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Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State by Joachim Hagopian
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OCTOBER 9, 2017
Chapter 8: America’s Military Pedophilia Scandals – Daycare Scares and “Satanic Panic”
Joachim Hagopian
Cover Credit: Nora Maccoby with permission
The Overview

Now that the perversely destructive hand of the Catholic Church has been exposed through its widespread child sex abuse and fascist war making partnering with the Rothchild bankers and Anglo-American Empire, the next focus will turn to well-documented pedo scandals perpetrated by the crime cabal government mainly through its military and CIA operations. Though we know pedophiles have undoubtedly been abusing children as long as low-life human beings (or perhaps I should say bloodline hybrids) have occupied this planet, this chapter will address major scandals that began emerging in the 1980’s at various daycare facilities across America. An account of the most significant cases will be presented as incontrovertible proof that pedophiles at the top of the power rung committing horrendous sex crimes against our underage population have been grossly underreported and squelched for a very long time. Dissecting scandal after scandal should give the reader a perception of clarity that pedophile sex abuse networks have been operating continuously uninterrupted for many decades. The sampling covered here is not a series of discrete, isolated cases by any stretch, but simply the tip of a long running iceberg where a few happened to accidentally get exposed to the public, and even reluctantly covered by various mainstream news outlets.

For over four decades the elite’s concentrated pushback vis-a-vis mainstream media to deflect, minimize, dispel or deny the inordinately high incidence of international pedo rings and horrific pedo crimes has willfully promoted the false notion that these scandals are both extremely rare and relatively inconsequential, invariably rendered as overblown, “nothing to see here” hype. The biggest case in point is how MSM so brazenly mishandled last year’s so called Pizzagate cover-up,[1] rushing to defend the “poor little picked on, maliciously maligned” pizza shop owner who GQ Magazine happened to crown the 49th most powerful individual in America’s most powerful city DC.[2] With the NY Times,[3] Washington Post[4] and every major MSM outlet rushing to his defense insisting that an army of vicious internet slanderers[5] were ganging up on pizzeria extraordinaire James Alefantis fabricating a horrendous story out of thin air that even alt news pioneer Alex Jones was reduced to becoming an apologist,[6] only shows why the DC kiddie peddler is the 49th most powerful player in Washington.

Despite compiling more than enough circumstantial evidence based on hundreds of WikiLeaks released John Podesta emails[7] and sick Alefantis Instagram photos and his even sicker captions including afterhours “entertainment” of pedo performances at the “family friendly” Comet Pizza,[8] all indicating more than high probability that a Clinton-Obama-Podesta-Alefantis child sex ring is operating out of our nation’s capital, zero police or legal action has resulted. Predictably, neither the DC police nor the FBI have bothered to follow up investigating any of this since they’re simply pawns of GQ’s “top 49 powerhouse clique,” of which Hillary, Obama, the Podesta boys and their pizza loving James are all perennials.[9] [10] [11]

Instead the power establishment declared the internet claims as pure “fake news” conjured up by a frenzied online army of overzealous conspiracy nuts[12] responsible for causing another whacked out lone gunman to take law into his own hands and investigate said allegations for himself against Comet Ping Pong, firing off a couple rounds inside the joint just to show the world he meant business. It was all flimsily veiled as yet more poorly staged drama spun to “prove” just how dangerous the internet lynch mob spewing out fake news can be.[13] Thus, Pizzagate became the perfect opportunity for yet another Hegelian inspired deep state, master stroked false flag to conveniently create the “fake news” problem, giving “just” cause to roll out its engineered reaction – another wacko “lone gunman” brandishing his automatic weapon (as more remindrance to ban guns[14]) while endangering the public, and thus conveniently provide the perfect pretext to warrant the deep state solution – urgently implement sweeping internet censorship legislation[15] with ultimate aim to remove all dissident alternative voices from public access.[16] This is the endgame scenario in every totalitarian regime throughout history, to permit dissemination of only official false narrative lies and propaganda as “news” to an oppressed, misinformed, tightly controlled population.

With the Google,[17] Facebook,[18] Twitter,[19] YouTube[20] whores all falling into subservient line as extensions of Mockingbird CIA-NSA[21] [22] centralized fascist control,[23] access to the truth is methodically being eliminated… all for the sake of “protecting” the public from the dangerous consequences of “fake news.” Despite the elite’s desperation to cut off the truth from the people ASAP, we citizens of the world already know that deep state’s propaganda ministry called the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, ABC, Time Magazine and corporate owned media all read off the same centralized script as the real source of fake news. But because so many MSM lies have been thoroughly exposed[24] for lame stream media ever to recover from, few people now even bother to still take CNN et al serious as a credible news source. A poll from last May revealed 2 out of 3 Americans believe mainstream news is the actual fake news.[25]

Despite mainstream media’s brazen, over-the-top efforts at damage control to regain so much lost credibility, stuck now living in an all too obvious Orwellian age of deception, the earth’s rulers will never be successful at stamping out the truth. The jarring, enormously disturbing reality that roughly one third of all US government personnel occupying prominent positions of power within Congress, the judiciary and executive branches are child raping, murderous Satanists[26] (or through blackmail compromised and controlled dupes)[27] bent on (or minimally complicit in) committing human genocide [28] may be too shocking to be believed by most Americans. But for those of us with eyes still wide open, there’s more than enough glaring, incriminating evidence. One of the aims of this book is to illuminate what humanity is currently and perilously up against prior to apocalyptic ruin. Time is running out on planet earth unless we immediately arm ourselves with the truth and fight back like there’s no tomorrow.

A running theme throughout this presentation should become clear to the reader. After uncovering irrefutable facts chronicling each pedophilia scandal, the government minions and their MSM presstitutes invariably go to work with aggressive pushback measures designed to obscure, muddle and otherwise conceal the darker truth from ever seeing the full light of day.[29] [30] [31] Deep state’s stonewalling tactics using deceit and denial are thoroughly dissected here to uncover how powerful child rapists, like the pedophile hordes within the Catholic Church, have always remained above the law, never fully investigated nor prosecuted because they’re systematically protected and buffered by a built in, top down impenetrable wall of pure Luciferian evil. Meanwhile, elite sexual predators, their subordinate protectors and their paid media apologists and propagandists automatically dismiss and deny the mountains of overwhelming evidence. You will see this exact same sinister pattern criminally played out over and over again, effectively keeping the lid on egregious sins passed down through the ages – sodomizing the innocents in ritual sacrificial rites of torture and murder, bleeding their lifeblood and literally drinking and eating their stolen life force that provides sustenance and power to demonic interdimensional forces in order to continue ruling and taking over the earth.

Our dark journey begins with the satanic ritual abuse (SRA) scandals discovered at several, mostly military daycare centers across America during the 1980’s, and the criminal system’s countermeasures to summarily cover up and minimize exposure of the same brutal savagery that’s been seamlessly practiced in the name of Satan for countless millenniums.

Satanic Ritual Abuse at McMartin Pre-School

The first major pedophilia scandal in the United States to break with international headlines took place in 1983 at McMartin Pre-School in Manhattan Beach, California,[32] a small upscale seaside city a few miles south of the Los Angeles airport. The McMartin case stands out as the longest, most expensive criminal trial in US history, draining California taxpayers of $15 million[33] in a grotesque travesty of justice. But with a quick review of the facts, it was far more a travesty of justice for the children and their families than the guilty perps. Once the case broke open in the press, after the initial shock and disbelief, the media and public gradually turned against the “unbelievable” kids’ and their parents’ and “enablers’” “wild” claims. MSM liars always protect child rapists, twisting and perverting reality so that the victimized children and their parents are the ones on trial in the court of public opinion. A prime example of this is the ridicule and scorn heaped on the poor kids who insisted that they’d been escorted through underground tunnels underneath the daycare that were later discovered after the case was dismissed and therefore never considered as evidence.[34] In another obvious move to withhold the truth, the LA Times and MSM reporters were pulled off the case the instant the tunnels were discovered, vindicating the children’s claims. Victims reported that their abusers constantly reminded them of death threats against both them and their parents should they tell the truth while being forced to witness live turtles, rabbits and other animals sadistically killed, only to have 77 animal bones later dug up on the property after the trial, again never legally taken into account. Several children were even medically diagnosed with STD’s. But all this vital information was never introduced in the courtroom.

Initially the highly sensationalized spectacle gripped the nation in shock that such unthinkable evil could actually exist. The multi-member McMartin-Buckey family that owned and operated the daycare were among five defendants charged with committing 207 counts of child sex abuse. To make matters worse, in 1985 an HBO production allegedly written by Oscar winning writer Abby Mann (notorious for using ghost writers) and his wife Myra, co-executive produced with Oscar winning director-screenwriter Oliver Stone called “The Indictment: The McMartin Trial” was heavily slanted in favor of the guilty pedophiles.[35] Acting as a media mole protecting the satanic ritual child abuse ring operating in Los Angeles, the Manns based their script on a book about the McMartin case entitled The Politics of Child Abuse[36] written by a married couple who were known child pornographers – Paul and Shirley Eberle[37] as yet more foxes guarding their henhouse.

Seven tortuous years after it began, the case was tossed out of court in 1990 with either acquittals or a hung jury for all accused. After critical evidence disappeared, combined with so much crucial evidence withheld from the trial, and gross legal errors seemingly intended to undermine the prosecution, combined with seven grueling years of hostile media coverage and a skeptical public lambasting the child victims and their parents, the disgraceful debacle went nowhere. The bottom line why justice was never served was, had the rabbit hole of evil been uncovered, big name LA politicians, entertainers and athletes would have been found guilty of satanic pedophilia. It turns out the Buckeys were mainly the pimping suppliers of child victims for the local Luciferian elite.[38]

A number of suspicious deaths associated with the McMartin case point to probable foul play and a massive cover-up. The stakes were so high, people died mysteriously and by design, the prosecutors’ case was completely botched. A young healthy former police officer and recent father turned private investigator Paul Bynum just prior to testifying about underground tunnels suddenly showed up suspiciously “suicided” with a bullet hole in his head. In 1983 a mother Judy Johnson first discovered her two year old son arrived home from school with a bleeding anus, took him to her doctor who referred the boy to a specialist that confirmed he’d been sodomized, which initiated the police investigation.[39] But Judy was subsequently vilified by the press as mentally ill and paranoid, and just three years into the investigation was alleged to have died from alcohol poisoning. Back in 1976 police officer Paul Bynum had been assigned a rape-murder case, the victim being singer Bill Medley’s ex-wife Karen Klaas who died an hour after dropping her child off at McMartin Preschool. In 1984 her widowed husband Gerald Klaas drove off an Oregon cliff and died a month after indictments in the McMartin case were handed down.[40]

With the McMartin case, the precedent was painfully established of what would become a repeated pervasive pattern of horrendous re-victimization of both abused children and their families in so many pedophile cases to follow where child rapists are consistently set free. The justice system not just in the US but virtually every country is so corrupt and poisoned that it protects elite pedophile murderers at the expense of children’s precious lives. By diabolical design, the same sad, tragic, pathetic outcome has been replicated in virtually every case in Europe, Australia and the entire world. It’s high time we citizens of this earth hold the guilty accountable and face the evil in our midst.

West Point Daycare Scandal

A decade after I graduated from the United States Military Academy, at least two staff members working at the West Point Child Development Center were allegedly torturing and sodomizing little children one to six years of age. But because West Point is such an “honorable and venerable” historic institution, so closely tied to America’s beloved war heroes and enjoying to this day its squeaky clean, sterling image and reputation (that my own unique firsthand experience completely debunks and obliterates), the satanic ritual abuse of young children at West Point during the mid-1980’s hardly showed up at all in the press, merely a passing, fleeting blip on the screen that the vast majority of Americans never even knew existed – by design of course. In fact, despite writing my own West Point story exposing the lies, corruption and abject failure to produce strong, moral leadership from the brass factory on the Hudson for over a half century now,[41] even I was totally unaware of this largely unknown scandal until I began researching and writing articles about Pizzagate late last year.[42]

In July 1984 parents of a 3-year old girl contacted the West Pont military police stating that their child was sexually assaulted at the West Point Child Development Center, the on post daycare center serving preschool aged child dependents of both military personnel (totaling 120 children) and civilian employees (comprising another 30 kids). A medical doctor at the West Point hospital observed that the little girl’s vagina had been lacerated.[43] When the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) learned the accused suspects were civilians, the case was immediately transferred over to the FBI, which in late July 1984 began investigating the 40 employee facility serving 150 children who were infants to kindergarteners. At least 11 children (and likely dozens more) were sexually molested as well as physically abused with burns and bruises at the Military Academy daycare by at least two female civilian staff acting as teacher’s aides who were suspended with pay.[44]

The forthcoming accusations alleged that satanic ritual abuse was being perpetrated by members of a devil-worshipping cult between 1983 and 1984 that included animal sacrifice and physical abuse inflicted on young children. Subsequently, interviewed children were reporting that they were forced to eat shit and drink piss, and had feces smeared on their bodies during satanic ritual abuse.[45] Many also alluded to being driven away from the daycare center, stripped naked and exploited for child pornography photographs. The West Point Child Development Center building number where the satanic pedophile abuse occurred was 666, later changed by Academy officials to 673 due to 666 being the mark or number of the beast.[46]

When the children began verbalizing and showing signs of sexual abuse to their parents, and the parents brought their concerns to the Center staff, the military police, FBI, medical and West Point authorities, their accusations were summarily disbelieved, ignored and categorically denied. Parents were told that the two accused staff members had both passed lie detector tests.[47] FBI investigators showed up at the parents’ homes for questioning without tape recorders or even bother taking notes, casting dispersions on the parents’ childrearing capabilities. From the outset of the supposed investigation, it was clear that the authorities involved were more concerned with squelching and containing the truth than finding it out.

Medical doctor Captain William R. Grote, whose 3-year old child was sexually violated, became so upset over how the Academy mishandled the evidence and parents’ concerns that he refused a promotion to major in June 1985 and soon afterwards resigned his officer commission. In his words:

I cannot accept promotion in a system that at first refused to acknowledge and now refuses to deal with the victims of extensive child abuse that occurred at the West Point Child Development Center.[48]

Despite an “exhaustive” FBI investigation lasting over a year conducted by a team of 60 FBI agents, in the end, as of 1985, neither the US Army nor West Point nor Southern District of New York US Attorney’s office indicted or arrested anyone for the horrific crimes being committed.[49] Nor has the government or military admitted guilt that any crimes ever even took place when the physical and psychological evidence piling up was monumental.

Though Dr. Grote was among the first parents to file a lawsuit against the Academy, he chose not to pursue the subsequent civil suit filed by parents that eventually was settled in May 1991.[50] Eerily similar to the shameful outcome of the botched McMartin case in California, after the same seven painful, agonizing years for the abused children and victimized parents, they were forced to witness the perpetrators get off scot free because both criminal cases refused to accept irrefutable evidence and were ultimately dropped. This reprehensible misconduct by our judicial system constitutes nothing short of double the criminality carrying double the abusive punishment. And as with virtually all government pedophilia crimes, to this day both the satanic abusers and satanic elements operating within the government remain guiltily unaccountable.

In response to West Point parents’ civil suit, two years before it was settled, an independent team from the University of Pennsylvania was called in to gather its own evidential findings since the FBI investigation was intentionally so shoddily mishandled. And based on the sealed report, a financial settlement into the millions was reached, obviously indicating complicit admission that substantial abuse did in fact occur involving at least nine of the children. After seven horrific years, the West Point civil suit was finally decided, awarding nine families a settlement of $1.2 million, totaling $2.7 million to be disbursed over time to the abused children with final allotment upon reaching adulthood, ranging from $25,000 to $625,000 for each victim… small consolation for the hell that they were forced to endure.[51]

Dr. William Grote, who by the time of the settlement was maintaining a private civilian medical practice in New Jersey, had this to say about the sordid affair’s outcome:

Unfortunately, money can’t … undo the trauma incurred by scores of children at West Point … because people with responsibility didn’t exercise that responsibility. What the hell is a settlement? … They could have caught these people doing it at the time that they were doing it. We have a tendency to think that everything that’s evil and bad is on the other side of the Pacific or the Atlantic. And that’s not the case.[52]

Prior to becoming the New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani was the US Attorney at the time in charge of the case at West Point.[53] He quickly swept it under the damage control carpet, colluding with top Academy military brass and the Pentagon, complicit in allowing the satanic ritual abuse to not only take place, but continue even after initial parental complaints were filed. Clearly West Point, the Army and US federal government placed their own criminal self-interests ahead of the children in harm’s way in order to minimize negative publicity and avoid what would be worldwide media attention drawn to the case had Giuliani and the military fulfilled their legal and moral obligation calling for grand jury indictments, arrests and trial prosecution.
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