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Australia: Where the Globalized Satanic Pedophilia Network Thrives Like No Other


Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State by Joachim Hagopian
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JUNE 9, 2021
Chapter 50 (Book 5 Chapter 11): Australia: Where the Globalized Satanic Pedophilia Network Thrives Like No Other

Joachim Hagopian


Child trafficking is run as a single, integrated world operation. This operation is coordinated by the CIA in collaboration with British and Australian intelligence services.

Fiona Barnett, Australian MK-Ultra child sex abuse victim-activist-author[1]

More than any other child sex abuse victim in Australia, the testimony of now 51-year old Fiona Barnett serves as the most comprehensive indictment against the international crime cabal – bar none. Though the pedo-establishment has raked her over the coals, desperately attempting to smear her credibility and integrity, she singlehandedly exposes the integrated global trafficking network, typically run by the CIA, MI6, Mossad and Australia’s National Security Council (NSC) agency.[2] Fiona Barnett’s extensive research and firsthand knowledge since the early 1970s, masterfully integrating various interlocking intel agencies, has never even been remotely debunked, despite her naming three Australian prime minister pedophile ring members,[3] as well as US President Richard Nixon and Nixon’s famously revered Christian imposter, the Rev. Billy Graham, as among her illustrious child raping perpetrators.

In actuality, Evangelist Billy Graham was a longtime celebrated Luciferian 33rd degree Freemason child rapist who died at 99-years old in February 2018.[4] Fiona Barnett is not the only alleged child sex victim of Billy Graham. Kathleen Sullivan, another credible MK Ultra survivor and author of Unshackled: A Story of Mind Control,[5] also disclosed that the Rev. Billy Graham, a descendant of Illuminati crypto-Jew Jacob Frank,[6] raped Kathleen as a child.[7] Among Kathleen’s other infamous perps are Epstein handler Ghislaine Maxwell’s superspy daddy Robert Maxwell and Illuminati kingpins Henry Kissinger and President George H.W. Bush. Also recall from Book 2, Chapter 4, UK octogenarian rock star Cliff Richard at a 1985 rally of the Billy Graham Crusade in Sheffield, was accused of sexual assault by a minor under 16.[8] Diabolical, lingering bad habits of fellow holy rollers who aren’t what they seem are virtually impossible to break.

Another case in point is Mother Teresa.[9] Canonized religious figures typically touted as saints and holy men throughout the modern era in particular, have in fact been used for the nefarious agenda to spread wickedness and deception across the globe in the false name of Godliness, goodness and spirituality. That’s simply the world we’ve been living in and it’s up to each of us to discern the truth for ourselves.

The New World Order’s One World Government, One World Religion and One World Economy have long sought subversive infiltration from all the Illuminati Satanic secret societies, be they Jesuits, Malta Knights or Freemasonry (See Book 1). The bloodline dynasty overlords and their selected puppet class elite are cloaked in the nexus of secret societies.

Fiona Barnett cultivated a friendship with long respected Retired NYPD Detective Joe Rothstein, whose foremost investigative career work since 1966, centered on child prostitution entrapment operations conducted by the global intelligence community as organized crime. And it was Detective Joe Rothstein who learned that:

The Watergate break-in was strictly based on one thing – the pedophile records that were being kept at the Democratic National Headquarters.[10]

Det. Rothstein disclosed that the CIA conducts the “human compromise” operations worldwide while the FBI serves to cover CIA tracks where leaks occur, concluding that about 70% of top US government leaders are compromised through CIA coordinated child sexual abuse operations.[11] A prime example is the CIA-Mossad Epstein-Maxwell operation. Decades ago, while working with fellow NYPD law enforcement associates and their Scotland Yard counterparts, Rothstein determined that an organized web of an international child sex trafficking network actually existed and has been thriving ever since. Detective Rothstein explained that:

VIP members met at various world locations where each destination catered for a different type of degenerate sexual proclivity, including ‘satanic-themed’ abuse.[12]

Regarding Det. Rothstein’s take on Billy Graham, Joe said he and his investigative NYPD team often heard that the famous, so-called Christian evangelist was both a CIA operative and a ravenous child sexual predator. In the first chapter of her explosive book, Eyes Wide Open: The Authentic Fiona Barnett book on healing Satanic Ritual Abuse,[13] Fiona Barnett unravels the myriad connections between all the major pedo-scandals unfolding in the United Kingdom, Belgium, America as well as firsthand from Australia, demonstrating that security services are the common link lurking on behalf of the pedo-elite, systemically misusing child sexual abuse as the commodified honeytrap currency to compromise and control targeted VIP politicians, CEOs, military brass, judges and entertainers from around the world.

At her October 2015 press conference, Fiona expounded on what she had faced as both a child victim and adult survivor, exposing her public testimony directly to the media and Australian people. During the press conference Fiona articulated what she had to wrongly endure, simply for speaking the truth:

My experiences were horrific beyond words. But the way I’ve been treated for reporting the crimes I witnessed and experienced has been far worse than my original abuse experiences.[14]Indeed, I serve a life sentence for crimes committed against me, with the full knowledge and blessing of the Australian government. I am constantly harassed by police, paid agitators, agent academics and journalists, DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) sleeper cells, perpetrator relatives, sold-out victims, fake advocates, professional social media trolls, Special Intelligence Operatives, and retired intelligence community thugs hired to do the dirty work of VIPs who dare not overtly attack me for fear of attracting media attention to their part in the international child trafficking operation.[15]

Fiona’s onetime therapist and longtime child advocate, Melbourne psychologist Dr Reina Michaelson, once warned her:

Fiona, I think this is a life sentence.[16]

Among “the hundreds of crimes” Fiona Barnett maintains she experienced or witnessed firsthand, starting at the age of 5 as a victim of the Canberra Parliamentary pedophile ring, were “child abduction, torture, rape and murder,”[17] essentially the same occult ritual abuse documented everywhere else on the planet. Yet that said, Fiona’s unique trauma experience and heroic retelling of it assures us that:

I [Fiona] am not some left-brain dominant academic pretending to understand what it is like to be a victim of the most heinous crimes. I lived it. I spent my developmental years trapped in a mind control labyrinth. I spent my adult years navigating an escape. I eventually achieved what few victims of the most extreme abuse do, integration. I may therefore declare with authority what does and does not work.[18]

In her first 35-pages of her 2019 online exposé Eyes Wide Open, Fiona covers remarkable ground connecting the pedophilic dots within the singular, intra-connected US, British, Australian and Israeli child sex abuse network.[19] She fills in the pieces on how Black Nobility bloodline families, beginning with the Dutch East India Company, thoroughly chronicled in the major bombshell of 1978’s Dope, Inc., and links the powerful ruling drug dynasty families still controlling today’s global drug smuggling trade. But she also presents compelling evidence how, in more recent decades, the same international criminal cabal also took over the world’s most financially lucrative, fastest growing organized crime network of sex trafficking of humans and innocent children. To this day, this same international Luciferian death cult running the world has long profited from drug, arms, organ and human/child trafficking.[20] In New South Wales (NSW), Australia, Fiona and many other victims have been regularly sex trafficked along the Sydney-Wollongong-Bathurst-Canberra corridor.

Fiona delineates the hierarchical structure of the global pedophilia network, starting with the lowest level of street gangs, often the procurers.[21] This level in turn works directly with and answers to the next level – organized crime or mafia. The recruited puppets of the elite class consist of the politicians, CEOs, judges, entertainers, police commissioners, often the gatekeepers that partake in the human compromise entrapment schemes run by the CIA. A certain portion of these “inner club members” are truly pedophiles, others submit to being duped, drugged and compromised in order to enjoy the benefits and power of the insulated elite class as long as they do what they’re told. But the top level are the Luciferian overlords (a slight variation of the mafia bosses) that systematically engage in Satanic ritual abuse, torture and blood sacrifice murder. The inner club members at the top of this power pyramid are entitled by birthright as powerful dynastic family bloodlines to rule the earth as long as they keep worshipping their ungodly god Lucifer. Barnett convincingly ties it all glaringly together in her first chapter.

Fiona also spells out in detail Australia’s creepy, corrupt gatekeeping system that obediently looks the other way or vehemently defends pedophilia network leaders and VIP pedophiles – like former Sydney police detective-turned-trafficking kingpin Roger Rogerson, or former national swim coach pedo Scott Volkers… until their bad karma catches up to them.

Australia’s gold medalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Susie O’Neill, was singing the praises for her beloved swim coach Scott Volkers, who she dedicated her victory to:

I thought I had reached my plateau, but he made me believe in myself.[22]

But a July 2014 Sydney Morning Herald headline titled “Swimming Coach Accused of Child Abuse ‘Too Good to Sack,’” tells a very different story:

Julie Gilbert, Kylie Rogers and Simone Boyce took the stand at the royal commission into child abuse in Sydney this week to describe their mental breakdowns, eating disorders, anxiety and isolation from a swimming hierarchy that refused to believe them or failed to explore the possibility that Volkers molested them – as girls aged 12 to 18 – in the 1980s.[23]

Volkers has enjoyed his free pass raping Australian girls, until he fled to Brazil in 2010 where the coach worked with underage girls for another few years overseas. Finally, in 2017 the rapist was charged with five counts of indecent treatment of a child under 16. But then the Satanic Pedophilia Network moved in and in March 2020 Judge David Reid decided:

… an unreasonable delay to the case reaching court amounted to a breach of Mr Volkers’ rights under the Human Rights Act.[24]

How about the decades of injustice that his victims suffered, never seeing their perpetrator arrested and prosecuted? What about their rights? Again, Lucifer’s upside-down wrong-is-right world in operation. So a longtime child abuser remains free while sex victims the world over watch and draw the pathetically accurate conclusion that the justice system supports the rights of the rapist far more than child rape victims. That alone deters child victims from reporting abuse to the authorities, just the way the pedo-cabal designed it.

Fiona Barnett explains why this is so when she singles out the quintessential Australian gatekeeping pedo-network protector, career prosecutor-barrister Margaret Cunneen, appointed NSW Commissioner of the Special Commission of Inquiry into child sexual abuse in the Newcastle area where the Catholic Church has long been guilty of abuse and cover-up. Despite Cunneen supposedly being a child sex victim herself at the hands of her Sydney neighbor,[25] and despite supposedly putting dozens of sexual predators behind bars as a Sydney prosecutor, over the years, Margaret Cunneen has also ensured that high profile pedophiles in both the church and government escape justice. An April 2016 Women’s Weekly fluff piece alludes to her own past abuse as her motive championing her alleged cause:

The famous prosecutor reveals what drives her to seek justice against child sex offenders.[26]

The Special Commission of Inquiry chair Margaret Cunneen repeatedly went on public record undermining the credibility and resolve of those most dedicated to exposing the pedo-scourge. Despite in 2012 Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox perseveringly having exposed his own law enforcement-prosecutorial colleagues’ corruption and cover-up protecting frocked pedophiles galore within the Newcastle Archdiocese, Cunneen prohibited Chief Inspector Fox from including crucial evidence in her Inquiry, in effect, prejudicing Fox’s testimony. For days and weeks, Cunneen as the head of Australia’s national investigation on child sexual abuse, aggressively interrogated and harassed Peter Fox:

Facilitating him being slandered ‘a liar,’ ‘the devil incarnate,’ ‘obsessed’ with exposing pedophile priests, and involved in a ‘conspiracy’ with Newcastle Herald journalist Joanne McCarthy who was also interrogated under cross examination.[27]

Is this someone placed in power and authority to extract the truth exposing systemic, institutionalized abuse against children in Australia, or is this a pretender covertly selected to protect VIP pedophiles?

Deputy Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas, who supported Peter Fox’s evidence exposing the blatant cover-up, was next to be singled out for persecution and career destruction by the tandem team of both Inquiry chair Margaret Cunneen and her right-hand-man – NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione. Commissioner Scipione publicly supported pedophile Frank Houston, the religious Hillsong founder who co-trafficked children to Kings Cross Costellos brothel with child raping partner-in-crime and, as of 2014, convicted murderer Roger Rogerson, who in turn, Cunneen as an old friend, shamelessly attended his book-signing affair after his prison release in 2006. Again, the Pedo & Empire recurring theme, pedo-birds of a feather never fail to always flock together.

Since journalist Joanne McCarthy of the Newcastle Herald had publicly supported rare honest cop Peter Fox, in efforts to get her uniquely powerful story published by a mainstream media outlet in Australia, Fiona Barnett approached Joanne’s fellow colleague at the Herald, Ian Kirkwood, who’d co-written several articles with Joanne McCarthy. During Fiona’s phone call to Ian requesting he cover her story of child abuse at the hands of the Australian Parliament, Ian Kirkwood relayed that “a couple of spooks” had once informed him that:

All senior politicians are pedophiles because that is how they are controlled.[28]

Excitedly, Fiona replied that was exactly her own experience, reasoning that the CIA was long known to be at the forefront of illegal arms and drug trafficking, Fiona added that children were just one more lucrative commodity:

ASIO [Australian Security Intelligence Organization] and the CIA work together to traffic children between Australia and America. They’re the ones who trafficked me.[29]

Fiona later disclosed more details, naming her perps:

During the 1970s and 80s, Labour Party politician, Kim Beazley Sr. headed ASIO’s child trafficking operation. Under Kim Beazley’s administration, I was prostituted, at age 6 years, to a pedophile orgy at Parliament House in Canberra, where I was raped by then Prime Minister Gough WhitlamAttorney-General Lionel Murphy, and Governor-General John Kerr.[30]

Though that initial phone conversation was encouraging with journalist Ian Kirkwood, acknowledging that he’d at least consider her request, he also added that publishing her controversial story would place his own children at risk and therefore never did get back to her. A short time later though, learning that Kirkwood had acquired a rare aggressive form of cancer that he has since survived, Fiona re-contacted him to deliver her condolences. At the end of their second phone chat, Fiona mentioned that she was considering writing a book on her experience. She asked Ian to elaborate on what he previously meant pertaining to “the spooks.” But this time his immediate response denied that he ever made such a brazen statement about senior politicians controlled through pedophilia. In one breath of vehement denial, in Fiona’s mind there went years of careful effort forging a solid relationship with MSM journalists, introducing other victims and their testimony, meticulously building her hoped-to-go-mainstream case to the waiting, uninformed world.

Gaining some traction as a whistleblower writing and reporting about Australia’s child sex abuse epidemic, for several years prior to Fiona Barnett’s October 2015 press conference, she had been approached by many child sex victims and their families, essentially becoming their spokesperson. Several high-profile cases had Fiona taking on a consultative capacity while writing articles for the alt media’s IA (Independent Australia). As a wife and mother, in 2013 the activist-whistleblower exposed an incredible 18-year crime spree perpetrated by protected primary schoolteacher Gary Willis, who allegedly fronted a Tweed Shire pedophile ring within the NSW region.[31] Similar to the Catholic Church, Willis was simply allowed to move across the border to Queensland where he continued his physical and sexual assaults on mostly special education kids.

Psychologist Dr Reina Michaelson’s activism centers on the prevention of child abuse by exposing and breaking up the status quo, which is an enormous network of Illuminati controlled groups of criminal organizations involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse, torture and sexual abuse of children on a massive scale.[32] But because of the corruption and infiltrated power within the system, from the get-go, her efforts have been sabotaged. After implementing Australia’s first child sexual abuse prevention program (CSAPP) in Rushworth schools in Victoria in 1995, while working with 9-year old boys at a school, a student passed her a written note asking what to do if a teacher was sexually abusing you but no one is willing to believe you.[33] The next thing she knew, her car was being intentionally rammed out in the parking lot. Reina, her assistant and a trauma abuse counselor proceeded to interview the boys to determine that up to a dozen of them at that school showed that they were being sexually molested by a particular teacher. But the perp then began threatening to kill his victims and, as a result, none were willing to name names or press for any further investigation. The school district passively acquiesced, in effect, supporting yet another known child sex offender teacher.

Even after more pedophile teachers at the school were implicated in a ring, the local Police Child Exploitation Unit’s response reacted even worse, refusing to interview or believe victims and witnesses, and refused to investigate. In other words, as always, law enforcement was ordered to look the other way in deference to the child raping club it’s informally sworn to uphold and protect, rather than the victimized children. After registering a “confidential” complaint to the Department of Education, Dr Reina’s family residence was broken into and her supporting documents of criminal cover-up stolen.[34] Several years later, despite after identifying eight victims willing to testify against the shielded Rushworth teacher, in the end the Department of Education exonerated him, claiming no witnesses were willing to substantiate claims. Yet when Reina contacted the only victim the Education Department even bothered to interview, that victim maintains that she told them everything. So once again, more evidence of a massive cover-up between education, law enforcement and a high-profile Satanic child rapist ring.

A year after the Education Department betrayed her, Dr Reina anonymously contacted Crime Stoppers to report the across the boards-cover-up. After the worker and her supervisor assured that the names of guilty police officers involved in the cover-up would remain confidential and the matter would be turned over to the police Ethical Standards Department (ESD; i.e., internal investigations), Reina reluctantly submitted the name of Chris O’Connor as the lead detective heading the Child Exploitation Unit. When she called back for a progress check on the case, the worker admitted that her boss forced her to notify O’Connor himself of Dr Michaelson’s intervention. Soon afterwards, men in unmarked government vehicles were posted outside her parents’ home where Reina, for safety reasons, was forced to move to. The spooks would either speed off or follow her or family members, willfully stepping up their level of harassment and intimidation. Strange menacing phone calls and wiretaps were increasingly observed.

After the Crime Stoppers fiasco, a persistent Dr Reina contacted the Deputy Ombudsman to report this widening travesty of justice, requesting a meeting with the new Chief Commissioner of Police, Christine Nixon. But the Ombudsman reported back saying she was unavailable. So, the Melbourne psychologist reached out directly to Christine Nixon, who was disconcertedly irritated to learn the Ombudsman never bothered to contact her. While Reina was providing the Ombudsman with information, two more thefts of her files were stolen from her car trunk and parents’ home. By this time, she had begun discreetly storing backup files with trusted friends. In the meantime, while awaiting a meeting with Police Commissioner Nixon, the thugs in government cars were often seen waiting for her at night to return home, so fearing for her life, Dr Reina was compelled to frantically attempt to stay at a friend’s place.

Finally, in December 2001, Dr Reina Michaelson conferred with the new Victoria Police Commissioner, who found the evidence presented to her very credible and compelling. Next came a meeting with ESD, only the interviewing officer made it obvious that he didn’t believe a word the psychologist uttered. While the detective took a smoke break, Reina took a peek at the report he based his opinions on, which was pure fabrication of events, essentially gaslighting the whistleblower Reina as an unstable troublemaker without any evidence to back up her “preposterous” claims. The ESD plan was to simply placate, for public liability sake, with a mock police investigation with no intention of bringing charges against anyone. And the newly assigned ESD detective tasked with conducting the fake probe was none other than an old friend and colleague who worked with Detective O’Connor for years prior to his ESD transfer. Upon learning of this deceptively corrupt subversion of justice ploy, Christine Nixon assigned her Deputy Ombudsman to the case in 2002.

The official in charge was Ombudsman Dr. Barry Perry, who in April 2003, just prior to completing his findings, the 64-year old was found nearly unconscious with severe head injuries being reported in mainstream newspapers as a “stroke.”[35] The head bashing incident was covered up by the press at the time for fear that the truth could trigger copycat crimes from potential Ombudsman victims whose lives may have been ruined by the establishment gatekeeper’s undue protection of corrupt, criminal police and/or government officials.[36] Perry’s successor George Brouwer’s 2004 report admitted Detective O’Connor and his ESD buddy’s misconduct for failing to obtain both witness/victim statements and other important evidence as well as for grossly mishandling the case. But in the November 2004 taped meeting with Dr Reina Michaelson, Ombudsman George Brouwer gave away all his pedo-marbles:

What I would hope that we can achieve is possibly nothing in relation to that past [paedophile] ring, even if it is still operating.[37]

That one statement alone, from the very person whose watchdog role is to expose any wrongdoing by police and state, proves that the Australian government’s actual agenda is, and always has been, to conceal its Satanic Pedophilia Network from the world at all cost.

On top of that bombshell, with the police corruption and cover-up fully exposed, protected by the Victoria police union, ultimately the assistant police commissioner deemed Det. O’Conner and his ESD pal’s actions mere “minor failings,” warranting no further action. Additionally, the Ombudsman report was never published, using an old familiar playbook excuse common in cover-ups that “it would identify the child victims.”[38] So Australia pulled off yet another of its countless criminal cover-ups, only proving its full commitment to protect and seal off its organized Satanic pedophilia cult from public awareness.

In 2003, Dr Michaelson [and others] demanded a Royal Commission properly investigate the over-the-top police corruption, the pervasive unphased pedophilia network and Melbourne’s slew of gangland murders. But all she got was the ombudsman’s wish come true – nothing was done to hold child rapists and killers accountable. In her words:

… the victims who were abused as part of this network as children can testify to the fact that police officers were actually being paid off so that this criminal network remained untouchable. So that’s why we want it to be investigated thoroughly… There is clearly something really bad happening in this State, and it needs to be sorted out… It’s organized crime, and it’s being allowed to continue because… there are a couple of bad eggs in the right places.[39]

Next, let’s switch gears to Adelaide, South Australia, where the most infamous unsolved murder mystery in all of Australia has endured for 55 years now. This story is very much related to Dr Reina Michaelson’s cold hard factual findings – that police in Australia are committed to covering up the truth at all cost in order to protect the Satanic Pedophilia Network. On Australia Day, January 26, 1966, 9-year old Jane, 7-year old Arnna and 5-year old Grant Beaumont took a bus ride to nearby Glenelg Beach, but disappeared soon after without a trace, or so authorities and MSM would want us to still believe.[40] Back in those much safer, more carefree days, it wasn’t unheard of for a responsible older sibling to make short trips with younger siblings unattended by adults.

Based on the sworn affidavits of several critical key witnesses, it’s now clear what happened. Three of the murderer’s children and an accomplice to the murder now in prison for child sexual abuse have provided overwhelming testimony that indicates Allan “Max” McIntyre was the prime suspect behind the disappearance and murder of the three Beaumont children. As a member of a South Australian Satanic pedophile ring, Max McIntyre had a job within the pedo-web to dispose of victims’ bodies. With McIntyre family friend Anthony Allan Munro, aka Tony Munro as Max’s accomplice, they are alleged to have abducted the three Beaumont kids at the beach, drove them back to McIntyre’s home trapped in the trunk of Munro’s car, and very likely participated with other pedophile members in their sexual abuse, torture and murder, prior to McIntyre and Munro burying their victims.[41] From recent evidence, it’s been confirmed that two, on-duty South Australian policewomen were in the McIntyre home on the night of the children’s disappearance. This shows extreme probability of collusion between Adelaide’s pedophilia web and local law enforcement that to this day still pretends and masquerades as an unsolved mystery. Max’s son Andrew McIntyre recorded in his childhood diary how he often accompanied his father and Tony Munro to the beach, where they would go diving as salvage and expedition club members.[42] But on the day the Beaumont children disappeared, Andrew specifically wrote that for some unknown reason he was not allowed to go. We now know why. Anthony McIntyre even stated that he saw blood in Anthony Munro’s car afterwards.[43]

Mad Max’s wife Margaret and their oldest child Clare both disappeared under suspicious circumstances, in all likelihood, silenced by the powerful South Australian pedophilia network known as “The Family.”[44] But Andrew and Ruth, the other two McIntyre children have persisted in submitting compelling firsthand evidence that their father was a murderous pedophile with the added responsibility of ridding the bodies for the crime network. His day job was working as a Telecom wiretapper. Max remarried and years later had another daughter Rachel Vaughan. So now it makes three adult children who try just as hard as Dr Reina and Fiona to expose the same diabolical truth, that a larger Satanic Pedophilia Network rules Australia.

Rachel Vaughan admits that she too is a victim of Satanic ritual sexual abuse, witnessing her father and others take part in a pedo cult ritually murdering six children in blood sacrifice, per her disturbing August 1st, 2018 testimony before the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ).[45] Rachel claims that her father bragged about his immunity from prosecution, dying at the ripe old age of 88 in 2017. Max McIntyre’s children, all three living survivors, allegedly know where many body parts are buried near a well on their deceased father’s property. Yet for all too obvious reasons, police will never search it.

Rachel contends that Max may well have been a MK-Ultra victim himself, programmed to carry out the dirty work of an Illuminati pedo-web in South Australia. During her ITNJ testimony, she states that she was forced to participate in the mutilation of a boy around 6 inside a tunnel system on the outskirts of Adelaide, owned by a relative of Tony Munro. She also witnessed, along with about 50 adults and nine other children, the blood sacrifice of an infant burned at the altar. Rachel believes she recognized a former South Australia state attorney-general who was handed the victim by a red-haired woman in a long green robe, just prior to the fiery Moloch sacrifice.[46]

Andrew McIntyre and other victims testified at the trial of Tony Munro, resulting in his 2017 conviction and 5-year sentence for chronic abuse of boys from 1965 to 1983.[47] Former scout leader Munro had previously fled Australia to open a ladyboy bar in Cambodia where he also sexually assaulted underage boys. Yet for all of Max’s children’s efforts to get law enforcement to investigate and arrest their father, the state of South Australia incriminatingly refused to respond to all their furnished, convictable evidence, again corroborating irrefutable proof that the primary function of police is to protect Australia’s all-powerful network of Satanic child raping murderers.

When Rachel was 4-years old in 1977, she saw her father holding a hatchet standing over a child’s chopped up body along with a man’s severed foot spread out on their bathroom floor.[48] On that same day in 1977, Rachel’s older half-sister Ruth, maintains that she observed five cadavers brought into their home in body bags. Kathleen Sullivan wrote in her book Shackled, how as a MK-Ultra assassin, an additional duty that one of her alters performed was rushing to wherever CIA operatives were killed to chop up and quickly dispose of their bodies so no evidence was left that CIA was active in that country.[49] Rachel is convinced that her father’s duty to the pedo-network was along similar lines, and for years she has meticulously logged all her reporting efforts to both police and politicians, and drawn zero response.

A 2007 Mullighan Inquiry into Child State Care Abuse in South Australia based on eyewitness testimony of hundreds of victims, revealed the identity of 922 perpetrators as part of a highly organized South Australia pedophilia network operating since the 1950s.[50] Yet out of the near thousand perps, only two have been convicted of child sex abuse. Due to its infamous murder cases, Adelaide has also been tagged as the murder capital of the nation, though statistically the press claims it’s not true.[51] It remains highly doubtful that South Australian police and mainstream media will ever come clean on the real fate of the three Beaumont children.

A half a decade ago in June 2016, the story broke focusing on the hazing practices at certain military schools and training centers within the Australian defense force, transgressing into rape of incoming recruits as young as 15 by staff as well as forcing victims to abuse each other, with a total of 111 coming forth to report their trauma. Per CNN, the Royal Commission was looking into the deviant, warped culture thriving at various military installations:

… alleged abuse at the naval training center HMAS Leeuwin in Western Australia and the army apprentice school Balcombe in Victoria during the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s and also among cadets with the Australian defense force since 2000.[52]

As part of the initiation process, rape of both young male and female cadets became rampantly embedded as a traditional rite of passage at these identified facilities. And those who reported the criminal abuse at the time were either ignored or actually given this “rite of passage” crock of shit. Sexual assault has emerged as a major crisis within the US military as well, including the service academies as of 1976 with male cadets predatorily abusing lower-ranking female cadets. As both a graduate of the US Military Academy and an independent journalist, I’ve written extensively on this disgraceful problem that still remains out of control.[53] Growing bipartisan congressional support to remove prosecution from the commander is eminently on the horizon, signaling a major overhaul of the “good ol’ boys club” system.[54] If it was expanded to prosecuting all VIPs in the globalized Satanic Pedophilia Network, that would be huge progress for humanity. But that won’t happen any time soon till the We the People stand up and demand it. The underlying causes of sexual assault as an increasing sociological phenomenon are addressed next with Australia’s current abuse epidemic wreaking havoc in its school system.

Not only have schools in Australia historically harbored notorious pedophiles per Fiona and Dr Reina’s testimony and the aforementioned military schools, but Australia’s primary educational institutions today are still being used as the go-to crime scene for yet more sexual predators. The Sydney Morning Herald covering New South Wales reported in March 2021:

More than 500 sexual offences against children and teens occur on [NSW] school premises each year and last year that included more than 100 sexual assaults.[55]

It recently took another brave young woman, Chanel Contos, sick and tired of the daily disrespect, misogyny and outright sexual assaults at her school that prompted her to reach out to peers with an anonymous petition. The goal was to document the growing, out-of-control crisis brewing in Australia for decades among male and female minors. Her petition also highlights the need to grasp the concept of consent as a basic human right. Gender commentator and anti-porn activist Melinda Reist states:

Girls are assaulted in co-ed schools. They tell me they’re actually assaulted within the school grounds; they’re touched, they’re groped, they’re being asked to send pictures.[56]

The oversexualization of girls and women in the mass media and violent trend in pornography plant the seed and license for boys/men to have no qualms about violating the bodily rights of females without their consent. Also, this growing concern in Australia may be directly related to the Luciferian pedo-crisis. Victims of abuse frequently abuse others. What minors observe on the internet and their social media platforms as increasing influencers may play a causative factor in the spike in school sexual assaults.

As both a therapist and sociological observer, I assert that this in part is the result of calculated, globalized social engineering machinations, deliberately intended to sew further seeds of conflict and disharmony between the sexes. Parents are the most important role models shaping their children’s behavior. But high divorce rates, unstable home environments and families struggling financially can be correlative factors. Fathers or men in their mother’s life who are sexist and mistreat women often pass on these same attitudes and behaviors to young, impressionable boys. Busily working long hours, parents may not be active enough in the guidance of their children, grappling daily with ethical and moral issues affecting them. Parents often leave it up to the school, which is totally inadequate. It will take a collective effort to correct this growing sociological problem that is not just limited to Australia.

Add to this already overwrought mix, the LBGTQ+ agenda, so readily adopted by the NWO United Nations, under the facade of benignly promoting “gender diversity,” the conditioning is to include not just the LBGT population, but the Q part for “questioning or queer, intersex, pan sexual, gender non-conforming, nonbinary, agender, androgyne, androgynous, bigender, cis, cisgender, cis female, cis male,” and on and on into infinite ad nauseam we go.[57] When gender is no longer biologically defined as male or female, but instead deemed a mere “social construct,” subject to a million interpretations as subjectively defined by the whimsical world of “gender diversity,” all this gobbledygook is designed to muck things up, blur the not so hidden in plain sight lines, brainwashing multiple generations to promote an “anything goes” philosophy as dictated by the Luciferian controlled media and elite.

Currently a direct correlation exists between the record number of rape investigations of high-level Australian ministers and MPs and the epidemic in the Australian school system of boys committing record numbers of sex crimes against the female student population… like father, like son. A May 15, 2021 article hot off the press from the Sydney Morning Herald was the most read article for several days.  It directly explores today’s out-of-control crisis raging between Australian males’ rampant sexual abuse against Australian females:

Privilege. Porn. Parent-free parties. An alcohol-fuelled climate in which being nice to girls is considered uncool. A wave of sexual assault allegations involving students from some of our top private schools underlines the need to foster a healthier brand of manhood.[58]

Sexuality and sexual relations between genders running amuck in today’s world and the larger than ever global child sex abuse trafficking network are not mutually exclusive but two dangerous symptoms reflecting the same etiological Satanic roots, both currently plaguing humanity under full court duress and mounting pressures from demonic elite controllers. Amidst all this chaos, turmoil and human suffering, a related phenomenon currently operating on every level from overt to covert is the all-out insidious manipulation to undermine morality and ethics in the homogenized, internet-addicted world population. We are barraged by constant 24/7 assault on our moral and ethical sensibilities, intended to create the lowest common denominator effect, the gradual acceptance of perversions galore in our daily lives. This insidious invasion is in large part to normalize pedophilia as an acceptable sexual preference. The final chapter of this book fully is devoted to this global phenomenon perpetrated by predatory Luciferian earth controllers.

This massive mind control assault manifests in a myriad of ways. One of these mental manipulations involves renaming a pedophile to a more benign, socially accepted, innocuous term. Instead of being called a pedophile, or latent child sexual abuser, the new and improved model is a “Minor Attracted Person” (MAP), clearly invented to condition society to view pedophilia as a mere sexual orientation and preference, deceptively following the coattails of the LGBT rights movement.[59] This parallels Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s pet project to prohibit and erase the use of all gender pronouns from our vocabulary, in her moronically delusional PC, ivory-towered rainbow world.[60] Again, all of these sideshow theatrics are sleight of hand distraction to conceal the elite’s hidden agenda – social engineering programming as its massive mind control brainwash. It’s all been meticulously preplanned, strategically calculated and blatantly deliberate in order to create yet more divide and conquer dysfunction, confusion, conflict and disharmony, with the aim of igniting race wars, religious wars, class wars, gender wars and civil wars around the world… more application of Gladio A-Z’s strategy of tension, only now on steroids.[61] The Luciferians’ ultimate agenda is abolition of the sovereign, independent national state as the impediment to one world government, the abolition of religion, spirituality and morality, the abolition of the nuclear family, replaced by the surrogate parent – the nanny state/one world governance, and abolition of private property via the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.”[62] This core Luciferian ideology represents the bedrock foundation spelled out in the dictates of the Weishaupt-Rothschild Bavarian Order of the Illuminati, Marxism, Communism, Freemasonry, Bilderbergers, the Elders of Zionism and the New World Order, and it’s where the globalists, step-by- step, are fast moving humanity today – if we acquiesce and put up with all this nonstop absurd, ungodly horseshit madness.

What Fiona Barnett, Dr Reina Michaelson, sex abuse victims, activists and ultimately all of us are up against is a highly organized Satanic death cult machine that’s infiltrated the highest levels of every society throughout the world, regardless of geographical location. On par with North America, Europe and Israel, Australia just happens to be more subversively infiltrated by long embedded Luciferianism than most nations on earth. From the Satanic macrocosm to the Satanic microcosm, a glimpse into the local Rushworth, Victorian “chapter” is extremely revealing. From the eyewitness testimony of former child victim Mick, forcibly recruited at a young age into the pedophilia network operating in his hometown a couple hours outside Melbourne:

Children who tried to escape were killed, often in front of the other children in order to control the children through fear. [Once Mick and another child had tried to escape but were caught.] The other child was murdered by having her head smashed open with a rock.[63]

An earlier scandal involves Satanic ritual sexual abuse, mind control hypnosis and torture after preschool aged children were dropped off at a daycare facility in the Mornington Peninsula area just south of Melbourne during the early 1990s.[64] The young children would customarily be taken to the homes of prominent and wealthy “pillars of the community” for systematic ritual abuse, accompanied by cameras for videotaping child pornography, with video copies ending up at Network TV 10, though conveniently reported “lost” by the time the story broke in 1992. Police “investigators” claimed they never had possession of any tape despite clear-cut evidence that it was removed from police storage.

In an aptly entitled article “Land of Child Abusing Clergy, Politicians and Police” from Salem-News in December 2013:

Their disclosures included instances in which they were taken in a car from the creche to a nearby house, undressed by adults and sexually assaulted, video-taped and filmed while naked, and urinated and defecated upon by adults. The children disclosed that some of the abusers wore police uniforms.[65]

The police completely let the daycare facility owner off the hook, using the lame excuse that victims were too young to be credible witnesses, despite medical evidence that at least four kids were sexually assaulted, eventually amounting to 24 victims. Similar to the McMartin and Presidio cases, young child victims are credible enough to independently describe and accurately pinpoint the same physical location where abuse often took place, in this case in a pink room with a spa. Yet also like previous Satanic daycare cases in the US (Presidio, West Point; see Chapter 1, Book 4), no one from the pedophile ring ever was arrested or brought to justice, in spite of the overwhelming evidence. And the bottom line why? Other than the elite protecting their own, that pink room crime scene belonged to a property registered to the Victoria police![66] Can’t get any guiltier than that.

Nearly three decades later Dr Reina was working with the victims and their families, still suffering from the long-term effects of abuse and lack of justice. Another incriminating point of contention, the same detective Jock Westland who went through the motions in the Mornington case to suppress evidence that police were caught on tape abusing children,[67] was also assigned to investigate Reina’s claims of police harassment and intimidation years later, and once again dismissed evidence calling her “paranoid.” This recurring pattern worldwide demonstrates that it’s the same gatekeepers making certain that the pedophilic scourge stays hidden and buried, decade after decade, century after century.

Mainstream press didn’t always censor and bury the truth exposing the VIP child rape cult. Only in the last decade and a half in Australia [and elsewhere] have the elite controllers tightened their screws to turn newspaper journalism into propaganda prostitutes for the cabal’s pedophilia network. A May 2006 article in the Courier Mail disclosed that a Melbourne priest took part in Satanic rituals, child sex abuse and murders.[68] The victim’s claims were accepted by the Melbourne Archdiocese as “substantially true,” paying out $33,000 in compensation.

A July 9, 2004 Sydney Morning Herald divulged:

A highly-organised paedophile ring involving Victorian police and former politicians had been operating in the state since the 1970s, anti-child abuse groups claimed today. Dr Reina Michaelson of The Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program (CSAPP) and Bravehearts founder Hetty Johnston today said they had been told by child sex abuse victims that former Victorian elected politicians and police members were involved in child pornography and prostitution. The allegations come in response to a damning report released by Victoria’s Ombudsman George Brouwer yesterday into Victoria Police’s botched handling of four cases of child sex abuse. One investigating police officer referred to a child-victim, under the age of 12, as a little slut.[69]

After receiving the 1997 Young Australian of the Year award for Community Service at 28-years old for her early activism, Melbourne psychologist Dr. Reina Michaelson was approached by a couple of the award judges, a “well-connected” government official (RS) and Network 10 TV executive Robert Osmotherly, promising to assemble a board of directors to raise the funds that within 5 years would enable her Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program to be standard curriculum in every school in Victoria, possibly the entire country.[70] As it turned out, these individuals were acting as controlled opposition agents to ensure that her program never got off the ground. Dr Reina eventually learned that Australia’s Mr. Television Bert Newton, Robert Osmotherly and their Network 10 were bigtime producers of child pornography, and in very tight with yet another proven shady character Jeff Kennett, who happened to be the most powerful person in the state of Victoria as its premier between 1992 and 1999. On top of all this evil, Rupert Murdock’s son Lachlan is the majority shareholder of Network 10… small pedo-world.[71]

Dr Reina figured out that a very powerful Illuminati Satanic cult flourishes and controls the State of Victoria, part of the larger national pedophilia network operating in Australia, so deeply entrenched in power that every righteous effort to enact change is invariably quashed. This eye-opening, frustrating experience led to Dr Reina Michaelson to draw the unsettling conclusion regarding who comprises this untouchable, close-knit pedo-web:

The members of the network include senior management and executives from a major television network, media celebrities, high-ranking politicians, police officers in charge of pedophile and child pornography investigations, senior management representatives from the Department of Education, directors of ‘child-focused’ service clubs, wealthy businessmen, and others.[72]

Australia’s corrupt pedo-system resorts to no limits in its perversion of justice. As an illustration, a slew of fires suddenly broke out at the Network 10 studio where two days prior its production tapes had been conspicuously removed, also another fire burned the Melbourne Post Office down with all mailbox contents destroyed, and finally at the home of a Satanic cult member celebrity, his peculiar comment afterwards, “It can all be put to bed now.”[73] The arson fires erupted at the same time that Melbourne’s largest brothel incurred a theft of a small amount of cash but more significantly, hundreds of clients’ videotapes that included Victoria’s Premier Jeff Kennett, all while the British branch of Interpol was in Melbourne investigating Australia’s booming child porn industry. Meanwhile, child victims that had been exploited in the production of child pornography were suddenly either showing up dead or injured. All this upsurge of interrelated criminal activity appears to be the rather blatant efforts of Victoria’s Satanic pedo-cult ensuring that its litany of child sex crimes leaves no chance of full public exposure.

In addition to the Victoria premier Jeff Kennett implicated in dirty pedo-business, next door in New South Wales another premier, Bob Carr, was accused by both Fiona Barnett and courageous MP Franca Arena under parliamentary privilege. Bob Carr, the onetime ABC journalist, NSW state premier and national Minister of Foreign Affairs, also sat on the Royal Wood Commission during the 1990s that was supposed to investigate child sexual abuse, but instead silenced and buried the pedo-epidemic raging in Australia.[74] To add salt to the wounds, Bob Carr and Kim Beazley Jr, son of Beazley Senior who trafficked Fiona to Bohemian Grove for abuse in the 1970s, were both invited Bohemian Grove guests in 2012, at Australian taxpayer expense.[75] The VIP pedophiles flaunt their crimes, smugly knowing that history always allows them to live above the law. Those days are ending very soon.

Corruption whistleblower Victorian writer Raymond Hoser wrote:

NSW MP Franca Arena in March 1996 alleged that there was a high-level cover-up of pedophile activity involving at least two State MP’s, a judge, several senior Police, lawyers, doctors, a socialite businessman and priests. It was reported in the Fairfax Sun-Herald that the whole lot was about to be exposed.[76]

The title of that explosive Sun-Herald article written by editor-journalist Alex Mitchell on March 17, 1996 was:

“Prominent People to be Named in a Pedophile bombshell.”

Occasional bright spots do emerge amidst this miasma of Satanic darkness. NSW MP Franca Arena stood up in Parliament to name a bunch of her fellow politicians, judges, doctors, media moguls and entertainment celebrities as alleged child sex offenders – three former prime ministers Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and Robert Menzies, Kerry Packer (media tycoon), Alan Jones (radio announcer), Bernard King (cook), Molly Meldrum (TV presenter), Elton John (musician) and Justice Lionel Murphy to name a few.[77]

Under parliamentary privilege, the truth bomb telling Franca Arena named lots of pedophiles. Back in 1996, she singled out retired Supreme Court Judge David Yeldham and former NSW state MP Frank Arkell as “potential pedophiles.”[78] The allegations of course caused an uproar of criticism against her and mobilized formidable opposition determined to remove her from government. Yet in each case, she was vindicated. When it was revealed that Judge Yeldham had lived a double life as a homosexual, Yeldham committed suicide in November 1996. But two months later, the Royal Commission into Police Corruption confirmed that NSW Police’s Special Branch had been shielding Judge Yeldham’s pedophilic activities for decades.[79] A month later, Special Branch was disbanded. Recall London Metropolitan Police’s Special Branch played exactly the same role, protecting VIP scum to cover up UK’s numerous pedophilia scandals, such as the Elm Guest House boy brothel (See Book 2, Chapter 8).

Aside from Yeldham, MP Franca Arena urged the Royal Commission to fully investigate pedophile judges, lawyers and politicians for their major role in Australia’s pedo-web, insisting that an unnamed New South Wales judge was a Satanic murderer.[80] Regards to her other outed lawmaker, ex-NSW MP Frank Arkell’s murder in June 1998 followed a fortnight after another man was slain. Their crimes? Both allegedly propositioned a 19-year old, who as a chronic sex abuse victim by his own father apparently was a bomb waiting to go off.[81]

The Wood Commission falsely insisted both Arkell and Yeldham were innocent. An upper house inquiry hell bent on suspending Franca from Parliament, demanded she apologize for telling the truth, that a “criminal conspiracy of politicians had covered up pedophilia.”[82] She refused. Among the few MPs standing up for children was vilified by her pedo-enabling peer majority, eventually switching parties from Labor to Independent. When she ran in 1999 under her own party name, Franca Arena Child Safety Alliance, still on her unpopular quest to protect children, she received just .4% of the vote and retired from politics. Because of her gutsiness to bravely call out pedophiles a quarter century ago, naming multiple names in Parliament, the now 84-year old is an unsung hero, largely silenced and forgotten by history.[83]

In 1994, Franca Arena’s colleague even earlier before Franca was elected to NSW Parliament, MP Dierdre Grusovin from 1990 to 2003 was the first to accuse Frank Arkell as well as high-powered gay attorney John Marsden of being pedophiles.[84] Fellow accused pedophile and in 1995 newly elected NSW Premier Bob Carr demoted Dierdre Grusovin from leader of the opposition to backbencher for the remainder of her political career as another truth telling outcast.

Dierdre’s outing of John Marsden prompted Channel Seven to publicly air the allegation that he was “a pederast,” only Marsden took the television network to court over the next six years to eventually win in “the longest running defamation trial in legal history.”[85] Attorney Marsden represented the Les Murphy gang that savagely murdered nurse Anita Cobby, taken up later in this chapter. Justice David Levine presiding over the defamation suit believes that Marden induced his former client Les Murphy to threaten an alleged victim set to testify against Marsden in court. Judge Levine also thinks that Marsden “probably” used witnesses to bribe another potentially damaging witness to not testify against him. Marsden bragged of his “rough trade” exploits but managed to outlast Channel Seven’s rent boy witnesses unable to survive the cleverly brutal tactics of Marsden’s cross-examination sharks. In 2001 Judge Levine ordered Channel Seven to pay Marsden over a half million dollars. Though Marsden won his gruelingly ugly legal battle in court, at 64 he lost his life, battling stomach cancer his last four years. From a June 2000 New Zealand Herald article on the Marsden affair entitled “Stench of Paedophile Case Rising”:

Increasingly it became clear that police were accepting payments to protect paedophiles – both individuals and organised rings – and that the stench reached high levels of society. Dozens of men have since been pulled into the spotlight, from high-profile businessmen and public officials to priests and teachers. Their haunts became public – clubs such as Costellos in Kings Cross, where young boys were procured, drugged and sodomised by a wealthy clientele, or the farm run as a perverted coastal resort south of Sydney where the ‘attractions’ extended to bestiality.[86] 

NSW MP Franca Arena also outed Marsden’s pedophilic activity. Right away painted a homophobe on “a witch-hunt against homosexuals,”[87] again the same tactics used by UK Prime Minister David Cameron when he lashed out in defense and denial of his pedo friends implicated in the North Wales child abuse scandal (See Book 3, Chapter 4).[88] Like mother[country], like daughter, the pedo-Establishment uses the same illegal, unethical tactics the world over to desperately bury the planet’s child raping scourge.

Franca and Dierdre’s counterpart in 1996 serving in Australia’s Foreign Affairs office as a career diplomat was Alastair Gaisford. While employed at the Cambodian embassy, Gaisford blew the whistle on the rampant pedophile rings operating in Southeast Asia, paralleling the US State Department pedo-allegations.[89] Australian Department of Foreign Affairs senior management promptly suspended Alastair, banning him from entering his workplace, and Australian Federal Police raided his residence. Declared a “security risk” after leaking “damaging” material to the press, again, those who choose to do the honorable right thing are the ones treated like criminals. Australia’s Satanic Pedo Network wouldn’t have it any other way.

Still another case where the good guy gets strung up by the neck, on April 1st, 2005, South Australia’s Speaker of the House Peter Lewis in parliament wasn’t delivering an April Fool’s joke when he disclosed:

There are a large number, but not a high percentage, of people in high places and positions of trust who take it for granted that they can indulge their sexual appetites for children of both sexes so long as they arrange to cover it up and get away with it… It’s a national problem and MPs involved seem to know each other.[90]

Hung in proverbial effigy, just three days later Peter Lewis resigned. His parting words:

I…was quietly, and as quickly as possible, bringing some of the people who had made the allegations to the point where they might pluck up enough courage and confidence and swear the truth of those allegations, enabling them to be more carefully investigated. But they were being ‘bumped off’- that is, murdered and viciously assaulted – quicker than I or the people who were helping me could get them to write down their allegations and then swear that what they were saying was true… The most outrageous thing of all…is…what appears to be the related and organised activities of those pedophiles in high public office – that is, the judiciary, the senior ranks of human services portfolios, some police and MPs, across the nation, especially within the ranks of the Labor Party.[91]

South Australia’s Premier Mike Rann even temporarily suspended the 100-year convention of parliamentary privilege that grants anonymity in Parliament to ensure the cover-up is sealed.[92] On top of that, several staff aides to Peter Lewis were sued for defamation. That’s the kind of extreme measures a crime cabal mafia government resorts to, not to mention murdering a bunch of witnesses. So, the almost named MP fucking the kids in Adelaide’s South Parklands could continue with peace of mind impunity. No doubt between April 1st and April 4th, under constant death threat, SA House Speaker Peter Lewis was warned off from digging his own grave any deeper, to join his already disappeared witnesses. By burying whistleblowers and witnesses six feet under, Australia’s Satanic death cult effectively buries its pedophilia network from exposure.

Dr Reina Michaelson accused Aleister Crowley’s obscure Australian branch of Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), the most infamous 20th century Satanist’s secret international occult society based on his Satanic Thelema doctrine, of hosting sex parties with children.[93] Dr Reina allegedly linked the shady group to a pedophile cult where naked children would serve OTO members as waiters, followed by child sex orgies and ritual murder. After her allegations were posted on a couple’s website called Gaiaguys, in May 2005 OTO launched a defamation lawsuit against both Dr Michaelson and the couple that operated the website, claiming that they violated Victoria’s Religious and Racial Tolerance Act of 2001.

In Lucifer’s upside-down world, good is bad and bad is good. Rather than prompting the police to investigate the OTO cult to actually determine if sex crimes against children were being committed, the cohesive powerful network of Luciferian worshippers in Australia saw it as an opportunity for aggressive pushback against all child activists and victims determined to expose their larger child raping network.

It’s also important to note that Fiona Barnett asserts that the University of Sydney OTO branch serves as the Australian OTO flagship headquarters, led by Fiona’s chief tormenter and mind controlling abuser – Dr Antony Kidman.[94] As leader of his Satanic OTO cult, Kidman presided over blood sacrifices of children, witnessed by Fiona inside the University’s Great Hall where a young boy was allegedly murdered. Thus, Sydney’s OTO supplying its surplus of instant cash provides both the most means and most potent motive to claim reputation damages under the nation’s religious tolerance law, makes for a rather plausible probability. Dr Reina was becoming a pain-in-the-ass to Australia’s Satanic pedo-operations, and from its POV, she needed to be silenced. Enter the defamation suit to minimally tarnish her reputation as the nation’s leading child advocate, and potentially neutralize her as a future threat.

OTO claimed the website article falsely vilified the cult, arguing before the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal:

What is contained on the website could incite hatred and lead to violence against members of the OTO.[95]

Reina replied that the article appeared on the website “without her knowledge or consent or authority,”[96] but that she can attest to the truth of the its content, citing OTO’s text The Book of the Law, advocating illegal activities, citing in her written response:

Verses talk of blood rituals using children, eating flesh, the sacrifice of a child, the killing and torture of others and uninhibited ‘love’ without restraint. I contend that the beliefs of the OTO are not lawful religious beliefs.[97]

A November 2008 piece in The Age states:

According to OTO’s statement of complaint, Dr Michaelson said it was not a religion but a child pornography and pedophile ring, that its members practised trauma-based mind control, sexual abuse and satanic rituals to discourage its victims from complaining to the authorities, and that it condoned kidnapping street children and babies and children from orphanages for sex and sacrifice in religious rituals.[98]

The suit against Reina Michaelson was settled out of court in November 2006. Owners of the controversial website Gaiaguys, Dyson Devine and Vivianne Legg, who posted the alleged article, were a retired couple that had recently moved to NSW’s scenic north coast town of Tucabia. Located next to a national park, Dyson and Vivanne discovered a colony of frogs believed to be extinct.[99] When they informed the authorities, bulldozers allegedly arrived to destroy the frogs’ habitat. Meanwhile, they discovered a local MP was reputedly selling park land to developers at ridiculously low rates and the website boldly listed the MP’s name. In response, Dyson and Vivianne suddenly found themselves in harm’s way, under siege with gunshots fired at their home, their vehicle and their pets.

Another middle-aged couple that had happily lived in the area a long time, one day picked up a young boy hitchhiking, brought him home and fed him. The boy told them he had run away from a group home where he and his peers were allegedly being sexually abused by Freemasons, police and politicians.[100] The naïve, well-intentioned couple contacted authorities. The young police officer that attempted to follow up investigating their claims was transferred. The couple relayed what was happening to them to their website friends Dyson and Vivianne. Once the couple was convinced their phone was bugged, strange occurrences observed with their bank account, and old friends were shunning them, they realized their very lives were also in peril, and suddenly their turn to incur the wrath of what appeared to be a local Masonic crime cartel. So they took flight in their camper, attempting to keep a low profile traveling across Australia. But they stayed in regular contact with the Gaiaguys through handwritten letters, which were then published on the website.

While on the road, the couple communicated what they’d come to learn that Freemasons, police, politicians, including the MP illegally selling park land, were all members of a pedophile web praying on boys in institutional group home settings in the area. Meanwhile, posting all these revelations, Gaiaguys soon were contacted by other witnesses and victims across the continent, and as a result, the website took off, attracting an increasing daily flow of traffic of site followers. Once Dr Reina Michaelson and the website couple allegedly connected, Reina is said to have filled them in on all the corruption, pedophilia and cover-ups that she was encountering within entertainment, media (Network 10), education, police and government. Meanwhile, Gaiaguys were contacted by other victims and whistleblowers, faithfully passing everything they learned onto their growing audience, including naming the perps’ names. They maintain that they were also contacting the NSW premier and ministers to download their accumulating evidence of a powerful pedo-network operating throughout Australia.

In alignment with their site’s purpose, Dyson and Vivianne also decided to expose OTO, posting its mission statement with links to the society’s website and allegedly the article penned by Reina. They were bewildered to find out that they were being sued for defamation and summoned to court hundreds of miles away in Victoria. In good faith, despite not having a surplus of money, they allegedly made the trip each time to court, only to find that hearings were repeatedly canceled. After several costly trips for nothing and running out of money, they decided not to bother attending the next summons. Victoria’s Tribunal acting on behalf of a horribly corrupt pedo-system, in absentia and without trial by jury, sentenced the couple to prison. An article in a February 2008 The Age mentions that Dyson and Vivianne were serving 9-month sentences.[101] In addition, the couple was also ordered to pay OTO members $30,000 in damages, ruining the couple financially.

Dyson and Vivianne had been targeted for silencing because too much truth about the rampant pedophilia in Australia was freely being made available to the public busily scooping it up. Thus, the couple was unjustly prosecuted and sent to jail as political prisoners. Believing they were standing up for individual free speech rights in a democratic republic, the couple resisted the Tribunal Order to remove their so-called vilifying info on OTO. A contempt charge followed. The popular website Gaiaguys that had become such a sensation as a wealth of valuable information exposing Australia’s pedophilia network, is now long gone, taken down in January 2008. The pedo-crime cabal continues virtually unchallenged because it successfully silences all truthtellers from reaching millions, nipping any potential threats in the bud before growing too big.

Let’s see how others have fared trying to do the right thing. Victim-witness-activist Fiona Barnett stated that from age 16 on, she sought out health professionals, disclosing the myriad of brutal crimes she endured herself or witnessed.[102] Yet no doubt out of fear, not one ever notified law enforcement, the same reason CSA crimes go unreported. For years Fiona resisted going to the police herself, since so many officers are/were pedophile ring members. She also observed people tortured or murdered for either trying to report abuse or like herself, leave the Satanic death cult behind. By 2008, inspired and encouraged by publicity surrounding another victim Tor Nielsen’s fortitude in seeking justice, Fiona decided to turn over all her evidence of crimes both as victim and witness to New South Wales Police.

Where her step grandparents resided and so much of her abuse occurred in the small town of Engadine, NSW, initially after spending four days providing witness statements to the local police, an investigation was launched involving knocking on doors and a raid of her deceased grandparents’ previous home.[103] Police pledged to take another five days of her reporting, if need be. But then suddenly everything was shut down, with later word from an attorney that the Sutherland police officer in charge of the investigation herself was a child sex trafficker and member of the pedophile network. Fiona quickly realized that thousands of other victims like herself have also been stonewalled in their attempts to report crimes to legal authorities, either ignored or targeted for silence.

And facilitating any chance of justice only appears bleaker as time goes on. Last year in August 2020, the debaucherously out-of-control Australian politicians just passed a law making it a jailtime offense for sexual assault victims to publicly discuss their experiences using their actual names.[104] Gagging victims to protect the perps, many of whom are the lawmakers themselves, is clearly another win for the prominent VIP pedophiles and rapists.

Yet another recent development from April 2020 – the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in conjunction with Interpol, Europol and US cyber and sex crime teams, arrested 16 Australian suspects charged with 738 child sexual exploitation offenses.[105] Children as young as 2 months old up to 8-years old were being rescued after a two-year joint investigation. The online pedophile ring sold and exchanged child pornographic material of videos and photos of adults abusing their own children in some cases. An 18-search warrant roundup netted the 16 suspects across NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and West Australia.

The pedophile surge occurring at the height of the oppressive Australian scamdemic lockdown also in June 2020 saw federal police bust one of the largest online pedophilia rings in the nation’s history. Nine men across three states – NSW, Queensland and Western Australia, were arrested for sexually abusing children aged 4 to 7 and uploading their abuse videos to the dark web. Two of the suspects are from the same NSW town of Kendall where a 3-year old toddler disappeared in September 2014. With 14 children rescued from further harm, AFP Police Assistant Commissioner for the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation (ACCCE), Lesa Gale announced:

We suspect this is the biggest domestic child exploitation network uncovered in recent times… Child exploitation in Australia is becoming more prolific. The victims are getting younger and younger. This type of offending is becoming more violent and brazen. The AFP do not want to turn up at your door to tell you that your child is the victim of sexual abuse or exploitation.[106]

The biggest online pedo-ring takedown just kept growing. A November 2020 update expanded the number of criminal charges to 828, involving sexually abusing children, producing and distributing child abuse material and bestiality, with links to the US, Canada, Asia, Europe and New Zealand.[107] Three arrests in America were also made. This international internet pedophile ring included family members, childcare workers and coaches sexually abusing 46 victims across 5 Australian states aged from 16 months to 15 years. The initial tip in February to Australian police came from the U.S. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, likely resulting originally from a social media company platform. The pedophile ring was described as a global network “rooted in Australia,” using both regular internet as well as the dark web.

In recent years the wider availability of internet encryption services offering child abusers paying and exchanging abusive images and videos less accessible visibility to law enforcement has resulted in skyrocketing levels of child sexual exploitation within the child pornography industry. With no nation unaffected, every week another large bust occurs. From January to March 2021, a two-state joint police operation in Australia between Queensland and Northern Territory arrested 15 more criminals on 45 charges that included attempting to procure young children through online chatrooms.[108]

And of course, over the last year during the Covid-19 lockdowns, more people – children and adults alike, are on the internet. As a result, according to Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commander Hilda Sirec, more kids are being abused than ever before. In 2020, AFP “charged 191 people with 1847 child abuse-related offences and rescued 89 children from harm.”[109] Between July 2019 and June 2020, covering the first few months of the pandemic, 21,000 reports of exploitative material were logged compared to just 14,000 the year before. The average number of indecent images and videos on the computers of busted child porn suspects in early to mid-2000s was about 1,000. Now it’s up to 10,000 per arrestee.

Queensland Family and Children Commission director Cheryl Verdon verbalized a growing concern that teenagers are producing images of themselves, particularly targeted young girls between 13 and 15 are prone to succumbing to exploitative pressures. Once online, child victims become susceptible to sexual blackmail, and it doesn’t take long before those images end up consumed and exploited by sexual predators as a money-making dark web commodity.

Regarding high-profile politicians caught with their pants down for having had sex with minors, in June 2020 former NSW Labor MP Milton Orkopoulos, who had already served 11 years in prison for raping children, was released on parole in 2019 but arrested again and charged with 15 more counts of new offenses involving abuse of two boys during the 1990s.[110] Some things never change… but at least this perp is paying for his crimes in this life.

After years of anti-child abuse advocacy, by late June 2013 Fiona and her accountant husband Jon, also a CSA survivor, were invited to attend a private hearing to provide testimony before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in order to report the overwhelming evidence that an operational pedophile network for a long time was covered up by the NSW Education Department and NSW Police Service.[111] But it turned out to be déjà vu all over again, just like Australia’s last failed “official” royal inquiry nearly a couple decades earlier. Recall that whenever the tip of the pedo-iceberg gets exposed in any nation, it’s almost always followed by yet another official whitewash inquiry designed to appease the public’s ire while deceitfully withholding and obscuring the full truth from reaching the public. This matter has been tabled for ongoing Royal Commission hearings looking into possible arrests of prominent community leaders for failing to report abusers to police and covering up widespread abuse. Such hubris and hypocrisy when the Commission’s mission is to also cover up the nation’s Satanic Pedophilia Network. The inquiry may pursue indictments for not reporting to police when so many police refuse to investigate because so many officers are part of the pedo-network.

Additionally, for her and her family’s part, attempting to boldly expose organized pedophilia in Australia, outrageously they were persecuted by the NSW police for raising concerns of such rampant abuse and the all-too-familiar cover-up. At one point five police cars were dispatched and Fiona’s husband was placed in handcuffs and falsely arrested. In another incident police attempted to abduct one of Fiona’s daughters. The wiretapped phone calls, the goon squad’s constant surveillance, all of these over-the-top intimidation, highly illegal tactics of persecution to silence victims send the loud and clear message to witnesses, in this case Fiona and her husband to back off or suffer graver consequences in the future.

The abysmal failure of Australia’s last so-called Wood Royal Commission from 1995 to 1997 was to ostensibly to break up the pervasively intact pedo-web entrenched in “high places,” like the nation’s largest city Sydney. But to this very day, the Satanic pedophilia death cult gripping Sydney and the rest of the nation remains shielded by a corrupt wall within NSW Police Service.

This earlier 1990s scandal centered around established Christian Churches, the Department of Children’s Services, the NSW Education Department and the pedo-enabling NSW Police Service.[112] With Justice James Wood running the royal child abuse commission, himself an accused pedophile by victim Dean Henry and others, predictably the 1997 Wood report deceptively claimed that an organized high-end pedophilia network never existed in Australia. This lie followed almost word for word the exact same lie of a November 1994 report published by the Australian joint parliamentary committee inquiry tasked with investigating evidence in Australia of “organized criminal paedophile activity,” concluding:

3.19 The Committee received no evidence to suggest that there were any paedophile groups in Australia that were ‘organised’… Nor has the Committee received any persuasive evidence that there are links between paedophiles and Australian ‘organised crime’ (whatever that phrase might mean).[113]

Instead of telling the truth, the Royal Commission relied heavily on the debunked CIA’s proven fraudulent False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), featuring known pedophiles Dr. Martin Orne, Dr. Ralph Underwanger, the Dr. Freyds and Dr. Elizabeth Loftus of the intel disinfo crowd.[114]

In reaction to the “Satanic panic” sweeping through Western nations in the 1980s and early 90s, the parasitic Satanic elite had to come up with its own weapon to render the actual influx of real MK-Ultra ritually abused victims less believable, convincing both the general public as well as courtroom juries that victims didn’t really experience what they experienced. Using the same false tactics as in the US to quell the rise of Satanic ritual abuse cases inflicted on child victims by security services secretly working on behalf of elite Satanic sex and torture cults. But anyone with a half a brain in Australia paying minimal attention to the 1997 Wood report had to realize that it was simply another national whitewash by corrupt pedophiles and enablers whose job is to lie and conceal the truth at all cost from the people.

Through her blog, Fiona Barnett wrote that she first broke the Daruk boys home scandal in western Sydney. The once government-operated Daruk Training School for troubled youth was exposed for systematic sexual abuse of over 80 young boys aged 10 to 14 between 1965 and 1985.[115] In March 2018, 67-year old Brien Peckover became the first member of the Daruk pedophile ring arrested on 19 charges, among the 25 “persons of interest” identified by NSW Police. Distorted MSM accounts specify that recommendation that the school’s shameful past be formally investigated by police allegedly surfaced in 2016 at the behest of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

According to Fiona, the NSW Police Service and Australia 60 Minutes moved in for a “mop up” probe, the latter actually falsely claiming credit for breaking the news story. The 60 Minutes episode airing in 2018 implicated criminal involvement of an Order of Australia recipient, former decade long MP from Macquarie – Alasdair Webster – as the Daruk chief superintendent from 1973 to 1984.[116] As of late May 2020, after losing a media suppression order request, the 86-year old Webster faces 14 charges of buggery and indecent assault stemming from alleged incidents in 1977 and 1978. The same year Webster ended his abusive reign as head of Daruk boys home, 1984 also was the year he won election to Australian Parliament. This begs the question as to who the other notable VIPs are that also partook in the chronic sex crimes committed against underage Daruk boys for twenty years but have typically been buried and insulated from all accountability. The standard objective virtually always accomplished is letting the perps age out and die first.

Two of the grisliest homicide cases in Australian history, the serial killer Ivan Milat’s backpacker murders where he typically picked up multiple couples hitchhiking, and then would sadistically, repeatedly stab his victims to death, bear a distinct Satanic ritualistic pattern. Les Murphy and his killer gang murdered the nurse Anita Cobby. Court files in both cases have never been made public, for obvious reasons. From a lawyer that worked on the Cobby murder case and a prison guard that accessed Les Murphy’s file, deep lacerations were systematically made on Anita’s body that indicated they were used by the perpetrators to copulate sex.[117] This abhorrently sick form of abuse is not uncommon and principally known to children victimized by Luciferian death cults.

Both Milat and Murphy were sent to the same social services’ placements where they were sexually abused in their youth, both exposed to the same Satanic ritual torture and violence inherent in Luciferian style rape and sodomy. Moreover, Les Murphy was placed at Daruk Boys Home and preyed upon by that elite pedophile ring.[118] Residents were used in MK-Ultra experimentation, resulting in many of their files being destroyed.  Like Fiona’s father, brothers and herself, Ivan Milat was also abused at Engadine Boys Town. Again, victims at these notorious state and Catholic run institutions were heavily recruited as MK-Ultra lab rats. Fiona asserts that Milat was a member of the same Luciferian cult that abused her and maintained associations with the Holowczaks. Finally, both Ivan Milat and Les Murphy are connected to Kings Cross Costellos boy brothel, Milat as a child procurer and 16-year old Murphy as a brothel bar employee. A direct connection exists between the widespread Satanic sex death cult operated by the CIA, ASIO and Australia’s elite, and the heinous crimes committed by a number of this Luciferian system’s victims. Records can never go public because it would incriminate the government and pedo-elite.

Then there’s the story of the twisted, demented Gold Coast pediatrician Neville Davis, who hogtied at least one of his patients for disciplinary purposes that went global in a March 2015 piece authored by Fiona.[119] Apparently this 60-year old sicko was allowed to get away with his abuse despite numerous past complaints forged by parents over the years. Clearly the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) protected him by never taking appropriate action. And then for his using rope to hogtie a bound and gagged 7-year old patient, Davis was merely found guilty of common assault, and by the following September 2016, on appeal, the doctor was totally acquitted.[120]

Fiona Barnett repeats the hugely important reality that in Australia:

Journalists may print all sorts of child abuse information, except that which exposes the global child trafficking operation.[121]

Though Fiona never did receive the full backing of Australia’s mainstream press that simply covers up the sins of the powerful everywhere on earth, her big break of finally reaching a wider audience arrived in October 2015 right after Liberal Party Senator Bill Heffernan used parliamentary privilege to announce that he obtained a list of 28 prominent pedophiles from the police that included a former prime minister, later identified as Bob Hawke, and other political and judiciary luminaries.[122]

Senator Heffernan claimed that every attorney general during the previous dozen years had also seen the same list but chose to bury it as Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) practiced by all nations led by compromised pedo-puppet leaders. Bill Heffernan even showed the hot potato documents to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse that had been convening since 2014, but again, according to SOP of every nation’s official CSA inquiry, bar none, its job is always to ensure that VIP child rapists remain fully protected, utilizing the lame excuse that outing prominent pedophiles is never part of its [ultra-narrow] “terms of reference”… how criminally convenient as well as false.

“Wild Bill” Heffernan, the Australian equivalent to UK MP Geoffrey Dickens from the 1980s (See Book 2), outed the cover-up way back in 1998:

Recently I made a speech in which I highlighted the code of silence which protects worldwide child sex networks including people in the judiciary, parliament, clergy and the public service. Many of these people live in an abhorrent culture in which is included, as spoils of office, the right to have sex with children…[123]

Bill Heffernan also had been clashing with Justice James Roland Wood, head of the 1995-1997 Wood Commission whitewash, over Wood’s refusal to investigate powerful pedophile attorneys who were known to frequent Kings Cross boy brothels. And similar to UK pedophile Home Secretary Leon Brittan who buried Dickens’ submitted VIP pedo-list, claiming ignorance of ever seeing it, former Royal Commissioner Roland Wood told Heffernan that if this issue was ever brought up, he would claim that on his watch he knew nothing of any derelict attorneys. The bottom line here is that all these sorry-ass, spineless “Royal Commissions” and “Independent Inquiries” serve the same master – the dynastic Satanic bloodline child sodomizing elite, empirically proven ad nauseam throughout this Pedophilia & Empire book series.

But at least the 2015 Heffernan bombshell in Parliament paved the way a couple days later for Fiona Barnett’s own truth bomb proclamations announced at her press conference outside Sydney’s ongoing Royal Commission. From Australia’s Daily Telegraph:

Ms Barnett recounted a story about being shown as a child what happened to ‘traitors’ who spoke out. She alleged she witnessed a man being tied to two tractors which drove in opposite directions, tearing him limb from limb.[124]

In Fiona’s own words:

I have provided sufficient names, times, dates and places for authorities to investigate. Our laws are written, interpreted and administered in a way that benefits pedophiles and silences victims of crime. Australia is a pedophile haven.[125]

Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke (from 1983 to 1991) attended a party at his famous architect Kevin Borland’s residence. In the middle of the night, Hawke allegedly entered the room belonging to Borland’s 14-year old daughter, woke her up and digitally assaulted her sexually.[126] A short time after the October 2015 press conference, Fiona was scheduled to participate in a joint press conference with the victimized Borland daughter but at the last minute she opted out. Such is the pressure against victims safely coming forth. Fiona was a Bob Hawke victim as well:

At age 5 I was raped by future Prime Minister Bob Hawke in a zucchini patch, at a BBQ, in a suburban Canberra backyard.[127]

Then the US National Enquirer was legally threatened by actress Nicole Kidman just prior to exposing a frontpage story on Fiona’s abusive history at the hands of Australia’s elite pedophile class. Nicole’s father, psychologist Antony Kidman, trained by CIA psychologist John Gittinger, was a cruel, sadistic pedophile death cult leader within Sydney’s Satanic ritual abuse community.[128] He utilized the standard MK arsenal – unethical hypnosis, drugs, torture, rape, murder and use of cattle prod electrocution to induce Dissociative Identity Disorder alters in many mind controlled abused children. Every effort Fiona made for years to publicly unmask Antony Kidman as the monster he allegedly was, was countered by legal pressures from his Oscar winning actress daughter to suppress the truth.

Years earlier there were times that Antony Kidman allowed his actress daughter, two years older than Fiona, to witness her father’s physical and sexual abuse towards Fiona, which allegedly spanned nearly a decade from age 5 to 14. Nicole Kidman, the famous, loyal, many say MK-Ultra’d daughter, married to Scientologist mind control [freak] Hollywood idol Tom Cruise, both co-starring in director Stanley Kubrick’s final film classic “Eyes Wide Shut” prior to his alleged murder, was a clear glimpse into the secret dark world of elite Satanic cult ritual abuse.

Nicole wouldn’t hesitate to threaten litigation or hire publicity hounds to vigorously defend the actress and her dubious family “honor.” Despite the elite’s overt, persistent aggression in loyally protecting its own, Fiona’s persistence to get the truth out on her blog site and increasingly taking up the cause of child abuse advocacy in Australia, ultimately pinned the truth on Antony Kidman. Shortly after leaving Australia for a Singapore visit with his younger daughter Antonia, he died mysteriously in September 2014, a mere month after Fiona filed a complaint accusing him at the Royal Commission on child abuse of being one of Australia’s murderous pedophilia ringleaders. MSM reports that he collapsed at the Tanglin Club, a restaurant in the hotel he was staying at, later revealing he suffered a fatal heart attack.[129] Fiona alluded Dr. Kidman’s probable murder resulting from his failure to ensure that her mind control programming stayed “eyes wide shut.”[130] Both Kidman and his fellow psychologist mentor, John W. Gittinger, a onetime Lithuanian Nazi death camp guard, who devised the CIA personality assessment, were pivotal in spreading the CIA’s MK-Ultra mind control child trafficking network Down Under. Fiona has written:

The Luciferian pedophiles have infiltrated all areas of Australian government, education, health and human services. They have control over the police, media, universities, defence forces, parliament, schools, health services, churches of all denominations, psychiatric hospitals[131] A tightly organised, mafia-style, hierarchically structured crime syndicate has infiltrated every aspect of Australian government and society including the judiciary, churches, law enforcement, military, child protection, hospitals, educational facilities, childcare centres, and Parliament.[132]

Seems like not a whole lot at Australia’s Parliament House has changed since the sexual trafficking days of 6-year old “candy girl” Fiona Barnett four and a half decades ago, whereupon she was instructed upon arrival at the Canberra House orgies to announce her codeword, “the starchild is here.”[133] In reality, she never left. From a March 2021 Daily Mail article:

Parliament House, Canberra, has been rocked by fresh allegations of sexual depravity.[134] 

Recent photos and videos have surfaced indicating parliamentary staffers are engaging in bribery and potential sexual blackmail, furnishing rent boys for strings attached sex with coalition MPs. Some staffers also filmed themselves in lewd sexual acts performed on top of Liberal female MPs’ desks as well as the Parliamentary prayer room, mocking any semblance of ethics and morality. Earlier this year revelations also emerged that two years earlier in March 2019, Liberal Party staffer Brittany Higgins was allegedly raped by a colleague in a minister’s office.[135] This is a nation that resisted a no sex policy with staffers until 2018, the year before the Higgins rape, to finally prohibit cabinet ministers from engaging in sex with their staffers.[136]

And it only came about from the mounting pressure on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to sack his Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, caught having an adulterous affair with his media advisor that he wound up impregnating. Finally, a sexual harassment claim forced the family man Joyce to resign, prompting the new rule – no ministerial sex with staffers.[137] What a pathetic joke as more tip of the iceberg perversion in yet another Sodom and Gomorrah national capital Canberra… Bottom line, Australia was infiltrated by all the same depraved Luciferian elements within the larger international pedophilia network, flourishing throughout North America and Europe especially, controlled primarily by the CIA, MI6 [and Mossad], making certain that it spread to Australia numerous decades ago.

The sleazy side of politics, sex and power as an aphrodisiac has fueled a sexist culture and insatiable appetite of entitlement, the disparate power differential clashing with today’s #metoo milieu. The country’s Attorney-General Christian Porter is facing renewed scrutiny over his alleged embattled past that has now engulfed his career in flames of suspicion, while under current national conjecture of possibly raping a 16-year old girl. In 1988 in Sydney, Porter was 17 when his alleged victim Katherine Thornton was a year younger.[138] It’s been learned that they first met in 1986 in Katherine’s hometown Adelaide as members of their respective school debate teams. They were both in Porter’s home of Perth in 1987 for the next debate tournament and that they were two of Australia top 4 high school debaters invited to Sydney in 1988 for an international debating competition. A police complaint in Sydney was filed at the closest police station to the debate in Redfern. According to ABC in March:

She [Katherine] had been one of the most brilliant high school debaters of her generation. Until her life unravelled.[139]

Katherine fit the pattern of a sexual abuse victim, struggling for years with depression, attempting suicide several times. In 2013 she saw a sexual assault counselor six times. In 2019, Katherine Thornton hired an attorney contending that she was raped in 1988 and in November 2019 contacted the South Australia Police. In 2020, she reported her allegation to NSW Police, but with the Covid-19 lockdown, she never made her formal police statement. But she received little help from the top brass at NSW Police. Deputy Commissioner David Hudson used the lame excuse of the scamdemic to turn down the request by investigators to travel to South Australia to interview Katherine.[140] This comes after the NSW Police Child Abuse and Sex Crimes Squad had already approved the trip having first met with her in February 2020. But in June Katherine checked herself in to a psychiatric hospital, a week after leaving, she then contacted police through email to withdraw her complaint “for personal and medical reasons,” and the following day on June 24, 2020, she took her own life. Though NSW Police maintain there was insufficient admissible evidence to move forward with an investigation, Katherine’s friends and family are pressing for a full inquiry while the federal government stonewalls. In March 2021 the family attorney said in a statement:

They [family members] are supportive of any inquiry which would potentially shed light on the circumstances surrounding the deceased’s passing.[141]

Fellow school debater Jo Dyer is certain that Christian Porter raped her friend in 1988:

The detail that she recounted, the lucidity with which she recounted it, and the impact that it had had on her, all of these things persuaded me immediately that she was telling the truth.[142]

An investigation by the ABC news program Four Corners has uncovered a long history of Porter’s alleged sexism and inappropriate behavior dating back decades. While holding federal office, Porter’s alleged misconduct includes making unwanted sexual advances towards female staff, enough for then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in December 2017 to warn him that his public behavior with a young Liberal staffer increased his liability for compromise and sexual blackmail.[143] In addition to his deputy PM and another minister Alan Tudge’s known extramarital affairs, Porter’s carrying on caused yet more headache, prompting Turnbull’s so-called February 2018 “bonk ban.” The PM, who at the time was foolishly considering Porter for attorney general, told him being seen under the influence in a local evening bar with young staffers, with a wife and toddler back home, was “unacceptable conduct.”[144]

Porter alluded to the meeting with the PM, but framed it differently as a query whether what Malcolm had heard was true or not, which of course Porter said it wasn’t, and two weeks later Turnbull made him his attorney-general. At the bar a photo was allegedly taken of Porter and the young woman cozying up to one another. Acting immigration minister Alan Tudge, who incredibly was also having an affair at the time, demanded the journalist with the compromising photo of the attorney-general destroy it. Having both Porter and Tudge campaign as MPs on “family values,” the Canberra soap opera bubble churns the stomach, oozing hypocrisy and corrupted morals of VIP sexual predators, with pedophilia hardly a stretch.

Neither is Christian Porter’s defamation lawsuit launched in March 2021 against journalist Louise Milligan and ABC’s Four Corners.[145] Australia’s top law officer of the land conveniently switched cabinet positions to industry, science and technology minister in late February, hiring prominent defamation barrister Sue Chrysanthou. But now in May 2021, Jo Dyer, director of Adelaide’s Writers Week, fellow high school debater and close friend of the alleged deceased victim, filed a motion to block Chrysanthou from representing Porter on the basis that she advised Jo Dyer in a separate matter.[146]

Meanwhile, the current Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is standing by his man, refusing to commission an inquiry, focusing his tunnel vision on his massive “pandemic” budget. This wouldn’t be the first time that Morrison was accused of state-sanctioned child sex abuse. While serving as PM Tony Abbot’s Immigration Minister back in 2014, a Christian taskforce charged Scott Morrison with being “both jailer and carer” of the growing number of unaccompanied children in Australia seeking asylum,[147] placing them in harm’s way of pedo-predators, not unlike the Biden open door border policy. Recall the earlier chapters on Netherlands, Germany, France and Scandinavian countries also allowing sexual predators to take advantage of abusing and procuring underage asylum victims into the pedo-network.

With PM Morrison choosing to keep accused rapist Christian Porter as his government minister, the obvious message sent out to the world is that he still supports state-sanctioned pedophilia. Morrison’s decision also creates a national security risk in that Australia’s recent standing attorney-general is thoroughly compromised and subject to sexual blackmail from any adversarial force, both foreign and domestic. In lame defense of not investigating his own attorney-general for rape, PM Morrison said in early March:

This is not the mob process… that’s not how we run the rule of law in Australia.[148]

Adherence to Australia’s “rule of law” mandates a full inquiry. Via The Guardian, University of Canberra Law Professor Kim Rubenstein responded to the dodging prime minister’s false rhetoric and failure to uphold rule of law:

If the PM really cares about the ‘rule of law,’ he’ll hold an inquiry into the allegations against his attorney-general.[149]

And now as of this week in mid-May 2021, another minister finds himself under police investigation also for sexual violence, stemming from incidents in 2013.[150] The 39-year old New South Wales Liberal MP Gareth Ward represents Kiama on the South Coast, the same location where Fiona Barnett spent her 6th birthday – drugged and naked, tied to a picnic table, raped and then running for her life at a hunting party while other children were shot to death. An accident that the current MP is likely a rapist? Or minimally facing potential sexual violence charges? It’s a sad irony that Ward is NSW’s minister of family, announcing he will step down, though he claims he is innocent.

The NSW parliament is already short another MP, Michael Johnsen, who resigned in late March 2021 after the press reported that he offered a prostitute $1000 for sex in the parliament building, plus allegedly sent her an obscene video and lewd text messages.[151] This Michael Johnsen already had given up his job as NSW parliamentary secretary, once it was revealed that he was under a 6-month police inquiry on a rape allegation from this same woman. These Australian male politicians are so brazenly wacked out of their fucking minds, having committed so many scandalous sex offenses, simultaneously all under investigation this year alone. And of course, like all these idiots, he too claims innocence.

Again, as the stomach churns… looks like the contagious predatory abusive culture that enflamed the sports world of American swimming and gymnastics (See Book 4, Chapter 11) has caught up with Australia, at the same time as the epidemic of record number of criminal rape investigations have caught up with Australia’s ministers and MPs. In early May 2021, an independent review into Australian gymnastics has discovered that young underage girls are being physically, emotionally and sexually abused. In August 2020 after at least 20 former Olympic and Commonwealth Games medalist gymnasts reported exploitative criminal abuse to the Human Rights Commission, the inquiry was initiated. A May 3rd Associated Press article reports that the Commission identified the following driving causes behind this latest scandal:

A ‘win-at-all costs’ approach, the young age of female gymnasts, a culture of control, and a tolerance of negative behaviors.[152]

Gymnastics Australia said it would adopt all commission recommendations and “apologizes to all athletes and family members who have experienced any form of abuse participating in the sport.” The Commission report opted not to investigate specific incidents and allegations of “child abuse and neglect, misconduct, bullying, abuse, sexual harassment and assault.” Since these are all serious crimes, the question becomes, is the Australian Federal Police planning to conduct a thorough investigation to hold all the perpetrators accountable? Australian history says no, just like the elite criminals engaging in their favorite sport – deadly child hunting parties – are never brought to justice for rape and murder.

Speaking of which, let’s see how Fiona Barnett “celebrated” her 6th birthday, compliments of Australian government:

In the late afternoon of October 28, 1975, I was taken to my sixth birthday party in the Kiama rainforest. The cordial was spiked with drugs. I fell asleep. When I awoke it was dark and I was lying naked face-up spread-eagle on a picnic table with my hands and legs tied. Perpetrators took turns sneaking up on me. A large group of men arrived in pickup trucks. They carried rifles and had a pack of starving Doberman dogs. I was told that the group of naked children huddled nearby were my responsibility. I was to run and hide them. Every child I failed to hide would be killed and fed to the dogs. They painted something on my back and chest, and then released us. I pushed the children up over the first steep hill. It was about the second or third hill that the hunting party reached us. Shots were fired and children began dropping all around me. With all hope lost of my saving the other children, I took off and ran for my life.[153]

Marking Fiona’s back and chest in the descending darkness was undoubtedly to ensure her survival as a long-term child sex slave investment, in contrast to the other kids destined for Luciferian blood sacrifice in hunting party rituals. There would be more of these deplorable “parties” to follow later that same year.

As part of the coordinated victimization of mind controlled sex slaves, perpetrated jointly by both the Australian and American governments, after US President Richard Nixon allegedly raped 6-year old Fiona inside a grounded US cargo plane at Fairbairn air base in the Australian capital of Canberra, she was then caged in a locked crate, drugged and flown to the Northern California redwoods, to the Moloch-worshipping paradise of Bohemian Grove, where pedo-elites like treasonous Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul is still a member,[154] gathering annually for the good ol’ boys’ Satanic summer camp retreat, zealously engaging in Satanic ritual child sex abuse, more hunting parties and more blood sacrifice.[155]

Dressed as a candy girl and taken to an odd pink bubble roomed cabin at Bohemian Grove, Fiona was recommended by Richard Milhous Nixon himself for his good buddy Evangelist Billy Graham to violate the 6-year old.[156] On another occasion at Bohemian Grove, forced to dress up as teddy bears with other child victims under the theme song “Teddy Bears Picnic,” they were then hunted down like animals to be raped in yet another of the pedo-elite’s favorite pastimes – child sex hunting parties.

Then it was off to Disneyland in Southern California where every globalist pedophile’s fantasy is easily fulfilled, in this case Ted Turner‘s, the media mogul founder of CNN fake news. Fiona disclosed that CIA psychologist John W. Gittinger had pimped her off to Ted Turner, the winner of a poker game played by lascivious high rollers vying to win the chance to fuck the little girl dressed as Alice in Wonderland.

The next abusive encounter with a famous American celebrity came nearly a decade later when Fiona was 14-years old. This time the CIA trafficked her to the home of the Grande Dame of Hollywood – actress Meryl Streep. Fiona calls Streep the Luciferian Grande Dame of the West Coast with a sexual preference for 14-year old girls. Fiona wrote about her strange deadly episode at Meryl Streep’s house overlooking Tinsel Town:

The party started with a ritual sacrifice on the dining table over which Streep presided. The victim lay face up on the table while her throat was slit. The blood was drained into a ceremonial bowl, mixed with drugs, and stirred with a brush made of a sprig of herbs. Everyone sipped from the bowl and then the revels began. I recall dancing with Streep to the ‘Funky Town’ soundtrack before she took me into the bedroom, chatted with me about what I wanted to do with my life, and used me for sex.[157]

The sight and smell of blood is enough to evoke horny orgiastic arousal in Luciferian death cult members, turned on by necrophilia, bestiality, naked children and sadism torture. Fiona Barnett spoke of their bizarre, anything goes sexual habits:

Cult members maintain a public façade of family respectability behind which they will fuck anything – males, females, kids, animals… Anything. I witnessed Antony Kidman have sex with [actor John] Bell, [PM Gough] Whitlam have sex with [Governor-General John] Kerr… Female cult members are just as sexually active and perverse as the men. It is just as typical for married cult women to lust after sex with children and each other. Cult members married and had children out of their duty to produce Illuminati babies.[158]

This human compromise program run worldwide by CIA security services wielded the power to overthrow the Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in November 1975 with a manufactured constitutional crisis, after Whitlam threatened to shut down Pine Gap, the CIA pride and joy clandestine operation in the outback.[159] Whitlam wanted to take back his nation from US and UK imperialism still pulling the strings. But through pedophilia blackmail, Whitlam was betrayed and disposed of by his own lover John Kerr,[160] the man Whitlam chose to be Governor-General of Australia. Under growing pressure from the CIA, Queen Elizabeth and MI6, compromised pedo-puppet Kerr simply did what he was told.

Released documents in July 2020 demonstrate that Sir John tipped the queen off that unprecedentedly removing Australia’s top leader from office would be eminent in September 1975, two full months ahead of the coup.[161] Then, within six weeks after Kerr canned his lover, he was invited to the queen’s Sandringham palace for a six week long, royal wine and dine booster visit, receiving constant support and accolades from the British Establishment.[162] A couple months later in April 1976, the queen also made sure to award Kerr his knighthood for being her obedient, backstabbing lackey, willing to do his masters’ dirty bidding. As John Pilger commented, Australia was only a fleeting, sovereign, independent nation briefly, under Gough Whitlam’s leadership from 1972 to 1975.[163] Otherwise, it’s always remained a puppet colony extension of the Anglo-American Empire.

Both Whitlam and Kerr were accused by Fiona and others to be child rapists as well as homosexual lovers favoring little boys. But Fiona differentiates between pedophiles like Gough Whitlam, perhaps circumstantially induced by human entrapment operations as a requisite steppingstone to an overly-ambitious quest for success, fame, wealth and power.[164]  They are a different breed from the hardcore Satanist pedophile that’s all-in with sadistic ritual, torture, sodomy, blood sacrifice, adrenochrome drinking and cannibalism, accompanied by occult chanting in robes as members of an elite bloodline class, worshipping Lucifer according to the dictates of their Satanic/Luciferian cult order. She makes no bones about the vast majority of her perpetrators being hardcore Satanists. “The OTO, the Freemasons, Scientology, Catholic Church, the CIA, Australian military,” MI6, Illuminati, the Anglican Church, Malta Knights, Jesuits, Opus Dei, Khazarian mafia Zionists and Mossad all comprise the many various sub-branches of the international Satanic Pedophilia Network.[165]

Fiona Barnett learned that regardless of her own painful, terrifying childhood experience as a trafficked CIA-ASIO MK-Ultra mind-controlled sex victim, that the largely centralized, highly organized international pedophilia network she has bravely exposed has only grown exponentially in recent decades, yet still remains “untouchable” and “taboo” for investigative journalists to uncover, penetrate or dare further expose without risk of “grave consequence” and bodily harm. The exhaustive list of foul-play victims of fallen truthtellers includes reporter Danny Casolaro’s bloody West Virginia bathtub murder, while uncovering and writing “The Octopus,” allegedly unmasking the 1980s US government’s stolen INSLAW-Promis software, Iran-Contra, the BCCI bank scandal and their common links to pedophilia and the Epstein-Maxwell operation (See Book 4,Chapter 8),[166] to the Rolling Stones‘ journalist Michael Hastings exposés bearing the secret sins of powerful Pentagon generals and unveiling the criminality of John Brennan’s CIA.[167] Then there is Max Spiers, the English “conspiracy theorist,” who in 2017 died mysteriously in Poland while allegedly investigating scandal-ridden pedo-mastermind and one of Fiona’s abusers, as well as Cathy O’Brien’s, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, more government scandal allegedly involving pedophilia that according to the Daily Mail, involved “probing into the lives of well-known figures in politics, business and entertainment.”[168]

And then there was Fiona Barnett’s friend,[169] assassinated 42-year old Hollywood actor and pedophilia whistleblower Isaac Kappy, whom Fiona befriended and invited to stay with her family in Australia for a couple months not long before his May 2019 destiny on an Interstate 40 Arizona overpass resulting in his suspicious, still unsolved murder.[170] Fiona recognized that Isaac was a dissociative identity disordered asset being used as a dead man walking.[171] She verbalized that the most positive outcome of his visit was that Isaac accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior.

Next came another Isaac Kappy friend cut down too early, 41-year old Tracy Twyman, the talented occult author-researcher who while also investigating the same elitist pedophilia cult, tried to report her ample evidence to the FBI, but it rebuffed her, refusing to even allow her inside the Portland FBI Office. Days prior to her untimely death, less than two months after Isaac Kappy’s, she too disclosed to close friends how she feared death threats coming from a Satanic cult leader who owned an Arizona campground not far from where Kappy’s body ended up.[172]

As the cover for her murder, Tracy Twyman was discovered hanging in her home near Portland, Oregon, considered one of the largest hubs for child sex trafficking.[173] With Voodoo Doughnuts and Dante’s sex club next door both located in Portland, in recent years the notorious Antifa plundered and controlled city has also been dubbed a hub for Satanic pedophile rings.[174] To come full circle lending credence to the nexus between unsolved pedo-murders-Voodoo Doughnuts-Satanic Portland and the infamous Luciferian evangelist Graham family comes a revealing photograph showing Rev. Billy Graham’s son Franklin, seated next to the Voodoo owner, happily scoffing down what Franklin Graham calls “killer doughnuts.” Voodoo devilishly decorates them with pentagrams, Jesus Christ crucified on a penis and the testicle shaped Voodoo favorite – the ‘Cock-N-Balls.’[175] Taking all these disturbing facts into account, they hardly seem either coincidental or circumstantial.

The long list of those who sacrificed their lives for knowing too much about the dark perversions of murderous cabal players is seemingly endless as documented throughout Pedophilia & Empire. But despite the growing risks and dangers, from the very start, Fiona Barnett remained undaunted in her quest to expose the full truth, adamantly refusing to succumb to countless threats, deaths, attacks and harassment, steadfastly continuing to exercise her irrefutable unique voice delivering formidable, concrete, highly disconcerting testimony that such a colossal global child sex trade operation is looming larger than ever today. This far-reaching reality is the critical importance and value of her work, and also the primary objective of this entire book series. It’s time for the world to finally wake up to what earth controllers have been systematically doing in plain sight to our most vulnerable population for millennia.

As is the case around the globe, Catholic seminaries in Australia are predatory breeding grounds for pedophile priests, a rite of passage within a Satanic culture of homosexual molesters of primarily young altar boys, complete with bishops and cardinals protecting their serial criminals by dancing to the familiar Church pedo-shuffle on their way to their next designated parish to victimize.[176] With gatekeeping psychologist Ronald Conway screening all applicants  to Melbourne’s Corpus Christi Seminary from 1969 to 2001 calling child sex abuse mere “seduction” that does “little lasting harm to victims,” is it any wonder Australia’s Catholic Church was and still is an unholy pedophile sanctuary.[177] Conway himself was accused of sexual misconduct by several of his patients though he too escaped this life without paying for his sins prior to his 2009 death.

Though Conway may have passed in 2009 still believing pedophilia is good for children, that same anthem torch to normalize raping kids is sadly still being promoted by other gatekeepers in the system. Take Australian district court judge Garry Neilson, sounding off in 2014, convinced that the progressive liberal left in society has now rendered pedophilia and incest to no longer be considered “taboo” or “unnatural,” conflating it with the worn out rationale that gays are now far more accepted than they were in the 1950s and 60s.[178] Neilson actually lightened the sentence of a 55-year old uncle who raped his 15- or 16-year old niece because he pulled out at the last second and didn’t “treat her roughly.” More of his insane spouted dribble:

A jury might find nothing untoward in the advance of a brother towards his sister once she had sexually matured, had sexual relationships with other men and was now ‘available,’ not having [a] sexual partner.[179]

These sick bastards are constantly sewing the social engineering seed into the populace to accept the inevitable – a crumbling, collapsing morality embracing the Luciferian upside-down world of anything goes.

Trafficked MK-Ultra child sex abuse victim-survivor-author-activist Fiona Barnett’s eyewitness testimony before the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in 2015, along with her riveting July 2018 testimony at the International Tribunal for Natural Justice hearings in London,[180] and her subsequent 2019 published bombshell exposé Eyes Wide Open,[181] all compellingly reveal how Australia is steeped in Satanic cult torture, murder and sexual abuse at the highest levels of society, so firmly entrenched on the earth’s only nation continent. Fiona includes a worthwhile chapter on healing from trauma induced mind controlled severe sexual abuse through cognitive integration of past memories, providing valuable tools for recovery.

The person presented to her in childhood as her Polish step grandfather Peter Holowczak, worked inside a Nazi concentration camp in Lublin, Poland during the Second World War. The war criminal and his Lithuanian Nazi collaborator wife Helena Holowczak and many others in the New South Wales town of Engadine were practicing Satanists.[182] Starting at the age of 2, some of Fiona Barnett’s worst suffered memories were at the hands of her so-called grandparents, abusing Fiona but even worse, bringing her into the orbit and abusive hell that their Satanic pagan-worshipping Illuminati cult put her through for over a decade.

Helena allegedly imposed her nefarious will on Fiona’s pregnant mother Dawn Mitchell, essentially insisting that she would take over the role as Fiona’s surrogate mother, “freeing up” the real mother to go back to work, relegated to visiting her daughter on weekends.[183] Fiona’s mother Dawn insisted on Fiona remaining in her primary care but unfortunately, unwittingly, she allowed Fiona to frequently stay with the Holowczaks from age 3 to 11, blind to the many years of her daughter’s horrendous abuse.

Whether it’s more paid shills out to smear Fiona’s credibility and reputation, a favorite tactic deployed by the pedo-cabal, or the bearer of actual discrepant truth, in 2019 the website posted online a 115-page rebuttal to everything Fiona has claimed, calling her allegations “an operation” that counters the actual truth.[184] It starts with claiming that the Holowczaks actually lived at 30 McAlister Avenue instead of 14 McAlister as Fiona mentions in her writings and Candy Girl documentary. The anti-Barnett site also claims that Fiona maliciously hijacked and exploited the Holowczak family name, which is alleged to have no familial relationship with Fiona and her family at all. Just maybe that’s because it was determined when Fiona was 15 that happily there is no actual blood relation between them and Fiona’s biological father and family.

The website searches for every potential inconsistency and discrepancy with such a fine-tooth comb of over 100 pages that it smells the stench of reputation smear and neutralization of a perceived enemy at all cost. Based on the totality of my extensive research and experience as both an investigative journalist and former clinician working with abuse victims, my perception is Fiona Barnett’s story is every bit for real and that historically the pedo-Establishment ensures that whenever a victim’s voice gets heard by “too many people,” posing a direct threat to the status quo, every available resource is subsequently channeled to meticulously disprove and debunk the victim’s allegations in a relentless silencing campaign. Both real life assassination as well as character assassination are readily deployed in their “neutralization” arsenal.

Fiona recalls that at age 5, she was brought to Dr. Leonas Petrauskas’ Engadine home, before a panel of leaders running the Luciferian cult that included notorious American CIA psychologist John W. Gittinger, psychologist Antony Kidman and Grand Dame Patricia Anne Conlon.[185] Baited by Gittinger asking if she wanted to be special, followed by his assurance that he would make her special, the next thing she knew she was responding to the CIA’s full battery of testing, from a physical exam to IQ, endurance and personality tests, to multiple EKG hookups, as the latest “gifted” lab rat to be mind controlled through trauma based mind fuck violation and terror. Fiona’s precocious intelligence, irresistible blue-eyed, blonde-haired Aryan features, creativity, physical strength and endurance all made her the ideal specimen to mold. For years Gittinger raped and abused Fiona, making her feel anything but special.[186]

A common Illuminati Luciferian ritualistic rite of passage is having adult cult members in robes chanting the Book of the Dead while lowering a young naked child, in this case 8-year old Fiona, six feet under into an open casket to lay directly on top of a badly decomposing corpse with live crawling maggots. To add to this horrific nightmare, Fiona was told that when the casket was closed, the corpse called a “ghoul” would come to life in what they referred to as “a rebirth ceremony.”[187] Obviously with the casket sealed shut and left in complete darkness, a terrorized youth laying in direct contact with a decaying, putrefying, worm-infested corpse must produce such excruciating, sheer trauma in the victim to be beyond imagination or words. But this sadistic practice is a common indoctrination ritual among Illuminati family and Satanic cults, mercilessly subjecting young victims to such paralyzing, deep-rooted fear in order to permanently instill through dissociative trauma an impermeable driving force towards rigid obedience and maintaining sworn secrecy and loyalty to the Satanic occult order or coven. But the Satanists left Fiona in the casket so long that in her terror she used up the limited supply of oxygen, inducing a near death experience that included light at the end of a tunnel, until she abruptly awoke in the local hospital with attending nurses stating that they had almost lost her but that her mother was there. It wasn’t her mother at all but the Engadine police officer’s wife that would years later help murder a 15-year old boy.[188]

Released to the care of Dr. Leonas Petrauskas, the Lithuanian Luciferian Jesuit that Fiona was instructed to call Dr. Mark, nervously used hypnosis in a feeble attempt at burying her memory of the near-death trauma. As a Jesuit doctor, Petrauskas emerged as the Luciferian high priest within the entire Sutherland Shire Catholic Diocese that included Regina Coeli Catholic Church, Engadine Boystown chapel and the John Bosco Catholic Church opposite Boystown. “Grandpa Peter Holowczak” would often take Fiona on foot to Engadine’s nearby St. John Bosco Catholic Church where she was forced to experience and witness Satanic ritual abuse and multiple blood sacrifices.[189] A four-year old Chloe was named as one of the sacrificed victims. But when Chloe’s distraught mother made too many waves, she too was exterminated. Engadine Boystown is where Fiona’s father Frank Holowczak is alleged to have been physically and sexually abused as a child. It wasn’t until Fiona was 15 that her family found out that her alleged primary abuser – Peter Holowczak – was not her blood relative after all. Peter also allegedly abused Fiona’s biological father Frank and her brothers as well. When Peter and Helena originally applied for asylum in Australia, Fiona’s Polish father Frank allegedly claimed as their son was conveniently used to secure their citizenship.[190] Meanwhile, Frank reportedly suffered such a severe abuse history from both Engadine Boystown pedophile priests and his fake Holowczak parents and Satanic pedo-cult members that he struggled with PTSD and DID most of his life. Frank is said to have once told his relatives:

Everything Fiona says about the Satanists is true, but we just don’t tell her, for her own good.[191]

With his next-door neighbor, Fiona maintains that Peter Holowczak forced her to witness a blood sacrifice of a three-year old boy, in between his sexually assaulting her on a regular basis.[192] The other regular perpetrator was Peter and Helena’s friend, Dr. Mark (Leonas Petrauskas), whose medical practice in Engadine was a short walking distance away. At age 12, Dr. Petrauskas told Fiona that her grandfather Peter would no longer sexually abuse her anymore, yet the doctor’s abuse continued. When Fiona was 21, in April 1991 Peter Holowczak died, which she says ultimately triggered her recovered, repressed memories. Though Peter’s death was ruled suicide, his wife Helena alleged that a group of men arrived earlier in the day, ordering her to go shopping.[193] When she returned, she found her husband hanging from his shed. Fiona speculates that the cult delivered Peter his payback murder for all his “unauthorized” abuse toward her that morphed into rationale for why Fiona chose to leave New South Wales and her assumed role as the Luciferian cult’s Grand Dame.

One of Fiona’s most disturbing early memories occurred when she was 6-years old in Engadine. She allegedly witnessed a 12-year old girl Michelle abducted and taken to a spot in the woods near a favorite swimming hole on the Woronora River, where Catholic priests from Boystown were among the Satanists in robes. Recall both the Nebraska’s Boys Town scandal (See Book 4, Chapter 6) and the whistleblowing Friar Malachi Martin, assistant to Pope John Paul XXIII, asserting a quarter century ago that the Vatican years earlier had already been taken over by Satanic child killers (See Book 1, Chapter 7). The blood sacrifice ritual at the river proceeded with hanging the girl from a ledge, then upon death lowering her to the ground to sodomize her body while the rest of the men stood around jerking off in orgiastic necrophiliac arousal.

Fiona was told that they threw the girl’s body into the Woronora River, which to this day spooks Fiona, prohibiting her from swimming in places where she can’t see the bottom, fearing she’ll touch dead bodies. A short time later Fiona observed the same 12-year old victim’s body taken to nearby Holsworthy Army Base outside of Sydney. For traumatic effect, the renowned Chinese-Australian heart surgeon Dr Victor Chang allegedly showed the corpse of the girl hanging on a meat hook in a cold storage room with dotted butcher lines prepared for cutting her up her. Sadistic alleged cannibal Dr. Chang required all DELTA soldiers to also engage in cannibalism. Of course, a fringe benefit that Chang and other military officers on the base enjoyed was raping children, among them Fiona who they referred to as Alice. Busy man Chang also allegedly instructed his dog to rape children locked in cages.

Dr. Chang was stationed at Holsworthy in charge of the Aussie subsidiary to the CIA-Israeli-controlled international organ trafficking network (covered in the preceding Chapter 9 on Israel).[194] In addition to Chang training both MK-DELTA child soldiers and adult DELTA recruits at Holsworthy, as an application of MK-Ultra “super soldiers” part of the Jason Project, it involved genetically altered DNA sequencing with lots of brainwashing thrown in.[195] Heart surgeon Chang was assassinated in 1991 in his Sydney home by two Malaysian gunmen in an alleged failed extortion attempt.[196] In poor health in 2012, Chang’s primary killer was granted parole two years after his accomplice. Speculation over Chang’s murder ranged from blackmail to black market organ harvesting to mixing with Asian criminal gangs.

At age 14, near the end of her cycle of Holsworthy training and abuse, Fiona allegedly underwent barbaric real life Hunger Games at the base, introduced as survival of the fittest to eliminate weaker elements within the stringent, spartan-like program.[197] Fiona states that her final military assignment was at Dulce in an underground laboratory in the US, schooled in psychological warfare through weaponized psychic ability development by the notorious MK programmer and unprosecuted Luciferian pedophile – the late Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.[198]

As Australia’s oldest military base, Holsworthy includes underground levels 7-stories deep (DUMBs) and the adjacent nuclear facility Lucas Heights is a 20-stories deep installation along with the CIA built and controlled Pine Gap. They were the military posts where Fiona maintains she and other children in Australia are misused in the worst way as involuntary guinea pigs in illegal, highly controversial experimentation.[199] She recounts 6-year old children like herself imprisoned in cages for several days, ostensibly for bonding purposes, only to have to witness the DELTA kids ritually die, bred exclusively for the sacrificial slaughterhouse, some never even seeing daylight. Again, having to watch young peers you grow emotionally close to suddenly get brutally murdered before your eyes is part of the sick trauma-based mind control programming geared to induce dissociation, memory suppression and deep-seeded survival guilt.

The source for the worldwide Luciferian MK-Ultra-child trafficking network is nearly always the same – Illuminati families, Satanic cults (often unregistered and bred for experimentation, rape, torture and blood sacrifice), group home facilities and foster care homes (victims of the nefarious child/family welfare system), child charity NGOs, juvenile detention centers, runaways, abductions from war zones or off the street anywhere, church run facilities including all denominations, but especially Catholic. This vulnerable population is deemed the most expendable, subject to throwaway use, abuse and disposal.

The world is just now coming to grips with the horrific reality that perhaps millions of children live out their entire shortened lives trapped in the pedo-cabal’s massive subterranean world, trafficked in the planet’s vast underground tunnel system, mind controlled, kept in cages, tortured, experimented on, extracted of adrenochrome blood, drugged, sexually abused and blood sacrificed.[200] As far back as the 1970s, Fiona caught glimpses of this Satanic hell within Australia. Just last year in July 2020, white hat military forces reportedly recovered thousands of dead children’s bodies along with rescuing emaciated live children prior to blowing up the vast underground tunnel system running beneath Melbourne and Victoria.[201] Additionally, I received further confirmation from a trusted source that this covert military rescue operation is global, and unfolding in Australia and elsewhere. More recently, US Special Operations forces in early 2021 discovered tunnels and trafficked children under the White House and Capitol Hill.[202]

In Regina Coeli Catholic Church in the nearby larger NSW town of Sutherland Shire, Fiona Barnett alleges that she witnessed more Satanic rituals and murders on its marble altar.[203] Another location where she endured Satanists committing yet more homicides was the Caltex Oil Refinery in Kurnell. When she was 9-years old, she and about ten other children, one of whom was a close friend, were transported to the refinery where one by one each was pushed and burned to death in an open furnace that doubled as a makeshift Moloch “altar.” Fiona explains that the youth who were murdered were bred for that diabolical purpose, and that she was made to believe that she would be next.

On another occasion her step grandmother Helena’s close Lithuanian friend, Dr. Leonas Petrauskas, the region’s Luciferian high priest, trafficked Fiona to a remote beach also in Kurnell, and ordered her to dig up a body of a boy about five. Also allegedly present on this beach that day was the future Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating (1991 to 1996), the same one whose daughter Katherine in 2010 was photographed leaving convicted registered sex offender Epstein’s Manhattan compound while alleged child rapist Prince Andrew sheepishly waved goodbye.[204] When confronted with his daughter hanging out with infamous child rapists, Keating buried his head in cowardly shame and silence. While Paul Keating is also known to particularly enjoy abusing Asian boys in Thailand, as an alleged necrophiliac no less, he also shares the same Jimmy Savile compulsion craving sex with dead people, in this case the dug-up corpse of the murdered 5-year old boy.[205] As a likely clean-up operation, Dr. Petrauskas was brought in and overheard discussing a plan with Keating to claim the victim’s cause of death due to a poisonous bite from a blue-ringed octopus, since the well-versed doctor published scholarly articles on human deaths from poisonous sea creatures.

Another incident at the beach in Kurnell was again intended to please their pagan cult god Moloch with the burnt sacrifice offering of an adolescent surfer, seduced and duped by Dr Petrauskas’ nurse to arrive at his final crime scene. As her memories of these disturbing events surfaced, Fiona turned over all the names, places, dates and crimes where foul play and deception were used by the likes of Petrauskas, Kidman and prominent Lucifer worshipping politicians, all to no avail in an attempt to convince the authorities to reopen or investigate blatant cases of murder.

In another disturbing event, a 15-year old Fiona observed an Engadine police officer’s wife lure a 15-year old boy into her car at nearby Cronulla Beach. Describing what happened next:

The boy was murdered at a property on the old Illawarra Road near the suburb of Menai, where Doberman dogs were bred and trained. The dog trainer had leathery skin, dark hair, piercing eyes, and there were multiple signs out the front of his property warning people not to trespass.[206] Peter [Holowczak] obtained his Doberman dog from another Slavic Nazi war criminal who was granted asylum in Australia. This man supplied dogs to the NSW Police force. He was also involved in the clean up and disposal of bodies following Luciferian ritual crimes.[207]

The “Candy Girl” documentary depicts bombshell after bombshell of shocking detailed information. While still 15-years old in October 1985, Fiona witnessed one of the most heinous, bloodiest crimes committed by the Satanic death cult at Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre in New South Wales, about 120 miles northwest of Sydney.[208] It was by Satanic cult invitation only that the pillars of New South Wales society were in full attendance. “Law enforcement, dignitaries, councilmen, the city mayor, priests from colleges and local churches,” especially Bathurst’s Catholic St. Stanislaus College, all showed up en masse at the city hall’s entertainment center, to be entertained by a grand community blood sacrifice event unfolding on stage. Also center stage was an enlarged Seal of Solomon banner displayed behind a huge altar positioned at the front of the stage. Called up to the altar by Dr. Mark (Leonas Petrauskas), a naked 15-year old Fiona became the first “entertainment” act when she was instructed to lie down on the altar while “Mad Max” actor Bruce Spence allegedly raped her in public. Also, other notable “performers” on stage were the queen awarded OBE recipient, BBC broadcaster and Australian cricket sporting legend Richie Benaud, the then current gatekeeping NSW Police Commissioner John Avery, and longtime Labor Party politician, former education minister and ASIO head Kim Beazley Sr who served as MC for the Satanic bloodbath.

Among the main attractions was a heavily pregnant naked woman, a cult breeder neither hypnotized nor on drugs, literally dragged kicking and screaming onto the stage by two henchmen and placed on the Satanic sacrificial altar. In an impromptu moment, Beazley stepped up to the podium microphone and told the Luciferian crowd, “Excuse us for a minute,” drawing a big laugh from the enthralled audience. Because the poor woman knew she was about to be savagely murdered, with her adrenalized blood pumping full speed, actor Bruce Spence and top cop John Avery assisted the henchmen in pinning her helplessly down on the altar so she couldn’t move or get away.

Fiona specifically mentions on video that the reason the woman was not sedated was to purposely make adrenochrome blood available because these Satanists literally become addicted to the devil’s drug. Meanwhile, from the back of the stage approaching the altar emerged a chanting Richie Benaud wielding a large ceremonial dagger, violently slamming the dagger into the woman’s chest and, in one rapid motion, ripped the dagger blade down her torso to her pelvic bone, with blood bursting like a waterfall in every direction. Her unborn baby was then pulled out of the dead mother and with the gold platter and chalice, they began collecting the infant’s gushing adrenalized blood, draining it in the chalice. The baby was then chopped up and placed on the gold platter and passed around as these sickos’ Luciferian Black Mass offering, the equivalent to the Catholics’ sanitized, rip-off version of Holy Communion. Rome’s roots are seeded squarely in Babylon.

Speaking of which, as a 10-year old in 1980, Fiona alleges that the head of the Anglican Church herself – Queen Elizabeth, came to Australia to preside over yet another Satanic ritual ceremony at Sydney’s St. James Anglican Church.[209] Over four decades later, the largest Anglican diocese in western New South Wales, in bloody Bathurst, finds itself in dire financial crisis, having to sell off 25 Anglican churches but still leaving a $25 million debt, owing another $2 million in unpaid reparations for raping children on par with the Catholic Church.[210] In 2015 the Commonwealth Bank sued the Bathurst diocese for $40 million worth of unpaid loan debt.[211] With Satanic infested Bathurst, ridden deep in historical child abuse scandal, is it any wonder? Between 1980 and 2015, the Church of England in Australia received 1,082 sexual assault complaints. As just one example of hundreds, Anglican pedo-priest Peter Rushton would bring in different men arriving each Sunday for a supposed bible school class at the Anglican Church-run Woodlands boys home, providing the cover to select the smallest boys for sexual abuse in the rooms downstairs.[212] Liz’s church of predation is no more redeemable than the Satanic Catholic Church.[213]

Yet another Protestant denomination within the Christian Church, with an estimated worldwide membership of 1.6 million across 109 countries, the Salvation Army was also busted for abusing Australian children in its care. According to a January 2014 CNN article:

The shocking treatment at some of the organization’s boys homes included rape, beatings, locking boys in cages and, in one case, forcing a boy to eat his own vomit, the [Royal] Commission was told Tuesday.[214]

As long as we’re on the topic of major religions officially sanctioning widespread pedophilia within its ranks, the Jewish faith appears just as guilty as Catholicism and Anglicanism when it comes to looking the other way. A scandal amongst the orthodox Jewish population in Australia flared up bigtime in early 2015 when Melbourne and Sydney’s Yeshiva leaders “chose to preserve prestige of their faith over the safety of children.”[215] This same dynamic was fueling crises in Israel (See Chapter 9) and America, with taboo-type pressures not to tell authorities of the pervasive child sexual abuse raging through its community. Mesirah law prohibits a Jew from informing secular authorities (police) about another Jew.[216] The prominent orthodox Melbourne lawyer expressed disappointment, admonishing an abused victim of the offender that he was representing in court, for having cooperated with law enforcement, and it was captured on tape. In 2013 local Yeshivah members sounded off, posting comments online denigrating the victim for involving police, calling him a “coward,” a “sick man,” and demanding he “be thrown out of the community.” A pedophile teacher at the orthodox school caught committing crimes back in the 1990s was even offered money by his school employer to escape justice fleeing to Israel. Instead, he chose America where he raped a 12-year old boy and in late 2014 was deported to face trial in the US.

Lest you think that Australian boys in institutional care have it worse than girls, the New South Wales child welfare department dating back to the 1930s maintained the strict policy of testing females as young as 18-months on up for venereal disease and evidence of sexual activity. Those girls vaginally examined by a doctor poking as many as three fingers into their vagina were automatically deemed to be sexually active, and if 10 or older, they were customarily shipped off to the dreaded Parramatta Girls Home where, according to a February 2014 Sydney Morning Herald exposé article:

They were exposed to ‘state-sanctioned rape’ perpetrated by doctors, supervising staff and other inmates.[217]

Regardless of whether girls may have been raped by parents or foster care parents, it didn’t matter, the three-finger rule applied and victims sent to the home would later be subject to having metal objects inserted. When word finally got out to the public, the shameful detention center was closed in 1974. Forty years later, the Royal Commission heard victims’ disturbing testimonies.

Returning to the orgiastic “religious” climax of Satanism at that horrifying 1985 Bathurst Entertainment Centre spectacle witnessed by Fiona Barnett, ten hypnotized children were lined up on stage and actor Bruce Spence, swinging a sharpened Samurai sword around, methodically went down the line allegedly chopping off all the kids’ heads.[218] The culmination of witnessing this heinous, unimaginable bloodbath and drinking the adrenochrome blood actually induces extreme sexual arousal in these Satanic sub-humans, so an all-out orgy then broke out. At this point Kim Beazley Sr, who a decade earlier had trafficked Fiona abroad to Bohemian Grove, picked up a child’s severed head off the floor and shoved it directly into her face, demanding that she take a bite out of Lucifer’s “forbidden fruit.” This one event in Bathurst is the most telling and shocking glimpse into the dark, depraved and grotesque world of how cannibalistic earth controllers literally get their rocks off worshipping their Satanic pagan gods, climaxed by a murderous diabolical orgy. These rituals draw on interdimensional demonic forces that seize possession and control over their soulless host inhabitants.

A couple years before this Bathurst bloodbath, at the famous St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney in 1983, when Fiona was about 13-years old, another major incident unfolded that carried enormous impact on Fiona. The event was the suicidal sacrifice of Patricia Anne Conlon, known fondly to Fiona as Veronica, the reigning grand dame of the Satanic cult.[219] As Fiona’s mentor, red-haired Conlon had always been looked up to and admired for her grace and compassion, despite her symbolic role as a victim in a Luciferian Illuminati family forced to turn perpetrator. Grand Dame Conlon had been in charge of selecting and training children in esoteric occult knowledge and skills, and trauma-based mind control.

Earning her BA at Sydney U in 1961, a few years later Patricia Conlon was sent on a postgrad scholarship to study at Canada’s University of Saskatchewan with pioneering MK-Ultra psychiatrists Humphry Osmond and Abraham Hoffer, advancing both psychedelics and adrenochrome research, sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.[220]

Though Patricia Anne Conlon lived at Sydney University married to professor Telford Conlon, publicly respected for her feminism, according to Fiona, in actuality her conscience got to her. She could no longer tolerate hurting and murdering children, and despite her relatively young age near 40, she opted out by willingly participating in her own ritual sacrifice, the Satanic custom of the changing of the old guard, in this case the grand dame. Though during the preceding decade, due to her own bloodline, her biological father’s actual bloodline in Poland, Fiona had been groomed to replace her, and the formal affair at Sydney’s St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral was not an occasion for celebration and promotion, but just the opposite, personally one of the saddest, most regrettable days of Fiona’s life.

Rosalind Frances Croucher, the current president of Australia’s Human Rights Commission, according to Barnett, was extremely resentful and ambitious, desiring the grand dame title herself, rather than see it passed on to Fiona. It was a jealous Rosalind Croucher seeking revenge a couple years later who organized and set up the 1985 Bathurst City Hall bloodbath where actor Bruce Spence raped 15-year old Fiona on the altar.[221] And by that blood bursting event’s end, it had degenerated into a “pedophile orgy.” After Kim Beazley Sr shoved the boy’s decapitated head in her face, Rosalind Croucher and several accomplices predatorily converged on Fiona to allegedly gang rape her, with Rosalind degradingly “urinating in Fiona’s mouth.”[222] Such despicable extreme violation by the evil grand dame wannabe played a large role in prompting Fiona to risk her life leaving the death cult in New South Wales, though she knew she’d incur the wrath of a very sick and dangerous outfit that would be certain to seek retaliation, especially from powerful cult ringleader Antony Kidman. Fiona had no other option but to leave Sydney and go public if she was to stay alive.

Just as grand dame Conlon was sent to study with CIA drug and adreno researchers, Luciferian doctors Antony Kidman and Leonas Petrauskas were both proteges of Dr. Harry Bailey, whose early training was under the tutelage of CIA brainwashing and torture perpetrator Ewen Cameron at Montreal’s McGill University, pushing Electro Convulsive shock Therapy (ECT) and nonconsenting LSD.[223] Dr. Bailey ran the CIA funded, dangerously life threatening Deep Sleep studies program at Chelmsford Private Hospital in Sydney.[224] Bailey over-sedated his patients with debilitating drugs that induced comas, then used barbaric ECT to scramble their brains to wake them up, killing 48 patients in the process.[225] Eventually a whistleblowing nurse got the word out that busted his inhumane Chelmsford operation in 1979. Knowing he fucked up, the coward allegedly committed suicide in 1985. Fiona was one of his involuntary lab rats. All these heartless doctors were butchers of brain, body and soul. Note the incredibly “small world” of these megalomaniacal pedo-elite killers.

Fiona often uses the term Satanic Pedophilia Network, explaining why she attaches the word “Satanic”:

Satanism is most definitely involved in it – in fact, it is the driving force behind it.[226]

The Satanic Pedophilia Network has only sustained itself over time through its members’ strict adherence to fear of death/retribution, passed off masquerading as loyalty and aversion to the truth as secrecy, and aggressively silencing would-be dissenters/truthtellers as neutralization of the enemy.

Of course as a victim, Fiona Barnett is hardly alone in the widespread Bathurst abuse. In 1985, the same year as the Bathurst City Hall bloodbath, 12-year old Tor Nielsen moved into the St. Stanislaus College boarding school, the oldest Catholic boarding school in Australia, where he was sexually abused by a teacher.[227] Tor eventually went to the police, the teacher confessed his crime and was sent to prison. But more abuse allegedly continued, including predatory priests, among them chaplain Father Brian Joseph Spillane. In the aftermath of Tor’s initial allegations, nine Stanislaus staff, all but one clergy, were accused, investigated and prosecuted. Tor Nielsen’s life fell apart in response to the apparent multiple episodes of sexual abuse. The charges he had brought against Father Spillane were ultimately dropped after tests administered by Bathurst health workers came back positive for a drug that induces psychotic symptoms. Convinced that the Bathurst health department willfully sabotaged his case, in 2007 as a last desperate resort, the persistent 35-year old took to posting leaflets around Bathurst and writing on his blog site calling out the Catholic Church and his primary abuser Father Brian Spillane, whom he additionally accused of perpetrating hypnotic religious rituals while sexually assaulting his victims.[228]

Eventually Bathurst police had four other victims emerge also alleging sexual abuse against the priest, and in May 2008, Spillane was charged with 33 counts of abuse. Soon more frocked suspects followed, including a former headmaster and dorm supervisor, and a total of 93 charges were registered against Spillane. By August 2009, the number of charges against the former chaplain rose to 146. What’s very clear is that the Catholic Vincentian order that has run St. Stanislaus boarding school a long time has a very bleak history of sexual abuse against underage boys, and nearly just as long a cover-up. In all, 5 priests, 2 ex-priests, a brother and a lay teacher were accused of over 200 criminal charges committed between 1961 and 1991 against 46 children.[229] All nine suspects denied and challenged their charges.

In the end, Tor Nielsen was vindicated as Spillane was convicted and is ineligible for parole until 2026. Many of the others charged were also found guilty. But after Nielsen exposed the Bathurst pedophile ring, Tor’s civil case attorney allegedly fell out of an 18-story window to his death. Another attorney that was a onetime Stanislaus student, scheduled to testify in one of the school’s trials, was found hanging by his necktie from a bookshelf in the law chamber library.[230] A half hour prior to his untimely death, he was observed in a positive, upbeat mood, working on a case. Initially police were not ready to rule out foul play, as obviously there were people with much to lose by his damaging testimony who even had more to gain by his sudden odd death.

After Tor said he saw 60 victims ritually abused by New South Wales police and St. Stanislaus College priests in the same city hall entertainment center, Fiona decided to come forward to report the 1985 Satanic bloodbath. Despite two witnesses’ testimony reporting the exact same crimes by the same perps in the exact same place, the NSW Police Commissioner concluded that that Fiona’s complaint “lacked evidence,” a favorite cover-up strategy used ad nauseam.[231] Once Fiona conferred with both journalists and NSW Victims Services and received their feedback that her testimony was consistent with other Bathurst and Engadine Boystown victims, in 2012 Fiona re-contacted the NSW police minister and commissioner, requesting that her testimony be sent to the recently formed taskforce assigned to probing the pedophile ring at Boystown.

Predictably, she never received a response. At every turn, police either ignore victims or come up with lame or false excuses to not move forward holding the Satanic killers accountable. Between Bathurst’s 1985 demonic city hall debacle and the St. Stanislaus Catholic scandal, local cult rapists were so brazenly confident they would get away with their crimes because as the pillars of the Bathurst community, they were all card-carrying members of this same Luciferian death club cult, including all senior law enforcement gatekeepers, same as the pedo-epicenter UK and everywhere else in the world.

As horrific as the Bathurst incident was in 1985, Fiona states that “the most heinous human sacrifice of all-time” that she witnessed took place at Sydney University’s “Great Hall.” A five-year old blond boy was the blood sacrifice victim for Nicole’s Kidman’s father Antony and four other men dressed in multicolored pentagram robes, symbolizing the inner Sydney diocese, the large Satanic coven that Kidman ran. With his young adult daughter Nicole Kidman sitting in the front row, the perpetrators crucified the little boy, “flayed his skin and pinned it back, and then strung him up over the stage of Great Hall.”[232] When 18-year old Fiona rushed to intervene, her rapist actor Spence used his boot on Fiona’s neck to stop her from interfering, all the while fiendishly laughing.

Numerous university professors and staff are members of Kidman’s “Sydney Uni chapter of the order,” including Leonas Petrauskas, who attended the university around the same time as Kidman. In her earlier years, Fiona recalled being experimented on in the Sydney University chemistry lecture room overlooking the city, as well as in a medical basement where more unethical probing occurred.

Like the world’s largest and most prominent churches, the most prestigious universities, vis-a-vis Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale and Princeton in the US, McGill University in Canada and Cambridge and Oxford in the UK, as the world’s most elite universities, including Sydney University as Australia’s CIA MK-Ultra research headquarters,[233] are all guilty of being the most notorious human rights violators, criminally colluding in covert CIA mind control operations and accompanying human and child sex trafficking. A swarm of students that studied medicine, psychology, chemistry and dentistry together throughout the late 1950s and 1960s at Sydney University, retained their ties to both the university-CIA-MI6 nexus and the university’s Luciferian cult, all rising to top positions in Australia’s government, education, research and national security. Fiona Barnett maintains that most Sydney University staff and all top military brass in Australia are Luciferian, consistent with the trend in North America and Europe.[234]

Per Book 4’s Chapter 8, the ultra-cozy relationship between the MIT-Harvard nexus and the Epstein-Maxwell honeytrap operation is merely a tip of the iceberg, the same one divulged by Fiona Barnett. The US military-CIA exclusive use of Australia’s Holsworth and adjacent Lucas Heights nuclear reactor to build multi-level underground DUMBs along with Australia’s Pine Gap operation, similar to New Mexico’s Dulce and Nevada’s Area 51 complexes, are all indelible footprints spreading the cabal’s pedo-cancer to Australia and beyond. CIA scientists such as False Memory Foundation co-founder Martin Orne and CIA hypnotism expert George Estabrooks were instrumental in paving the way for masterminded control of the populace, initially specializing in creating subgroups of targeted dissociated slaves. Estabrooks once boasted:

The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating multi-personality, with the aid of hypnotism… This is not science fiction… I have done it.[235]

The final incident in the Candy Girl Part 2 video showcasing Fiona revisiting her Luciferian cult’s old crime scene stomping grounds took place at Antony Kidman’s North Sydney residence on the eve of her 14th birthday in 1983, when Petrouskas trafficked her to what appeared an actors’ post-production party.[236] Well-known Shakespearean actor John Bell and lots of other famous actors were seen busily snorting cocaine. But after the fun and games were over, with just Kidman and Bell left alone with Fiona, she claims that with Kidman watching, John Bell raped her.[237] Afterwards, both allegedly began physically assaulting her, taking her to the pool area where Kidman inside the pool held Fiona’s elbows behind her back while Bell dancing like a monkey outside the pool took turns stomping on her head to keep her underwater and unable to breathe. Fiona says she vomited, nearly passed out and almost drowned. She woke up the next morning naked and tied to a chair in the basement, with Antony slapping her in the head, repeatedly yelling, “Do you remember now?” while 16-year old Nicole Kidman gleefully sneered at the abused captive.

Fiona Barnet as a determined breakaway survivor, her predecessor the deceased Patricia Anne Conlon as the former Grand Dame of Sydney’s Illuminati Satanic cult, Dr. Petrauskas and dead cult kingpin Antony Kidman knew all about the powerful hub of Sydney as the Headquarters of International Satanism. Australian Satanist Petor Narsagonan wrote of Sydney’s central place in the world of Satanism:

What is considered today, by those in the know, to be the most powerful and important Satanic organization in the world. That group comprises some of the most educated, wealthy, corrupt and corrupting people that have ever existed. And they operate out of Sydney, Australia – but their influence is international.[238]

Australian Satanist Narsagonan revealed how the heart of the Satanic Pedophilia Network works:

These [infants] were taken from single girls by promises, for a fee or occasionally, simply stolen. Babies were bred for their various purposes by ‘Broodmares’ – young unemployed girls who were paid to hand over their ‘produce.’ Sometimes this magical pornography was filmed; sometimes children died. Once you have seen a young child crucified or a baby kicked to death you are and can never be the same again. The most disturbing aspect of the Black Masses held in Sydney was and remains the ease with which victims were and continue to be obtained and the lack of any effective interest by the police (although a number of Police Commissioners from various States were members of the Order). This is not to suggest that Satanists are simply perverts or child killers.[239]

Oh yeah, could’ve fooled me. The Sydney Satanist then goes into the rituals of sex and torture of children:

All of this is carefully crafted and augmented by aphrodisiacs and violence. Often the women involved are far worse than the men – little boys agonized by the cruel fingers, long tapered fingernails, teeth, cigarettes and perversions of ravishingly beautiful and debased female practitioners who are without restraint and have been maddened with heartless pride. Genital torture and castration are a constant theme. I will never forget the heartfelt sobs, desperate pleas, blood, tears and screams induced in many little boys by the agonizing use of alligator-clips, the application of the strap, whip, dildo, knee and the torment of electric shock![240]  

How all this profound evil came to be warrants a much closer look. Through the International Refugee Organization’s secret migrant program,[241] seven decades ago Australia had its own counterpart version of America’s Operation Paperclip. But unlike the US relocating Germany’s elite Nazi scientists, senior military officers and engineers for stateside employment, in NASA and burgeoning aerospace industry and expanding MK-Ultra CIA mind control research, Australia’s role was to covertly protect its Satanic Nazi killers, escaping war crimes from mostly Eastern Europe, welcoming them as naturalized citizens Down Under. Also recall the criminal collusion between OSS’s Operation Paperclip, Operation Odessa and the Roman Catholic Church ratlines, moving 9,000 more Nazi war criminals to Argentina, Chile and Brazil.[242] Secretly finding new homes and naturalized citizenship for Nazi war criminals to successfully evade their murderous past was a vast, intercontinental operation, agreed upon by likeminded elite Nazis and Nazi sympathizers prominently flourishing within the Catholic Church, the national governments of North America, South America, Europe as well as Australia.

As yet another prized, oligarchic, corrosively corrupt receptacle, it seems Australia became the haven, or dustbin for attracting the worst dregs of postwar Nazi evil. A Jerusalem Post article from 2000 states:

Australia has failed to convict, denaturalize, deport, expel or extradite a single Nazi war criminal, making it a haven for some of the worst of Hitler’s henchmen.[243]

Australia is no different from the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium and North America, willfully hiding in plain sight its countless skeletons in the global Deep State closet. Be it genocide against spiritually advanced aboriginal populations or harboring and protecting the most vile war criminals, this sick imperialistic stain remains the same around the globe. Between the boldly incisive Australian investigative journalist-authors John Pilger (based mainly in UK) and his seminal 1991 A Secret Country: The Hidden Australia,[244] and Mark Aarons’ original 1986 radio documentary broadcasts exposing Australia harboring a plethora of Nazi war criminals, further chronicled in his 1989 book Sanctuary: Nazi Fugitives in Australia, from Down Under the dark truth emerged. In a 2001 TV interview, Aarons states:

Most of the war criminals who settled in Australia were not Germans or Austrians. They were people from Central and Eastern Europe, from the Ukraine, the Baltic States, the central European countries of Czechoslovakia, Croatia and Serbia… These people had done deals with western intelligence organisations, having given them intelligence were then secreted or allowed to go to third countries like Australia.[245]

In 1989 Mark Aarons lamentingly wrote:

To our eternal shame our government abandoned justice for such criminals almost 30 years ago. Consequently, the last Nazi in the world may well die peacefully in his bed somewhere in Australia. This will not, however, end Australia’s war criminals’ problem. Over the past forty-five years, new generations of mass killers have found sanctuary in Australia. Our government is once again denying the problem and refusing to take action, just as it did for forty years about the Nazis in our midst.[246]

John Pilger empirically demonstrated that Australia is a mere colonial puppet following its two masters’ ruthless footsteps – the British and American Empires, both shamelessly rooted in aboriginal genocide. Aarons takes it one step further, outing Australia’s long continued hall of shame, to this day sheltering infamous war criminals throughout the modern era, similar to America, not only welcoming Nazi mass murderers from WWII, but with across-the-board complicity and tacit approval from both UK and US hegemons, also senior officials from Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime after its late-1970s “Killing Fields,” Serbian and Croatian “ethnic cleansers” from the 1990’s Balkan Wars, secret police under both Chilean military dictator Pinochet’s 1970s to 80s’ Dirty War as well as secret police under Soviet controlled 1980s’ Afghanistan.[247] Recall from Book 2, Chapter 6, how former PM pedo-loving Margaret Thatcher exerted her undue influence after the Chilean war crimes general’s 1999 house arrest in England to ensure that he spent less than a year and a half before heading back to Chile a free man, averting extradition and trial in Spain.[248]

As a key junior cabal player and puppet extension of the Anglo-American Empire, Australia became the secret dumping ground granting carte blanche protection and safe refuge to some of the planet’s most hardened, coldblooded Satanic war criminals, concealed from public radar to quietly live out the rest of their despicable lives in state-protected peace. Australia failed to lift a finger to bring justice for the millions of their innocent civilian victims worldwide that these Canberra shielded savages murdered. So, with Australia’s largest city operating as the country’s Satanic base of operations, and Australia welcoming the most hardened Nazi war criminals and world’s worst genocidal mass killers ever since, is it any wonder that the global Satanic Pedophilia Network in Australia has thrived for so long?

Fiona Barnett said that from the age of six, Peter Holowczak would often brag about killing Jews for a living back in Lublin, Poland, hence he so proudly displayed his prominent Lublin sign in front of his house, publicly broadcasting his shameful Nazi past. The Russians came searching for his Lithuanian wife Helena for her part in collaborating with the Gestapo enemy back in Lithuania. Reportedly her father even spent two years in a Siberian labor camp for refusing to reveal her whereabouts. Meanwhile, Helena would regularly attend orgies in her new Slavic NSW community, ending up having three sons by three different men, none of whom were her husband Peter, who named his vicious Doberman dog “Satan,” training it to hunt and rape children.[249] Eventually at 15, learning that Fiona’s biological father Frank merely adopted the Holowczak name, Fiona was elated to realize she and her biological family did not share the same DNA as her abusive low life “grandparents.”

Fiona accurately writes:

Luciferianism is a secret, multi-generational religion with its roots in ancient Babylon and Egypt. My grandparents and the other Slavic war criminals who were granted asylum in Australia, congregated to covertly practise their brand of Nazi Luciferianism here in Australia. Over time, the descendants of these Luciferian pedophile refugees collaborated with existing Luciferian dynasties such as the Kidmans, Conlons, Overtons, Huxleys, Cardens, and Cumpstons, and infiltrated Australian government and influenced law and policy.[250]

So, the Eastern European Nazi dregs as Satanists arrived and compatibly merged with the established genteel, upper echelon class of Satanists already ruling the nation.

Had Fiona Barnett as the major pedophilia whistleblower never been born in Australia, no doubt the country would still be accurately described as a “haven for pedophiles.” Another way of putting it, the Australian police have consistently shielded the Satanic Pedophilia Network operating in this country for as long as the network’s been in existence. What is overwhelmingly clear is the entire legal system in Australia is corrosively corrupt, throughout the country in virtually every state, pretty much like every nation today. In this unethical cultural milieu, known pedophiles are able to walk out of courtrooms free men, at times even if convicted, because they are in cahoots with law enforcement as rented informant witnesses. A common scam backed by certain state premiers and MPs, makes false claims of criminal activity against certain targeted individuals who are innocent, especially if they are whistleblowers exposing the widespread corruption. Case after case of honest citizens have been victimized and put through the ringer, prosecuted on false charges and bogusly convicted based on false informant witness testimony delivered by career criminals and pedophiles.[251]

Pedophile career criminal Brett David Winduss, former Catholic school principal pedophile Gregory Vincent Coffey and corrupt Victoria police officer John Cullen are three examples of false witnesses exposed in this morally reprehensible shakedown operation. The local, state and federal politicians, judges, police and their pedophile/criminal witnesses are all in collusion together to frame innocent people deemed adversaries. Even when their criminal conspiracy gets exposed, though rarely if ever by complicit mainstream media, all the guilty suspects involved are granted full immunity, allowed to get away with their egregious conspiratorial crimes on top of whatever pedo- or other crimes they partake in. In Victoria the former state Premier Jeffrey Kennett and a couple former state MPs, police, judges and the same ombudsman Barry Perry who let corrupt police off in the Barnett case, have all been implicated in this criminal racket. These travesties of justice and corruption scenarios tend to get passed down from one generation to the next.

So, we have a nation that flagrantly aids and abets criminal pedophiles who lie as courtroom witnesses to put whistleblowers and honest people away. And the top politicians, judges, police chiefs, media bosses, church archbishops, Child Social Services and Education Department heads are all part of the Satanic Pedophilia Network. A logical question then becomes have these extreme diabolical conditions of gross injustice in Australia improved at all in recent years? Sadly, tragically, the answer appears no.

Just last year alone in 2020, three-high profile individuals were acquitted of alleged sexual offenses. Last December the judge presiding over the case of actor Craig McLachlan dismissed all 13 indecent and assault charges, involving allegations by four actresses he worked with during the 2014 stage production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”[252] But as of mid-May, 2021, fresh new allegations against the actor have emerged. Two actresses on the set of The Doctor Blake Mysteries TV series and another Horror Show actress filed criminal complaints.[253]

Also in December 2020, 22-year old swim instructor Kyle Daniels, accused of sexually abusing nine of his young swimmers, was cleared of five charges by the jury but remained deadlocked on the other 21 charges involving 8 girls, necessitating a retrial in October 2021.[254]

In August 2014 Melbourne actor Jeremy Kewley was initially arrested and charged with 103 child abuse offenses and two counts of child porn possession.[255] The 54-year old predatorily advertised for young boys to attend screen tests where he made videos of himself abusing victims. Though, in the end, he was prosecuted and convicted in May 2016 for committing over 130 sex crimes against underage boys, Kewley was sentenced to an extremely light punishment of only 23 months in prison. Even though actors are notorious for their Satanic membership in the global pedo-death cult, the press never tied Kewley to a wider child abuse ring, which isn’t all that surprising since mainstream media’s very job, especially in recent years, is to minimize or totally deny the long-proven reality. And with the likes of pedo-enabling Rupert Murdoch family, Australia is among the most concentrated media ownership-controlled nations on earth, only state-owned media countries China and Egypt were worse.[256] No wonder the elephant in the room continues going unnoticed.

Of the three high visibility acquittals from 2020, by far the most infamous and damaging is Cardinal George Pell, forced in 2018 to leave his powerful almighty perch in Rome as Vatican treasurer and Pope Francis’ right-hand man, to face trial back home in Australia for allegedly abusing two 13-year old choirboys in 1996 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Melbourne, after Mass catching the boys guzzling church sacrament wine in a backroom. The one surviving witness told the court that Pell had orally raped him, then crouched and fondled the choirboy’s testicles while the derelict masturbated.[257] The jury also found Pell guilty of sexually assaulting one of the boys in a corridor a month later, pushing him against the wall while squeezing hard on the victim’s genitals.

The secret prosecution in Melbourne banned all media coverage until Pell was found guilty in March 2019. A media blackout was ordered when Pell underwent a second trial in April 2018 for charges dating back to the 1970s when it was alleged that he indecently assaulted two other boys at a public pool in his hometown Ballarat.[258] But the judge ruled out two key prosecution witnesses and just like that, the Ballarat incident was dropped.

After his conviction, the Court of Appeals upheld the decision and Cardinal Pell was sent to ponder his next six years inside a prison cellblock. The disgraced cardinal became the highest-ranking Catholic clergy in history to ever be convicted of child sex abuse.[259] But a year later in 2020, Australia’s Supreme Court as highest court in the land, suddenly overturned the previous verdict, claiming unsubstantial evidence, and freeing Pell to resume his duties back in Rome, as if nothing ever happened. Something is dreadfully wrong with this Satanic picture.

Back in 2015, years prior to allegations that Pell abused children, the cardinal was already acting like a guilty man. In June 2015, Peter Saunders, Pope Francis’ specially-appointed commissioner for the protection of children, told Channel 9’s 60 Minutes:

I personally think that his position is untenable, because he has now a catalogue of denial. He has a catalogue of denigrating people, of acting with callousness, cold-heartedness – almost sociopathic, I would go as far as to say – this lack of care.[260]

Saunders responded to Pell’s reluctance to front Australia’s Royal Commission on Institutional Child Sex Abuse. The cardinal’s avoidance to address the pink elephant in the room begins with Pell’s hometown Ballarat, at the very center of the Catholic Church’s child sex abuse scandal in Australia. Pell was the local boy who made good, the school captain of his 1959 graduating class at St. Patrick’s College in Ballarat. As the third largest city in Victoria (current pop. 100,000) 62 miles (100km) northwest of Melbourne, the 19th century gold mining town is where, from the 1960s to the early 1990s, Catholic priests and Christian Brothers from the Ballarat Archdiocese preyed upon thousands of children, mostly young boys, nearly 150 strong that provided testimony at Australia’s Royal Commission into institutional child sexual abuse. Victim-survivor Phil Nagle, molested almost daily starting at 9-years old, explains:

The amount of kids I saw get taken out of class, sexual abuse was rampant, was definitely rampant, there’s no other way you could put it. That’s what it was; they were doing it all the time.[261]

Some of Australia’s worst pedophiles were preying on the helpless kids of Ballarat in massive numbers, then a city of 60,000 residents. By his own admission, for a full year in the early 1970s, George Pell even lived with Australia’s most notorious child raping priest, Gerald Ridsdale. For over 20 years Ridsdale was protected by his higher-ups, among them Pell, that simply chose to move him from one parish to the next, knowing full well he was sexually assaulting scores of children. The pope’s child abuse commissioner Peter Saunders disclosed that in 1982, Cardinal Pell sat in a meeting with Ballarat Bishop Ronald Mulkearns, discussing the urgency of moving Ridsdale to another parish, adding:

These are people who have allegedly allowed the abuse of children to continue – sometimes for many years – and that is an unforgivable crime.[262]

In fact, Ballarat Archdiocese Bishop Mulkearns made a habit of sending known pedophile priests to America under the “guise of treatment,” where it’s been uncovered that dozens more American victims were sexually assaulted by Ridsdale and others.[263] The top-down culture and practice of abuse was so widespread that members of this Catholic pedophile web in Victoria would openly share and exchange their favorite boy toy victims between themselves as owned property. The horribly abused youth would typically stay silent for decades, on average waiting 33 years before coming forward, out of fear of both church and legal authorities and fear of not being believed.[264]

Phil Nagle makes the valid point:

The cops knew, the teachers knew, the parents knew, how come Cardinal Pell didn’t know? Why didn’t he know?[265]

In 1993 when Ridsdale finally faced charges, as his old roommate and friend, Cardinal Pell even escorted the pedophile to the courthouse. Despite his 1994 conviction for countless offenses against at least 65 known victims, next year in 2022 George’s buddy Gerald Ridsdale is eligible for parole. Pell is free to be his character witness at his parole hearing.

Even a Royal Commission report that normally conceals evidence of pedophilic abuse, stated that “Pell lied about what he knew about abusive priests.”[266] Regardless of how many times the disgraced Pell feebly denies knowing anything, no one at this point believes him. So why should anyone think the proven liar is not an abuser himself? The only reason he’s a free man now is the Catholic Church and nation’s highest court worship Satan.

Child sexual abuse is among the most underreported crimes as it is, but when mainstream media simultaneously focuses on multiple acquittals, especially the Pell case where two lower courts previously convicted him a sex offender, it carries a residual effect on victims to only increase their non-reporting of crimes. But the biggest deterrent preventing victims from choosing to notify the authorities is the brutal legal system itself, where defendants’ attorneys mercilessly, gruelingly cross-examine victims for hours, even days, shaming them to feel as though they are the ones on trial. It devastatingly re-traumatizes the victims undergoing the agonizing trial process. The systemic power differential is so stacked against children and victims, it’s totally understandable that when all things are considered, the logical choice is to forego reporting sex crimes to police, especially since historically police as pedo-gatekeepers rarely even believe child victim witnesses to begin with, be they children or adults. Also, victim-witnesses are shocked to find out that trials are not about pursuing the truth at all.[267] Having to relive and endlessly recall the pain of the past abuse, accompanied by opposing attorneys’ coldhearted, ruthless scrutiny, aggressive attacks and unfair harsh judgment is nothing less than double punishment. And finally, with the extreme low percentage of perps ever getting convicted and serving time, after withstanding the long excruciating trial process, victims are punished a third time when they see the perps walk and no justice served. This further abuse piled on the original is the reason child sex crimes rarely get reported.

A January 2021 Sydney Morning Herald article entitled “Little justice in treatment of alleged victims,” states:

Complainants are described as a ‘witness.’ Complainants are not legally represented and are kept out of court apart from during their evidence. The accused is present throughout, has the right to remain silent and, rightly so, is guaranteed a legal defence.[268]

Moreover, the “justice” system, structured to favor child rapists, not their victims, is far too irreparably flawed and criminally-friendly to even bother trying to reform. Per a March 2021 Western Australia Today article framed in more legalese, polite, watered-down language:

The criminal legal system sets the bar impossibly high for successful prosecution and conviction in almost all sexual crimes… We need a trauma-responsive system to respond to sexual assault that is survivor-oriented.[269]

The current injustice system needs to be torn down, given a complete overhaul and paradigm shift from the ground up in order to fully protect the child victim while attaining a balance to uphold the accused’s due process rights. A true justice system needs to center around support of the victim, rather than relegating her/him to mere part-time status during the court process as a witness, as if they’re a fly on the wall observing themselves being savagely raped.[270] Secondly, a true justice system must also center on prioritizing the task of actually establishing the full truth and nothing but the truth, not conjuring up often deceitful and distorted dirt on the victim so the true rapist gets off. Until this system radically changes to move in the right direction, child rapists will only continue escaping justice in droves.

Back in 2013 a recently turned 18-year old Saxon Mullins was anally raped in an alleyway outside a Kings Cross nightclub in Sydney owned by the rapist’s father. The perp was sent away to prison on a 5-year sentence. But on appeal, the judge acquitted him after 11 months incarceration. The appeals court judge concluded that Saxon’s freezing up response to the verbally and physically aggressive advances to where she passively failed to flee or try to get away, according to the judge, meant that it was reasonable cause for the aggressor to assume in his mind that the virgin Mullins legally consented to injuriously painful bloody anal sex… another gross travesty of justice favoring the sodomite.

The 5-year legal ordeal took its toll on young Saxon Mullins, who bravely refused her anonymity in order to publicly lobby for a Law Reform Commission inquiry to look into changing NSW’s consent law.[271] Saxon believes that anything less than an enthusiastic “yes” to the questions, “do you want to be here?” and “do you want to make love with me?” should be legally interpreted as non-consent. She currently works in victim advocacy with criminologists to arrive at clearly defining consent and raising minimum standards in rape laws. Award-winning investigative journalist Louise Milligan, being sued now by accused rapist minister Christian Porter for defamation, was so impacted by Saxon’s story that she was prompted to write a book entitled Witness: An investigation into the brutal cost of seeking justice.[272] Louise exposes the systemic flaws in Australia’s broken legal system that by functional design, too often breaks the spirit of fragile victim-witnesses, beyond even the ravaging effects of their sexual trauma itself.[273]

Consent laws in Australia are determined by state; thus, each state has its own particular criteria, very confusing, ambiguous and totally insufficient in meeting even minimal standards of justice. Plus, Queensland law includes a mitigating consideration if the perpetrator is deemed too intoxicated to know what he is doing. So, the discretionary system will give the perp a lenient break, but if the victim submits out of fear, it’s an automatic free pass “she really wanted it.” These rapist favoring legal systems are fucking disgusting. Saxon Mullins’ case sparked lots of discussion on the nebulous, ill-defined nature of sexual consent laws, recognizing the pressing need for major sexual violence reform in the notorious pedo-scandal-ridden nation of Australia, where Satanic VIP rapists rule.

An immediate intervention to at least improve the “no justice” system for prosecuting sexual offenses is to bring in an expert advisor to assist the victim/witness/complainant (term that is off-putting and carries a negative connotation) navigate the boobytrapped system.[274] This offers a buffer of protection to defang the claws of sadistic, heartless opposition attorneys.

The previously mentioned Western Australia Today piece promotes the restorative justice system that brings the victim, the offender and a third party together to hash out a resolution, a “mechanism for addressing harm and achieving meaningful justice.”[275] It’s currently operating as an introductory program in limited settings and states, but is a far friendlier system for victims/complainants.  The program may be but one component within a process that attains restorative justice. The crux of the benefits:

It hinges on three powerful mechanisms: the opportunity to speak to an experience; the need for others to bear witness; and the opportunity to develop meaningful outcomes. Each of these core elements offers a counterpoint to the loss of power inherent in sexual assault.[276]

This program appears to at least be movement in the right direction that increases the prospect for a more just and balanced outcome.

Earlier in this chapter, the changing of the old guard was brought up in specific reference to the Grand Dame of the Luciferian death cult in 1983, transferring from Patricia Anne Conlon to long groomed 13-year old Fiona Barnett, who boldly renounced her designated role in the Luciferian machine and spent the next four decades spreading the alarming, shocking truth. Fiona has paid a high price for all her efforts, met with nonstop aggression and opposition from the pedo-cabal determined to muzzle her.

In Fiona’s 2019 interview with fellow child abuse survivor Jenny Hatch, the pioneering, trailblazing fighter in the now 51-year old whistleblower admitted she was tired of dealing with her oppressive plight, fighting her never-ending battle for truth and justice, that realistically never materialized as she hoped and prayed it would. In response, Jenny sincerely credited Fiona as an inspiration and even savior to thousands like herself. No question, Fiona Barnett’s heroic commitment and tenacity has been an inspiration to millions of victims, witnesses and activists around the globe, mobilized to join her in this epic war between good and evil. Fiona candidly verbalized her sense of exhaustion fighting the good fight, and in return, getting nothing but shit thrown back in her face from an evil Establishment bent on silencing and destroying her. She has come to a place in her half century life where she expressed a letting go to the inevitability of mortality and God calling her for the next eternal life chapter. Listening to her, I felt a sense of loss, sadness, empathy and compassion for what Fiona the warrior goddess has had to endure and suffer, and was reminded of the changing of the guard once again. Fiona is the fighter that for many decades never quit, having done everything in her God-given power to serve as a catalyst for positive change, in the noble quest to finally protect our children from further victimhood, harm and sorrow.

Fiona has valiantly paved the way, not unlike Claudette Colvin, the African American woman who no one has heard of that first refused to give up her seat on the bus nine months prior to Rosa Parks.[277] Fiona willingly endured all the hard knocks and unjust persecution so that others who’ve come later can finally be heard. Her brave work brought us to this point where growing public awareness of the worldwide Satanic Pedophilia Network ruling over our enslaved planet has legions of informed, educated world citizens committed to holding the criminals accountable. Because Fiona and other brave souls have stood up and fought back against the brutal Satanic system, we now have arrived where people are ready to mobilize strength in numbers to eradicate this parasitic Luciferian bloodline hierarchy and control. Informed and committed, we are now better able to protect our most vulnerable population.

Younger generations of victim-survivors have also arrived to take their place in history. In 2021, the recipient of the Australian of the Year award is a young Tasmanian woman named Grace Tame, a child sex abuse victim and survivor who with passion eloquently sheds much needed light on how the system must change, giving voice, power and justice to the historically maligned, powerless victim, no longer accepting status quo where the perpetrator so often is protected.[278] Grace’s 26-minute long National Press Club address given earlier this year demonstrates that a new dynamic force has arrived to give voice to the millions of child victims everywhere. Between listening to Fiona’s 2019 cathartic reflection and young Grace Tame’s 2021 resolve to give voice to the victim, the holy sanctity of natural congruency in this never-ending earthly battle to seek truth and justice over lies and injustice, visibly and viscerally moves on, seamlessly passed on from one generation to the next. Grace Tame may go down in history as the Rosa Parks of her generation. But for the sake of fuller truth, we owe the Claudette Colvin’s and the Fiona Barnett’s of this world their proper due as history’s trailblazing, true heroes.

While countless young lives have been ruined and destroyed from the pedo-scourge afflicting planet earth, the lives of the celebrated bloodline destroyers invariably come and go without paying for their karmic earthly sins. But their insanity and wretchedness occasionally are captured in rare honest words that occasionally come to public attention. One such vile confession is jubilantly expressed in a 1971 letter to CIA spymaster Sydney Gottlieb written by George White, the former Federal Bureau of Narcotics-CIA recruit and longtime CIA co-collaborator, reflecting on their early lawless days running MK-Ultra’s wild, wild west show, marked by illicit psychedelic LSD drug experimentation and prostitution traps, invariably leading to human compromise operations. George White’s true legacy and guiltless pride are gleefully shared with no holding back his unbridled, voyeuristic perversions:

I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and the blessing of the All-Highest.[279]

No doubt White’s affectionate reference to the “All-Highest” above is his paid homage to the Luciferian hierarchy that sanctioned the devil in the little boy to do his blissful damage – “kill, rape and pillage” to his heartless content. Keep in mind that London’s Tavistock Institute is European Black Nobility bloodlines’ private social engineering “think tank,” along with their private clandestine army MI6 and CIA, actively engaging in vast intel psyops operations worldwide.[280]  Building on the unconscionable death camp research of Dr. Josef Mengele, hired as chief CIA researcher, served as forerunner leading to the unlawful human experimentation and gross violation of consent law, to develop their massively applied brand of mind control through secret illicit use of drugs, inhumane “brainwashing” techniques, and now increasingly with psychotronic weapons of mass [gangstalking] destruction,[281] as institutionalized torture and sex abuse against both children and adults go hi-tech on multiple continents, particularly in Europe, North America and Australia. Outrageous human guinea pig experimentation has quickly spread to Third World continents Asia, South America and Africa.[282] The human plundering and destruction of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the modern-day version of this same Luciferian legacy of “kill, rape and pillage,” just repackaged with Bill’s trademark glee and maniacal smile.

Globalist Bill Gates’ eugenicist father was head of Planned Parenthood.[283] Eugenics has thrived in recent decades through the crimes of Bill and Melinda Gates, with thousands if not millions of unsuspecting victims in Third World nations having been injured or died.[284] Meanwhile, today’s highest paid US federal employee is Dr. Anthony Fauci, making upwards of a half million dollars in 2019 alone from his federal public servant job as U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director.[285] It was Fauci who in 2017 emphatically predicted the not-so-surprising “surprise outbreak,” deployed to premeditatedly derail the Trump presidency…[286] hardly a surprise when Bill and Dr Anthony are the crime cabal’s designated global scamdemic front men,[287] the Bobbsey Twins of doom and gloom.[288] Meanwhile, prior to the Wuhan outbreak, the British royal family,[289] and Bill Gates teamed up to pump millions into Pirbright Institute,[290] the company that purchased the original coronavirus patent, with expeditious assistance from SERCO’s “sway” over the US Patent Office.[291] As Big Pharma’s toxic killer implants readily on the scene, Fauci has been aptly pegged the “Dr. Mengele of the fast-emerging Fourth Reich.”[292] Gates and Fauci are Lucifer and his fascist cabal’s latest designated earthly usurpers and mass executioners on an unprecedented, planetwide genocidal scale never before seen in recorded history.

Yet another emerging mass executioner appears to be Tesla CEO Elon Musk, bent on making his science fiction dream stealing from the poor and middle-class US taxpayers to subsidize his vision fast becoming our living nightmare. Cluttering the sky with his proposed SpaceX launch of 50,000 5G satellites, without a concern for the well-being of human, animal and plant life on earth, his projected emitted radiofrequency (RF) and microwave radiation from space scheme will inevitably inflict permanent damage, altering the earth’s natural electromagnetic grid that’s kept all species alive for millennia.[293]

But history just keeps repeating itself with generations of this same VIP-type criminal placed in charge of the king-size rape of the planet, with different names, different dates, but otherwise exactly the same methodological playbook and same pathological, criminal, dynastic bloodline dynamics on full display, currently pushing humanity into the abyss – massive life extinction destruction. This demonic Satanic legacy can only live on and thrive if We the People passively through fear, ignorance and apathy allow it. If we fail to stop it, and ultimately hold this international criminal cabal fully accountable for its ceaseless crimes against humanity, children and our planet, we as a human species, will all soon perish.

These Luciferian forces battling for total control are presently wreaking havoc on the entire human domain, still trying to pump fear porn into the masses with daily MSM doses of their exposed fake pandemic, genocidal vaccination purge and premeditated global economy collapse sold to us as the “Great Reset,” but only for them. Another Dark Age of feudal enslavement awaits unless Homo sapiens arise fast enough to fight this handful of wicked controllers before they finish the job, the one spelled out in 10 different languages on their “sacred” Georgia Guidestones monument. Using such euphemistic, double-speak deception behind words like multiculturalism and sustainability, the globalist Agenda 2030 is to drastically cull the human herd down from its current 7.8 billion to just a half billion,[294] invasively enslaving DNA-altered, no longer fully human survivors in a dystopian, nano-embedded, transhumanistic, 5G radiated world. Holding to their objective to drastically reduce the world population down to just 500 million inhabitants, deploying their biowarfare vaccines, their diabolical scheme to destroy humanity is currently well underway, fully intent on slaughtering nearly 94% of us human beings living and breathing at this very moment. We either wake up now from this real-world nightmare-come-true of unprecedented mass extermination or the human species perishes once and for all. We either fight against this pervasive murderous evil to “live free or [we] die.”


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