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Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State by Joachim Hagopian

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OCTOBER 8, 2017
Chapter 7: Sins of the Pope and Vatican–Satanic Pedophilia Abuse and Church Cover-up
Joachim Hagopian
Cover Credit: Nora Maccoby with permission
A unifying theme of the pope, Vatican and secret societies like the Jesuit and Malta Orders is their despicable way they’ve all historically protected their child rapists within their corrupt satanically controlled church. Even to this day the Vatican continues protecting its known pedophiles. A recent headline from September 2017 reveals that a priest assigned to the Vatican embassy in Washington DC was snatched away from the clutches of US law enforcement, recalled back to Rome to avoid prosecution in America for collecting pornographic images of prepubescent children on his computer. You can bet he will not be brought to justice hidden away within the safe confines of the Vatican walls.[1]  

Over the last quarter century, the pedophilia scandal has exposed the evil of monumental proportions long embedded within the institution of Catholicism. And with still breaking headlines, the Church’s pedophilia epidemic is a plague that the Catholic Church will never fully recover from. Pope Francis as history’s last Catholic pope is busily ensuring that fated globalist outcome,[2] using every chance he gets to usher in his own brand of one world religion with him and it as the necessary “New Age” replacement for Christianity.[3] But neither he nor our world leaders can convince educated and informed citizens of the world that Satan doesn’t rule over the whole lot of them. Bottom line – anyone who derives power from sodomizing and murdering defenseless little children is Satan incarnate.  

Rather than get lost in all the morbid details of the over ten million individual reported cases of child rape committed by thousands if not millions of priests, bishops, cardinals and probable popes, a singular focus on one particularly disturbing case bears witness to elucidating how the pope and Vatican have typically dealt with pedophilia amongst their own clergy.[4] The infamous case of Marcial Maciel Degollado (1920-2008) vividly illustrates how those in power have willfully covered up and succumbed to $atan’s values and not God’s,[5] permitting the sins of one charismatic long known pedophile in their midst who happened to be the most successful fundraiser in Catholic Church history.[6] The founding priest of the wealthily widow-endowed Catholic order – Legionaries for Christ – was a Roman Catholic hustler from Mexico who for over half a century led a secret, perversely dark double life.  

Father Maciel the gentle, benevolent, “devoutly” religious, “all-wise” man is said to have sexually preyed upon anywhere from 20-100 children (though no doubt plenty more) over the course of his lengthy Catholic career. After abusing children decade after decade, at age 56, Maciel told a 19-year old woman he wanted to settle down and raise a family with her, and ended up fathering three sons (two biological), the two older ones unspared as future rape victims.[7] Outside his secret family, Maciel also sired a daughter who later surfaced as an adult. His young surrogate wife was totally gullible and believed her imposter husband when he said he had to be called away on assignment working for the CIA, regularly leaving his family behind to greedily tend to his booming biz as a Catholic con man pedophile. His 1941 founded movement began swelling in wealth due to his predatorily targeting rich widows like the wives of a former Venezuelan president and Mexican industrialist, reaching a net worth at its zenith in 2004 of a whopping $650 million.[8] [9] 

Eventually in 1990 his 70-year old perverted life still ascending its meteoric climb within the greedy Catholic Church suddenly became a lot more complicated when his victim accusers began emerging. By 1997 nine of his abuse victims – most of whom Maciel’s seminary students back in Mexico – had gone public.[10] The first to start making waves was a young boy from his seminary who grew into a conflicted adult priest compelled to come forth to try and stop the out of control predator. Only the Vatican and Pope John Paul II seeing only dollar signs wouldn’t listen or respond. Even four years after public allegations had been lodged against Maciel, Pope John Paul was still raving how the pedophile was “an efficacious guide to youth.”[11] For many years while in charge of investigating pedophilia in the church during John Paul’s watch, Cardinal Ratzinger knew Maciel was still raping children but continued publicly lauding history’s biggest church moneymaker.[12] Finally as Pope Benedict, after over a decade and a half of multiple victims reporting his abusive crimes, there grew far too much evidence to continue sweeping Maciel’s sins under the rug, so in 2006 the pope was forced to take action, gently placing his 86-year old pervert pastor out to pasture to live “a reserved life of prayer and penitence.”[13] A year and a half later it took death to finally stop him from harming more children. Though the father promised he’d leave a generous inheritance for his “secret” family, true to his deceitful sleazy character, he didn’t, prompting his sexually abused biological son to attempt to make a deal to stay quiet for a cool $26 million. But the Legion of Christ refused, and a contentious lawsuit followed.[14]  

Of course when asked about this grotesque case of Vatican enabling a monster to remain on the loose for over half a century, in 2015 Pope Francis finally addressed the elephant in the room pretending he barely even knew of the case, even having the nerve to praise his two predecessor popes for how they “judiciously handled” the troublesome pedophile case.[15] Pope Francis is no different from all his predecessors, proving that he also buries the truth. His “all words and no action” response to the epidemic in his church is failing to help victims nor is he stopping further abuse.[16] Earlier this year the only rape survivor on the Vatican’s Papal Commission on the Protection of Minors resigned in protest after Francis defied commission recommendations aimed at halting the church blight. In one hypocritical breath the pope claims a zero tolerance policy making profuse apologies for the damage his church has caused,[17] and then in the next moment he backstabs victims by reversing notorious pedophiles’ sentences from being defrocked to a lifetime of prayer and penance.[18] Meanwhile, an Italian criminal court just convicted one of his re-frocked pedo priests for sodomizing five children as young as 12. The liberal-minded pope emphasizes mercy to rapists while further violating victims by blatantly refusing to do them any justice, ensuring the wrong message is sent to his legions of still frocked pedophiles still raping kids around the world.  

Pope critics maintain that the pontiff is merely placating and grandstanding when he so often engages in lofty anti-child abuse rhetoric yet fails to back up his nice sounding words and sentiments with any real action to make things better. The current pope is merely an actor whose job is simply to placate the wounded while disingenuously conveying “a righteous tough new stand” against church pedophiles that he has no intention of holding accountable. Yet all the pope really needs to do to enact effective change is add one little amendment that would alter pedophilia in his church forever.[19] By design, current canon law has always maintained the policy of secrecy and protectionism favoring the guilty. The unanimous recommendation from everyone serious about cleaning house of the long rampant church wickedness is simply to tack on these words of action to existing canon law:  

All church personnel are obliged to report suspected abuse to the civil authorities.  

As a therapist in the US and mandated reporter of child sexual abuse, I can vouch that all mental health professionals as well as medical and educational personnel by law in America decades ago were made legally obligated mandated reporters of any suspected sexual child abuse encountered both in or outside the therapeutic setting.[20] And for over 20 years the Vatican has chosen to consistently thumb its nose at the repeated recommendation of Catholic Bishops Conferences held in Ireland, Great Britain, the United States and Australia, all urging the Church to follow suit, under canon law to mandate similar sex abuse reporting requirements to law enforcement.[21] With just his signature alone, the pope has the absolute authoritative power to amend canon law to make mandatory reporting a done deal. But as long as Francis continues only paying lip service, knuckling under pressure from his pedophilic Curia, just buying more time with empty platitudes and meaningless promises while refusing to make the most glaringly obvious breakthrough change needed, it remains status quo business as usual for all the pedophiles being so obviously protected by the current pope and Vatican. In 2014 even the globalist United Nations Committees on the Rights of Children requested Francis to impose mandated reporting and the pope replied that it would interfere with the independence of sovereign states,[22] which is a totally irrelevant, bogus excuse to avoid doing the too obvious righteous thing, evoking the irrelevant reality that both the Vatican and Order of Malta Knights remain immune from any and all outside legal authority, in and of itself a gross miscarriage of justice.  

Anyone can see that the real reason why the pope continues to refuse changing canon law – the church’s top echelon of power is crawling with sick, wicked Satan worshipping child rapists whose intentions are to continue inflicting damage on young kids just because the criminals in charge have a license for impunity. It’s the same reason why the Jimmy Saviles, the Edward Heaths, the Clintons and Podestas of the world live out their own perverted evil lives destroying countless others, all the while escaping justice. America still awaits Trump to make good on his vow to lock Hillary up,[23] along with all the rest of his countless broken campaign promises, just like his “same as the old boss” predecessor Obama.[24] 

Another diabolical strategy coming from the Vatican legal department to effectively avert justice for tens of thousands of lifelong traumatized victims of pedophilia is for local church archdioceses to maliciously divert funding streams from victim abuse settlement allocation for upkeep and maintenance of obscenely fine trimmed lawns at church cemeteries.[25] This shows just how low the Catholic institution will go in criminal audacity to legally claim bankruptcy and deny financial compensation to legions of harmed victims. Meanwhile the Vatican is literally sitting on tons of gold and the Roman Catholic corporation is the richest in the entire world. According to anti-Catholic activist Jack Chick:  

The Catholic Church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe.[26] 

The Catholic institution is the largest,[27] most expansive and richest organization in the world controlling one fourth of the world’s gold supply. [28] So this shameless, bogusly deceitful ploy used by dozens of archdioceses across the US in recent years to throw a serious impediment kink into the legal machine effectively prolongs and stalls lawsuits in court from ever reaching settlement as a convenient highly effective means of denying compensation to tens of thousands of deserving victims.[29] Rome’s global objective is to create roadblocks in the court system rendering it impossible for rape victims to justly be awarded damages. The Church will spend millions to ensure that those they’ve damaged for life get nothing while falsely pretending to not have enough money to compensate those they harm. The hubris and psychopathic soullessness of these Satan worshipping low lifes are nothing short of an assault on our children, our humanity and good people everywhere.  

Under the pretext of “religious freedom,” back in 2007 then Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan sought and received Vatican approval to divert $57 million to suddenly caring for mausoleums and cemeteries as the thinly veiled excuse to then file bankruptcy rather than rightfully caring for the injured human beings his church has wounded.[30] [31] Years later in 2015 his secret Vatican deal was uncovered and successfully challenged in court. Under his watch, the notorious Milwaukee archdiocese had at least 45 priests charged with pedophilia, one raping nearly 200 deaf boys. In view of the declared bankruptcy, in August 2015 the Milwaukee archdiocese announced a secretly agreed upon mediation amount of $21 million designated to compensate 330 victims, leaving 240 other victims out in the cold with nothing, in effect, pitting victim against victim.[32]  

With an average victim settlement of $300,000 across America, the average Wisconsin disbursement has allocated only $50,000 per claimant for little more than half the Milwaukee victims and zero for the rest as the lowest, least equitable compensation of any archdiocese throughout the United States.[33] Moreover, from 1980 to 1995 a considerable number of civil suits were filed in Wisconsin. But Dolan and the Vatican pressured the State Supreme Court in 1995 to rule that the church could no longer be sued for sex abuse.[34] Thus, in states like Wisconsin, the courts have colluded with the Catholic Church to unjustly thwart fair compensation for victims. Adding insult to injury, because the Milwaukee case had dragged on for nearly a decade, bankruptcy lawyers ended up receiving twice the amount as the victims.  

Earlier this year two Montana dioceses, one with 72 sex abuse victims and the other with over 400 are electing to follow suit and file bankruptcy in response to compensation claims.[35] This official church response – re-victimizing those whom the church has already severely injured, is no less than an overt ungodly, diabolical manipulation. But then since overwhelming evidence has demonstrated for some time now that Satan rules over the Vatican and the Catholic Church, this reprehensible move comes as no surprise but one more telling sign revealing who the Catholic Church truly serves, and it’s definitely neither God nor its 1.2 billion followers.  

The same ex-Milwaukee archbishop Timothy Dolan was subsequently rewarded a promotion to Cardinal representing America’s largest Archdiocese in New York City, undoubtedly for being the first to apply the church bankruptcy loophole that would otherwise deny rightful victims their proper due while saving billions for the already filthy rich Vatican. When Pope Benedict resigned, Dolan’s dedication for “selling his soul to the devil’s church” even elevated him to vie as a viable candidate to be the next pope. Timothy Dolan’s back in the news again, still maniacally finagling his Church of Satan, I mean Catholicism, in pursuit of yet more ways to screw over abuse victims, this time in New York State. From 2007-2015 he and his Church have spent over $2.1 million to effectively quash the state’s Child Victims Act. [36] The corporate merger of the state-Catholic tag team has been fully operational over this last decade to ensure the victims’ bill dies in Albany where it will never even be put to vote. Passing it would raise the statute of limitations to file sex abuse civil suits from age 23 all the way up to age 50 and felony criminal cases up to the 28th birthday.  

Because victims often delay even considering taking on the additional stress and burden of having to relive and endure a childhood rape case through long drawn out court proceedings against an assailant from the mighty Catholic Church, especially when still young, reopening not-so-old wounds and trauma as a sexually abused minor turned young adult is too much for too many, only to later find that by mid-20’s their statute of limitation has already run out. To circumvent that all too common fate amongst hapless victims, this Child Victims Act of New York would afford more time for survivors turned legal claimants to emotionally and psychologically prepare for the hardship of pursuing charges in a court of law. This calculated sabotage by the church and New York senators preventing passage of the bill is just one more sinister way the Vatican’s able to skirt its moral and fiscal responsibility to make amends to those they’ve harmed who are most in need.  

Because state statutes for child victims abused in the last century have all but run out, justice will never be served for millions of now older abuse survivors in America and around the world. Only four states have done what New York has refused to do, extend their statute windows for victims to file beyond the previous state law. But already in two of those four states that briefly permitted molestation survivors an additional small extension of only three years to file, time ran out in 2016 in both Minnesota and Hawaii.[37] Plus to ward off payouts on anticipated new lawsuits, the Minneapolis archdiocese also filed bankruptcy status back in 2015. The highest priority of so many “bankrupted” dioceses claiming no more funds has been to deny victim compensation and support – a sad and cruel joke considering the enormity of the Vatican’s hidden wealth, and forecloses any possibility of justice for last century’s victims. Advocating for victim abuse law extensions may appear a just and worthy cause were it not for the big money doled out by Dolan and his Vatican to kill laws from ever getting passed, resulting in the current impasse at the New York state senate. At this point educating and protecting our young about the degenerate satanic Catholic Church now seems a far more productive and prudently wise choice. 

Still more sinister collusion between church and state has been uncovered in the UK that indicates the partners-in-crime have diabolically ganged up on child sex victims they’ve harmed by deploying yet another legal loophole. Since 2012 in order to shamefully deny 693 victims as young as 12 financial court damages, a government agency is claiming the minors gave consent and therefore are being denied fair compensation.[38] This outrageous twist of both logic and the law is allowing child rapists in the Catholic Church and the UK government to escape justice, denying victims financial awards for damages despite solid evidence that pedophile crimes were committed against children. No child can ever give consent to be sexually abused, that’s why adults engaging in sexual acts with underage children is a crime and against the law in the first place. But in order to save money in settlement cases by clearly circumventing existing law, now that the legal precedent has been set, this latest egregious tactic being exploited by psychopathic scum across the pond may spread to America and other places in the world when it should immediately be stopped dead in its tracks. But both government and the Catholic Church are proven joint criminal operators possessing an extensive history of impunity when it comes to getting away with harming innocent victims.  

To gain insight into just how depraved the crumbling moral foundation of the Catholic Church and its leaders have become, it’s worth noting the work of longtime Jesuit priest, bestselling author, exorcist (that the movie of the same name profiled) and courageous Vatican whistleblower the late Malachi Martin. In his 1990 book, The Keys of This Blood, Martin exposes his own Roman Catholic Church for all its vile evil while serving in Rome on June 29, 1963, when a satanic ritual was actually held inside the Vatican’s St. Paul’s Chapel, a mere week after Pope Paul VI [1963-1978] was elected the new pope:  

Most frighteningly for [Pope] John Paul [II] [1978-2005], he had come up against the irremovable presence of a malign strength in his own Vatican and in certain bishops’ chanceries. It was what knowledgeable Churchmen called the ‘super force.’ Rumors, always difficult to verify, tied its installation to the beginning of Pope Paul VI’s reign in 1963. Indeed Paul had alluded somberly to ‘the smoke of Satan which has entered the Sanctuary’… an oblique reference to an enthronement ceremony by Satanists in the Vatican. Besides, the incidence of Satanic pedophilia-rites and practices – was already documented among certain bishops and priests as widely dispersed as Turin, in Italy, and South Carolina, in the United States. The cultic acts of Satanic pedophilia are considered by professionals to be the culmination of the Fallen Archangel’s rites.[39] [40]

This bombshell of an admission about sizes up the Catholic brand of Satanism practiced at the Vatican and its widespread pedophilia practiced around the globe by thousands of protected child rapists wearing priestly garb, for centuries perpetrated against our most defenseless human population. Pope Paul VI called for a “New World Order,” surrounding himself with infiltrated Freemasons.[41] Under his watch, Satanists were let out of the closet at the Vatican. The church had been covering up pedophilia as long as priests have been sodomizing children, which Vatican archives confirm has been as far back as the early Middle Ages, when both the Templar and Malta Knights were in their glorious heyday no doubt joining in on the demonic action.[42]  
With the Vatican working secretly in direct cahoots with royal Illuminati bloodlines and the international crime cabal government, pedophilia has been the singular epicenter gristmill that’s proliferated both Satan’s tangible rise and growing power on this earth.[43] Our abused children are literally being fed to the demons as sacrificial lifeblood for their demonic sustenance and very survival. Today’s pedophilia epidemic, the defiling of our innocents en masse, their ritualistic torture, drinking of their adrenalized blood, and their satanic mass sacrifice, attract and empower the most potent supernatural, diabolically driven, inter dimensional forces from hell that fuel all war, pestilence, poverty, murder, greed, avarice and deception currently plaguing our planet like never before.  
Passivity, denial, and escapism are as much our enemy as the rapists and killers of our children, for the latter can only persist if enabled by the former. Meanwhile, as further cold hard evidence of this shocking reality, Pope Francis’ right hand man – Cardinal George Pell – as the highest ranking prelate in church history is now facing pedophile charges back in his native Australia.[44] And within a couple days after he left Rome, police were busting a cocaine tooting homosexual orgy at the Vatican home of priests employed on the papacy council to reduce pedophilia in the Catholic Church…[45] yet more proof that the fox guards the underage henhouse as the rapists’ guaranteed ticket to impunity. 
While Father Malachi reported in a 1996 interview that per an internal Vatican document, 1-2% of all Catholic priests are practicing Satanists involved in satanic ritual sexual abuse of children,[46] last year Pope Francis admitted that 2% of his priests, bishops and cardinals are pedophiles.[47] However, it’s been determined that from 1950-2010, 7% of all the priests in Australia (that’s 1 in 14) were reported to be pedophiles.[48] In one order that began services in Australia in 1947, a Knights of Malta offshoot calling itself the Order of St. John of God Brothers had an incredible 40.4% of their clergy accused of being child molesters.[49] Rarely have any Australian priests ever been arrested and gone to prison. Perhaps the country’s worst case offender may have sexually assaulted up to 1,000 children before his conviction for molesting 52 children.[50] As of 1994 the 82-year old has been serving a 28 year sentence. But for every guilty priest doing time, literally thousands of traumatized child victims have either been ignored or punished, and too often plagued the rest of their lives by demons delivered years earlier by their rapist priest.  

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