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This transmission was published around Feb 6, 2021.
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The Boomerang

“In the current times that you are living, these times of renaissance, these times of hope, these times of suffering but also these times of joy, it is important for us to be near you because the road is going to be short.
No matter who you are, you have traveled a long road, a beautiful road in this incarnation! This path has not always been easy for some of you or for all of you at certain moments of your life. Now, more than ever, we are here to hold your hand, to show you the path. We say “more than ever” because you are really in the time of revelations.
We are not going to speak about the “Apocalypse”; you know very well what that word means, but you can also use it differently, in the sense where it signifies “the crumbling”.
You are living in that crumbling! You are living through the crumbling of a system; you are living through the crumbling of an entire civilization! All the bases that were instituted a long, long, long time ago, are in the process of crumbling.
So, obviously, those who find themselves at the summit of the pyramid are afraid; they are trembling! The base of the pyramid is in the process of moving, and if the base of an edifice moves, it will crumble! Those who are at its head, those who have constructed it over hundreds of years and much longer with your lives, with your work, with your energy, have been taking that from you for generations, therefore their base seems unshakeable, solid as cement.
What they do not understand is that in this base there are souls, there are people who love, who understand, who are beginning to move, and in an edifice, it suffices that there be a small proportion that moves for all to be totally destabilized.
Obviously, at the height of the pyramid, there are several degrees upon which is found the deep state, and those who find themselves at the summit are also beginning to tremble; they feel that the base is moving more and more, and they do not want to lose it! They do not want to lose their power, they do not want to lose “their” humanity, that humanity that they have enslaved for hundreds of years and beyond.
Only these beings, whether they are human or non-human, have lost the consciousness of what is really Divine. They are buried beneath many veils that have become thicker and thicker. They have made their choice!
Therefore, since they have absolutely no awareness of what the base could be, of what the human consciousness can be, human Love, they believe themselves to still be powerful.
Some things escape them, and this creates fear in them!
They have known how to put this vibration of fear in you constantly, but like a boomerang it is returned to them! Since now is a new time, what they have created will come back on them!
Humanity has more or less managed these fears well because the base of the pyramid has been used to fears generated by the leaders. Therefore, you have become used to it and you can deal with it relatively well, whereas the beings who are at the summit of the pyramid, who have always been leaders, the powerful, think they are the equal of God! They do not know Him, and they do not even want to! They know the shadow, but they do not know the immense, immense power of God.
So what road is humanity headed for now? We are not going to tell you word for word what is going to happen. We are going to tell you with absolute certainty that no matter what happens, the Light will win!
The plan of the shadow is the total non-respect of life, the manipulation of the human, of his genetics, of his consciousness, of all that is in the sacred of the being. It wants to make the human into a bionic man, an artificial man, a man devoid of a soul (at least it thinks so). If it does not succeed, it can apply the politics of the scorched earth and take pleasure in its destruction.
Those who work for the shadow believe that they can destroy a maximum of human beings on Earth, because they really do not know the adversary who is in front of them!
What do they see? Humanity terrorized, obedient humanity, one that does not know how to say “No”, the humanity that has totally abdicated and who, at the limit, has refused its liberty! Therefore, they believed and still believe that they are still winning, because they did not know and still do not know that beyond humanity, there has been and is a Great Galactic Fraternity, some beings of very high levels, whether it is the Great Brothers of the Light, your Galactic Brothers, your Guides, etc., that is to say those whose mission is to protect your Earth!
They suspect it a little, but they do not fear it because they can only perceive the all-powerful shadow; they do not have the capacity to perceive the all-powerful Light! And what power, what Love! The power and the Love of the Light is so uncommon that you cannot even imagine it! If, all of a sudden, the Light wished to annihilate or transform all that is non-light into Light, this would be the destruction!
You can be destroyed by the shadow, but you can also be destroyed by a too great Light if you do not have the sufficient vibratory frequency to integrate and experience that Light!
In relation to what we have come to tell you, you will understand that before passing into a superior dimension, into a world of Love, into a world of fraternity, into a world that is a hundred times more luminous than your world is now, each of you must prepare yourself. You must prepare yourself for the Love Vibration, for the Light that will enlighten this world because without that, you simply could not live there!
You must understand that you must go into this new world with no baggage! You can conserve your souvenirs, but you cannot have any material baggage. In the new world, nothing will be as in this current world that you live in! There will no longer be the same notions of life, of liberty, of progression, even at the spiritual level, because everything will be totally different! The parameter of life will be completely different!
Therefore, to be able to go freely, you must let go! You must let go of all suffering that you may have experienced. Go into this new world with total confidence and in faith, no matter who you are, no matter what you may have done!”

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