testified that they had been trafficked to Chateau des Amerois and been tortured by members of the elite with corroborating accounts that they too witnessed children murdered.[150]

Formerly owned by the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family, aka the royal Windsor imposters, today’s Chateau des Amerois castle owners are the powerful Solvay family of Solvay Pharmaceuticals. For over a century and a half,[151] the Solvay clan has been a dominant force in the Big Pharma industry, in more recent decades as a manufacturer of Prozac,[152] often prescribed to minors linked to mass shootings.[153] Solvay also sells many fluoride products,[154] the harmful neurotoxin dumped into tap water systems proven to lower human IQ.[155] So no surprise that the eyes wide shut family home where children are allegedly sacrificed at night by day are professionally pushing poisonous products for profit that kill both brain cells and gunshot victims. Recall in Chapter 33, former Illuminati Mother Goddess Arizona Wilder’s wild description of satanic rituals she conducted at this same Belgian castle, involving shapeshifters (and onetime owners) Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles displaying poor reptilian etiquette, prematurely ripping apart children’s flesh and blood prior to completion of the satanic ritual.

When confronted by investigative reporter-filmmaker Olenka Frenkiel with cameras rolling, Prosecutor General of Liege Anne Thily out-and-out lied, insisting that the condition of the two 8-year olds’ bodies was in such a putrefied state that no DNA testing was possible. Yet the autopsy report clearly specifies that the corpses were not severely decomposed, that samples were in fact collected but they somehow “disappeared,” as is the case in every scandal cover-up. Thus, the DNA material that could have traced the identity of other potential perpetrators even years after the girls’ deaths was undoubtedly “lost” or destroyed to promote the false narrative that Dutroux was a lone operator. Additionally, claims that hair collected from the dungeon was never sent for forensic analysis because after removing the first magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte, his replacement Judge Jacques Langlois refused to allow it, overriding the vehement protestations of the incorruptible prosecutor Michel Bourlet.[156] Yet Dutroux’s lawyer again insisted that hair DNA testing was completed, proving that up to 25 other guilty parties may have also been involved.

Clearly corrupt police, Langlois and Thily were caught perverting the course of justice by overtly protecting the elite’s pedophile ring. Anne Thily showed herself on camera to be a proven liar,[157] in so many words also calling victim-witness Regina Louf crazy, despite assessments from independent psychologists and psychiatrists stating the opposite.[158] With Regina’s reputation libelously ruined by numerous state agents committing criminal cover-up, as if previous pedovore agents of the state mercilessly beating and raping her for years a decade earlier weren’t horrific enough, Regina as a potential state witness testifying at the 2004 Dutroux trial was definitely out of the question. Similar to Nihoul, had she testified at the trial, armed with enough dirt to bring down the government, it would’ve been over the gatekeeping Prosecutor General’s dead body.

Recognizing that the establishment was sitting on a potential PR powder keg about to blast its extensive international criminal operation wide open, it was Prosecutor General in charge Anne Thily’s bright idea to diffuse the impending volatility of the exposed Eastern European organized crime connection. Thily separated Nihoul and Dutroux’s Slovakian stolen car trafficking operation from their Slovakian stolen rape victim trafficking operation that they already were immersed in by the time of their August 1996 arrest. This highly damaging piece needed to be buried ASAP in order to protect the guilty power players atop the Belgian government and criminally suppress any further evidence of the larger international operation flourishing in Belgium. Ms. Thily is a real piece of work, steeped eyeball deep in obstruction and perversion of justice. When Olenka Frenkiel asked her in the interview why no hair from the cages went to the lab for DNA testing, the cabal henchwoman’s emphatic reply:

There was no need to get the hairs analysed as no one else entered the cage. There was no network so there was no need to look for evidence of one. In any case, the hairs have all now been analysed – all 5,000.[159]

Olenka: And the results of this analysis?

Thily [flashing Olenka an arrogantly triumphant smile]: Nothing. No evidence of any relevance in the Dutroux affair. Which proves, of course, that [Judge] Langlois was right all along.

Another obvious lie as sources close to the investigation confirmed that no DNA analysis had been done. Analyzing Thily’s overreaction, it seems pretty certain she was doing her gatekeeping best to put the lid on the cover-up, guarding the elite’s pedophilia network operating in Belgium and greater Europe. We’re left with abounding contradictions and conflicting statements galore. What seems incontrovertibly certain though, is the Belgian government withheld crucial evidence that Dutroux and Nihoul were never acting alone, and that the pedo-network extended to Eastern Europe and the Balkans where the US, the UN, NATO and DynCorp were all busily carving up, euphemistically “balkanizing” and destroying the once sovereign nation Yugoslavia, broken into a half dozen weakened pieces as imperialistic fair game makeover into more NATO puppet states pointing missiles at Russia,[160] amidst the international crime cabal’s booming chessboard business of war making, arms and drug dealing as well as emerging major portals for trafficking of children[161] and human organs.[162]

When Michel Nihoul, Marc Dutroux and Dutroux’s accomplice Michel Lelievre, a petty thief and drug addict, were in prison together in 1996, Lelievre stated that Nihoul and Dutroux often met in the exercise yard, in parley to lay out their next criminal move. Their big gig was trafficking contraband from Slovakia, never mind that it was stolen cars and underage girls.[163] They were already immersed in the East-West Euro trade of human cargo.

Right after his arrest, accomplice Michel Lelievre also shared with police that the two abducted 8-year old girls “were kidnapped to order, for someone else,” that someone else was either middleman boss Nihoul or perhaps original purchaser of the order. According to Lelievre’s testimony:

Marc always told me that he kidnapped girls for people who had placed an order with him.[164]

Accomplice Michel Lelievre said that the second pair of older murdered teenage girls, An Marchal and Eefje Lambrecks, were done away with because the customer had changed his mind, in Lelievre’s words, they “weren’t interested in them,” perhaps because their pedophile clientele had a limited hankering for prepubescent girls only. Dutroux’s “Main Man,” primary customer and otherwise boss was Michel Nihoul who allegedly paid Dutroux $5,000 per girl.

After his initial jail confessions, Lelievre told police he had to stop talking, offering the excuse that his life had just been threatened, wanting to avert the same murderous fate as another Dutroux accomplice Bernard Weinstein. Again, the kidnapping of victims in response to incoming purchase orders gives away the fact that Dutroux was part of a much larger European network supplying girls and boys for elite sick fucks running the continent and world who knew that the false narrative of the “lone wacko” had to be aggressively pursued for 8 long years before a softened up, battle fatigued public could even withstand a trial. Meanwhile, by the time the trial began in March 2004, the credibility and reputations of victim-witnesses and their testimony had been repeatedly attacked, undermined and destroyed, only Dutroux’s attorney Xavier Magnee, Dutroux himself and his co-defendant Lelievre were still insisting they had operated within a wider, highly organized pedophilia network.

Additionally, at Dutroux’s trial Prosecutor Michel Bourlet, who’d been butting heads with Magistrate Langlois the last seven years, also leaned toward Dutroux operating within a larger network, claiming evidence a pedophile ring for the wealthy and powerful had been protected for the last 25 years.[165] According to a March 2004 Telegraph article:

The prosecutor appeared to give some credence to allegations of a wider criminal network, asserting that Dutroux ‘and others raped, abused, and murdered’ the girls.[166]

Further giving evidence to the above allegation, during the trial the Independent mentioned that Michel Bourlet revealed:

Dutroux admitted kidnapping and abusing girls on trips to Slovakia, and that the rape of a young girl is visible on a seized video.[167] 

Clearly both Dutroux and Nihoul operated within the much larger international pedophilia network.

As is typical of virtually every pedo-scandal cover-up to date, when the tip of the iceberg initially surfaces in the first few weeks of breaking headlines, prior to the government’s first wave of damage control censorship and suppression as the nuts and bolts ingredients of all cover-ups, often significant truth is inadvertently released just ahead of the news blackouts and disinformation. For instance, upon arresting the fourth suspect, Michel Nihoul, on August 21, 1996 the Sunday Times ran a story entitled “Belgium Police Link Child Sex Victims to Trade with East,” disclosing:

Belgian police are investigating the possibility of a major East-West link in the European child sex business after charging a fourth suspected member of a paedophile ring.[168]

While Nihoul had already sent Dutroux on a number of trips to Slovakia to lay the groundwork for trafficking girls from Eastern Europe to be served on a platter to Belgian ruling class child rapists possessing a predilection for brutal S&M kink involving torture and murder in Belgium, at that exact same time, DynCorp, the multibillion dollar US military contractor, was fully engaged in active partnership with the UN and US military (See Chapter 11), trafficking underage girls and women near the same stomping grounds in Eastern Europe.[169] The media also reported that police suspected that Dutroux was involved in abducting and selling girls from Belgium into sexual slavery in Eastern Europe as well.[170] From an August 31, 1996 Independent article:

Belgian police are going to Bratislava and Prague to search for missing Belgian children. Dutroux has been named in Bratislava as a suspect in the murder of a young Slovak woman.[171]

The head of the Interpol office in Slovak, Rudolf Gajdos, in late August 1996, just days after the Dutroux and Nihoul arrests, confirmed that as recently as the month before in July, Dutroux had made his most recent trip to Slovakia.[172] Additionally, it appears that Dutroux drugged, raped and trafficked about ten girls to Belgium. When questioned, their memories were blurred and according to Gajdos, his office was investigating whether Dutroux drugged and then filmed them being raped, what Bourlet alluded to at the trial, which was Dutroux’s customary, highly lucrative pastime, making and peddling child porn. In fact, among Dutroux’s criminal charges was raping three young women from Slovakia. A May 2002 BBC articled reported:

Investigators believe Dutroux and Nihoul were planning a long distance prostitution trafficking network involving cars and the import of girls from Slovakia.[173]

Only it was well past the planning stage. Long before the Belgian authorities were able to formulate their false narrative and cover-up agenda, depicting Dutroux as another lone wolf, early contradictory evidence had already emerged to firmly establish he was irrefutably not, clearly showing that Dutroux and Nihoul were procuring underage victims from Eastern Europe in addition to trafficking and abusing local girls as sex slaves. Before CNN turned revisionist and removed its reporting that Dutroux sold girls abroad, observant Dave McGowan in his seminal Pedophocracy passed on for posterity this CNN tidbit:

Police ignored tips from an informant who said Dutroux was building secret cellars to hold girls before selling them abroad.[174]

So Dutroux was in the business of both procuring underage victims for local VIP abuse as well as trafficking them to other locations throughout Europe. Evidence confirms that Michel Nihoul was the middleman brokering deals at the highest levels, buying underage girls from smalltime hustlers like Dutroux and then selling them to his wealthy clientele who run the world. Dutroux simply procured girls for Nihoul to host at his fancy soirees, sadomasochistic orgies that his crime boss hosted for the Belgian and European elite for sexual blackmail purposes. Again, Nihoul admitted, if not bragged, that he organized an orgy at a local chateau attended by such distinguished guests as a former European Union Commissioner, and top government personnel including former prime ministers and senior police officials.[175] No doubt Nihoul as a Luciferian had a hand organizing blood sacrifice black mass rituals at various chateaus as well.

The criminal network went far and wide. With participation and cooperation as well as protection from police, Dutroux and Nihoul were in the organized crime business of selling and trafficking abducted girls into sexual slavery throughout Europe, with some evidence that Belgian girls were sold in Eastern Europe and other European markets as well as evidence Dutroux trafficked Slovakian girls westward sold in Belgium. Meanwhile, with so many participants attending their orgies and satanic rituals upstanding members of royalty, prominent political, judicial, police and business figures, they were regularly filmed and photographed for potential sexual blackmail. As such, it’s noted that security services such as the CIA, Mossad, MI6 and of course Belgium’s BOB all utilized this blackmail leverage to their own benefits. Bottom line, this is anything but a one-man “isolated pervert” operation, but peripherally through the perverse, deadly machinations of “Dutroux’s affairs,” the entire international pedo-cabal mafia is deeply exposed more than any other child sex abuse scandal in modern history. Thus, its attempt at cover-up is transparently futile.

David McGowan in his The Pedophocracy, Part 1 anonymously quotes a political insider making the key point that since Dutroux’s 1996 imprisonment, elite child raping orgies still go on unabated, underscoring the reality that the worldwide pedophilia scourge as a means of VIP sexual blackmail control still remains an endemic constant virtually everywhere on this planet:

A Belgian senator would note, quite accurately, that such parties were part of a system ‘which operates to this day and is used to blackmail the highly placed people who take part.’[176] 

The veracity of the Belgian senator’s statement that the pedo-network in Belgium still operates today was borne out by revelations over a decade after Dutroux’s incarceration that the 4-year old English girl Madeleine McCann, snatched from her hotel room in Portugal in 2007 the day after crime boss Nihoul’s prison release, may have been stolen on order from the still entrenched Belgian pedophile ring. A Scotland Yard email warned:

Intelligence suggests that a paedophile ring in Belgium made an order for a young girl three days before Madeleine McCann was taken. Somebody connected to this group saw Madeleine and took a photograph of her. The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable and Madeleine was taken.[177]

Inexplicably, London police failed to pass this highly urgent message on to detectives in Portugal for six long weeks. Are all these intelligence services in conspiratorial collusion? In addition, a sighting of the little girl was reported in Brussels within 12 days after her abduction as well as sightings in Amsterdam. That lost time of six weeks was critical, again as in the Dutroux case, police acted in ways that protect the guilty. Yet another piece demonstrating that the enduring international pedophilia network centered in Belgium is still more robust than ever, little more than a month ago an East Flanders criminal court ruled on “one of the largest cases of sexual abuse of minors ever known.”[178] Pedo-cabal’s alive and still unwell in the sicko head.

And as always, the corporate controlled mainstream media is complicit in the cover-up. Not only did they destroy and silence victims of the Belgium pedo-network, they aggressively went after any journalists attempting to uncover the truth. British reporter Olenka Frenkiel stated:

The truth is that those journalists who tell the story complain that they have been harassed, sacked, threatened and many say they have been forced to stop reporting on this issue to continue working.[179]

That’s why the three bold journalists who gave voice to the even bolder victims’ testimony in X-Files: What Belgium Was Not Supposed to Know About the Dutroux Affair, is so important because it shows what the cabal was determined to keep secretly buried from the public.[180] Perhaps the most significant and courageous truth teller of our century so far has been the much maligned Julian Assange and his WikiLeaks.[181] In April 2009 WikiLeaks released 1,235-pages of assorted documents pertaining to the Dutroux case in the French language dated from 1986 to 1996. It succinctly summarized its findings:

Dutroux was a figure in the European criminal underworld and the case had connections to other underworld figures, to police corruption and from there to Belgian political figures.[182]

The WikiLeaks records confirm that Dutroux maintained close illicit business ties to career crime boss Michel Nihoul, whose name is listed over 800 times.[183] The WikiLeaks documents also demonstrate that Dutroux received payments for services rendered from multiple sources, publishing incriminating financial transactions, and exposing payments from such foreign national governments as Morocco and Saudi Arabia, either directly in person to his wife or directly into Dutroux’s bank account.[184] One of the WikiLeaks documents indicates that Dutroux asked his brother to help “push a car with bodies in it, into the canal,” indicating that Nihoul’s crime syndicate involving Dutroux as his low level grunt boy body snatcher-gofer-disposer included far more violent and lecherous crimes than those either was prosecuted for…[185] again, yet more tangible evidence proving that Dutroux never acted alone, but simply as an errand boy for network crime boss Michel Nihoul.

Documentation identifying major VIP players involved in Belgium’s massive international pedo-ring operation confirm that underage girls were routinely kidnapped, deplorably caged in hidden underground dungeons as mind controlled sex slaves, and trafficked to various specific locations around the country (and beyond) for decades. They were/are systematically drugged, sold, tortured sexually as well as physically, and ultimately killed as part of the elite’s sordid operation used for sexual blackmail of targeted puppet politicians and influential VIPs, for blackmail and commercial exploitation including snuff porn.

Based on her own experience and observations, Regina Louf disclosed that underage girls trapped in Belgium’s network were tortured with razor blade and knife mutilation of their private parts, severe enough insertions made to cause death in some cases, have pieces of their cut off labia fed to the dogs, or frequently forced to engage in sex with animals such as dogs, or have snakes placed in their vaginas,[186] at gunpoint be forced to eat feces, harm or even murder other children, or get murdered themselves, all horrifyingly captured on film and photos, distributed and sold globally in the vast underground black market that’s thriving more than ever today.[187] From Regina’s police testimony:

Pere forced me back on my knees, pushed me with my face on the cool table surface, and the other tied my left- and right wrist to the bed… I was unable to move in any direction and was forced to stay in this humiliating position… Everything is ready, the lamps are pushed in the right position, the light intensity is measured – what is about to happen, I don’t know, nut the tension is building in my stomach. What’s the deal with those dogs?… I feel how the paws of the rough haired dog are pressing into my sides. I feel how he’s panting into my neck, drool from his tongue is dripping on my back. I scream as I feel how he enters me, how his paws clasp me, his nails press into my skin. ‘Get him off me,’ I scream… My cries are lost in an enthusiastic cheer when the dog lets something wet run down my legs. It was the first photo shoot with dogs in a long line.[188]

The oldest of the dozen X-File witnesses, X3, was allegedly abused as a young child from 1950 to about 1962, signifying that the satanic mutilation with razor blades, rape and sacrifice of children at orgies and hunting parties committed by Belgium’s powerful elite from royalty to prime ministers have been practiced for a very long time.[189] This victim described incidents of being raped by King Baudouin while he was in his 20s during the 1950s. Baudouin died in 1993 when his younger brother who also participated was crowned King Albert II.

The now 57-year old Anneke Lucas experienced almost a half dozen years of pure, unimaginable hell on earth, repeatedly raped nearly every day in 1969 from age 6 when her mother sold her into the Belgian slavery network, until age 12, suffering unthinkable evil at the hands of this same elite web of satanic ritual abusers, comprised of the same royal family members, heads of state and government ministers.[190] Trafficked to a castle for an S&M sex orgy, her first introduction to the pedophilia network was wearing an iron dog collar while forced to eat human feces. In recent years approaching her mid-fifties, Anneke Lucas has courageously gone public to tell her incredible shocking story.[191] She never reported her ordeal to police because she witnessed too many victims slaughtered as a warning for those who might. When she was 11 and about to be sacrificed herself, the boy that negotiated to spare her life with the state minister in charge of the pedo-ring, ultimately paid for it as a murder victim himself. After struggling to come to grips with her painfully tormented dark past, undergoing years of therapy paralleled by tremendous psychological and spiritual growth and transformation, she has managed to emerge a humble, relatively healthy, graciously mindful, extremely strong individual, a successful yoga instructor, mother, and role model for all abuse victims, women and human beings everywhere on the planet. Again, society should make the Regina Loufs and Anneke Lucases of the world heroes for their strength, will to survive and overcome such unfathomable adversity and pain.

Sexual blackmail, child sex trafficking and child snuff pornography today comprise enormous international Big Business, owned and operated by the same Luciferian elite still in control currently running our world into the ground. This is the dark underbelly bottom line truth of the so called “Dutroux affair” that the Windsors, Rothschilds and Rockefellers from black nobility bloodlines kill to ensure the world remains in the dark, completely ignorant and oblivious of the depraved depths of the earth’s ungodly Luciferian controllers.

In her witness testimony, Regina Louf explained the spider in the web blackmailing sequence this way:

Politicians were fed drunk at a party, then brought to a brothel having 18 year-old girls. Then it was said: ‘Upstairs is a surprise for you.’ The politicians would then go upstairs, and find an underage girl naked on a bed.[192]

The pedo-mafia that included Regina’s pimp Tony van den Bogaert insisted that Regina was still a mafia sex slave, even as an adult after marrying the love of her life Erwin in 1988, and was busily raising her own family of four children, as much as humanly possible trying to move on from her brutally painful past. Erwin was a truck driver and often on the road, when Tony the pimp would often take advantage. Once in the mafia death cult, as an expendable victim or untouchable inner club member alike, it’s virtually impossible to voluntarily get out, alive at least. And to drive that point home, even in her twenties, she’d be picked up and forcibly brought to yet more scenes of horror, torture and murder. Knowing the life of her kids meant everything to her, Tony would regularly warn her his accomplice will come and murder her family. The pimp often bragged of the famous people he knew, and his gendarme officer friends protecting him as well. One in Antwerp actually was assigned to investigating and discrediting clean cop Patrick De Baets’ findings.[193] On the same day Dutroux escaped custody for a few hours, April 23, 1998, gendarme officers in Gent called both Van der Bogaert and Regina in for questioning over her De Baets testimony, apologizing to her pimp for the bother. The criminal shamelessly admits he raped her at 12, knowing law enforcement was on his side.

By far the most incisive, in-depth single account of the “Dutroux affair” available online is a series of well documented articles from Joel van der Reijden’s Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics (ISGP). His takeaway comment from this sordid Belgian “affair” becomes the applied template for how virtually all governments everywhere cover-up their “dirty laundry” sexually abusing children:

The power of the Dutroux affair and its X-Dossiers is that it will enable anyone to see how a state can be controlled and undermined by a cabal that is able to place its ‘members’ in crucial positions in any investigation that might lead to its own exposure.[194] 

Hence, cover-up of every tip-of-the-iceberg scandal is standard fare in every corrupt nation on the planet, owned and operated by child rapists and cherry-picked gatekeeping enablers. Despite such gross obstruction and perversion of justice deployed by the Criminal Establishment in order to desperately cover-up its vast pedophilia operations, a beaten down majority of Belgian people, in the same way that most Britons are also painfully aware, that the corrupt elite always attempt to cover its tracks in every scandal to-date through any and all criminal means necessary. Be it arbitrarily evoking a 100-year censorship rule (See Dunblane Massacre Chapter 25), issuing infamous D-notices (Chapter 23) or murder-at-will (recall dozens of assassinations eliminating those in the know, from Chapter 13’s US Franklin scandal, Chapter 21’s Savile-BBC scandal, Chapter 30’s North Wales scandal to this Belgian scandal), in the end with the passage of time, the VIP pedophiles count on every scandal becoming blurred, obscured, buried and forgotten, before the guilty escape this earthly life punishment-free. For the sake of so many harmed children, we cannot allow this blight on humanity any longer, especially since evidence identifying the criminals has never been more known and plain to see.

When 24/7 media propaganda suppression of the truth isn’t quite sufficient, assassination is commonly used to silence and bury the truth with every dead truth-teller. If the ruling psychopaths are evil enough to sodomize and slaughter defenseless little children, murdering without conscience any and all perceived threats is also their racket M.O. In their twisted, grotesquely psychopathic killer minds, the more dead, the merrier, thus creating perpetual war, weaponized “killer viruses” and worldwide economic collapse, all subversive, highly destructive, megalomaniacal tactics deployed to facilitate today’s dystopian Orwellian nightmare come true.[195] With the Coronavirus, the controllers smell blood exploiting it to gain ultimate and absolute draconian tyranny and control over all the masses. Again, it’s never been so obvious. Active resistance and opposition is our best response, as axiomatic illustration that the best defense is a good offense. And our biggest weapon is simply the truth, even if it makes us criminals in their upside down world.

Because early on in August 1996, Magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte, carrying out his duties investigating the Dutroux case, correctly identified Michel Nihoul as “the brains of the operation, Connerotte had to go.”[196] The honest judge was reportedly digging up names of top government officials recognized on the police confiscated videotapes of derelicts caught in the act, raping and torturing children, the same tapes that police absurdly claim they never got around to watching.[197] A September 2, 1996 Los Angeles Times article exposed the commercial child pornography angle of Dutroux’s hundreds of confiscated videotapes and the known pedo-consumers the Belgian Justice Ministry apparently chose to protect:

A highly regarded children’s activist, Marie-France Botte, claims that the Justice Ministry is sitting on a politically sensitive list of customers of pedophile videotapes produced by Melissa and Julie’s accused abductors.[198]

And as of the summer of 1998, with Marcel Vervloesem’s Vandvoort File exposure, that list just grew a lot longer. Yet, other than suppression, the corrupt legal systems in Belgium and Netherlands have brought no action to those members on those lists because they lead directly to kings and prime ministers. The passionate plea of a wary father of Melissa – Gino Russo, shortly after his 14-month frantic search for his deceased daughter ended, had this to say nearly a quarter century ago:

Our only hope for change is to build on the guilt everyone is feeling right now. Everyone knows now that these pedophile networks exist. They are not just the problems of the pedophiles or the police but of the people that live in a system that allows them to be.[199]

Because the entire pedophilia network involved some of the most powerful figures in Belgium and Europe, just as in all of British pedo-scandals, too much was at stake for the diabolical mafia cabal to let their horrifying filth be exposed to the public. Judge Connerotte’s valiant efforts to uncover the scum instantly made him a target of death threats for assassination and a hero to the people for locking up one pedo-killer and freeing two of his latest young victims. But the odds were stacked against him, Belgium’s children and the right of the people to know as cover-up of child sex abuse scandals as always remains top priority #1 for the guilty pedophile-saturated Establishment.

Ultimately, eight long drawn out, anguishing years later, the designated “lone wacko” Dutroux was sentenced to life imprisonment while named and known VIPs dodged yet another scandalous bullet, protected by yet another rigged, corrupt hall of (in)justice and complicit media. Again, order following police and judges did everything in their ruthless power to undermine, sabotage and obstruct the case as the Establishment was once again caught red-handed, self-servingly shielding its fully compromised and controlled worst wacko sickos at the top of the demonic predator food chain.

Because of Connerotte’s teamwork, on August 15, 1996, two girls Sabine Dardenne, 12, and Laeticia Delhez, 14, were rescued from one of Dutroux’s basements just two days after the jailed culprit’s arrest and confession. Because their psychopathic kidnapper had brainwashed them into believing he was their sole savior keeping them alive from certain death by his killer boss, when Dutroux led police to their dungeon, the two girls pathetically rushed to hug and kiss him in gratitude.[200] Freeing the two kidnapped girls brought the entire nation to jubilant celebration, but it proved short-lived as two days later Belgium plunged into shock and grief. Dutroux admitted to burying the two eight year olds that died of starvation, and then two weeks later in September 1996, he disclosed that he wrapped up the two still alive drugged teenage girls in plastic the year before and buried them in his garden at another of his many homes.[201]

Despite the August 1996 arrests of at least a half dozen suspects in the first several days of the Dutroux investigation, including the arrest of at least one senior police officer, nearly a decade later when the trial of the century finally couldn’t be delayed any longer, it’s as if all these other suspects from years earlier just vanished into thin air, as if all those earlier arrests of police and others never even happened. This rather conspicuous loose end again smacks of cover-up, adding to the plethora of other loose end anomalies. It’s no different from the zillion absurd inconsistencies and impossibilities defying all laws of science behind the 9/11 mother cover-up of cover-ups or the granddaddy cover-up, the JFK assassination. Let’s face it, for eons of time evil Luciferian fucks have always been in charge, controlling virtually every nation on earth, during the last millennium particularly in the West. But as of late, they’re finding it more difficult to keep lying their way out of all their constantly exposed crimes against humanity, mainly because a growing percentage of people around the world know better than to continue blindly accepting them. The jig is up for the longtime owners of the international crime cabal!

Province Judge Jean-Mark Connerotte, the magistrate initially in charge of the Dutroux case, proved to be a rare breed in the Belgian judicial system, despite being besieged by death threats, demonstrating his resolute intent on gathering as much evidence to convict all guilty perpetrators involved, regardless of position or power.[202] Assigned to assist him in this most daunting task was highly motivated, competent, ethical prosecutor Michel Bourlet. Connerotte selected one of his best Gendarmerie detectives in Patrick De Baets.[203] It was these honest men whose leadership was responsible for Dutroux’s arrest and eliciting his confession that led to the heralded rescue of Sabine Dardenne abducted nearly three months earlier and Laeticia Delhez held captive for nearly two weeks. Thanks to two on the ground eyewitnesses, a sharp young man with a passion for vehicle makes and models[204] and an elderly nun,[205] both possessing good memory recall, reported to local police the first digits of a license plate of a suspicious white van seen patrolling near the same time and place of Laeticia’s abduction, enabling the provincial investigative team to trace the van belonging to Dutroux.[206]

On August 13, 1996, Dutroux, his wife and accomplice Michel Levietre were arrested and placed into custody, and succumbing to pressure under police interrogation, both the wife and Levietre spilled the beans. This in turn ratcheted up pressure on Dutroux to come clean, giving up his two latest abductees sitting alive in their cages at his Charleroi residence as his earlier dead slaves.

Celebration turned to sorrow just four days after the arrest on August 17, 1996, when police dug up the bodies of the two 8-year old girls who starved to death. Next to their unearthed corpses was the body of Dutroux’s former accomplice Bernard Weinstein, who Dutroux admittedly murdered, falsely claiming it was because he failed to keep the girls alive after given money to feed them. Like his notorious namesake Harvey,[207] turns out Bernard Weinstein also had links to the Mossad. Independent researchers have uncovered evidence that Bernard Weinstein was connected to the infamous Mossad spy agent Zev William Barkan (aka Bruckenstein) and sometime Israeli diplomat, for years involved in international espionage, including insurrection, fraud and assassination spanning the globe, in Austria, Dubai,[208] Mumbai, Belgium, Holland, New Zealand and Canada.[209] It’s been reported that Zev hooked Weinstein up with Dutroux, subversively using him to gain sexual blackmail leverage over powerful members of the European pedophilia network.[210] It’s been speculated that when Dutroux found out, he killed Weinstein. A more probable motive was fear Weinstein would talk upon his pending arrest.

Just as the team was digging to uncover dead corpses along with the massive nationwide pedophilia web, one by one, key members of the investigative team were unwarrantedly picked off, wrongly sacking first the head magistrate Judge Connerotte, several months later the lead Detective De Baets, leaving only Prosecutor Michel Bourlet to bitterly clash alone for the next seven years with Connerotte’s corrupt replacement, Judge Jacques Langlois in his assigned role to ensure massive cover-up.

Detective Rudi Hoskens, the team leader that Patrick De Baets selected to reopen an unsolved murder case that implicated Dutroux and Nihoul’s larger pedophile ring, stated that he found victim Regina Louf’s testimony highly credible, particularly in solving the first of two possible murder cases[211] that for years had previously gone cold:

She [Regina] gave us some details that made us think it’s impossible to give without having been there at that place – the way the body [of Christine van Hees] was found at that time, and the way she described the person who was killed.[212]

With this breakthrough, it was clear that major headway to busting Belgium’s child sex trafficking network wide open was close at hand. But just like clockwork, in every scandal when closing in on VIP arrests, without explanation suddenly the police investigation gets abruptly halted every single time overwhelming evidence gets uncovered. Prematurely shutting down police probes to protect the higher-ups is another standard trademark used in every pedo-scandal playbook the world over. The Guardian also reported that important [DNA] evidence from Melissa and Julie’s bodies had suddenly come up missing, yet another tall tale sign right out of that same playbook cover-up.[213] After removing virtually all the honest investigators from the case and suspending any further inquiry, dirty police told key witness Regina Louf that from now on the burden of proof would be on her to determine the veracity of her scorned and tampered version of events. The new batch of police officers that don’t play by the rules made the false claim that the previous investigative team was terminated because they “manipulated the evidence of Louf,” which is exactly what the corrupt new cops were ordered to do.[214] The oldest trick in the book is blaming the innocent for what the guilty party commits. The X-Files book concluded:

The suspicion grew that De Baets and others formed part of a sect bent on destabilizing the kingdom.[215]

… by simply telling the truth.

Gendarmerie Commandant Jean-Luc Determe interrogated the witnesses already suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mercilessly grilling them until they broke down and several chose to quit under the re-traumatizing abuse.[216]

In an unprecedented move in response to removing Connerotte as a blatant ploy to sabotage the entire case, within the week up to 400,000 very upset Belgian citizens spontaneously flooded the streets of Brussels in defiant mass protest and solidarity in what’s been called the White March on October 20, 1996,[217] accurately suspecting that authorities removed Connerotte because he was getting too close to exposing the pedo-Establishment. The Belgian government assigned a brand new, completely inexperienced novice replacement as a total slap-in-the-face betrayal toward not only all abuse victims and their families, but all the grieving, good people of Belgium as well. The flimsy rationale the corrupt Brussels supreme court used to rid Connerotte was his attendance at a fundraiser for the parents of 14 still missing girls, thereby conveniently giving the powers-that-be the flimsy excuse to allege “conflict of interest.” Connerotte claimed he was never informed he was attending a fundraising event.[218] Though dismissed as investigative magistrate in October 1996, Judge Connorette was called in as a trial witness. The Telegraph covered his testimony:

The Belgian judge who saved two young girls from Marc Dutroux’s paedophile dungeon broke down in the witness box yesterday, alleging high-level murder plots to stop his investigation into a child-sex mafia.[219]

Obviously everyone with half a brain in Belgium recognized that the removal of such an important figure in the nation’s biggest legal case in history was used as the thinly veiled pretense to protect the nation’s most powerful child rapists and murderers within the “child-sex mafia” that was clearly running the country.[220] In reaction to the history-making demonstration, the Establishment feared a national insurrection on its hands since the public accurately perceived the actions of the Belgian justice system as a disreputable, putridly corrupt cover-up scam. To appease its citizenry’s mounting anger and outrage, the Belgian parliament promptly set up a Nihoul-Dutroux commission to further investigate the intentionally botched, highly explosive case. But in 1997 the commission cited “gross incompetence” by the legal authorities rather than admit gross cover-up.

Marc Verwilghen, the 1997 parliamentary commission’s investigative chair, two years later admitted that the commission’s conclusive finding, that there was no actual evidence of top level government involvement in the Dutroux affair was actually false. Though the commission report identified 30 officials who “failed to uncover Dutroux’s misdeeds,”[221] none were demoted or consequenced, some promoted. Many Belgians regarded the parliamentary conclusions as more evidence of a whitewash.

Marc Verwilghem agreed, frustrated that his efforts to get to the bottom were severely hampered and undermined. His conclusion:

The Dutroux affair is a question of organised crime.[222]

The Guardian revealed that the nation’s most popular politician after leading the 1997 parliamentary commission exploring the mishandling of the Dutroux case, claimed in a book published in 1999 that:

The Belgian establishment, including heads of the government, sought to stifle and ridicule his report.[223]

Verwilghen accused those in power of willfully sabotaging and censoring the judiciary and law enforcement leaders from even answering certain questions posed by his inquiry. A full half decade prior to the Dutroux trial, Marc Verwilghen specifically called out the magistrate in charge, Judge Jacques Langlois, “for refusing to hand over evidence of official protection for Mr Dutroux.”[224] Instead Langlois served his cover-up function by squelching damaging evidence of a nationwide pedo-web, stalling Dutroux’s trial by sending police out on diversionary dead-ends and willfully planting disinformation in the press.[225] He and his corrupt government clearly violated criminal law with gross obstruction of justice and widespread suppression of incriminating evidence. If questions had been honestly answered and evidence not buried, exposure of the elite’s direct involvement in a nationwide (and planet-wide) pedophilia epidemic would have caused open rebellion and the Belgian Establishment would assuredly have collapsed. Verwilghem also confronted the incumbent Prime Minister since 1991 Jean-Luc Dehaene for his passive complicity:

He knows [the problems of the justice system] but he has done nothing. Things are getting worse and Dehaene is content to just watch. These terrible events have left him cold. He hasn’t budged.[226]

Largely because of the Dutroux debacle, Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene was voted out of office later that same year 1999 and by July 1999, Marc Verwilghem was sworn in as new Belgian minister of justice. Though Verwilghem served as top officer of Belgium’s judicial system for the next four years until 2003, that same stonewalled Dutroux trial never happened on his watch either. After leaving his post in July, it took another seven months before the Dutroux trial even started in early March 2004.

But a half dozen years prior, aside from a do-nothing prime minister, a January 3, 1998 LA Times piece took aim at two and a half dozen more obstructionists of Belgian justice:

In April 1997, the parliamentary panel named 30 officials it said had failed to uncover Dutroux’s misdeeds. None so far has been punished, and Melchior Wathelet, then the justice minister, has been elevated to the European Court of Justice.[227]

The Times’ very next sentence maintained:

The conviction [amongst the public] remains stubbornly widespread that members of the upper crust -government ministers, the Roman Catholic Church, the court of King Albert II – belonged to child sex rings or protected them.[228]

In reaction to victims’ allegations, public speculation and rampant rumors circulating that King Albert II himself was involved in pedophile orgies where underage children were abused, tortured and murdered, in September 2001 the Belgian royal family were forced to make “an unprecedented public denial” that any members ever attended pedo-parties.[229] Yet journalist-co-authors Frederic Lavachery and Jean Nicolas’ 2001 book Pedophilia Dossier – The Scandal of the Dutroux Affair,[230] published five years after the Dutroux arrest, with his trial still nowhere in sight, argued the case had been intentionally stonewalled for fear that King Albert and other public figures would be exposed as guilty parties. Nicolas asserted that as a prince, Albert not only participated in child sex orgies, but even organized them.[231]

Because the exposé had a French publishing company and Nicolas is a resident of Luxembourg, the Belgian government threatened a lawsuit against the publisher and the Belgian media along with many citizens felt it a cheap shot low blow against their nation and king.[232] Despite the book exposing the truth, Belgium’s reactionary, self-indignant criticism based on tangible documents and testimonies indicate that then Prince Albert during the 1970s and 1980s was in fact a participant at pedophilia crime scenes, along with numerous other unindicted high profile players.

Yet not one of the over one hundred accused prominent society members of the elite has ever been contacted, much less questioned by police, as none have been called to answer for their alleged crimes, all comfortably secure in safely, painlessly passing through life, completely shielded by the impenetrable monstrous wall of untouchability and impunity as privileged members of the godless Luciferian ruling class.

Another buried nefarious chapter of Belgian ruling class decadence only scratched the superficial surface at the 1997 parliamentary commission, spawning public speculation and rumors from over a decade before. Senior judicial police commissioner, Georges Marnette,[233] testified at a March 1997 parliamentary hearing how he led an undercover team of police officers infiltrating the Brussels elitist sex clubs in what’s been labeled the “ballets roses.” Marnette disclosed in a March 1997 Telegraph article:

Yes, we used to go the bars, the gay and lesbian clubs and the sex parties. Infiltrating such establishments was no easy matter; it was not a job to be done wearing jeans and a leather jacket. I wasn’t going to hang round wearing my holster while everyone else was either naked or in dressing-gowns. But if I was in a dressing gown, that didn’t mean that I was doing any sexual acrobatics myself.[234]

Highly credible victim-survivors bravely risking their lives as X-File witnesses to testify to the brutal degradation and trauma they were forced to endure, clearly demonstrate that what may be one person’s lighthearted frivolity expressed by a dirty cop becomes another’s bloody rape and murder. Disgustingly perverted sexual acrobatics with minors at orgies is exactly what some of Marnette’s victims accuse him of. This corrupt senior officer was often seen in the company of coke sniffing fellow pedophiles at the infamous nightclubs Platos, Dolo and Les Atribates, hobnobbing with pedo-organizer, flesh and drug dealer friend Michel Nihoul whom he protected while smearing the reputations and credibility of the courageous X-File witnesses.[235] The same Telegraph piece goes on:

It is a world of outwardly respectable private clubs in discreet suburbs of Brussels, Antwerp and Liège, but where, on arrival, members remove not just their coats, but their tops, bottoms and underwear as well.

Though Police Commissioner Marnette’s anecdotal testimony above may have provided a fleeting moment of comic relief at the Parliamentary Commission amidst a near revolt in revulsion reverberating across Belgium at the time, The Telegraph piece re-focused attention on the darker underbelly of out of control debauchery and shameless cesspit of violent criminality toward horrifically exploited, tortured and murdered minors that degenerated into mere, taken-for-granted, titillating ruling class entertainment:

For the ‘ballet rose’ is also the perfect metaphor for the corruption, freemasonry and the vulnerability to blackmail of the country’s political elite.[236]

Commissioner Marnette is the epitome of the crooked pedophilic cop assigned as gatekeeper of the network. Marnette denied that police had in possession videos revealing VIP perps abusing children when he reportedly stole them from his underling.[237] One of the detectives that worked with witness X2, stated how he believes that Brussels police commissioner Marnette was in cahoots, regularly leaking disinformation to a journalist friend at La Derniere Heure in order to discredit the entire police investigation and the X witnesses.[238] Marnette was one of those “look-the-other-way” gatekeepers in law enforcement, protecting VIP pedophiles, starting with Nihoul and the pink ballets since the 1970s. At least one witness even accused Marnette of raping her. And Georges Marnette wasn’t the only enabling protector sitting atop Brussels police, there was Commissioner Zimmer and the disgraced convicted Brussels Police Chief Superintendent Frans Reyniers.[239] Within this rancidly corrupt culture, the pedo-mafia cabal rules to this day.

Also in March 1997 at the time of the Commission, Parliamentarian Alexandra Cohen poignantly wrote:

Rumours about the sex parties, the so-called ‘Pink Ballets’ (les Ballets Roses), have been rampant in Belgium for about two decades. The names of prominent politicians and even the present Belgian King, Albert (who succeeded his brother in 1993 and used to have a reputation for being a playboy), had been mentioned in this connection, but nobody had been able to prove anything. Rumours about the ‘Pink Ballets’ persisted, but many journalists denounced them as being the Belgian political equivalent of the Loch Ness monster.[240]

The ‘pink ballet’ was simply another diversion allowing the guilty to go free. If all the so called famous sickos never brought to justice were ever actually tried in a real court of law, measured against hard evidence, in a heartbeat the cabal Establishment would in fact be brought down. The exact same high stakes in Britain, America and every other nation where pedo-scandals emerge, reflexively prompt those in power to continue covering-up all evidence whenever tip of the iceberg scandals get exposed. The exact same outcome recurs everywhere the crime cabal continues blocking the pedophilia truth from full light of day. Bottom line, VIP sodomites know their international crime cabal will inevitably come tumbling down once enough of their sleazy filth is unveiled, mobilizing an informed, educated public citizenry to initiate and demand decisive corrective measures through truth and reconciliation commissions to get to the bottom of what’s been going on at the top for eons of time. Sooner than later, we will do what’s never been accomplished before in the history of humankind, and that’s hold accountable the murderous pedophilic slavemasters guilty of unthinkable crimes while living like gods above the law. Sooner than later, your day of reckoning and judgment is coming.

Even though the disempowered public in every nation, knowing that its government is constantly lying to its citizens, covering up its pervasively heinous criminality and corruption, forced to live in a culture of impotence and ignorance (due to continual withholding of truth), inevitably the public complacently resigns itself to passive acceptance of status quo. Thus over time, the Establishment in Britain and Belgium (and around the globe) manages to dodge another bullet and remain intact, surviving scandal after scandal. So the superficial, less than half truth, fake findings of the UK’s Home Office controlled “Independent” Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) and Belgium’s 1997 parliamentary commission never fail to placate the once riled up, mutinous masses morphed into a permanent state of reluctant acquiescence.[241] The public may simply grow more cynical towards its government’s total lack of credibility, yet left too disempowered to impact any real or substantive change in the rotten-to-the-core system as the global pedophilia cabal continues operating and destroying thousands more children’s lives every single day. But the latest draconian tyranny brought on by the worldwide Coronavirus false flag is reaching the breaking point among the masses that are no longer willing to blindly accept the lies and injustice of genocidal democide currently being committed against children and humanity by the lawless ruling one world cabal mafia.

Though the Belgian people were stuck with a shamefully bitter aftertaste in the post-Dutroux era, the torrent of open rebellion, angry revolt and steadfast solidarity displayed magnanimously in the near half million White March on Brussels streets back on October 20, 1996 was effectively quelled by the corrupt Establishment. In effect, the public was subsequently numbed down over the next seven plus years of in-your-face, brazen cover-up. Like in Britain and America after their worst scandals, the pedo-Establishment ruling over Belgium and all Western nations gradually reverts back to pedo-business as usual, only more covertly hidden underground and sneakily concealed out of sight and out of mind to avoid detection and getting caught [once again] … till the next scandal gets exposed, and on and on ad nauseam we go, until we citizens of the world finally say “enough is enough” to this sick madness plaguing our planet for-fucking-ever. Meanwhile, with this highly dysfunctional pattern historically kept in place to maintain the shackles of unchanging status quo, child sexual abuse and global sex slave trafficking have now reached an all-time, unprecedented scale. We now know too much and can no longer afford to complacently tolerate this holocaust against innocents any longer.

The decade long, gut-wrenching ordeal had taken its toll, and Belgians didn’t want to be reminded of their shameful government and past any longer. In Britain, earth’s pedo-epicenter, we’ve seen this exact same appeasement method played out time and time again, in the face of so many scandalous cover-ups (16 chapters’ worth), the people cynically acquiesce to a state of numbed, shell-shocked submission. It’s how the international crime cabal survives, disempowering and deadening the people with nonstop cover-up saturation and lies. Time for the awakened and empowered world citizenry to unite behind an unstoppable, committed resolve to protect all of our children from the coldblooded killing ruling class.

So after just five months in prison, by early 1997 with all his nefarious connections to head of state cronies and black nobility rapists, pedophile ringleader Michel Nihoul was once again a free man, escaping justice, obviously because had he remained in jail, he may have explicitly divulged the atrocities of his rich and powerful friends. During a May 2002 interview over lunch with award winning reporter-documentarian Olenka Frenkiel, Michel Nihoul brazenly introduced himself as “the Monster of Belgium,” apparently tantalized by his own notoriety and perverse self-aggrandizement, claiming the label given most often to his lackey Marc Dutroux. Olenka wrote in her article that he proudly boasted:

He [his case] will never come to court, he said, because the information he has about important people in Belgium could bring the government down.[242]

A year earlier in an interview with the German magazine Spiegel, as a BOB (security services) informant, Nihoul was even more arrogant flexing his mafia boss muscle:

I control the government. … Everyone has compromising dossiers on one another, to be used as leverage in the right situation. … This is the Belgian disease. … Give me another 20,000 marks, and I give you a serving minister who is embroiled in a murder. … I know the killer and will have him contact the minister by telephone. You can listen along, okay? [Voice recorder turned off. For a 6-digit sum] I will give you a picture on which then Prince Albert jumps a 16-year-old girl. Naked. Shot at the second floor of the Mirano Club 20 years ago [where a pedophile blackmail ring allegedly was situated, according to other witnesses]. … Then I do have to leave Belgium.[243]


While King Albert’s claim of innocence in 2001 was in response to a book’s assumption of guilt, this ballsy bastard Nihoul actually called the king out close to two decades before the crime boss’ demise. He knew he held checkmate power over the king because he had the dirt on everyone who was anyone in Belgium and beyond. And though in 3 years he ran into another prison rendezvous of three more years in 2004 for human trafficking, drug trafficking and a fraud conviction, he was acquitted for child abduction, child rape and conspiracy.[244] Considering all the vile unspeakable crimes he got away with, he did almost live above the law. Once again, evil elite sodomites in Belgium and around the globe remain untouchable till death do them part, in this self-proclaimed Belgian monster’s case, till 2019 at age 78.

Pedo-ringleader Jean Michel Nihoul was out of prison in less than three years by May 2007, living his last dozen years on earth as once again a free man, as diabolical as he was. Ironically, with the alleged Belgian order for little Madeleine McCann’s May 4, 1997 abduction in Portugal a day after the career criminal’s release, who knows, maybe she was his get out of jail welcome home gift. Considering it was Nihoul who ran the pedo-show and owned Belgian royals, police, judges and politicians through his sexual blackmail operation, he maintained elite contacts with countless unpunished members of his exclusive S&M child orgy-snuff network. Had he spilled the beans on all he knew, he most definitely would have brought down the Belgian Establishment. But because he was treated so leniently (not unlike another well-connected blackmailer Epstein), he also knew, if he did tell all, a contract would’ve been instantly put out on his life and another dead man don’t tell tales postscript. After his final jail stint, he lived for another dozen years, expiring a year and a half short of his 80th birthday… another psychopathic monster of Belgium no doubt free to live out his much longer, largely protected life than hundreds of his innocent lifelong-suffering victims.

In response to Dutroux’s arrest, abducted girls’ rescue and Magistrate Connerotte’s public request for victims to come forth and report their experience, by the spring of 1997, a number of witnesses were working with police detectives, confirming that Dutroux never acted alone, and that he was merely a low-level procurer of underage girls, a minor cog in the vast criminal wheel of a much larger network flourishing across Europe throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Regina Louf, the first victim witness known as X1, testified that spring along with eight other alleged victims in what’s been dubbed Belgium’s “X Files.”[245] Among numerous harrowing incidents, Regina described in the minutest details an abandoned mushroom farm location where she witnessed her friend and peer Christine van Hees tortured and murdered, roped and tied in such a way as to choke herself to death. Regina stated Dutroux was present as a passive observer but Michel Nihoul played a far more active role, along with several other men involved in the murder of 15-year old Christine. Based on Regina’s detailed description of the crime scene property, in addition to honest police investigators, the former owner of the farm was also absolutely certain that she’d been there.[246]

The Christine van Hees murder case languished unsolved in Brussels Judge Van Espen’s court for a full dozen years. Van Espen was friends with Michel Nihoul, having represented Nihoul’s ex-wife Anne Bouty on a case. Van Espen’s sister was godmother to Nihoul’s child. When Regina Louf accused Nihoul and his wife of murdering her friend, despite the blatantly criminal conflict of interest, Van Espen refused to recuse himself.[247] In 2000 a journalist publicly outed the ultra-cozy relationship between Van Espen and his murdering friend Nihoul, but it was only after it first came to light in 1998 did Judge Van Espen ultimately resign from the case… things are really rotten in Belgium.

Many victims’ testimony independently corroborated others’ accounts, describing a lawlessly violent underworld involving torture and murder, including child pornography and snuff film production at various locations throughout Belgium and beyond as well as trafficked to sadomasochistic sex orgies and black mass rituals,[248] secretly held at certain private clubs and castles, servicing well-known princes, counts, top politicians, judges, police, wealthy bankers and rich businessmen.[249] Some victims described elite human hunting parties where for pure sport, traumatized children were raped and slaughtered in cold blood, demonically profitable and nourishingly good for another fertile harvest of coveted adrenalized blood.[250] Boys would have their penises cut off as a demented trophy kill. One eyewitness account among many:

I was taken to a hunting party in Belgium close to Brussels where I saw two boys and a girl ages 14 to 16, hunted and killed by global elites. The human hunting party was heavily guarded by the Netherlands Royal Guards. I was told that King Albert of Belgium was present.[251]

In league with the controlled, complicit mainstream media, by the spring of 1997 the Establishment launched ruthless character assassinations against Regina and any witnesses bearing such disturbing evidence in order to discredit and dismiss the mountain of proof piling up, even resorting to labelling the parents of murdered daughters still seeking justice as “deranged.” Detective Aime Bille, a colleague of investigator De Baets, stated that the state discrediting Regina Louf’s evidence “brought these investigations to a halt, meaning that the truth may never be discovered.”[252] Additionally, each of the witnesses alluded to being trafficked and sold as underage children for abuse, torture and even murder by members of the elite network. Much to Establishment dismay, their testimony is on public record.[253]

The assertions, evidential findings and credibility of all witnesses including police detectives relieved from the case were all insidiously attacked and criminally defamed. With the glaring truth of yet another viciously executed cover-up and gross perversion of justice committed by yet another European national government so blatantly in-our-face obvious, as is Standard Operating Procedure in every pedophilia scandal to date on the planet, multiple witnesses, in this case a whopping twenty to thirty of them scheduled to provide further damaging testimony, also wound up suspiciously suicided and murdered to protect the guilty Luciferian death cult.

At one point in April 1998, while at a provincial courthouse hearing, an unhandcuffed prisoner Marc Dutroux grabbed a careless police officer’s gun, hijacked a passing car outside and actually escaped for several hours before being apprehended in a muddy field headed toward the Ardennes.[254] This episode of Belgium’s Keystone cop show prompted impromptu resignations of the nation’s disgraced interior and justice ministers. As if that folly wasn’t bad enough, on March 18, 2004 during his trial, a key to handcuffs was discovered inside Dutroux’s jail cell, apparently smuggled inside a salt bag.[255] This boner prompted fair enough accusations that prison authorities may have actually been attempting to facilitate his second escape.

In 1999 three journalists, Douglas De Coninck, Annemie Bulté and Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, two from De Morgen and one from Journal du Mardi, co-wrote the extremely revealing book published in Dutch and French language called Les Dossiers X (The X-Files),[256] exposing the extensive criminal cover-up perpetrated by the criminal Belgian judicial-political system based on an exhaustive, meticulously compiled dossier of “Belgium’s X Files,” specifically the sworn testimonies of a total of ten victims and eyewitnesses, police reports, the 1997 parliamentary commission, interviews and media accounts depicting an extensive pedophile ring involving top figures in politics, the judiciary and law enforcement.[257] Just as the government attacked the victim-witnesses, the lead magistrate and the lead detective, it also tried imposing with a “500,000-franc fine for revealing prosecution secrets” on the three journalist-authors of the X-Files.[258] This exposé definitively blows wide open the vile VIP pedophilia network operating in Belgium and Europe among the elite class protected for decades right up to this very day.

Initially individuals in both law enforcement and the press were receptive to obtaining key eyewitness testimony offered by victims X1 through X9, starting with Regina Louf as X1 who was 27-years old at the time of Dutroux’s 1996 arrest. After Judge Connerotte helped facilitate two abducted girls released from Dutroux’s dungeon, publicly appealing for other witnesses, a friend of Regina’s convinced her to contact police based on her traumatic four-year experience as a former captive sex slave in the underground Belgium pedo-network. It forced Regina to relive her painful past trauma that she had tried to forget. In the early 1980s at age 12 her abusive mother sold her to a pimp who took her to sex parties where older, established men would regularly rape and torture her and other young girls while secretly filming the violent debauchery.[259] Regina recalled:

It was highly organized. Big business. Blackmail. There was a lot of money involved.[260]

Regina named top politicians, judges, bankers, everything she knew to be true, she bravely gave to the police, describing two men who were regulars, one she called “Mich,” Michel Nihoul, the other a young man in his 20s – Marc Dutroux:

[Nihoul was] a very cruel man. He abused children in a very sadistic way. Dutroux was a boy who brought drugs, cocaine to these parties – he brought some girls, watched girls. At these events Nihoul was a sort of party beast while Dutroux was more on the side.[261]

Because Regina Louf’s testimony was crucial to prosecuting the case against Dutroux and Nihoul and potentially other VIP pedo-ring members, since she was able to establish their same criminal behavior ten years earlier that they’d been charged with, for that very reason alone, once the nation’s power elite caught wind of such damaging testimony, everything radically changed. Right after removal of the honest judge and honest police investigative team working to seek real justice in the case, Regina Louf’s original testimony was then falsified by corrupt, order following police, twisted and fed to the press to vilify her as a deceitful loony case. Treading the same familiar ground as British and American scandals, the cover-up phase of the Belgium pedophile case routinely re-victimized Regina and dozens of other victims and witnesses by a heartless criminal government bent on burying so much filth while weaponizing a malicious smear campaign by the press to rip all truth-tellers to shreds, silenced by public ridicule, simply ignored or worse yet, “suicided.”[262] As part of their tag team takedown, corrupt police leaked Regina’s name to the equally corrupt press readily lined up on the wrong side of history [again].

The government owned TV station RTBF began pumping out propaganda that Dutroux was an “isolated pervert” kidnapping girls for himself, that there was never a larger network and that Nihoul was innocent and Regina Louf was a pathological liar.[263] The station’s current affairs program did a hatchet job, attacking Regina’s character, essentially calling her a demented fantasist, plaguing her poor aging parents by conjuring up false memories of sexual abuse. Meanwhile, the current affairs program was well aware that the parents had sold their 12-year old daughter to a pimp into slavery, giving him a key to their home and free access to pimping their child and that the pimp had even admitted his sexual abuse. Yet the government television station never once approached the pedophile nor was he ever arrested for his years of physical and sexual assaults and criminal array of child sexual exploitation crimes.

From Regina’s 1998 book Silence is for Perpetrators:

Only very few reporters are still listening to me, listen to my cry for help. They are not allowed to publish or broadcast. They all tell me that they are stonewalled by their bosses…. The aggression of some of the magazines, newspapers and TV programs is frightening. This is not normal anymore, this is a war in which the victims have become disposable waste.[264]

In late January 2002, over half a decade since Dutroux’s arrest with still no trial, The Guardian lamented:

The Dutroux affair is a scar on Belgium’s national conscience which grows deeper each year. There is no other single event, bar the Second World War, which has had such a traumatic and damaging effect to the country’s self-image.[265]

The courageous, sexually abused Belgian survivor Regina Louf felt compelled to tell her story, regardless of consequence or risk, out of her committed sense of duty and loyalty to not let the horrific story endured by so many of her victimized peers, coldly murdered as young fatalities, chewed up and spit out by Belgium’s pedo-death machine. Since the evil ones silenced them, and God allowed her to somehow manage to survive another day, long enough at 16 to fall in love, escape the nightmare, marry, raise four children and make the best of an insanely unfair, rotten beginning in life, she was determined to get the word out to hopefully save other girls from becoming trafficked sex slave victims of an unpunishable elite class of predatory degenerate killers, knowing the pedo-network in Europe had only grown and strengthened as time passed since her own personal enslavement from age 12 to 16 during the early to mid-1980s. The brutal cruelty, madness and crippling trauma displayed by Europe’s ruling class, though less formal, closely paralleled trauma-based CIA mind control induced sexual slavery. Like MK Ultra sex slave beta victims, numerous abused children in Belgium like Regina suffer Dissociative Identity Disorder as a debilitating yet human survival coping mechanism.

Regina Louf has bravely spoken before the UN Committee on Human Rights in Geneva and the published 2002 English version of her story and righteous cause, entitled Silence, You Kill Children! is available online.[266] As a former therapist of many victims of pedophilia, I highly recommend her book, not only to learn about the still flourishing international crime cabal’s pedophilia web, but to gain insight and understanding into the lifelong struggle every child sexual abuse victim is forced to endure. The unbelievable horror inflicted on her and others during their earliest adolescent years by the sickest subhumans on earth posing as pillars of our society is heinous and despicable. Regina is an incredibly strong, heroic individual and role model who has had the guts and conviction to stand up to the evilest, vilest power and still triumph in dignity as mother, wife and dedicated kennel and animal shelter owner.

In the end, it took the Belgium government eight excruciatingly painful years before Dutroux was finally convicted for his multiple crimes, kidnapping and raping six girls aged 8 to 19, murdering four of them, and committing an additional homicide against former accomplice Bernard Weinstein. Why did it take so long? The official bullshit explanation claimed that “hysterical conspiracy theories” [this CIA invention is always used as a convenient excuse] compelled police to aimlessly search down dead-end rabbit holes for pedo-networks never determined to exist… such egregious lies.[267] All leads and testimony implicating a major pedo-operation were conspicuously ignored, viciously attacked or insidiously silenced, too often by method of assassination.

It took the corrupt pedo-enabling system eight long years to purposefully distance itself in order to ensure that during the pretrial interim enough lies insisting that Dutroux had acted alone to finally be passively accepted by a certain percentage of the public… another reenacted installment of the infamous Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels’ “the big lie.”[268] With mainstream media and government shouting and showering repeated lies for eight straight years, by 2004, the Belgium Establishment figured it was finally safe to proceed with its shameful show trial, portraying Dutroux as the “sole” criminal mastermind, defying reams of suppressed contradictory evidence that relegated his mere minor role in the elite’s pervasive pedophile-torture-blood sacrifice operation. In its near decade long obstruction of justice and criminal cover-up, the Brussels government also ran roughshod in violation of all international human rights laws affording the accused (Dutroux, his wife and accomplice) the right to a fair trial, all the while sitting in prison without trial year after year.[269]

Independent of the initial Dutroux investigation by Connerotte, Bourlet and De Baets in 1996 and early 1997, just before the state’s rampant cover-up blocked all further official outlets revealing the truth, insider Jacqueline Smolders on her deathbed in March 1997 wanted to get what she knew off her conscience before meeting her maker. She delivered more disgusting revelations of elite sex clubs exploiting children dating back to the 1960s. The Schaarbeek police received her detailed account of Le Stanley club owned by Marcel Hofmans, an IBM employee in Brussels. Fellow executives from IBM and Union Carbide along with the usual suspects from royalty, politics and finances also were members. Sex with children, dogs, and the making of pornography,[270] essentially all the same degenerate elements described by Regina and the X-File witnesses were present on Le Stanley’s second floor that closed around 1971 or 1972. By then there were a number of similar “ballets roses” venues in nightclubs like Nihoul’s favorite Dolo.

Jacqueline Smolders stated that she remembers a young African-Belgian college girl she believed was to become Michel Nihoul’s attorney – Virginie Baranyanka, working behind the bar counter at the club that had a warning system installed so that the illicit activities on the second floor would have early warning that the Gendarmerie showed up.[271] Decades later attorney Virginie Baranyanka would be instrumental in removing the honest Judge Connerotte from the Dutroux-Nihoul investigation. Jacqueline Smolders also maintained that the father of murderer Patrick Derochette (infamous for killing little 9-year old Moroccan Belgian girl Loubna Benaissa) was a Le Stanley club member. So already connecting tentacles to the elite’s Belgium (and beyond) pedophilia network are once again established.

The deathbed confession also included another club member that flew a private plane to Switzerland to pick up child porn videos in 1969. But on his return trip, the plane crashed over the Belgian province of Namur, south of Brussels. Hofmans’ connections were so powerful that by that evening, he safely had in hand his cache of porn videos. Hofmans’ sex club business didn’t end with Le Stanley. Because Hofmans’ influence over enabling police forces was limited, he closed Le Stanley and opened up other clubs in safer protected zones like Etterbeek. By the early 1990s, he had several more secret clubs, one called La Piscene.

A SETCa labor union and Socialist Party worker named Mary Porsant gave testimony of her experiences during 1993 and 1994 when the SETCa national chairman offered her more money to accompany him and a friend that introduced them to an elite swing club owned by former defense minister Guy Coeme, one of a dozen Socialist Party politicians caught accepting bribes in the Agusta scandal.[272] But the club they most often patronized was Hofmans’ La Piscine, where Mary Porsant eventually ended up employed and where the nation’s #1 child sex organizer Michel Nihoul also frequented. Mary was exposed to the kinky perversions of high society dancing the pink ballet waltz. Her police testimony:

In the half year I worked at La Piscine I did not see any pedophile activity. But I did hear about the bizarre preferences of so called higher ups and that there were possibilities to organize orgies with children. A certain Eric and Nina asked me to approach those higher ups who came to us at La Piscine and left their phone numbers with offers of special evenings. Especially Nottebaert [smalltime socialist politician who liked S&M] but also quite a few ministers turned out to be very interested in those kind of evenings. At the union and the Socialist Party I learned a lot about their sexual preferences. [Deputy Prime Minister] Elio di Rupo, for example, who had a relationship with [Guy] Spitaels’ son [both independently accused of pedophilia].[273]

And Elio di Rupo the deputy prime minister took his pedo-turn as Belgium’s prime minister as well, the third to allegedly engage in illicit sex crimes with minors. Parliament member Alexandra Cohen said of di Rupo:

In November [1996], shortly after the White March, it was revealed that the second-highest politician in the country, Vice Premier Elio Di Rupo, is a promiscuous homosexual with a preference for adolescent boys. Di Rupo, a prominent leader of the Belgian Socialist Party, did not deny that his sex life consists of a series of one-night stands with young men, often prostitutes that he or his chauffeur pick up from the streets.[274] 

Prior to Di Rupo becoming deputy and then the third known child abusing prime minister, he was the Socialist Party minister president of Walloon. His regional replacement was the previous mayor of Charleroi, Jean-Claude Van Cauwenberghe, also identified by multiple sources as yet another pedophile.[275] Embroiled in an unrelated scandal, after five years in 2005 he was forced to resign.

Meanwhile, Marcel Hofmans opened a branch of the CIA linked Indian guru Rajneesh’s cult (his Oregon ashram is notorious) at his La Piscine club headquarters. The CIA is known to be behind not only new age cult movements like the Jonestown tragedy and Rajneesh’s sex cult, but the CIA and its global intelligence community partners (i.e., Mossad, MI5/6, BOB) invariably are always involved in coordinating and protecting child sex abuse and the worldwide pedophilia trafficking network. Hofmans moved the sex tantric cult to an Antwerp address later raided by police where they found boxes and boxes of photos of naked dead children in sick poses belonging to Eric Matheeussen.[276] Mary Porsant’s police statement about “a certain Eric” begs the question is this Matheeussen that same Eric?

The Flemish VTM television network snuck into Dutroux’s prison with a broadcast journalist posing as a politician’s chauffeur to interview the murderer in January 2002. The Guardian covered the event quoting Dutroux:

A network with all kinds of criminal activities really does exist. I maintained regular contacts with the people who made up this network. But the authorities don’t want to look into it.[277]

Then on the eve of his 8-year delayed 2004 trial, Marc Dutroux wrote a letter to the same VTM network, reiterating the same message that he was part of a much wider pedophile network linked to Belgian law enforcement.[278] Essentially he fingered his co-defendant, Brussels nightclub owner, attorney, businessman and career criminal Michel Nihoul as the central figure mastermind running Belgium’s criminal blackmail operation. Dutroux’s ex-wife, Michele Martin, had this to say in August 1996 about Nihoul in her police statement (PV 2.557):

I have heard Marc personally telling Lelievre that he should bring a girl for Michel Nihoul. If I haven’t mentioned that before, that is because I’m afraid of that gang, I mean Nihoul, Marc Dutroux and others in Brussels. I mean well-placed individuals who Nihoul knew. The connections of Nihoul made me fear for my children and myself… I was afraid, because Jean-Michel Nihoul, Marc Dutroux and Michel Lelievre were part of a gang that was involved in all kinds of business, like drugs, pills, girls and forged papers [for which Nihoul would later indeed be convicted along with human trafficking] … Over time I became more and more convinced that Marc Dutroux and Jean-Michel Nihoul did things that couldn’t stand the light of day and which I was not supposed to know about.[279]

It was crime boss Nihoul who all along was clearly in charge running the elite Belgian pedophile web with a homicidal iron fist. Dutroux’s other accomplice, Michel Levietre, also left no doubt in his August 1996 police testimony:

I would like to reveal other things about Jean Michel Nihoul, but I don’t want that these testimonies are taken up in the dossier. As I said, I fear for my life and those around me. I remind you that Nihoul told me the following: if you cross me, I will destroy you.’ With those words he made it known to me that he would kill me or have me killed. [PV 100.241][280]

Because the Belgian legal system protected Nihoul and his pedo-network, just as Ghislaine Maxwell is being protected while her partner’s hand got slapped, it’s analogous to Nihoul’s situation with his co-criminal women – Anne Bouty and Marleen Cokiere. Though in March 2004 Nihoul the kingpin was tried as Dutroux’s third accomplice, subsequently convicted and jailed for just under three years on simply drug and human trafficking charges,[281] he got away with murder and running an evil child sex trafficking network. After the jury arrived at its 7-5 split decision over Nihoul’s guilt as “part of the Dutroux gang” (instead of the reverse), the three judges defied rule of law to overturn the jury’s vote on kidnapping charges, granting Nihoul a free pass on three decades of child rape, conspiracy, and homicide as mafia crime boss overlord running Belgium’s barely affected international VIP pedophile network.[282] Defying mountains of so much suppressed evidence, the Establishment flagrantly ensured that Michel Nihoul was neither linked to the wider elite’s pedo-cabal nor severely consequenced for his decades of evil. Meanwhile, hundreds, if not thousands in this child hurting, killing machine have been free to continue.

Based largely on 20-year old Sabine Dardenne’s trial testimony alone, describing how for 80 days as a 12-year old she was repeatedly raped, kept by Dutroux alone in her underground dungeon cage, or chained at the neck to a bed naked in a room as Dutroux’s private little sex slave victim.[283] Because her experience did not include abuse from an elite network of powerful pedophiles like so many others, unlike the experiences of the network’s X-victim-witnesses whose testimony never made even made it into the 2004 courtroom in Arlon – by design, the whitewashed cover-up was secured. A June 23, 2004 Telegraph article reporting the trial outcome stated:

The vivid testimony of Dutroux’s chief surviving victim, Sabine Dardenne, seemed to back up the official theory of a ‘lone predator.’[284]

Hence, history was once again rewritten by the Luciferian deceivers’ final say. Thus, pedo-ringleader Nihoul got off with a mere slap of the hand, five-years knocked down to under three and out, while all his high-end clients – the powerful pedophiles – that for decades, rape, torture and murder children at will, remain free, grotesquely shielded by their truth defying, engineered state cover-up and protector.

Meanwhile, way back in 1990, longtime Belgian politician Hugo Coveliers (1985 to 2011), first a Representative then Senator, stated in a Humo Magazine article that examining magistrate Jean-Marie Schlicker confirmed that a pedophile blackmail dossier existed, consisting of right wing fascist politicians exposed in incriminating videos, photos and testimonies raping and torturing children that was in police possession.[285] But it was such a volatile hot potato that Judge Schlicker, tasked with investigating the 28 seemingly random brutal killings in Belgium supermarkets from 1982 to 1985 known as the Brabant Killers (or Nijvel Gang to Belgian Dutch speakers), cowardly refused to even elaborate about the dossier after acknowledging he had access to the alarming video evidence. Bottom line, law enforcement has held explicit proof that a widespread Belgian pedophilia network was in existence long before “small fry” Marc Dutroux’s 1996 arrest, and that it involves top powerful figures in politics, royalty, police, judiciary and business. So back in 1990, a half dozen years ahead of Dutroux’s arrest, the cat had already been publicly let out of the bag in a mainstream media publication, and no matter how hard or long the Establishment subsequently tried lying and denying its way out of the sleazy depths of its criminal exposure, the bottom line proof remains overwhelmingly undeniable and totally irrefutable. Elite child raping murderers get away with it once again just as they always do… until we citizens of the world end this child holocaust.

So between the above dossier, the X-File Dossier and multiple victim-witness testimonies, proof of crimes has been firmly established. With that bottom line out of the way, it’s time to look into the accused, the powerful guilty, child rapists and psychopathic murderers on public record, who as Bilderbergers, Le Cercle, Opus Dei and Freemasons are still protected to this day by the state, and still running the world, so far simply living out their unencumbered lives above the law. With the purpose of this book dedicated to ending this egregious blight, the rest of this chapter will also be devoted to examining those dozens of fallen victims as casualties of war, simply for knowing too much as cabal liability. A few of the victims’ alleged killers from the pedophile elite will be unveiled. As the researcher who has named the names of accused famous sex offenders, Joel van der Reijden has conceded that normally naming the accused before ever being tried in a court of law under the legal principle that one is assumed innocent until proven guilty, he rightfully justifies naming the accused because justice has never been served but only subversively perverted and obstructed for decades. Considering these sick bastards have gotten away with serial rape, torture and murder for as long as they have, and will most likely all go to their graves totally unpunished, naming and shaming them is the least we should do.

A slew of individuals, knowing incriminating information about the guilty, have been suicided victims in Belgium’s biggest scandal in history. As in every pedophilia scandal, it’s always the same old sad ending when it comes to so many important witnesses. The longstanding pattern is whenever someone is about to testify in court or talk to the police, they wind up dead, eliminated, silenced, assassinated, take your pick, but always the same silencing outcome. This Belgian case brought dozens of mysterious, untimely deaths all sharing one thing in common – those knowing too much intent on sharing information were violently cut down at the last minute. Another sobering, if not incriminating commonality is mostly all of these suddenly dead witnesses had made prior contact with Belgium’s Gendarmerie or the court system shortly before their suspicious end, suggesting that agents within the government played an active role in their tragic fate and most probable murder. In addition, according to the publication Le Monde, even more incriminating is the fact that:

The willful deficiency of the legal services to deal with these disappearances [and abrupt, untimely deaths], and the almost complete silence of the media on these deceased witnesses, says a lot about their complicity.[286]

It says that the state regularly engages in murderous democide to subvert and prevent justice. With the death toll count standing at least three dozen suspicious deaths, a rundown of some of the more obvious cases follows.

Among the first to go is a ballsy wench named Miss Crockaert, who openly admitted to co-organizing the child sex orgies, aka “pink ballets,” within Belgium’s high society of the 1970s.[287] With mafia boss Michel Nihoul the pink ballet ringleader, others prone to having loose lips, didn’t get much chance to sink ships. Retribution came relatively early in 1980 to Crockaert when the child orgy organizer conveniently became a traffic accident fatality.

Gendarmerie IT specialist Luc Vanden Daele on March 13, 1981 was very much a likely murder victim. Against his superiors’ wishes, Luc delved into doing his own investigation of the corrupt National Bureau for Drugs (NBD) and apparently came up with some high profile names, like the former PM then current defense minister Paul Vanden Boeynants, and then made the mistake of boldly telling his colleagues who the culprits were actually behind the nation’s drug trafficking. And that’s all she wrote. Even the Gendarmerie opted not to inquire about who shot him in his neighborhood, letting the medical examiner bogusly call it a suicide. But the NBD wasn’t done with its cloak and dagger skullduggery that year, in October two assigned police investigators, an adjutant and lietenant colonel, officially probing the NBD affair had failed assassination attempts on their lives as well.

The following year – 1982 – ushered in Belgium’s next reign of terror lasting three plus years – the Brabant/Nijvel killing gang racking up 28 deaths and 40 injured. Three of the victims in September and October were very likely targeted since they were sex club owners and fellow organizers of the pink ballet, rumored to possess child sex tapes of VIPs in pedophilic action. All three were members of CEPIC, the organization run by accused Prime Minister Paul Vanden Boeynants, Count Benoit Bonvoisin and (pedophilia and incest accused) Belgium’s Gendarmerie Commandant General Fernand Beaurer.[288] CEPIC was a fascist ultra-rightwing faction within the Social Christian Party, fashioning itself a political movement from 1972 to 1982, laying the criminal groundwork for the soft coup of the 1980s when a political crime machine called the nebula commandeered Belgium, possessing a direct link to Israel’s Mossad, covertly promoting lawlessness through major international pedophilia-arms-drugs-money laundering operations through their sexual blackmail child sex trafficking network.[289] Any known holders of film or photos depicting top leaders of the nation viciously sodomizing, torturing and murdering children became obvious highest priority assassination targets should they ever even think about blackmail. This would also readily explain why during those seemingly “random” shooting sprees, innocent victims were also killed and little or no money was ever taken, acting as the convenient cover to highly organized, systematic targeted assassination.

Former bar and brothel owner Jean-Pol Taminiau probably spoke too loudly when in April 1995, two months before the 8-year olds were kidnapped, it became Taminiau’s turn to disappear a-la mafia style. After having leased garage space opposite Dutroux’s, shortly prior to his earthly exit, Taminiau said he had the lowdown on Marc Dutroux.[290] A year later his foot was fished out of the canal. Eaten by cabal sharks, the rest of his body is still missing. Taminiau’s former girlfriend, Nadege Renard, who likely knew too much, leading up to the Dutroux-Nihoul trial, was also killed off in a March 2001 traffic accident.[291]

Two weeks after the 8-year old abductees Julie and Melissa went missing, in early July 1995 their parents received a phone call from an insurance broker who informed them that his son, a young man named Francois Reyskens recently encountered the two little girls.[292] Melissa Russo’s mother contacted the Seraing gendarmerie and set up an appointment for July 26. Two hours before Francois Reyskens was scheduled to reveal what he knew to the authorities, he suddenly got run over by a fast moving train.

The Grace-Holland gendarmerie adjutant, Guy Geubels, was scheduled to brief the Belgian state TV station RTBF on the disappearance of Julie and Melissa.[293] Guy was among the first contacts the parents made with police and about the only one who spoke openly of a possible pedophile ring. But before the press conference, on August 25, 1995, thirty days after Francois ran into his train, Guy is said to have blown his brains out with his own service revolver, or so the story goes. The girls’ parents believe he was murdered.

Less than two and a half months after Guy’s death, scrap metal merchant Bruno Tagliaferro, a Dutroux acquaintance, after working on Dutroux’s Citroen used to abduct the 8-year olds, was certain he’d found evidence that the pedophile was up to no good and planned to report it to the police.[294] But he never made it that far as his abrupt demise was promptly ruled a heart attack. Among the first police officers to arrive when Bruno died was none other than Dutroux’s favorite judicial inspector Georges Zicot in deep collusion with Dutroux’s stolen car trade. Bruno’s wife Fabienne Jaupart felt certain he was killed and had tests run on his body that determined she was right, his death resulted from cyanide poisoning. Though the pathologist claimed the cyanide was naturally caused, the level was measured way too high to have occurred naturally. Once Magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte realized Bruno’s death was the result of foul play, recognizing his wife Fabienne’s life was also in jeopardy, he granted her police protection. But once his successor Langlois took over, he suspended it. In December 1996 Fabienne’s son discovered her lifeless body in a still smoldering bed with pungent odor of methanol still burning, her death falsely ruled a suicide.

On February 21, 1996 police officer Simon Poncelot was working the overnight shift alone at his precinct. The protocol was never to let anyone in unless known. But Simon had been assigned investigation of the international stolen car trade that Nihoul and Detroux and their dirty copper friends were actively engaged, and strong speculation arose that he had also uncovered their trade in trafficked children as well. As is standard, the cameras didn’t happen to be working the night of the homicide, just like Jeffrey Epstein’s prison bloc in August 2019.

Simon’s father is retired attorney general Guy Poncelot. In response to Jean Nicolas’ indictment of the Belgium government cover-up in his 1999 book Paedophile Dossier, Judge Poncelot voiced his opinion:

Judge Guy Poncelet, called the thesis of the book ‘brilliant and convincing.’ He said that ‘certain political and judicial authorities,’ with the help of the state radio and television and much of the press, had deliberately played down disturbing evidence uncovered in the Dutroux investigation.[295]

Bar-restaurant operator Michel Piro was planning a dinner to divulge to his invited guests the parents of the 8-year old victims that in late 1995 their little girls were “on loan” at a seedy bar where pedophiles hang.[296] Amidst death threats from armed thugs, prior to his planned event, parked in a motorway stop while his wife went to relieve herself, Piro was shot at close range in the head. The investigative officer was a colleague of Zicot and Piro’s wife was allegedly framed and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

A couple months later in February 1997, the next bizarrely suspicious death occurs. Filmmaker Jean-Marc Houdmont contacted police to provide information to the investigator of a recently reopened missing persons case since the Dutroux scandal exploded, and on his way to the police station he ended up in a fatal collision ruled suicide.[297] Jean-Marc was the next door neighbor of a missing girl, 12-year old Elisabeth Brichet, who disappeared in 1989. A relative of Houdmont’s wife had been assigned to process Dutroux and his accomplice Bernard Weinstein’s bogus insurance claim, Houdmont wife’s stepfather lived in the Congo when young Dutroux and his father lived there, and the names of Dutroux’s accomplices Nihoul, Lelievre and another accomplice were all listed in Elisabeth’s Brichet’s police file.

Turns out the 12-year old Elisabeth’s perpetrator was yet another convicted serial child rapist killer dubbed “the Ogre of the Ardennes” – Frenchman Michel Fourniret.[298] This serial killer whacked 6 girls and a women and regularly abducted and sold girls [he didn’t murder] into the same pedo-network, just like Dutroux.[299] And also just like Dutroux, he had his prior conviction back in France before relocating to the Ardennes Forest of Belgium in 1991. One final just like you know who, before winding up behind prison bars, this serial child abductor-rapist in search of prepubescent virgins carried on his extended rampage in the Ardennes for a full dozen years prior to his apprehension in 2003 for bungling his final abduction attempt of a 13-year old girl. Belgium authorities lied when claiming they knew nothing of his seedy criminal past, because tons of evidence show police were again paid to “look the other way.”[300] Corrupt Charleroi police officer Jacques Fagnart was well aware of Fourniret’s Belgian crimes while running in the same corrupt circles with fellow Charleroi Judicial Police Inspector Georges Zicot and their mutual involvement in Dutroux’s criminal auto theft international trade. These assholes on both sides of the law never work alone, they work together as two criminal peas in the same pedo-pod.

See how the dirty system seems to always operate for the benefit of criminals and never the victims? In any event, back to Jean-Marc Houdmont, less than an hour before his untimely death, he’d expressed remorse over the phone to the police investigator for apparently sitting on information about his murdered neighbor’s disappearance 8 years earlier, and then in transit to deliver his long-awaited revelation to law enforcement, his sudden fatal collision hitting a wall. Adding up all these “coincidences” together as a trail of highly suspicious deaths involving Dutroux and Fourniret, maybe Houdmont’s “accident” wasn’t so coincidental after all.

Then a week after Houdmont’s violent fate, next comes a fatal heart attack killing Father Joseph Toussaint, Dutroux’s prison chaplain and the father confessor of not just Dutroux, but ex-wife Michele Martin, and Jean-Marc Houdmont’s companion Monique Cherton… small deadly world.[301] Father Toussaint was planning to speak on Dutroux’s behalf at his next parole board that’s been delayed because of Coronavirus to at least 2021. Just two days after Houdmont’s crash and burn, Christian Coenraets was found dead in a Brussels suburb. Coenraets was a pedophile who knew Bernard Weinstein well. The day before his scheduled questioning by police about Weinstein and what he knew of the Dutroux case, he somehow managed to escape (wink, wink) in transit to a court hearing.[302] But a month later on March 7, 1997, his body was discovered, or more aptly suicided.

The next month in April 1997, Jose Steppe contacted a journalist, stating he has important information on Dutroux and friends, including an explosive videotape featuring Dutroux and other publicly known figures raping girls.[303] Two days prior to meeting with the gendarmerie and journalist, the asthmatic dies still wearing his oxygen mask and Rohypnol, Dutroux’s favorite rape drug, at the bottom of his inhaler, of course authorities ruled that no foul play was involved.[304]

Virginie Pinon, who drew a highly disturbing sketch depicting an abused child, her mother testifying at Dutroux’s trial, stated that her then deceased daughter at 13-years of age was almost abducted by Dutroux.[305] Virginie died of cystic fibrosis on July 2, 1997, only two years after the Dutroux incident.

In 1986 Nihoul made a call to Lt. Col. Guido Torrez, head of Neufchateau district gendarmerie, extending the same protection for crime boss Nihoul to one of his business partners, a criminal named Juan Borges having close Italian mafia connections.[306] Borges traded in gold, counterfeit currency, fake art, illegal weapons, drugs and human trafficking. Brigitte Jenart, Borges’ girlfriend of many years also happened to be Nihoul’s dentist. Though she apparently knew little of her boyfriend’s underworld life of crime, Brigitte overhead a conversation Nihoul allegedly had with a crooked politician, and also learned that Nihoul’s protected partner-in-crime Anne Bouty in 1996 placed another order for more police protection for Borges, who at one point was having an affair with Bouty. The dentist ended up testifying what she knew at the 1997 parliamentary commission.[307] Brigitte reported Bouty and Nihoul for trafficking in infants from Africa. Less than a year later she was found dead from an apparent overdose of alcohol and sedatives. With no autopsy conducted, the “OD” may well have been “arranged.”

On April 7, 1998 just two days after Brigitte’s death, another sad case arrived in Anna Konjevoda.[308] She had contacted Judge Connerotte in late 1996 to provide information on Nihoul and Dutroux’s trafficking operation in Eastern Europe. Connerotte was removed and unfortunately Anna was never called to be a witness. A year and a half later her body was discovered floating in a river after having been assaulted and choked to death.

Working with sexually exploited child victims, social worker Gina Pardaens-Bernaer was targeted with death threats. On the day before she was scheduled to give a statement to police in November 1998, her car crashed into a bridge pillar, killing her without an autopsy or investigation. Just as the Zandvoort child porn scandal was breaking in July 1998, Gina had joined the NGO Morkhoven, Marcel Vervloesem’s anti-child abuse organization that helped bust the biggest child porn scandal of the last century. It was Gina who worked on the case of the abducted 12-year old German boy Manuel Schadwald, believed to have been abducted at a seedy bar brothel in Berlin and trafficked to Amsterdam for pedophilia and child pornography.[309] Speculation arose over his own father having ties to German secret service may have sold him into the pedo-web.[310] It was Gina who gathered much of this information that ultimately helped break the Vandvoort scandal. But along with Marcel Vervloesem, she too was targeted with death threats and harassment. The night she was murdered, she called Morkhoven president Jan Boeykens and said:

With what I have found, either Belgium explodes, or I am murdered.[311]

A former girlfriend of accomplice Michel Lelievre – Sandra Claeys – claimed that she overheard Dutroux and Lelievre talking about “a way of making a lot of money.”[312] Probably her kiss of death, she is alleged to have committed suicide on November 4, 1999 while both Lelievre and Dutroux were in jail awaiting trial. Highly doubtful she missed her ex so much she couldn’t cope without him.

By January 1997 the only police inspector that victim-witness Nathalie W. trusted, Theo Vandyck, died of a sudden stroke.[313] The replacement officers in February intimidated, taunted and destabilized Nathalie, suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder based on her years of abuse in the pedo-network. The police abuse caused her to withdraw from providing further testimony. When the fragile 32-year old victim managed to secure a job in 1998, sadistic officer Philippe Pourbaix actually showed up at her workplace to further harass her and undermine her employment, resulting in her losing her job.[314]

Mainstream Belgian media describe Jean-Jacques Feront as both a pedophile and con man who allegedly concocted a scheme for early prison release based on false claims of having information about the abducted 8-year old Melissa Russo.[315] Yet other accounts portray Feront as a pedophile hunter trying to earnestly aid the police investigation that might lead to the arrests of both prominent German child porn peddler Klaus Bahr as well as Dutroux, Nihoul and others in the Belgian pedophile ring. Feront maintained that prior to prison in response to Bahr’s interest in selling him indecent child photos and videos, he had seen a photo of Melissa Russo sitting on a green couch. After both Brussels judicial police and then Neufchateau magistrate Connerotte were convinced that Feront was a reliable informant, once Jacques Langlois took over the case in October 1996, all further working with Feront was ceased.[316] Feront was eventually released from prison in December 2000 but within just two and a half months, on March 1, 2001 he suffered two suspicious heart attacks at 56 and was dead. Just three months earlier, German porn king Klaus Bahr who was about to provide testimony on Julie and Melissa’s June 1995 disappearance, also died abruptly in a traffic accident in November 2000.[317] One by one, everyone with important information to disclose about the network methodically gets bumped off. Dozens die by covert assassination in every pedophilia scandal.

As the state systematically eliminated evidence and witnesses, stonewalling the trial indefinitely, growing pressures were brought to bear on honest agents still working within this corrosive pedo-shielding justice system led by cabal tools Anne Thily and Jacques Langlois. This abomination of justice took its toll on honest prosecutors like Hubert Massa who at home in July 1999, is said to have quietly retired to his office and without a suicide note, blew his brains out, leaving a stunned, grieving family behind.[318] Though the Dutroux case’s chief prosecuting attorney grew highly frustrated and unhappy with the deliberate, unethical stalling tactics and confided in a colleague a sense of feeling trapped, no one saw his death coming, not even his family.

Grinding out an already 3-year old case, aggressively pushing a flagrantly false narrative, with still another half decade grind to go before trial, morale was running exceedingly low in the prosecutors’ office. Since their new handpicked supervisor arrived on the scene, the consensus of Liege magistrates:

Nothing has been the same since the appointment of Anne Thily. She embodies only authority.[319]

Strangely enough, less than 24-hours after meeting with the brand new Justice Minister Verwilghen, who assured Massa and four attorney generals that all light will be shed on Belgium’s pervasive corruption, Massa chose to go dark. The criminal injustice of the justice system apparently was meting out a punishing death toll on the minority of still honest prosecutors left. Massa had also been saddled with the 1991 unsolved murder case in Liege of onetime Belgium deputy prime minister and Socialist Party leader Andre Cools, with tentacles linked to the mired Dutroux case.[320] In fact, Massa’s colleague, Michel Bourlet first worked together with sacked Magistrate Jean-Marc Connerotte in the Cools assassination. But prior to them solving that case in 1994, no doubt due to the embedded corruption, they were yanked off that high profile case as well. The pattern of pedo-murder web in Belgium running far too deep to allow the truth to ever come out was already well in place for many years.

Arrests in the Dutroux case apparently provided new leads in the previously cold 1991 Cools case.[321] Additionally, a red motorcycle that was reportedly used in the assassination of Cools suspiciously appeared parked years later outside Marc Dutroux’s garage. Also, the senior Charleroi police inspector Georges Zicot, recently arrested in the Dutroux investigation, was believed to have furnished names of Cools suspects. Information that has come to light since the 1991 murder was then reexamined by the Dutroux team of investigators. But far too many connecting dots have been systematically covered up.

British Tory politician Stephen Milligan and Belgian politician Andre Cools were most likely murdered for the same reason, perceived threats to exposing huge illegal arms shipping deals with Iraq and Iran during their bloody 8-year war in the 1980s (the Rothschild way, financing both sides). Cools had uncovered the massive international arms-drug smuggling-money laundering operation involving not only top Belgium government officials, but also the Reagan-George Bush senior administrations and Thatcher government dating back to the 1980s and Iran Contra.[322]

In 1994 the story broke of major kickbacks in the late 1980s, especially among Socialist Party politicians from Belgium’s French speaking Wallonia region, hitting the country just ahead of the nationwide child sex-murder scandal.[323] One of those bribed politicians became the prime suspect in the Socialist Party leader Andre Cool’s 1991 death – former regional minister Alain Van der Biest. While his legal fate was pondered more than a decade after murdering Cools, Van der Biest allegedly opted to take his own life in 2002.[324] Other politicians in both Flanders and Wallonia were also linked to the corruption scandal from a French arms company as well as the infamous Italian helicopter manufacturer Agusta, just another tip of the iceberg scandal, which led to the resignation and 3-year probation[325] of Belgian NATO Secretary General Willy Claes.[326] While allowing a few of the lower hanging rot subject to conviction and probation with no jail time, puppet master controllers running this globalized cabal mafia machine never hesitate to kill their way out of emerging scandals as their most reliable go-to method for silencing all would-be threats.[327] Many of the same suspects in the Detroux-Nihoul pedo-club were also implicated in the Cools killing.  Alleged child raping European Court Judge Melchior Wathelet,[328] responsible for Dutroux’s 1992 early prison release, has also been accused of covering up both the Dutroux sex scandal and the Cools murder scandal.[329] Moreover, no surprise that the majority of these gangsters were also affiliated with the Grand Masonic Lodge of France.

Société Générale de Belgique is a major holding company steeped in the arms industry in Belgium, the US and Britain, with ownership claims of 25 to 50% of Belgium’s total manufacturing sector.[330] Société Générale’s director-governor was Baron Benoit Bonvoisin, part of the pedo-elite trio that included Belgian PM Paul Vanden Boeynant and Viscount Étienne Davignon, all linked to illegal arms, illegal banking, illegal child trafficking, child rape, torture and murder. With a historically corrupt political system bolstered by both NATO and EU headquartered in Brussels,[331] and a strong Italian mafia presence in southern Belgium,[332] as the central crossroads of Europe, Belgium has become Western Europe’s magnet as both a host and transit sex trafficking nation, attracting multiple organized crime activity, trafficking of arms, children and drugs worldwide.[333]

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the high profile seedy Luciferian element connected directly to pedophile network crime boss Michel Nihoul, has been the pedo-club-hub super scum, consisting of card-carrying Bilderberg, Le Cercle and Opus Dei VIPs – former Belgian Prime Minister Paul Vanden Boeynants (1909-2001),[334] head of Société Générale financier Baron Benoit de Bonvoisin[335] and Bilderberg head and EU VP Commissioner Count Étienne Davignon,[336] notoriously known for their intelligence linked, fascist, ultra-right wing extremism, graphically illustrated by their stay-behind Gladio “strategy of tension” terrorist operations (connected also to the deadly Nijvel Gang).

This criminal trio are/were the core kingpins in Belgium’s European Institute of Management (EIM) run by Opus Dei,[337] as well as regular aficionados, along with such royals as deceased King Baudouin and Belgium’s current King Albert II,[338] at Nihoul’s pink ballet orgies, always kinkily active front row participants in the cruel and sadistic torture and bloody sacrifice of trafficked children, all named as prime perpetrators by most of the X-File witnesses.[339] King Albert’s apparently been cited as a frequent human hunting party guest as well. Australian mind control sex slave survivor-activist-author and ITNJ witness Fiona Barnett[340] wrote an article on website in February 2016:

Hunting, raping and killing children for sport is a common feature of elite pedophile gatherings. Alleged attendees at European pedophile hunts include King Albert of Belgium, Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard, Prince Johan Friso of Holland and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit.[341]

As long as we’re on a laundry list of accused royal hunting pedos, aside from Cercle de Wallonia member Kattenhof Castle owner Patrick de Caters, a few other Wallonia Cercle members accused of child sex crimes include Bilderberger King himself Etienne Davignon, Prince Philippe de Chimay (another identified royal hunter),[342] Count Jean-Pierre de Launoit (vice-Président Cercle de Lorraine), former Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and businessman Aldo Vastapane.[343] Upper crust Belgium is infested.

X3, the oldest of the victim-witnesses, provided her testimony to police on June 2, 1997 involving an incident taking place in the early 1960s where at an aristocratic family manor she was trafficked to, she and other children were tortured and additionally traumatized by a boy’s bloody murder with a Belgian prime minister and both current and future Belgian kings in attendance:

The children were taken to a tower made of natural stone and with a wooden door… an underground [corridor] left from the turret toward the cellars… without light… going downward. In the cellars there were cells where the children were locked up, awaiting their turn. There were also some cells for the dogs (Dobermans). The passageway gave way to a room of spectacle. In the tower: dead children’s bodies in various stages of decomposition (sometimes dismembered and/or missing body parts) and carcasses of dogs. Spectators: always the same but difficult to identify – about fifty. She recognized the regent Charles, King Baudouin and King Albert, and two others that she calls [property developer] Charly [De Pauw[344]] and Polo [Paul Vanden Boeynants]. She thinks to have recognized [future NATO Secretary General] Willy Claes and doctor Vanden Eynde. The dogs listen to [dog trainers] Ralf and Walter. The addicted dogs are excited. Spectacles = orgies, putting to death children and dogs. The spectacle room has a strong odor of excrements of dogs. Dogs can roam free in the garden… Gilles (12 years old??) was castrated by Polo [future PM]. The other children have to drink the blood… Girls are slashed with razor blades. The lips of the vagina of X3 have partially been cut and were given to eat to the dogs… A girl’s [large] vulva was cut into slices and fed to the dogs. [PV151.829][345]

These sick fucks are our planetary controllers, folks. Through sponsorship and training backed by a majority of US alphabet agencies, among them the CIA, DIA and DEA, along with NATO, Gendarmerie’s BOB branch and Wackenhut private security, the European Institute of Management launched its stay-behind Gladio operation in what amounted to a partial Belgian coup throughout the 1970s and 1980s,[346] destroying victimized children as their sexual blackmail meal ticket to gain top down control over government, finance, business, judiciary and law enforcement. Keep in mind with child sex scandals breaking out all over the world throughout the 1980s into the 1990s and beyond, most already covered in previous chapters, the pedo-crime cabal never looks back in its quest for increasing centralized global power and control. This ongoing NWO transnational operation is today’s bloodline controlled mafia cabal-in action.

Witness X1, Regina Louf, lost her virginity at age 4 to the man who would own her as her pimp during the first quarter century of her life. At only 10 years old, while living with her sadistic grandmother pimping her out to older men, Regina became pregnant. Sexual development in chronically abused prepubescent girls is abnormally earlier than the non-abused population.[347] Let the following episode sink in, understanding that the earth is controlled by nonhuman Luciferian soulless monsters who have no conscience at all. Direct from her police testimony, Regina recounted her first child’s birth experience at 10 years old:

When the contractions started her grandmother made a phone call. The Lippens brothers, Vanden Boeynants and the assistant [police] commissioner of Knokke arrived. [Baron] De Bonvoisin and [Michel] Vander Elst arrived thereafter… Vander Elst puts a knife on her throat while Bonvoisin rapes her… She must masturbate while Vander Elst makes a number of photos. Lippens rapes her with a razor blade. When the child exited de Bonvoisin beat her. Directly after X1 gave birth she was raped and sodomized. Her daughter disappeared six weeks later. She only saw her [daughter] at the [ASCO] factory again (PV 118.872).[348]

Regina just briefly saw her newborn daughter one more time before her baby was murdered six weeks later in front of her at the exact moment that a knife held in Regina’s vagina was extracted. The ASCO arms factory was eventually converted to aerospace parts, but in the 1980s it also served as a snuff factory where abuse, torture and murder were typically filmed as highly marketable child pornography. ASCO owner Roger Boas, another member of the pedophile ring, was a close associate of Prime Minister Vanden Boeynants.[349]

It was about this same time in 1979 when Paul Vanden Boeynants as prime minister a second time around recruited his business associate Roger Boas and their pal Baron Bonvoisin and the baron’s Société Générale into sponsoring the scandalous “Eurosystems affair,” a billion-dollar boondoggle project to construct two major hospital complexes in Jeddah and Mecca, Saudi Arabia for the NATO trained Saudi National Guard.[350] Even their future king Albert got involved, ostensibly heading this extravagant Belgian business delegation to wine and dine his fellow royals from the House of Saud. Boas’ mistress, Madam Fortunato “Tuna” Israel who spoke Arabic brought in her blond Belgian girls to entice the Saudi princes into signing the big contract. But so much in bribes and sexual favors ran up such an enormous party bill that when word got out of the millions wasted in such decadence and corruption, the deal fell through. It backfired on Prince Albert, tainting his regal image in humiliation, caught in such deep sleaze, shamelessly carousing with young girls alongside sex crazed Saudi royals.

Then came the Brabant Killings from 1982 to 1985, 28 dead and 40 injured in seemingly random attacks. The murdering gang was linked to the Pink Ballets, the elite sex orgies with underage children held at exclusive clubs, villas and castles throughout Belgium. The Belgian royals were often spotted at these disgusting soirees, especially when children were present. As always with security services involved, secret sex tapes of the debauchery featuring Belgium’s upstanding leaders were circulating at an exorbitant cost, both literally and criminally. As alluded to earlier, a couple shot and killed in one of the Brabant Killings was alleged to have been in possession of a copy.[351] Speculation emerged that the shooting sprees weren’t so random after all. At the height of the scandal, one of the high flying wives caught regularly attending these affairs without her husband, a psychiatrist Dr. Pinon who collected what became known as the Pinon File used as evidence in filing his divorce. Then it was learned that a minor committed suicide over this cocaine saturated sexual abuse and another young girl died in a car crash after an out of control night of sex and drugs. Though it may sound like a bad movie script, serving underage kids to the decadent elite in Belgium is well documented. Word getting out about these orgies made those attending them extremely nervous.

A French language magazine editor interviewed a key witness in the pink ballet scandal, introduced by Dr. Pinon. The witness supplied eight pages’ worth of damaging dirt from the sex orgies, complete with dozens of names of well-known people, places and dates, and relevant information on the two recent minors’ deaths. The witness said top political and military figures as well as royals all knew of the sexcapades because they too were regular attendees at these scandalous affairs. Of course the prime minister Boeynants and future king Prince Albert had lots to lose as did the entire criminal Establishment, should proof ever go public that they were mixed up in such egregious criminal activity.

Linked to the Bush Iran Contra scandal, ASCO’s Jewish owner Roger Boas and PM turned Defense Minister Boeynants were friends of Israel. Mossad blackmail has a nasty way of turning virtually all world leaders into friends of the Greater Israel Project. ASCO got caught in the illegal arms deal with Iran in the 1980s, and then Defense Minister Boeynants awarded a no bid contract to ASCO in exchange for very generous kickbacks from his friend, while they were busily sodomizing and murdering little girls in their snuff factory.

One of Boa’s directors, Louis Sik saw how sick these Luciferians were and tried to make a public stink about it. Louis Sik found out about the sexual blackmail operation, reporting that he saw a compromising photo of Prince Albert with a girl appearing about 14-years old. Boas attempted to nail Sik on embezzlement charges but failed while Boas in turn was hit with tax fraud.[352] And Boeynants attempted to circumvent his own fiscal fraud, corruption and sex crime charges by attempting to fake his own pathetic one-month kidnapping with his ultra-friendly abductors Michel Van Elst and Patrick Haemers.

The French magazine editor Jean-Claude Garot who thought he’d grabbed the biggest scoop of the century exposing the scandalous pink ballets dancers ignored warnings to not publish and then had his entire Pour Magazine office burned to the ground. Needless to say, no published interview, no exposé… and the bad guys violently won again. The closest thing to a detailed and accurate rendering of the degenerate crime cabal in Belgium is Joel van der Reijden’s series of articles that name over a hundred accused VIP perverts[353] and likely tell as much of the full story as we’re going to get any time soon.[354]

Boeynants’ successor as prime minister in April 1979 was yet another heavy hitter Wilfried Martens (1936-2013), who other than 9 months in 1981, for over the next dozen years remained in Belgium’s top office until March 1992. Both Regina Louf and X2, a policewoman, testified that Martens also participated in rape and torture events at ASCO.[355] Regina’s police report stated:

This person [Wilfried Martens] was brought into the network without knowing what he got himself involved with. Appeared uncomfortable and seemed to be pressured.[356]

PM Martens was likely a “go along to get along,” thoroughly compromised sexual blackmail victim. That said, he’s still a criminal, especially since he was the leader of his nation for so many years. Obviously he was not one to make waves by stepping up with moral courage to do the right thing. But then prime ministers and presidents are mere puppets in the planetary pecking order.

During the last decade and a half since Belgium’s biggest pedo-scandal has died down, other than the occasional bid for prison release, no news has been forthcoming for years. In other words, the pedo-Establishment’s clampdown cover-up continues. Dutroux’s next parole hearing that may or may not be in 2021. Last October, the Dutroux sentencing court ordered a psychiatric report due by May 11, 2020 to determine Dutroux’s fitness for possible release as early as 2021. But due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the decision has been postponed. If the court finds 63-year old Dutroux no longer a threat to reoffend, undoubtedly it will generate enormous opposition and condemnation from an outraged public. As is so often the case, one evil fuck got scapegoated, paying for all the sins of a criminal elite class that lives out unencumbered, privileged lives going to their graves with total impunity. Their karmic due still awaits.

Meanwhile, ex-wife Michelle Martin who divorced Dutroux in 2002, was convicted in 2004 for her part in the scandal and received a 30-year sentence. But after serving 16 years in prison since 1996, Martin was released in 2012. Michel Lelievre, the accomplice Dutroux didn’t murder, who in 2004 was also convicted of kidnapping charges, incurred a 25-year prison sentence. Acquitted at the trial of rape and murder charges, Lelievre completed 23 years of his quarter century prison term and was paroled in September 2019.

It’s important to bear in mind that at the exact same time as this pedophilia web was breaking in Belgium, proliferating pedophile rings were also being exposed in Britain (See Chapters 18-33), Latvia, Mexico, Russia, Netherlands, Italy, France (all covered in coming chapters) and the United States. Recall from Chapter 12 the Finders scandal had international CIA implications and Chapter 13’s Nebraska to the White House Franklin saga had directly involved the Reagan-Bush regime making national headlines, while Chapter 14’s Jeffrey Epstein-Maxwell-Mossad-Mega Group Operation was just revving up off the radar at that time.

Also significant, going down on the same day in September 1998 was the worldwide bust of the Wonderland Club, producing multiple child porn arrests across 22 US states and 11 nations including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Italy, Britain, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Portugal,[357] followed a year later by Operations Avalanche in the US[358] and Ore in UK,[359] all part of the much larger interconnected global network that is still thriving to this day. The San Jose Mercury reported the tip of the iceberg was expanding:

The ring actually extends into 47 countries.[360]

The onset of the internet age and dark web opened up the global pandemic pathway to the booming child porn-pedo-trafficking trade reaching unprecedented heights (or more apt demonic lows),[361] rivaling only illicit drugs as the world’s fastest growing, most profitable and largest organized crime industry currently ravaging the planet.[362] This highly disturbing phenomenon could never have occurred without the global slavemasters’ direct involvement, operating throughout humanity’s entire existence on earth dating back the last quarter million years (See Chapter 34). There’s nothing new about child rape and blood sacrifice (See Chapter 3), other than it reaching its present monumental, off-the-charts scale as the human blight and scourge of all ages.[363] [364] The less-than-human parasites feeding off kids must end.

The complete non-accountability and impunity of powerful abusers among the Belgian aristocracy, government and judiciary, participating in both the nation’s pedophilia network and its over-the-top cover-up, in 1996 caused a destabilizing national crisis fomenting a most acute distrust in the country’s political and criminal justice system. And with such colossal global corruption and systemic crime around the world mounting with each passing decade ever since, imposing a crisis in confidence in its representative governmental bodies to operate in the citizens’ best interest, capped in 2020 reaching an unprecedented disaster level with this year’s so called Covid-19 pandemic. Besieged by never-ending lies spewing out daily, designed to manipulate panic and confusion amongst the global masses to robotically do as they’re told, stand down in indefinite lockdown imprisonment mode inside their homes, is willfully intended to cause total collapse of the world economy and hundreds of millions of lost jobs, the death of millions of small to mid-size businesses and incomes, guaranteeing an impending hell-on-earth to be paid and suffered in our near future. The exposed mafia pedo cabal is fighting back with a vengeance.

Cooped up like good little docile robots behind our four prison walls is only feeding a growing anxiety, desperation and despair, culminating decades of smoldering-soon-to-be-incendiary panic and rage, rendering the global population worried sick, not so much from succumbing to the unleashed, “hyped up” manmade bio-weapon as the growing fear and dread currently gripping the planet over the prospective inability to feed their families amidst the cabal engineered massive food supply chain chokehold, far beyond any insipid TP shortage early on. Skyrocketing hyperinflation and unaffordable survival costs bound to come sooner than later is what is most feared with so many people out of jobs and lost income, causing potential mass starvation for millions, as the criminal elite’s perfect storm unleashes its eugenics depopulation agenda planned for a century, with the scheming globalist executioners brazenly dialing up one crisis after the next. With Bill Gates having bought the WHO, his own multimedia platform,[365] and for decades not-so-secretly financing both the virus and the vaccine, using the Third World population as his guinea pigs, and now insisting on draconian mandatory vaccination and globalist New World Order control, Bill Gates has become public enemy #1, the public face of impending death, doom and gloom.[366]

By design, the Western population is so exclusively dependent on monopolized centralized corporate food store conglomerates, or corporate fast food venues, rather than relying on local agriculture and farmers as a direct food source, current farmers and ranchers are in crisis mode unable to even move their products to market during the global lockdown.[367] As of 2010 Americans spend more money eating out than on their at home grocery bought food. With the obliteration of the restaurant industry stuck in prolonged strict lockdown, food suppliers have no market. The falling domino chain’s in effect and where it ends up, remains an unanswerable question at this point. Inevitably though, an impending food supply chain shutdown appears eminent on the horizon in the US and beyond.[368] Critical foodstuff shortages are extremely likely, potentially worldwide, that could prove catastrophic for billions on the earth in the coming months, especially as the global economy tanks.

Add to this precarious and dire mix last century’s startling fact that death resulting from democide amounted to six times the death toll caused by all the 20th century wars combined, including the two biggest in history,[369] and the future outlook for humans on this planet appears very bleak and alarming. Given this fact combined with today’s growing contempt for how so many governments have mishandled this deliberately engineered crisis, as soon as people are confronted with empty grocery store shelves and hungry mouths to feed at home, a long festering, seething rage will instantly spill over into open rebellion and bloody violence on the streets. Finally forced to face a bitter red pill realization that their government is not their friend after all, nor ever really was, the global populace will invariably reach breaking point, triggering worldwide revolt and mass upheaval the likes of which have never been seen before. It’s then that the controllers’ 5G high speed internet tower on your block and thousands of Elon Musk’s strategically placed satellites above us can easily be amped up for high speed fast fry of ground zero human targets on a massive genocidal scale. But before this unthinkable dystopian tragedy of all tragedies strikes us all dead, the sodomizing psychopathic rulers pulling all the levers that for centuries have been poking, prodding, torturing, poisoning and exterminating humanity as their caged beast are about to meet their own karmic reckoning. Those who still cherish life in the name of God will not go down easily.

Off to neighboring Netherlands that breeds just as deep an intertwined pedophilia cesspool as Belgium.



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