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Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State by Joachim Hagopian
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OCTOBER 6, 2017
Chapter 5: Sins of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
Joachim Hagopian
Cover Credit: Nora Maccoby with permission
The birth of the Order of St. John was in 1048.[1] A community in Amalfi of merchants and Catholic monks from the Order established a church, convent and the Hospital of St. John in Jerusalem in 1085 to care for the sick among the Christians visiting and living in the Holy Land. In 1099, the final year of the First Crusade, the Sovereign Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem or the Order of Hospitallers was formalized, officially recognized by the pope in 1113 and by 1126 the Knights of St. John expanded their services as the second secret military Christian order designated to defend devotees traveling from Europe during the Crusades.[2] So this competitive rival to the Templar Order as the other major secret Christian militia has a more enduring, and impactful sinister history than the mysterious Templar Knight legends.

Aside from Philip’s indebted French crown, the Knights of Malta had the most to gain from the Templars’ disbandment,[3] by default opportunistically taking full advantage of the vacuum created by assuming both unrivaled military and banking power throughout Europe and the Holy Land beginning in the 14th century.[4] And as a result, over the near millennium of its existence, the Maltese Knights’ strength and control as the Vatican’s most public and official military order has increased dramatically both in power and influence. The Jesuit Order founded in the 16th century covered next is also a Vatican militia that is even more secretly guarded and dangerous. John J. Robinson in his book Born in Blood: The Lost Secrets of Freemasonry contends that the Malta Knights and Pope Clement V had colluded to allow King Philip to indulge in his witch hunt to destroy the Knights Templar.[5]

Due to Turkish forces taking control over Jerusalem in 1291, the Hospitaller Knights had to relocate their operation and hospital to the island of Cyprus where the Order began building a naval fleet. But instability on Cyprus led to shifting their center in 1310 to another Greek island Rhodes also located in the Mediterranean Sea.[6] However, a couple centuries later in 1523 after a six month siege, the Order of St. John knights also lost its foothold on Rhodes to the Ottoman Empire’s advancing Turkish Sultan Suleiman, forced to eventually retreat to the island of Malta in 1530. For the next 268 years the Order maintained its Malta headquarters and sovereignty over both the islands of Malta and Gozo.[7] More sea battles and sieges defending their turf followed against the pressing Ottoman Turks throughout the 16th century. The Order lost its islands yet again when in 1798 French Emperor Napoleon invaded and left the military order without a home territory. At this point without a sovereign territory, the Jesuit Order took advantage of Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s (SMOM) diminished power by subordinating it under Jesuit control,[8] though both ostensibly pledge sworn to death blood oath loyalty to their common superior- the pope.

For such an allegedly fierce fighting force that subversively gained increasing political strength over the span of centuries, the Malta Knights lost considerable ground militarily over the millennium, ultimately in 1834 finally relocating to its permanent sovereign home within the city limits of Rome where it remains today. After Napoleon’s defeat, the British maintained the island of Malta as a possession until its independence in 1964, becoming the Republic of Malta though choosing to stay a British Commonwealth nation.[9] In lieu of a treaty between the Order and the Republic of Malta over reclaiming Malta’s Fort St. Angelo under permanent extraterritorial sovereignty, a 99-year lease was signed in 1998. Thus on paper only the Order of Malta remains a sovereign nation, still in search of a territory.

Ever since 1446 when the pope granted the Knights of Malta sovereignty that permitted independence to possess ambassadors and extensive non-taxable property in every nation on the European continent,[10] the Order of Malta internationally and politically was viewed and treated by other nation states as a separate yet equal sovereign nation, subservient only to the pope who must approve the lifetime elected “Sovereign Prince” as the Grand Master to rule over the Order’s Council. The native populations in Rhodes and Malta where the knights occupied and ruled for centuries had absolutely no say in how their own island states were governed. But then after living under monarchial feudalism for centuries, they probably rarely even noticed… not unlike citizens of the world today also having grown complacently accustomed to living under plutocratic crime cabal enslavement. Famous German writer Johann Goethe’s quote comes to mind: “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”[11]

In any event, the Knights of Malta’s contribution to the wave after wave of ill-conceived Christian invasions of the Middle East lasting 200 years cost millions of lives, and the Christian forces led militarily by the Malta and Templar Knights may have actually killed as many fellow Christians and Jews as they did Muslims.[12] For all it was worth in cost, two centuries of virtual nonstop war, afforded Christian military control over the Holy City just one 88 year stretch. But once achieving their initial Crusade “victory,” every Crusader invasion thereafter resulted in abysmal failure at untold, agonizing sacrifice and suffering. And the sad irony is that life for Christians in Jerusalem was far better living under their so called enemy than it ever was under Christian control. Jews and Christians alike in the Middle East were treated far more humanely and tolerantly by Muslim Arabs,[13] minus the hatred, bigotry, bloodshed and lies that instigated and fueled the holy wars. With the royal bloodlines competing treacherously against factions from some of those same bloodlines that had infiltrated the powerful Catholic Church, even Rome’s two Christian militias constantly competed, bickered, and fought against each other.[14] Really the debacle of the Crusades were doomed from the outset.[15]

But the real tragedy is that those same secret Christian societies – the Knights of Malta and the Templar-turned-Freemasons,[16] and the Jesuit Pope’s Vatican and ruling bloodlines, today are no longer waging war against each other. Now united together, they’ve channeled all their venomous evil into a war still raging not just against Islam, but against all of humanity,[17] the natural earth and the earth’s children. We are all Satan’s enemy and in the name of their befallen god, they are desperately recoiling from the light of truth that we the people possess. Considered armed and dangerous to their very core existence, the globalists both hate and fear us, knowing we are now finally onto them in the name of truth and God, fighting to slay the demonic dragon in our midst.

There is a major history lesson as well as wake-up call here that unfortunately through elite deep state propaganda gets lost on Westerners’ dumbed down short attention span (measured at only 8 seconds now),[18] at least that’s what they’re still desperately counting on, that we the masses remain so truth-starved, clueless, and docile that we never grasp either history lessons or the truth. Hence, through their nonstop 24/7 brainwash barrage, the planetary controllers always easily manipulate the global masses into blind acceptance and acquiescence that a perpetual state of war on earth is simply the unavoidable consequence of our present human condition. That presumption is yet another lie. It is only because we allow perpetual war, conditioned to impotently and passively believe we have no say or control, that it continues unabated. In recent years the war drum propaganda determined to make a World War III enemy out of Putin is one gargantuan fabrication that deep state is still determined to pull off with its exhaustive “hacked election” meme.[19] The real war is against humanity and the elite’s desperation to cover up their pedophilia epidemic explains why they can’t possibly let go of their worn-out “the Russians did it” delusion.[20] The globalists know if they cannot plunge us into world war soon, they will be toast, stripped and exposed as naked, decrepitly diseased child rapists they are, and that their long dominion controlling this earth through their diabolical crime cabal is inevitably crashing down now.[21] Do I hear an “Amen?”

This is why we need to see through the deception they’ve laid all around us. If you visit the Knights of Malta website, you may initially be fooled, perhaps even be impressed by the Order’s charity efforts and medical missions sanctimoniously displayed in over 120 nations around the world from last century to the present.[22] It’s their glossy propaganda portfolio to the world, their cover to deceive the true evil they propagate, obscuring their bottom line mission held by every secret society for over a century – to deliver New World Order tyranny through totalitarian one world government and one world religion that in actuality goes by the name of Satanism.[23]

Under the auspices of Catholicism, the Knights of Malta are deceitfully running a cultural war on behalf of Christianity directed against Muslims, exactly like the Crusades, using the neocon conspired 9/11 and “war on terror” as their fake pretext. Bush Jr called his response to 9/11 a “crusade, this war on terrorism,”[24] explaining how the Islamic terrorists “hate our freedoms”[25] right after he and Cheney committed 9/11 false flag treason[26] so they could war on Middle East Muslims while pushing anthrax[27] and their pre-written Patriot Act to take our freedoms away patterned after the cold war Soviet totalitarianism. That’s demonic deception the satanic way.

Renowned journalist Seymour Hersh has asserted that SMOM draws its members from the highest levels of US deep state including the Pentagon, secret services, and counterparts in friendly allied nations. While speaking at perhaps the foremost prestigious one – Georgetown University’s Foreign Policy School, Seymour Hersh explained the Knights of Malta this way:

They do see what they’re doing… It’s a crusade, literally. They see themselves as the protectors of the Christians. They’re protecting them from the Muslims [as in] the 13th century. And this is their function.[28]

Some Malta Order facts… for over 900 years it’s been a closed fraternal order whose members are initiated by invitation only. To be a knight one must be Catholic, have served in the military service, and the higher ranks are most definitely upper crusty, requiring proof of aristocratic family coat of arms handed down from father to son unbroken for at least 300 years.[29] Nearly half[30] of its 13,500 present members are of European nobility.[31] The Grand Master, appointed for life and approved of by the pope, is typically of exclusive Illuminati bloodline lineage possessing head of state status with secular rank of prince and ecclesiastical equivalent to a cardinal. The military order was also granted sovereign nation status with its own Constitution despite no territorial claim beyond its Rome headquarters. The Order benefits from permanent observer status at the UN, maintains diplomatic relations with 106 countries[32] and its members enjoy diplomatic immunity,[33] thus possessing a license of impunity to live above the law. As a sovereign “nation,” this convenient loophole freely permits illegal transfer of money across international borders with zero oversight.[34] Members swear loyalty to this sovereign Order/”nation” and their supreme boss the pope over and above their own nations, which minimally amounts to a conflict of interest[35] and potentially a betrayal of their own countries’ constitutions, essentially making them traitors. But that’s the whole idea, as a covert enemy to all nations’ sovereignty, SMOM’s mission is one world government (like pretty much all secret societies).[36] It’s a New World Order snake pit linking the Vatican to royalty and fascist dictatorships around the globe through an underground web of fellow criminal secret societies. As such, it is closely affiliated with Freemasonry, particularly Italy’s fascist P2 masonic lodge as well as the Illuminati.[37] And they all secretly practice Satanism, which by its hidden demonic nature includes pedophilia and both child and human sacrifice.[38]

In 1927 the Knights of Malta Order opened up its exclusive membership to Roman Catholic American males of high wealth and prominence. One such early American invitee who co-founded the US SMOM branch was DuPont Treasurer, General Motors Chairman and onetime head of the Democratic National Committee John Raskob. In 1934 Raskob the US traitor led an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the sitting US President in Franklin D. Roosevelt.[39] Thanks to an American patriot – the heroic General Smedley “war is a racket” Butler, the coup was thwarted but the treasonous conspirators were never properly investigated nor arrested.[40] This shameful, little known chapter in US history illustrates the kind of fascist criminal elements and activities that the Malta Knight Order promotes, raw naked power that subversively undermines and blatantly violates all international and national sovereign laws in favor of brutal centralized authoritarian control. With the recent forced resignation of a former DNC chair and the DNC today facing more criminal subterfuge charges,[41] bent on pursuing by any means available a similar mission to overthrow yet another US president.[42] Sadly and pathetically for lawless America, times have changed very little.

Still another example of how the SMOM as a sovereign entity functions within the larger sphere of international clandestine operations, because it can issue its own passports (along with stamps and coins), during CIA’s Operation Paperclip the Maltese Order served as a Vatican-Nazi ratline supplying false identity passports to US enemy war criminals and brutal concentration camp scientists to circumvent Nuremberg prosecution.[43] The Order of Malta Knights along with the pope,[44] the Vatican, Dutch[45] and British royalty[46] and a host of American internationalist kingpins like John D. Rockefeller,[47] Henry Ford as well as General Motors,[48] Prescott Bush,[49] and the Dulles brothers[50] all treasonously admired and supported Hitler and the Nazis. And with popes and Malta Order’s penchant for supporting fascist dictators around the world, that nefarious elitist thread continues today. Additionally, just like the Knights of Templar Order, according to the Project for the Exposure of Hidden Institutions (PEHI), the ultra-secret Order of Malta Knights has also been implicated in occultism, and as such, “a number of prestigious members” have been linked to such satanic practices as pedophilia, vampirism and cannibalism.[51]

In order to understand what the Knights of Malta are all about and what these “prestigious members” actually stand for, a quick perusal of past and current membership is most illuminating. The list of Maltese Knights[52] reads like a who’s who of all the earth’s down and dirty movers and shakers over the last 100 years (and beyond).[53] The Talmud worshipping patriarch of the Jewish Illuminati Rothschild bloodline, Mayer Amschel Rothschild from Bavaria,[54] became a closeted Catholic Jesuit[55] and Malta Knight who financed both the Vatican and fellow Jesuit crypto-Jew Illuminati “founder” Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century[56] (though the true Illuminati origins date back to at least Spain in 1492 with the Alumbrados)[57] That Rothschild is the earliest listed Malta Knight is telling enough as the family banking dynasty’s tentacles soon owned both the Bank of England housed in the City of London (the independent sovereign corporation called the Crown apart from England or its capital London)[58] as well as controlling interests of the Vatican Bank, not to mention financing both sides to every major war ever fought over the last few centuries. Aside from that, the Rothschild Empire controls the European Central Bank, the privately owned foreign cartel the “US” Federal Reserve,[59] the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of International Settlements.[60]

After commandeering Britain’s Bank of England by crashing its stock market in 1812,[61] it was Mayer Amschel’s son Nathan who accurately boasted:

I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.[62]
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