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JULY 3, 2020
Chapter 32: England’s Asian Grooming Gang Epidemic: The Perfect Cover Hiding the VIP Pedo-Network
Joachim Hagopian

By sheer number of victims alone, for the last forty-five years, criminal grooming gangs across Britain have allegedly been committing what is now being called the nation’s worst child sex abuse scandal ever in UK history,[1] claiming near 19,000 child victims in 2019 alone.[2] In all, perhaps as many as a million victims, predominantly British white girls, are estimated to have been sexually abused in recent decades.[3] Despite these gangs operating with virtual impunity since the mid-1970s, it wasn’t until 2011 that Britons even heard of Asian grooming gangs comprised of British men of mostly Pakistani descent raping underage white girls as young as 11.[4] For years victims have been raped by multiple perpetrators, often trafficked to other northern England and Midlands cities and towns, with victims abducted, beaten, threatened[5] and even murdered. Ultimately an entire highly organized vast network of both pedophile and drug rings have been operating for numerous decades in both English cities and rural towns right up until recently with total impunity.

While this presentation will show that children, mostly Caucasian females in the UK, have been horrifically sexually and physically abused, it will also show how racism at its root has fanned the flames through the state narrative to distort, manipulate, shape and control public perception and consensus reality with the nefarious aim to willfully foment and ultimately ignite religious and racial conflict and war in Britain. But through a permanent war economy and resultant mass migrations, the elite is setting the global stage to engulf all of Europe, North America and the entire Western world in incendiary racial and religious divide, violence and upheaval. As the real diabolical culprit, the ruling elite’s agenda to crush and destroy both the Western middle class as well as Western civilization itself,[6] behind today’s pedophilia blight on humanity, the British Establishment is currently misusing this so called “Asian grooming gang crisis” as convenient sleight of hand misdirection, away from public exposure of its own worldwide satanically driven VIP pedophilia pandemic, to once again blame the demonized, darker skinned, swarthy Muslims in its Zionist controlled war-of-terror all the way to provoking a false flag attack against Iran and its preplanned West vs. East Armageddon endgame.[7]

That said, some studies have shown a disproportionate number of Pakistani men out of the just 2% British Pakistani population are allegedly involved in what have been labelled “grooming gangs,” defiling young white girls (though non-white and male victims are also targeted with virtually zero news coverage).[8] With the government claiming it does not track the ethnicity of sex offenders, the admittedly sketchy evidence at best shows an erratic wide array of Asian offenders or suspected Asian offenders involved in child sexual exploitation (from England and Wales data only) ranging anywhere from just 27% to 75%.[9]

If in reality roughly one out of four offenders involved in grooming gang offenses are Asian, there’s absolutely no headline, no racial majority and it’s end of story. If that’s the case, the entire Muslim grooming gang phenomenon hyped up by the powers-that-be is a huge distorted lie to once again pit races and religions against each other in yet another deceitful divide and conquer manipulation for the real sinners of the world to avoid accountability. As proven ad nauseam, Luciferians are masters of deception.

Or there may be less nefarious factors skewing the data, such as confirmation bias in information collection, i.e., ethnicity/race becoming an issue sporadically recorded more when in general either nonwhites or Asians are involved as opposed to when white offenders are suspected or convicted.[10] Due to media exposure, child protection services might be more cognizant looking for specific patterns of grooming and abuse or particular racial categories more than others. To further obscure reliability, many records are simply marked “offender’s ethnic identity unknown.” As you can see, for whatever reason, record keeping tends to be haphazard, inconsistent and non-standardized, thus no real definitive conclusions can be accurately drawn with any actual certainty. Yet as shortly demonstrated, this hasn’t stopped influential think tanks and major media outlets from doing just that, likely maliciously disseminating misleading or false information and disinformation to willfully shape and control public perception and socially engineer political events, developments and destabilizing crises.

Let’s be clear, all major pedophilia scandals in Britain (and in fact throughout the Western world) are the result of criminal actions committed by powerful white men who historically occupy untouchable positions at the apex of the predatory food chain. VIP child abusers in the UK have been shown to have a decided sexual preference for little boys. Also among them are the planetary controlling vampires, devouring steadily supplied fresh flesh of both genders, ritualistically topped off by the extracted, highly addictive adrenochrome cocktail. This is the bigger, very dark Luciferian picture that the power hungries don’t want you to ever grasp, yet its truth is diabolically compelling, systematically unmasked throughout this fully documented A-Z pedophilia sourcebook.

The network of grooming gangs in mid-to-northern England, preying upon frequently trafficked British children, mostly underage white girls by mostly nonwhite perpetrators, however devastating and massive in estimated scale of vile victimization, it’s important to note that it is a subset within the earth’s far wider pedophilia web complex, and ultimately allowed to criminally operate for a near half century by the global criminal overlords controlling the larger crime cabal system (i.e., these so called “Asian grooming gangs” are the small fry in comparison to the big fish – the organized global network).

The current chair of the UK’s national Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse, Scottish Professor Alexis Jay, led the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Exploitation in Rotherham investigating abuse that occurred from 1997 to 2013, arriving at an estimated 1,400 children sexually exploited. Though the press had a field day reporting the shocking news implicating the Asian grooming gangs as abusers of well over a thousand young white girls, the 153-page Jay Report released in August 2014 asserted that:

Asian girls were [also] being sexually exploited where authorities were failing to identify or support them. They were most vulnerable to men from their own communities who manipulated cultural norms to prevent them from reporting their abuse. The Home Affairs Select Committee quoted witnesses saying that cases of Asian men grooming Asian girls did not come to light because victims ‘are often alienated and ostracised by their own families and by the whole community, if they go public with allegations of abuse.’[11]

Again, Asian victims in these grooming operations go unreported to both authorities and the press. Underage Asian girls would be shunned by their families if they dared to report their abuse to the police. Considered far more newsworthy and marketable for wider distribution and effect, the media during this last decade has chosen to focus exclusively on the white victim majority.

Because in recent years this Asian grooming pedo-gang topic is so controversially volatile, due to its explosive racial and religious implications, a primary reason so many perpetrators have never been brought to justice is that borough councils in cities like Rotherham, Rochdale and Telford have chosen to avoid it like the plague, allowing it to grow unchecked for fear of being branded racist or Islamophobic.[12] The local government and law enforcement chose not to risk their reputations and upsetting community relations, conveniently sweeping it all under the rug at the expense of abused girls since the 1980s.

Without a discernable consequence, the reluctance to take action driven by Political Correctness of both the British citizenry and the criminal justice system to address this growing problem of mostly white girls preyed upon by mostly nonwhite men for so many decades, only motivated offenders to become ever more brazen and aggressive in their widespread criminality. For many years Rotherham and Sheffield have notoriously been at the center of this form of Child Sexual Exploitation, over time in recent decades spreading as a viable localized and regional “mini-big business,” perpetrated by a highly organized crime ring led by close-knit British Pakistani extended families involved in exploiting underage teenage girls through trafficking guns, drugs and sex slaves throughout the Midlands and northern England.[13]

Among young Pakistani men it’s become a lucrative career choice where they drive fancy new cars recruiting and grooming vulnerable underage most often white girls from working class backgrounds attending area schools and often living in care homes.[14] The designated young man as initial groomer usually in his late teens or early 20s begins flirting, showering his targeted victims with plied drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, gifts like cell phones, money, affection and care as their so called boyfriend. Once the predator gains the girl’s trust, engages in sex and has her on drugs as part of the breaking-in process, he quickly introduces her to his so called friends, men often older members of the Pakistani operated pedophile ring and through physical violence, intimidation, death threats and more drugs, the pedophile network regularly traffics and pimps their sex slaves out to up to hundreds of waiting fellow rapists. In Rothingham, Rochdale and Telford, child abuse victims, their parents and conscientious social workers working on their behalf were all turned away by both police and borough councils that were not only unhelpful but willfully and criminally obstructive of justice.[15]

This organized crime is big business and as such, along with every other pedo-scandal in the UK, both local and national politicians, police chiefs, judges and senior civil servants as pedo-gatekeepers are bribed and/or sexually blackmailed to look the other way. In UK, MI5 is never far away. That’s the global network model in a nutshell, which these so called “Asian street grooming gangs” are but a mere subset of the much larger, deeply embedded, entrenched pedo-operation flourishing for over a half century.

The 9/11 false flag[16] and blind obedience to the 21st century plague of Political Correctness,[17] reinforced by the elite’s Trojan horse “multiculturalism,”[18] prompted the UK (and US) governments in 2001 to begin passing a series of oppressive, draconian laws restricting criticism towards Islam, imposing fines and up to 7 years’ imprisonment in the UK on speech that “incites hatred against persons for their religious or racial background.”[19] On the one hand, 9/11 launched a Western war on Islam,[20] both as enemy and scapegoat, but on the other hand, it under new laws it was “protect the Muslim” through restrictive, draconian legislation in combo with the PC social engineering brainwash. Under section 127 of the Communications Act of 2003, anyone who “causes annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another” becomes a potential lawbreaker subject to fines and imprisonment.[21] And the British police have been extremely busy arresting citizens violating this anti-free speech muzzle of a law. Between 2014 and 2016, arrests have skyrocketed, up by 877% at the exact same time as the Asian grooming gang crimes raping white girls reach epidemic proportions.

A May 2013 Telegraph article alludes to how Asian grooming gangs have exploited Britain’s lack of fortitude in the face of its blind obedience to its Political Correctness god:

Gang members have grown wise to the wimpy ways of Western society. They exploit the fact that police, newly trained in ‘cultural sensitivity,’ are terrified of being accused of racism. So the pimps operate with impunity[22]

This exact same dynamic was behind the socio-cultural-political phenomenon during the 1970s and 1980s when homosexual pedophiles flooded social services in the UK demanding their gay rights be upheld, while helping themselves to sexually exploited children in care homes (See Chapter 23). And pedo-normalizers today are still misusing this same deceptive tactic under the ever-widening banner of LGBT rights. Clearly the pedo-elite agenda globally, through social engineering, has been to both normalize and legalize sex with children which in turn opens the satanic door to bestiality. Also alarming is the fact that this same sick agenda is being promoted and pursued by national governments as well. Recall the intercepted secret Justice Department memo under Obama’s Loretta Lynch, revealing the plan to make both pedophilia and bestiality legal.[23] Unless we the people stop the planetary controllers dead in their tracks on their Luciferian pathway to Sodom and Gomorrah 2.0, it’s only a matter of time.

Subversive government action in the West to destroy constitutional rights and freedom after 9/11 in the name of security[24] has increasingly led to a culture of paranoia on the one hand, within PC-controlled Britain (and West), whereby police, councils, teachers, childcare workers, public servants as well as parents across the land, all fear speaking out against Muslim men preying on their young white daughters, thereby permitting it to reach an unprecedented crisis – all by elite design. On the other hand, 9/11 and the fabricated war on terror has led to the other paranoid stream, conflating all Muslims with terrorism, racism and now add mass rape of defenseless little white girls.

For decades, more than just fear of racism allegations have spurred the organized criminal activity of grooming vulnerable English girls. No different among the privileged white VIP ministers and MPs never brought to justice by nature of their elitist group stature and the pedo-network catering to their sick appetite, their child sex abuse continued unabated over the decades. An anonymous social worker in the UK correctly writes that conflating white girl rape with Muslims or Asian grooming gangs is:

based on a false assumption about who commits sexual offences against children in the UK and works only by focusing on one form of child abuse: namely, group-based child sexual exploitation characterised, as group offending often is, by shared locations or jobs and access to children. The fact that the majority of men guilty of committing sexual offences in Westminster or the BBC are white speaks to the context in which they have accessed and abused children, as is the case with the British Asian men convicted in Rotherham, Huddersfield and other working-class towns where group-based sexual exploitation has been identified around the night economy.[25]

Yet failure to bring Asian perpetrators to justice for many years undoubtedly has fueled, empowered and caused exponential growth of grooming gangs in Midlands and northern England,[26] framed now as the biggest child sex abuse scandal in British history. But more importantly, all these same interacting state institutions from national to local facilitated the emergence and growth of the sexual exploitation of children all over the UK, be it by Muslims, VIP in Parliament or satanic sex cults. It’s no accident that Britain’s passive impotence and gross failure to bring nonwhite criminals to justice simultaneously also failed miserably to bring to justice zero VIP pedophiles involved in scandal after high profile scandal, despite the mountains of evidence documented in this tome (See Chapters 19-31). It’s important to keep in mind throughout this same time period over the past four decades, all the same local to national UK institutions, with security services coordination, have also been responsible for the proliferation of an expansive, highly organized pedophilia web across Britain, Europe and the world, of which by comparison, the “Asian grooming gang model” is but a small subset, if that, despite the mainstream media hype claiming otherwise.

While pedophilia scandals have consistently been covered up and granted D-notice blackout protection by the UK government, only in recent years the media, controlled by this same pedo-cabal, hyped up public perception of out of control “Asian grooming sex gangs” on the loose, which in turn has only increased white supremacy extremism and promoted an upsurge of racism throughout the Western world, co-timed and further driven by the accompanying mass migration crisis of Muslims flooding Europe and North Africa after the Zionist West’s destabilizing wars in the Middle East – again, all by elitist design.

In the US the racist extremism of the political right is largely aligned with Trump (with his opponents taking full advantage conflating support for Trump with racism[27]) has given reactionary rise on the left to the Soros-sponsored Antifa extremism of violent Marxist anarchy[28] and a militant LGBT social engineering agenda[29] coalescing with the anti-white male, anti-Christian movement[30] as the Clinton-Obama counterforce. The left vs. right dichotomy is simply puppet mastery manipulation through divide and conquer control.[31] Though the ruling elite is not one homogeneous, monolithic, unified entity as competition vying and jockeying for power is in ongoing flux, but the fact remains a handful of the same dynastic bloodline families have created and controlled both forces of the left and right during their centuries’ rule on earth.[32]

The more the media focuses on the dark-skinned Muslims violently raping underage white girls, the more outraged and reactionary ordinary citizens become in their disgust and anger that for many spills over into hatred toward not just the Muslim sex offenders, but is generalized to the entire 1.8 billion Muslim population the world over.[33] This in turn only increases the hate and self-justification that the grooming gangs harbor toward whites.[34] You see where this escalating spiral of deep-rooted racism and madness is headed… ultimately to race and religious wars, which of course feeds right into the divide and conquer scenario that the elite is utilizing to destroy Western civilization from within,[35] through the erosion and breakdown of civil society and rule of law… Hegelian New World Disorder attained through the controllers’ repeating cycle of “problem, reaction, solution,” toward their dystopian post-apocalyptic nightmare of world tyranny that awaits us, that is if we fail to heed the wake-up call and passively allow it.[36]  Educating the wider public on the elite’s sinister divide and rule agenda while unifying as a species to protect our children and exercise civil disobedience, resistance and active opposition as our only free.

Nearly a quarter century ago back in 1996, the borough of Rothingham already had recognized the Asian gangs sexually exploiting underage white girls, becoming a growing problem enough for the council to commission its social services to investigate the matter.[37] The inquiry found that local South Yorkshire Asian gangs were grooming girls from “schools, bus and train stations, residential homes and homeless projects.” The council also determined that other ethnic grooming gangs were also operating within Rothingham such as Iraqi Kurds and Kosovans. The investigation resulted in a 2002 confidential report never released to the public called “Detection, Investigation and Prosecution of Offenses in Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham.” It reveals three Pakistani brothers linked to sexually abusing of 54 underage girls, 18 identifying one brothers as their boyfriend, several even ending up impregnated by him.

In 2003 a 13-year old girl from a village near Rothingham submitted a detailed accounting of how she was raped by a group of Pakistani men, one calling her “a white slag and a bitch” claiming “white girls” were only meant to be used for sex.[38] The girl also provided incriminating evidence of stained coats and trousers that the South Yorkshire police proceeded to lose. After then being gang raped by four Pakistani and an Iraqi asylum seeker, the 13-year old returned to report her latest abuse but the officers said they didn’t believe her, taking no action. Eight years later the 21-year old abuse victim was awarded £20,900 in damages by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, yet her abusers were never arrested.

Several murders and disappearances have occurred at the hands of Pakistani sexual abusers. A Telford girl Lucy Lowe was groomed, abused and by 14 gave birth to a British Pakistani cab driver’s daughter. Two years later in 2000 as an act of revenge, the grooming rapist set fire to Lucy’s home, burning to death Lucy, her mother and 17-year old sister.[39] The killer’s fatal obsession was meant to be a warning to all girls not to resist the abusive control of their perpetrators. Though the murderer was imprisoned for snuffing out the lives of three innocent people, to this day he was never charged with raping a child.

Another girl drugged and raped by nine men again in Telford in 2002, was driven by her abusers’ threats to attempt suicide, reasoning that:

I was scared my family would die like Lucy’s. I thought they’d only be safe if I killed myself.[40]

The pimping rape gangs are constantly using death threats of both victims and their family members as weapons to effectively silence the abused, a standard tactic used in every pedophilia scandal.

Also in Telford that same year in 2002, 13-year old Becky Watson was killed in a “prank” car accident while positioned on the hood of the driver’s Honda Civic moving at about 25 MPH, falling off and succumbing from severe head trauma.[41] The 21-year old Pakistani driver was jailed for three years after pleading guilty to death by dangerous driving. It was learned that Becky had suffered two years of sexual abuse starting at age 11.[42] Becky’s diaries revealed the anguish and torment as a prepubescent girl forced to “sleep around.” Her mother Torron Watson said that she repeatedly reported the abuse to the police, even furnishing a list of suspects’ names but again no action was taken and Becky’s rapists were never charged. It’s fair to say that the driver, his rape gang and police all had a hand in killing the poor girl.

A friend of Becky’s named Vicky Round, abused by the same Telford grooming gang got Vicky hooked on crack cocaine by age 12.[43] By 13, it was heroin. She’d been chronically raped and passed around so many years, Vicky self-medicated her trauma escaping into drugs and by 20 years of age, she died of an overdose. But her killers weren’t so much the drugs they gave her as the men who raped and sodomized her for years. Yet these despicable shitholes still walk the streets and in all likelihood are still preying on and murdering the next generation of innocent, defenseless girls.

On November 1, 2003, 14-year old Charlene Downes from Blackpool disappeared never to be seen alive again. Police botched the case as two trials with the prime suspect and another man went nowhere until August 2017 a 51-year old man was booked on murder charges,[44] the fifth Pakistani suspect charged but ultimately all were released. In 2007 another 15-year old Blackpool teenager went missing and was never found. What has been found is Blackpool takeout store owners and their workers as part of a grooming gang were implicated in the sexual exploitation of 60 underage local white girls in a sex for food, alcohol and cigarettes operation. Charlene’s unsolved case has become the flashpoint of rising anger and racism with right-wing British National Party rallies held in 96% white Blackpool.[45] Fearing race riots, police have withheld releasing information, though they reported that they believe Charlene was abused by as many as 100 men in a Blackpool grooming gang.

In 2003 the South Yorkshire police produced another report, “Sexual Exploitation, Drug Use and Drug Dealing,” also never released publicly but believed to cover the same disturbing ground, assessing the growing incidence of criminal Asian grooming gangs’ abusing a white girl majority of victims mostly 13-15 years of age. It was also in 2003 that the pressing issue of grooming exploitation crime in Rotherham surfaced under a national spotlight for the first time, although it again was brief and downplayed, so much so that the full story wasn’t released for another 14 years.

In the aftermath of the 2017 Newcastle conviction where 17 Asian men and one white woman (procurer of girls)[46] sent to prison from a pedo-ring that allegedly abused over 700 victims,[47] former Labor MP Ann Cryer (1997-2010) wrote an August 2017 piece in the Daily Mail about her controversial experience in 2003 when the Rotherham scandal first went public.[48] After a half dozen years as MP for Keighley, Ann Cryer learned from several mothers that their 12- and 13-year old daughters in her constituency were being sexually exploited by adult Pakistani men.

Despite the mothers compiling a list of abuser names and addresses, both police and social services refused to intervene. After being turned away by authorities, the mothers arrived at their MP’s office doorstep desperate for help. Ann Cryer was told by Bradford social services that since none of the girls were in care, the matter was out of their hands. When Ann spoke to West Yorkshire police, they came up with their usual limp dick excuse that convictions would be unlikely since sex was allegedly consensual, despite Ann reminding them as 12- and 13-year olds, it’s still child abuse rape and against the law, consensual or not.

Encountering such stonewall resistance to protecting young girls, as a last resort, the MP felt morally compelled to go public with a Channel 4 interview, and also introduced the mothers to then Home Secretary David Blunkett, and together they were able to push through an anti-grooming offense whereby adults meeting underage girls with intent to have sex would result in a 10-year jail sentence. The only problem is that the law has not been enforced. Upon making this grossest of injustices public, Ann immediately was confronted by an angry backlash of accusations claiming that she was racist and a religious hater, mostly coming from whites. Even the then London mayor Ken Livingstone who met with Ann, condescendingly wrote her off as not having a clue on how to deal sensitively with the Muslim community.[49] The threatening letters and phone calls Ann received forced her to install a panic button inside her own home. Yet Ann felt she had no choice but to forge ahead to do the right thing:

I had to speak out to protect the well-being of young white girls who were only 12 and 13. I had to think how I would be feeling if it was my daughter who had these terrible things done to her and of course I would have moved heaven and earth to make sure she was safe. That is what I had to do in the cases at Keighley. I had to do whatever I could to protect the well-being of the girls in my constituency.[50]

The former MP wrote in her Daily Mail article:

As for the accusations of racism against me, well, they have been hurtful. Three of my grandchildren are half-Indian and the fourth is half-African. I love them all, and the thought they might ever read that Grandma is a racist has caused me pain.[51]

Though MP Ann Cryer believed going public with the rape of white girls by Pakistani a gang would help get a handle on this growing problem back in 2003, the fact is, it hasn’t. According to more emerging victims, anti-abuse campaigners and the media, Rothinham rapes and exploitation have only increased.

A Rochdale council crisis intervention team was secretly tasked with examining case files dating back to 2004. But after sending the results to both the police and social services, they did nothing, only causing the number of rape cases to rise, a typical across the boards pattern.[52] It was later reported in a Greater Manchester Police historical probe that young girls in Rochdale were being trafficked to London, Bradford and Scotland. The police inquiry specified that 72 underage girls alleged they had been sexually assaulted and raped since 2004.

Based on a 145-page report that just came out on January 14, 2020, after a multi-agency review of all available records of 2003 and 2004 from police, social services, victims and families, come to find out the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) actually did begin an investigation of the above Rochdale pedo-ring. It was prompted by the death of 15-year old Victoria Agoglia after a 50-year old child raping gang member injected her with heroin in September 2003.[53] At the original inquest the coroner downplayed the presence of a grooming ring that through drugs and sex was exploiting girls age 12 to 16. But the new evidence in the report released this week may be cause for the Attorney General to order a new inquest.[54]

GMP launched Operation Augusta after Victoria’s death to probe the circumstances that led to a significant Child Sexual Exploitation operation by a Rochdale grooming gang.[55] Augusta determined that Victoria was one of at least 57 other underage female victims in South Manchester mostly from council care homes being raped and pimped out to 97 identified potential pedophiles, mostly of Pakistani heritage. Despite the hardcore evidence of a large network back in 2004, the police abruptly aborted Operation Augusta in 2005, claiming lack of resources, but in reality, again, it was lack of ethical will. A GMP detective constable named Maggie Oliver  who worked Operation Augusta maintains that the raping killers were allowed to continue raping and killing young English girls because officers were told to “find other ethnicities” to investigate… another case of political correctness rearing its ugly head.[56]

Officer Maggie Oliver had a knack for convincing girls to open up and provide evidence. However, the mother of four had a husband whose health was deteriorating and in 2005 she had to take time off to care for him. By the time she returned three months later, the undercover operation had already been abandoned and all the carefully gathered evidence incriminating nearly 100 possible suspects based on the testimony of dozens of brave girls. Upon learning the investigation had been terminated, both Maggie and the girls felt betrayed. With their abusers still free, some were still being sexually exploited. Maggie Oliver knocked down every door for answers and all she was able to discern is the senior police command in Manchester was too chicken shit to go after so many child rapists belonging to the Asian community. But more later on Det. Maggie Oliver’s quest to put away bad guys on the street, sabotaged by the bad guys upstairs in her own police department.

As an outgrowth of the pervasive Asian grooming gang abuse, in 2005 research by an organization called Coalition for the Removal of Pimping (CROP) claimed that at least 30 girls in Yorkshire were being abused and as sex slaves, forced into prostitution. From 2005 to 2007 about 200 families contacted CROP seeking help for their daughters. CROP determined that pregnancy is commonly used as punishment, arranging and forcing back alley abortions.

A 2007 report on domestic child trafficking put out by the controversial large children’s charity Barnardos (that runs many UK care homes linked to alleged sexual abuse while Tony’s wife and OBE recipient Cherie Blair was Barnardos president[57]) contradicted itself, claiming a trafficking network of various groups existed involving crime, yet no links were found to sexual exploitation and trafficking. Then further into the report:

Three [Barnardos] services in the south of England spoke of networks of African-Caribbean men, whereas other services described Middle Eastern men from a ‘tight asylum seeking community’ [likely Iraqi] and an organized group of local Asian men [no doubt Pakistani].[58]

Note the presence of other ethnic grooming gangs besides just the Pakistanis. That’s an important distinction since the mainstream media has focused almost exclusively on the British Pakistani network. Though the Barnardos report confirms that children are being trafficked within the UK, it concludes that since a law was passed in 2003 making internal trafficking a punishable offense of up to 14 years in prison, as of 2007 not one person has been convicted.

In Manchester in 2007 after Shakil Chowdhury picked up a 12-year old girl lost and enticed her to get into his car, drove home where after plying her with alcohol, he and three other men brutally raped her 11 times.[59] Though he refused to identify his fellow rapists, Chowdhury was sentenced to only 6 years in prison and released after just 3. The UK higher court of appeals failed to overturn this egregiously lax sentence. Additionally, against protocol, probation placed him in a hostel within 250 yards of a school. This case wreaks of foul highhandedness since rape of youth under 13 with aggravated factors involving abduction, other rapists, abuse of trust demands a starting point of 13 years in prison custody.[60] Yet this Asian man was released after only 3 years and then housed where he walks daily in front of an adjacent school. Again, the state executes insane policies that promote child rape.

The above Chowdhury case was a mere lead-in to the next travesty of justice in Manchester Crown Court.  After a 4-month Greater Manchester Police investigation of child sexual exploitation and grooming involving a 15-year old girl among other victims in the Rochdale area, six men were arrested and in July 2009 the case files were given to Crown Prosecution Service. But as is typical of child abuse scandals, CPS deemed the 15-year old was an “unreliable” witness and the case fell apart.

Undeterred, at least this time Manchester police were not ready to give up and in 2010 invited Constable Maggie Oliver to join Operation Span investigating the same Asian pedo-ring in Rochdale that CPS had just let off the hook. Det. Oliver was promised that what occurred six years earlier in Operation Augusta would not happen again in Rochdale.[61] Yet after working seven months into the case, one of the victims raped at 14 was suddenly not asked to be a trial witness because the prosecution team did not deem her credible enough, believing she’d been paid by the grooming gang to procure other girls and her name was listed on the indictment with all the perps. It was déjà vu all over again for Maggie. After convincing girls to risk testifying against their rapist thugs, Maggie felt betrayed by the system that again was betraying the victims. At this point, she resigned from the police force so she could speak out publicly as a fulltime advocate for victims, very critical of how police and CPS chronically fail victimized children. The passionate former detective has no respect for senior management in either the Home Office or police, maintaining that they are always more interested in covering up their mistakes, than doing right by the people they take sworn oaths to serve. About her last police operation, Maggie says:

Operation Span, the resumed investigation, was held up as some kind of shining light about how these investigations should be run. It was far from it. Basics like recording each allegation of rape weren’t being done. That’s your first duty as a police officer, to record an allegation of a crime whether you believe it or not. Rape allegations weren’t being recorded so neither were the names of alleged perpetrators. How can you spot a pattern developing if you don’t record crimes properly? This has implications even today. There are still paedophiles who we identified as part of Span who are out there right now in Rochdale. I still support many of the girls and they tell me they’ve seen them.[62]

BBC broadcast a 2017 film drama called “Three Girls” about the Rochdale case that includes Maggie’s role in the story working with the three witnesses.[63] However, the girl that the police whistleblower quit her job over named Amber in the film was portrayed wrongly she says as a madam procurer of victims that again the former detective felt unfair since she was a victim. But otherwise she thought it an accurate depiction of the Rochdale scandal.

Ultimately after multiple complaints were made to the Home Office, in 2011 the original CPS decision on the Rochdale case was overturned and the girl abused by a gang of 20 men for two years finally had her day in a Liverpool court, resulting in nine men convicted in May 2012, 8 British Pakistanis and one Afghan illegal immigrant.[64] They were the trafficking crew among a significant Rochdale child sex ring comprised of at least 100 Asian men working in taxi and takeaway food services abusing over 50 girls during the past five years.[65] With just nine out of 97 would-be suspects convicted, a 10% success rate, Maggie Oliver is right. Most are still out there very likely still abusing the next batch of young girls.

An apparent attempt was made by state agents to collapse that Rochdale trial at Liverpool Crown Court during the final phase of jury deliberation, when a tweet by BNP leader Nick Griffin communicated the jury outcome prior to its announcement, suggesting the possibility that a racist mole was among a biased jury.[66] Fortunately, the judge went forward with the jury’s unanimous guilty verdict anyway. Had the entire legal proceedings been thrown out forcing a retrial, it would have made convictions involving ethnic suspects far more difficult in the future. Again, another willful violation of the FOI Act was committed by Lancashire Police that supposedly investigated the jury leak with yet another ignored request. Some day when the government violates the law, there will be a justice system that doesn’t allow it to hypocritically live above the law. But that someday won’t happen unless we citizens make it.

Another horrifically sad, tragic case pertains to an English girl named Laura Wilson who was tracked by social services as a 12-year old-at risk of sexual exploitation when she was first groomed and subsequently coerced into sex with Asian men. Ultimately she became pregnant and had a child by an already married neighbor. Laura went to two of her British Pakistani abusers’ families and told them of the sex and the baby she had. One of the men became so incensed for humiliating him with his family that he repeatedly stabbed her and threw her in a Rothingham canal holding her head down in the water with his knife. She was 17 at the time of her brutal murder in 2010.[67]

A redacted review of the case was published indicating that social workers had concealed the fact that a half dozen years prior to her fatal stabbing, child protective services knew of her victimization but allowed her endangered life to slip through the cracks.[68] Ostensibly, the case has served as a lesson on how not to respond to children in dire need as supposed systemic changes have been implemented to prevent similar tragedies from recurring… most often those are the famous last words rolled out each time after the broken system attempts to cover its own sorry ass in response to another big fuckup.

In 2010 yet another confidential internal South Yorkshire Police report never made public entitled “Child Sexual Exploitation – A Strategic Problem Profile” described the Asian grooming gang problem as no longer merely a local threat but a growing national crisis, reporting that victims were being routinely trafficked by grooming rings all over Britain, especially to Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol and Dover.[69] A 2012 request for the report was dodged by the police, bogusly claiming more time was needed, again just more hedging to cover up the blatant fact that for decades the police, child services and the borough councils all collectively let conditions grow from bad to worse, premeditatedly placing the lives of millions of children in England at grave risk. In response to the local police warning that it had become a national problem, a Rothingham council paper also kept secret, “Lessons Learned – Operation Central,” emphasized the downplaying of ethnicity in order to protect “community relationships,” again confirming the position of letting the rape of local white girls continue in the name of “Rotherham’s quality of diversity.”[70] Another FOI request was ignored, breaching the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Moreover, in addition to all of the above transgressions against its most vulnerable population, Britain’s policies of both massive migration and increasingly lax immigration have permitted entry, residency and citizenship to murderers with life sentence convictions, rapists, and terrorists linked to war crimes and genocide.[71] Again, a treasonous elite controlling the UK are not loyal to its own native citizens but as globalists embracing multiculturalism, they intend to destroy both Britain’s national and cultural identity as well as sovereignty. These unconscionable misdeeds and nefarious policies have directly contributed to the current crisis amounting to what’s now being called the largest child sexual abuse scandal in British history,[72] essentially outing the Establishment’s recklessly inhumane endorsement of wholesale rape of young white English girls in Midlands and northern England.

Writer Tony Shell, a frequent contributor at the UK Column, wrote an incisive paper indicting the British government for its gross malfeasance in failing to protect its young English females from racist raping pimps:

It is simply not credible to believe that the State (primarily Parliament) would not know that it is its fanaticism for anti-nativist political ideology, and for imposing extreme social change, that has created the conditions conducive to the emergence of these racist pimping gangs. There is an arrogant contempt (by Parliament) towards the general public – and especially towards the English people.[73]

All this arrogant contempt turned willful criminal negligence is not just about political correctness. It’s about a nation willing to use its throwaway population – sacrificed kids – to create such extreme racial and religious upheaval amongst the populace, with the ultimate aim of instigating open violence in a civil war scenario between British whites and British Muslims. The insidious parallel process unfolding in America manifests through false flags pitting whites against blacks,[74] American Christians against Muslims,[75] right-wing extremists against left-wing extremists,[76] patriots against anti-constitutionalists in a widespread civil war that will then provide the transparent excuse for deploying foreign national and UN troops on US soil for gun confiscation and FEMA camp detainment roundups to “restore order.”[77] The US federal government’s been planning this hellish outcome ever since Reagan’s Rex 84, an emergency civil unrest contingency agenda to deal with eventual civil war outbreak.[78] And with anticipation of civil disturbance erupting during the Brexit machinations and eventual crashing economy comes UK’s emergency plan that of course includes martial law codenamed for now Operation Yellowhammer.[79]

After the Alexis Jay Report released in August 2014, six months later the Rothingham metropolitan borough council (RMBC) was deemed “not fit for purpose,” after a series of damning reports exposing council members’ dereliction of duty – flagrantly looking the other way while thousands of Rothingham children were being raped, pimped and abused for too many years.[80] Due to proving the council was more concerned about protecting its own reputation than protecting its most vulnerable citizens, the entire disgraced group was forced to resign en masse while the federal government through commissioners temporarily took over until 2016. Louise Casey, the government’s lead official on troubled families, completed her 154-page report released in February 2015, lambasting the council for its gross failures:

The council’s culture is unhealthy: bullying, sexism, suppression and misplaced ‘political correctness’ have cemented its failures. RMBC goes to some length to cover up information and to silence whistleblowers.[81]

As far back as 1975, a Rotherham newspaper article chronicled the first known incidence of a gang of adult Pakistani men sexually exploiting underage white girls from a reported Rotherham home as the designated crime scene in a statutory rape case occurring four and a half decades ago.[82] The British Establishment through its intelligence services has long been aware of the growing problem at the exact same time it was covertly establishing interconnecting pedophilia rings across the British Isles and notoriously infiltrating Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) members into key government services.[83] The government allowed the abuse to go from bad to worse not just out of political correctness but a covert plan to promote a highly organized, moneymaking criminal pedophilia network operation throughout the British Isles. After all, history has shown that’s what UK intelligence services do best.

Of course the tightknit British Pakistani communities have also long been aware of what’s been going on, but also chose to keep quiet, condoning the shameful behavior in their midst by a relatively small percentage of its men.[84] As mentioned, some of their own daughters and sisters have been victimized. A brief closer look at the old country culture is illuminating. Though Pakistan is where the highest porn watching population in the world lives, it’s also where a strict patriarchal culture makes even talking about sex taboo,[85] where arranged marriages are still the norm,[86] and where females bringing dishonor on the family are still punished by stoning to death.[87]

The vast majority of the British Pakistani population, the largest in Europe, only arrived in the United Kingdom within the last half century, mostly emigrating from the rural Azad Kashmir region of Pakistan, the world’s largest militarized zone where a tense ground zero standoff exists between two nuclear powered nations. A flare-up of unrest accompanied by media blackout and mass arrests in Indian Kashmir erupted just last August 2019.[88] Kashmir’s traditional tribal and religious beliefs are extremely patriarchal and sexist by Western standards,[89] carried over and instilled in British Pakistani family values that inherently clash with British modern conventions, particularly in the realm of gender issues.

A corroborative indicator of the above are the results from a 2017 racial audit commissioned by the UK government that found that Pakistani women have fallen behind other racial minorities, deemed not having integrated enough into the larger British society.[90] 59% do not work compared to only 35% who do. One in five are unable to speak English. Lack of freedom and mobility pose additional obstacles in this insulated subculture that tends to isolate and cut off British Pakistani women from the larger society. As a result, especially older generations of Pakistani women in the United Kingdom are the least integrated. This is the underlying cultural context factored in to give rise to an apparent small segment within the British Pakistani male population to resort to sexually exploiting underage white girls in northern England.

A brief case history of one grooming gang victim illustrates the horror of an estimated thousands upon thousands of ill-fated girls in the United Kingdom beginning as early as the mid-1970s. A 14-year old truant white girl from Rothingham whose parents are drug addicts is taken into care for parental neglect by social services, and placed in one of their local residential care facilities.[91] The girl immediately observes regular visits by older men in cars trying to entice the girls with promises of drugs and alcohol to go with them for sex. Feeling lonely and uncared for and away from her family home for the first time, the young girl accepts “a date” to attend the cinema with one of the men she meets outside her care home. However, after driving her to another location, she ends up gang raped by a group of five older men, and told if she breathes a word she will be taken from her home and badly beaten. When it happens again, she threatens to report their crimes to the police. The men then drive her out to the countryside, douse her in gasoline and tell her she will be set on fire next time if she dares mention anything to anyone.

Suffering this horrible abuse week after week, despite her death threat, she bravely attempts to describe her ordeal to the local Rotherham police, only they tell her since the sex was “consensual,” which it wasn’t, they can’t help her.[92] Growing desperate, she finally discloses her abuse to her social worker who says she can’t act on any allegations unless she’s able to identity her abusers by name. When the girl begins describing them, the social worker cuts her off, claiming she’s not in any position to help her. Losing hope, the girl attempts to commit suicide several times over the next couple years as a cry for help that never quite comes. Her drug addicted father tries to keep in contact and upon suspecting her chronic abuse, and seeing her deteriorating health stuck inside UK’s “care” system, he goes to the police himself, only to be arrested for obstruction and wasting police time. At 18 the girl leaves the system without education, homeless and addicted to drugs, suffering the long term effects of both horrible trauma and a system that criminally failed her.

This case history came from Alexis Jay’s August 2014 Rotherham report, just one typical case among the 1,400 other horrifying scenarios. Multiply this story up to a million fold and a mind baffling glimpse of the unprecedented, ungodly scale of this largely concealed subset category of Britain’s so called “grooming gang” Child Sexual Exploitation nightmare emerges. This dark chapter of UK pedophilia stands both apart from and in addition to all the rest of the numerous other major pedo-scandals ravishing the world epicenter’s most vulnerable and unprotected population – Britain’s throwaway children.

Enter The Times of London, owned by Malta Knight globalist and media mogul Rupert Murdock since 1981,[93] guided by its editor-in-chief pedo-apologist Daniel Finkelstein (who’s on record defending the likes of Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith[94]). In a 4-page exclusive, The Times first catapulted this “grooming gang” meme to mass public awareness on January 5, 2011.[95] The Times article singlehandedly created a media feeding frenzy, national hysteria and moral panic, first coining the term “on-street grooming” to describe how Pakistani predator gangs had descended upon the nation’s streets, takeaway restaurants, malls, bus and train depots, schools and clubs of British cities and towns to charm and groom their targeted girl victims, very often from UK’s infamous care system, most susceptible, defenseless and ripe for the pickings, for brutal gang rapes, asserting:

The Times has identified 17 court prosecutions since 1997, 14 of them during the past three years, involving the on-street grooming of girls aged 11 to 16 by groups of men. The victims came from 13 towns and cities and in each case two or more men were convicted of offences. In total, 56 people, with an average age of 28, were found guilty of crimes including rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child. Three of the 56 were white, 53 were Asian. Of those, 50 were Muslim and a majority were members of the British Pakistani community[96][Boldface for emphasis]

This one bombshell article in 2011 claiming that Asian Muslims were responsible for 95% of its child sex offenses, taken from its ever-so-small sample of just 17 cases, in effect cemented and racially smeared the reputation of 1.17 million British Pakistanis comprising just over 2% of the total British population, all because a relative handful of Pakistanis may have been involved in so called on-street grooming gangs publicized by The Times. But far more significantly, it unfairly demonizes and reinforces the “all Muslims are terrorists/rapists/bad men out to kill infidels” stereotype rigidly ignorantly held by much of Britain and the entire Western world. “Muslim bashing” in UK’s grooming rape gang context has become fair game.

By this time in our human history, you would think that as a species we would know that there are a minority of bad individuals amongst each ethnic, racial, religious, national, cultural and every pigeonholed grouping of humans imaginable. Stereotypes are grossly distorted and often downright false, and judging an entire group by either one’s limited experience or by stereotypes is wrong, both factually and ethically. That said, The Times resorted to using disgraceful, shock and awe, race baiting fully knowing it would have a damaging effect on the reputation and image of the British Pakistani and Muslim populations. By design, I maintain that it was a calculated move intended to polarize, fragment, divide and conquer British citizens, pitting them against each other, drawing racial and religious battle lines that too many bigots seize upon as justifiable proof for their prejudices. And to further drive the hater stake home, over the next 7 days The Times ran a total of at least 20 more damning articles about the menacing “Asian gang” phenom sweeping over the land that The Times so astutely, “exclusively discovered” at last.[97]

Like clockwork, the opportunistic tabloid the Daily Mail fell right in stride behind The Times, also succumbing and pumping out 7 more articles of its own,[98]  further highlighting the Asian grooming gang “plague” as if to broadcast that it’s “coming soon to a neighborhood near you.” And like clockwork, history shows that it seems it was and still is. Speaking of disgraceful, the Jimmy Savile-pedo connected BBC aired a Newsnight interview with yet another pedo-enabling former Islington councillor-UK Home Secretary Jack Straw, raising the red flag that Britain’s young white girls are unsafe on English streets at night as targeted in his words “easy meat” by the roving gangs of British Pakistani monsters.

Unfortunately, the right-wing media that initially laid the groundwork for the “Asian/Muslim grooming gang” narrative has also in recent years been joined and promoted by liberal feminist proponents. A joint co-authored paper by University College London security and crime science lecturer and notable CSE expert Dr. Ella Cockbain and senior criminology lecturer at Leeds Beckett University Waqas Tufail summarize this disturbing trend:

The ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ trope has enduring currency among rightwing and liberal political elites and, if left unchecked, risks fuelling further racialised and alarmist news coverage and informing misguided and harmful responses.[99] 

Suddenly after nearing four decades of virtual silence, seemingly by calculated design, the scourge of homegrown South Asian maulers was sensationally unleashed to the public just months ahead of the demise of British history’s most prolific, most infamous pedophile of them all – Sir Jimmy, who virtually everyone on the inside had long known was a bigtime predatory pervert. Of course the next year 2012 marked the arrival of an even bigger shockwave centering around UK’s knighted national treasure stripped naked, Uncle Jimmy’s sodomy and intimate pedo-connections to royalty, 10 Downing Street, Westminster, Israel and the Vatican. Perfect timing, enter the Genghis Khan-like “Muslim invasion” by way of Pakistan for mass misdirection to take the much needed heat off the Luciferian sodomites wearing no clothes atop the crime cabal.

Funny how after 36 years of virtual silence, in 2011 Daniel Finkelstein led the charge plunging into the racial abyss, fearlessly exposing the child rapists as long as they were Islamic “deplorables,” but when it came to unmasking Britain’s two biggest VIP pedophiles Savile and Smith, entrenched in power and protected for decades on end, even in their posthumous absence, Finkelstein was their first and foremost, staunchest defender. That tells you which side both he and his boss are on. Recall how Maltese controller Murdock in 1996 suppressed the truth of how the worldwide media coverage would insist that 20th century overlord Victor Rothschild’s son Amschel James was reported suicide within an hour after learning of his death, despite Paris police initially treating it as a murder investigation (See Chapter 28). Oligarchic puppet masters dictate virtually everything the public is told, spoon-fed through the elite’s MSM propaganda ministry.

That’s why from that 1975 article first exposing the Pakistani rape den in the middle of Rotherham right up to 2011, barely a word from mainstream press was ever heard or seen again regarding “Asian grooming gangs.” For 36 years hardly a mention of these marauding thugs nocturnally lurking northern and Midland English city streets, posing as friendly taxi minicab drivers or employees at takeaway businesses, corralling underage white girls in nightclubs, initially showering them with flirtatious flattery and positive attention, gifts, money, cellphones, food, shelter, empathy and affection as part of their grooming operation in order to then sexually exploit and pimp out vulnerable females aged 11-16 as their captured sex slaves. Like all pedo-scandals, adult predators regularly ply victims with drugs and alcohol, and again, posing as pimps or boyfriends, their primary motive centers around power and money. Soon enough, the targeted girl is raped as a way of “breaking her in,” subduing and breaking her spirit as an owned commodity at £200 a shot, generating lucrative profits for a gang of lustful, enterprising hoodlums.[100]

And if you think that this is only happening in Britain or Europe, think again. Globally it’s a humongous epidemic, including America, only the term “grooming gangs” has been conspicuously excised out of the descriptive language. Nonetheless, semantics aside, anywhere from 100,000-350,000 children are estimated to be sexually exploited and trafficked every year in America.[101] Remember, sex trafficking is organized crime’s fastest growing industry worldwide.



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