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Canada & Pedophilia: Genocide against First Nations Women and Girls Deconstructed


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JANUARY 6, 2021
Chapter 43: Canada & Pedophilia: Genocide against First Nations Women and Girls Deconstructed     
Joachim Hagopian

With my ethnic background consisting of an Armenian American father and a mixed ethnicity mother that includes the aboriginal Native American tribe the Ojibwa, genocide hit close to my ancestral home twice. And with no examination of pedophilia, sex trafficking and murder in North America complete without a hard look at the inordinate number of missing women and girls from the First Nations of Canada and America, it’s incumbent upon this A-Z accounting of modern pedophilia to illuminate their tragic story as well.

With just over 2% of the US population and over 4% of the Canadian population indigenous, the percentage of missing, raped and murdered Native North American females is off the charts compared to the general population. Tragically, the long bloody history of genocide against the original North American inhabitants has changed little over the centuries. The genocidal governmental policies of the Commonwealth of Canada, the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches as well as both nations’ racist Bureau/Department of Indian Affairs have long targeted indigenous people, as has Western imperialism subjugated and slaughtered virtually all aboriginal populations across the planet. Indigenous cultures offer spiritual wisdom sorely lacking in the Western culture bent on the exploitation and conquest of nature and humanity. This presentation investigates the most fundamental lessons in the violent violation and loss of innocents of Mother Earth extended to the indigenous women and girls in North America. Their current dire mistreatment and mass murder in both Canada and the US must be brought to an end now. Arresting and convicting the criminals will accomplish the task.

With a historic policy of wholesale house-arrest, herding the Native population onto reservations where intergenerational poverty, rampant alcohol/drug abuse, domestic violence and rape of women and children remain inhumanely embedded for centuries, by systemic design, the nightmarish morass of legal jurisdictional confusion and territorial conflict permits the plight of victims to slip through the cracks resulting in virtually no justice at all. Shannon Keller O’Loughlin, a member of the Choctaw Nation and executive director of the Association on American Indian Affairs, poignantly points out:

We’re seeing a nationwide trend where people in power are being called out on their abuse of women. But Native women living on reservations often don’t have that option. Sometimes, the perpetrator is a tribal judge, someone in tribal government, or a well-respected member of the community. They [victims] fear they could lose their houses or their jobs because of retribution from tribal government.[1]

That said, only 22% of the Native American population lives on reservations while 60% resides in urban environments.[2] While half of all Native assault crimes (at 49%) end up reported to a law enforcement agency, only 17% of the Native victims themselves report to police, according to the Native Congress of American Indians Policy (NCAI) Research Center.[3] Why? Because police have a long history of either being unresponsive or ineffectual in bringing perpetrators to justice. Too much sexism and blaming the victim exists in a misogynistic, bigoted “good ol’ boys club.” Of the 17% of the Native women who do report assaults to police, only 6% actually see their rapists ever arrested. Thus, with such a miniscule number of women ever witnessing any actual justice, resulting in criminal offenders’ arrest, prosecution and conviction, facing these near impossible odds and ever-cognizant of the futility in pursuit of justice, it’s understandable that victims neither trust nor bother reporting crimes to the authorities, knowing the chance is near zero that the perpetrator will ever go to jail. Additionally, the trauma of having to relive the abuse through a grueling, unjust, drawn out court process is simply deemed not worth it when historical reality repeatedly demonstrates that crimes against them do in fact pay. For child victims of pedophilia, this abysmal outcome is only magnified.

Again, according to NCAI:

Tribal courts often don’t have the jurisdiction to prosecute Native sexual assault cases, so they turn them over to federal courts. US attorneys decline to pursue 67 percent of Native sexual-abuse-related cases.[4]

If reality only proves that crime for rapists pays, resulting in no consequence for them since they almost never go to prison, from the victims’ POV, it’s simply not worth reporting the crimes. With these deplorable conditions dictating the same appalling outcome, now lasting centuries, with virtually no improvement or change taking place even during the modern era, internalized victimization and genetically-transmitted trauma among intergenerational Native women and girls as perpetual victims, confirm the fact that genocide is still continuing today.

Native American women are victims of sexual assault at a rate five times higher than that of Asian American woman, and two and a half times more than Caucasian American and African American women. A DOJ study found that 61% of Native American women have been sexually assaulted,[5] and 84.3% physically assaulted.[6] In a National Institute of Justice study, among the 56.1% majority of female Native victims it found that experienced sexual violence in their lifetime, 96% of them reported that their perpetrators were non-Native.[7] Both white women and Native American women are more likely to be sexually assaulted by white men than men of any other race. In fact, another study shows that 80% of Native women who suffer sexual violence, have white males as their perpetrators.[8] Still another report found that 94% of Native women in Seattle were raped or coerced into sex at least once in their lifetime.[9] On top of all this, the murder rate for Native women is ten times the national average of many nations.

Native women in “Indian country” (term used to refer to reservation and tribal lands) are being raped and murdered largely by white men because non-Native lawbreaking criminals cannot be legally tried in tribal courts. The United States Supreme Court, the same governing judicial branch that just ruled in favor of obliterating the US constitutional right of a citizen’s vote to count in a fair and honest election,[10] as recently as 1978 ruled to strip the tribal nations of their legal authority over the policing and prosecuting of non-Natives committing crimes on their reservations and tribal territories.[11] Whenever tribal police apprehend a non-Native, they can only hold the individual awaiting municipal or state law enforcement with legal jurisdiction to respond, and often they don’t, so criminals are free to continue violating the rule of law. If a violent felony is committed, like rape, murder or kidnapping, only federal authorities, primarily the FBI, can intervene, whether the suspect is Native or non-Native. This completely convoluted, inefficient, horribly unfair system is downright racist by intended design, giving white lawbreakers a free lifetime pass to escape justice. With this the egregious reality, the broken justice system has long been the driving force behind the genocide.

This 1978 Supreme Court decision in the Oliphant vs. Suquamish case ensured that white Americans (or all non-Natives) can rape, steal, murder, sex traffic and plunder at will the Native people on their Native lands, especially women and girls, since the federal authorities granted legal jurisdiction generally do not choose to prosecute offenses committed in Indian country. A Government Accounting Office (GAO) report from 2010 showed that US district attorneys opted to turn down about half the felony cases that included rape and murder during the preceding five-year period. For example, in North Dakota, 62% of violent felony crimes committed on tribal land were declined to prosecute by federal authorities. Though the percentage of declined cases in 2017 was lowered nationally to 37%, of those not declined, 70% ended up dropped due to “lack of evidence,” an all too familiar theme found in the global pedo-enabling system.[12] Plus, tribal courts are limited to only sentencing even their own Native criminals to just one year in prison. This coldblooded, infuriating track record amounts to an entrenched, racist, genocidal policy for the most vulnerable population of indigenous girls and women. Additionally, lack of standardized protocols within the Indian Health Services, such as keeping in stock basic rape kits, is yet another insidious, inexcusable reason why rapists of Native females virtually always get away with their crimes.

Though in the US it’s been over a decade since the Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010 was passed, ostensibly to reduce this gross injustice by “improving” interagency communication and coordination between federal, state, local and tribal law enforcement,[13] its implementation failed miserably due to a litany of factors – inoperably convoluted and confusing bureaucratic red tape, lack of political will, severe lack of funding and bigoted resistance to enforcement of the new law.[14] In a bipartisan troubleshooting attempt to ascertain why the 2010 federal act has proven so worthless and ineffective, a 2013 report sent to Congress and Obama by the Indian Law & Order Commission, explained that the cumbersome law is “an indefensible morass of complex, conflicting and illogical commands,” that have only made matters worse for Native Americans. And since history shows that the aboriginal people of North America have always been looked upon by the governing powers of both the US and Canada as superfluous, expendable, less than human “savages,” a blanket-wide policy of genocide has always been allowed to take priority in practice. In this exact same diabolical way, the non-Semitic Ashkenazi Jews unjustifiably occupying Israel have been systematically eradicating actual native Semite Palestinians from their rightful ancient homeland Palestine for over a century with no difference between the two. Genocide is genocide is genocide, regardless of who the perps and who the victims are. But when they remain the same, those guilty of genocide must be stopped and punished for their crimes against humanity. And so far in both North America and Israel, that has yet to happen.

This inhumanely bleak, outrageous reality is further exacerbated by the common misconception that Native American genocide is a thing of the past, taught only in history books. This fallacy, propagated by nefarious design, is absolutely false, as genocide against especially Native women and girls in both the US and Canada continues at an alarming rate. Because it happens so often and because it’s happening to Aboriginal girls and women, it never captures the international headlines of missing, murdered little white girls like Jon Benet Ramsey in Colorado on Christmas 1996 or Britain’s Madeleine McCann in Portugal in 2007. Red lives matter, but you’d never know it by Big Media standards.

Similar to the global pedophilia scourge, if we the people in the 21st century are kept ignorant and unaware that genocidal crimes against a most vulnerable Native female population are being flagrantly committed with complete impunity, there’s no chance in hell to stop it. We must urgently raise public consciousness about both the plight of not only our defenseless, unprotected children worldwide, but also hold accountable the unprosecuted hate crimes committed against Native children and women as well. It’s indisputable that aboriginal societies across the entire planet have historically been targeted for mass extermination. But the fact that to this very day, Native women and girls in Canada and the US still largely remain invisible victims of genocide is horrifically unacceptable. Yet sadly, tragically, it’s true. This shamefully shocking atrocity must end now.

Native advocate and assault victim-survivor Kerry Hawk Lessard, who is a trained medical anthropologist and executive director of Native American LifeLines, an urban Indian health program serving the Baltimore and Boston metropolitan areas, has stated:

The genocide, loss of tribal land, the outlawing of religious practices and language, forced boarding schools, forced assimilation, forced sterilization of women: When you look at all those losses Native people have experienced in such a short period of time, it creates not only individual wounds but also a collective trauma in our communities.[15]

In June 2019, the Canadian government culminated its national inquiry, issuing a 1200-page investigative report openly admitting that as both a British colony and “sovereign” Commonwealth nation, it carries a long shameful legacy of genocide committed against its First Nations peoples. But most significant is the report admitting that the Commonwealth nation of Canada is still engaging in genocide against Aboriginal women and girls. Canada is the first Commonwealth nation to openly acknowledge its sinister intention to “destroy indigenous peoples” as both a onetime French then British colony and “semi-independent” nation the last 153 years as an offshoot of the Crown’s British Empire. Queen Elizabeth remains the formal head of the Commonwealth of [54] Nations, ruling over one fifth of the earth’s land mass and nearly one third of the earth’s population. After the global governing body of the United Nations, by population the Queen’s Commonwealth of Nations is the largest intergovernmental organization on the planet. And since Book 2 and 3 delved deeply into how the evils of slavery, sexual exploitation and blood sacrifice have violated the rule of law in the United Kingdom, its British Empire legacy is still in violation of rule of law all over the world.

With the previous 2 of 5 Pedophilia and Empire books exclusively exposing the pedo-sins of the United Kingdom as the world’s epicenter, sadly Canada’s Commonwealth history is also steeped in pedophilia, torture, blood sacrifice and child sex trafficking, foremost through its longtime genocidal practices against its own indigenous population. Again, while comprising only 4% of the Canadian population, indigenous women and girls are especially targeted in domestic trafficking operations, making up over 50% of Canada’s trafficking victims.[16] Canadian author-researcher Anupriya Sethi, a domestic sex trafficking expert on Aboriginal girls, identifies a couple of the more traveled, prevalent trafficking routes exploiting Native females – Saskatoon-Regina-Winnipeg in the prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba,[17] and further west the Edmonton, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia pathway.[18]

With the Canadian government admitting that the onetime British colony-turned-Commonwealth nation right up to the present has a long shameful history of genocide against the Aboriginal peoples of the First Nations, a feasible start would be to define genocide. According to the UN’s formal 1948 definition from its Article 2 of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide:

Genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.[19]

Note that violating any one of the “a through e” aggressions against another group meets the criteria for genocide. Applied to the indigenous peoples of not only Canada but the US as well as virtually every one of the other 53 British Commonwealth nations, most notably Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and South Africa, over the last millennium, the warlike imperialists of Europe set out to conquer, colonize and engage in systematic genocide against virtually every darker skinned race inhabiting the planet. Beginning with the Anunnaki, multi-generational, earth-controlling bloodlines in the form of a less-than-human ET hybrid have atrociously maintained a ceaseless practice of both genocide and pedophilia against every Aboriginal culture and its children on earth. Inhumanely separating and breaking up First Nations families, coercing and incarcerating their children as inmates in so called residential schools for forced labor and “reeducation” amounting to concentration camp conditions that included starvation amidst an overcrowded, filthy living environment leading to rampant death and disease, all the while accompanied by inhumane torture, rape and murder, this is what genocide looks like in North America for more than a century. And its abominable legacy still breeds genocide to this day.

In Canada these enforced assimilation provincial prison camps were sadistically run primarily by the Queen’s Anglican Church and the Pope’s Catholic Church including the Jesuit Order, along with the United and Presbyterian Churches, representing the darkest, most heinous stains on Canada’s “cultural genocide.” The Roman Catholic Church operated up to 60% of these notorious “schools,”[20] along with the Queen’s Church of England, from 1883 to 1998, a total of 139 schools across the nation attempted to kill off the children’s rich Native culture in what Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission reports as “cultural genocide.”[21]

In the United States the parallel genocidal process unfolded in the killing of Indians through its forced family separation policy, sending children through its own horrific boarding school system, starting with Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania in 1879.[22] Just like its northern neighbor, for over a century, Native American children were systematically stripped from their families, their individual names, their native language, religion and culture, violently forced into assimilation into the “superior” white man’s ways and world. The National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition states:

There were more than 350 government-funded, and often church-run, Indian Boarding schools across the US in the 19th and 20th centuries. Indian children were forcibly abducted by government agents, sent to schools hundreds of miles away, and beaten, starved, or otherwise abused when they spoke their native languages.[23]

The George Washington of Canada as its first and only six-term prime minister, the Queen Victoria knighted Sir John A. MacDonald,[24] like Sir Henry Kissinger nearly a century later,[25] weaponized starvation, willfully withholding food from First Nations/Third World,[26] as the keystone to achieving their Luciferian genocidal ends. For pure gluttonous sport and hide profiteering, the whites’ kill-off of the North American bison was also intended to deny Natives’ their main staple of food, clothing and shelter.[27] Additionally, to prevent tribes from disrupting railroad construction to the Pacific, Prime Minister MacDonald began purposely withholding food to repeatedly cause famines on the Plains, herding Aboriginals onto reservations where starvation was further used as the ultimate genocidal means of control.[28] MacDonald also was the evil mastermind behind the national indigenous child roundup and 115-year Indian residential school system that devastated the First Nations population. Here is John MacDonald’s infamous quote justifying his diabolical policy out to destroy Canada’s Native families:

When the school is on the reserve, the child lives with his parents who are savages; he is surrounded by savages … He is simply a savage who can read and write.[29]

Canada’s “reeducation” policy amounted to genocide, killing 3,200 at the low-end to way more than 6,000 indigenous children in Canada’s century plus reign of terror.[30] The true number of deaths will never be known, mainly because once the chief medical officer at Indian Affairs revealed that children were dying at an alarming rate, circa 1920, the Canadian government stopped keeping track of the dying children in its care, intentionally hiding its unconscionable crimes against humanity.[31] To put eminent life threatening danger in perspective, the odds of an Indian child dying in a residential school were greater than the odds of a Canadian soldier fighting in World War II.[32] Living conditions were so unsafe that a lawyer conducting a review in 1907 told the government:

Doing nothing to obviate the preventable causes of death, brings the Department within unpleasant nearness to the charge of manslaughter.[33]

Three years later, the Indian Affairs Deputy Superintendent-General Duncan Campbell Scott from 1913 to 1932 wrote:

It is readily acknowledged that Indian children lose their natural resistance to illness by habitating so closely in these schools, and that they die at a much higher rate than in their villages. But this alone does not justify a change in the policy of this Department, which is being geared towards the final solution of our Indian Problem.[34]

The Nazis weren’t the first to come up with a “final solution” in the name of genocide to an unwanted “ethnic” problem. In 1913, the same deputy head of Indian Affairs is quoted below, admitting that half his student population was decimated by disease, yet the basis of his lament had far more to do with the lost benefit of their education wasted on them than for any compassion or concern over lost lives.

It is quite within the mark to say that fifty per cent of the children who passed through these schools did not live to benefit from the education, which they had received therein.[35]

From a June 2015 Toronto Star op-ed piece:

When Indigenous children died, we [Canadians] often did not consider them human enough to inform their families, to record their genders or their ages or the causes of their deaths, or mark their graves.[36]

Shoddily kept records, chronic underfunding and difficulty locating unmarked gravesites have collectively posed formidable barriers making efforts today to identify victims and belatedly notify living family members virtually impossible. The fact is, it wasn’t just a “cultural genocide,” it always has been and still is, quite literally a full-blown genocide by willful, premediated murder. By the UN definition of genocide, every single criterion was shamefully met in spades by the Ottawa government, the royal Crown and the Catholic Vatican.

The head of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Justice Murray Sinclair, said that the legacy of the residential schools is still very evident. As relayed in another Toronto Star article:

High poverty rates, a large number of aboriginal children in foster care, a disproportionate number of aboriginals in jail and hundreds of missing and murdered aboriginal women can all be traced back to residential schools.[37]

From the TRC final report, yet another legacy – in 1999, a year after the final residential school was closed:

Research in Alberta indicated that 78% of children who have died in foster care between 1999 and mid-2013 were aboriginal.[38]

Yep, the genocide is still ongoing.

For half a dozen years from 2009 to 2015, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission interviewed between 6,000 to 7,000 survivors who provided sordid details of their wicked maltreatment on a national scale, the beatings, the torture, sexual abuse as children (as young as five),[39] forced sterilization, gross criminal neglect, murder and relentless degradation aimed at stripping them of their own cultural identity.[40] The Canadian government funded these concentration camps directly run by the queen and pope’s church personnel, employing satanic sadist priests, nuns and clergy to carry out the Crown and Vatican’s genocidal orders.

Per its Statement on Indian Policy, as recent as 1969, Canada’s federal government sought to terminate all prior Treaties with the First Nations and end Indian status.[41] In 2007, the churches and the government were reluctantly forced to settle a $5 billion massive class-action lawsuit, the largest in Canadian history, as meager compensation for the untold, irreversible damage done perpetrated on the 90,000 living residential school survivors out of the more than 150,000 victims.[42] Two fifths were already dead. The 2007 lawsuit settlement also stipulated the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission that in 2009 began work, digging into Canada’s genocidal war against its first inhabitants.

Once wave after wave of Europeans began invading their sacred homeland to wage its nonstop war for multiple centuries, the Native children’s only “crime” was having been born members of the First Nations, a far more spiritually, morally advanced culture to begin with, peacefully living millennia in harmony with nature and each other (after all, the Founding Fathers’ US Constitution was partially based on the Iroquois Federation),[43] worshiping the Great Spirit as life’s Universal Creator. The legacy of psychopathic brutality within their Anunnaki ancestors colonizing, enslaving and raping the earth a quarter million millennia ago (See Book 1, Chapter 2) remained very much activated by the genetically linked hybrid bloodlines of Europe during their recolonization and victimization of the original New World inhabitants. The overwhelmingly strong parallel between the Anunnaki of old and their more recent hybrid descendants as one-and-the same, ultra-violent oppressor-colonizer-killers, is strikingly similar.

A very sick, twisted irony – the Canadian government’s religious run residential schools were predicated on the racist notion and criminal hubris that indigenous children are somehow less human than other children, so they were worked like animals in mandated slave labor camps, deliberately underfed and malnourished, forced into cramped, unsanitary living conditions. Then, when they fell ill, they were never given adequate medical treatment, all by criminally calculated, genocidal design. So, all this was not just a sanitized “cultural” version of genocide, but every bit premeditatedly lethal. And who’s really less human – the blood sacrificed, innocent indigenous child victims or the satanic ET hybrid genocidal leaders atop the Canadian government as agents of the criminal Commonwealth Crown and Vatican?

And because throughout history right up to today, government leaders, royalty and popes are all notoriously responsible for the pedophilia blight on humanity among its nonstop crimes against humanity, where genocide is committed, always so is sodomy. Among the key facts from the 2015 Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report regarding a residential school for the Inuit children in the Northwest Territories:

From 1958, when it was first opened, until 1979, there was never a year in which Grollier Hall in Inuvik did not employ at least one dormitory supervisor who would later be convicted for sexually abusing students.[44]

From the mid-1950s well into the 1980s, yet another concentrated shameful wave of a national systemic assault on the Native peoples’ families swept across Canada, colloquially, benignly dubbed the Sixties Scoop. Non-Native social services child welfare workers would systematically pluck indigenous children from their family homes and placed out-of-province in adopted non-Native families throughout Canada and even the US.[45] Doctors, nurses and social workers would invasively pressure single Native mothers into giving up their children at birth, often told that the placement was temporary until the mother’s living situation was stabilized, only to then find out that the state had secretly, permanently adopted their children. Again, it was yet another calculated, disgraceful attempt by the national government to eliminate Native children’s identity and heritage, stripping them of their rightful names, language, parents and siblings. White middle-class social workers, again played God, breaking up families deemed “unfit” or unhealthy by their middle-class values and standards, despite the Native culture’s propensity toward an extended family social support system. As a therapist in Los Angeles County for many years, I ran into this same systemic problem, so symptomatic of the long-broken system that fails to act in the best interest of children. The child welfare gatekeepers, including children and family court judges, run a criminal black-market pipeline to the global child sex slave trafficking network.

Deprived of her rightful real family and culture, one of the systemic Sixties Scoop victims now in her 50s commented:

I feel like I’ve been ripped off. We didn’t have the residential school to separate us from our culture and our language. We had the Sixties Scoop.[46]

Just as the most susceptible youth living in residential group homes and foster care placements within the child welfare system is the primary pipeline source for pedophilic operations around the world, add the racist genocidal element to Canada’s 115-year residential school sexual violence and abuse, and you begin to glimpse the institutionalized absolute horror suffered by the 150,000 indigenous children. And its legacy is still raging in the thousands of unaccounted for missing and murdered children and women succumbing to today’s genocide.

Perhaps the most notorious evidence of the localized genocide of missing and murdered Indigenous girls and women is the 450-mile stretch of Highway 16, known as “the Highway of Tears” in northern British Columbia from Prince Rupert to Prince George where scores of victims disappeared.[47] According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), one-third of Canada’s missing indigenous girls and women occurred in British Columbia, doubling the next province, its neighbor to the east Alberta.[48]

But the epidemic of missing, raped and murdered indigenous women and children in Canada isn’t limited to just north of the border. It’s been a growing problem in the States as well. Between 2016 to 2018, 26% of all the missing persons in the US state of Montana were indigenous women, even though Native Americans make up only 6.7% of the state population, but are four times more likely to go missing than non-indigenous Montanans.[49] In 2017 in the United States, 5,646 Native women and girls were reported missing.

Because missing girls and women is not a crime in and of itself, law enforcement has less priority and funding resources allocated to search for thousands of victims each year. Native families of missing loved ones, too often get left in the lurch without any help, need all the support and assistance they can get. Unfortunately, families complain that law enforcement fails to take them seriously or are stretched too thin to be effective. From 1980 to 2012, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are on record announcing that 1,200 aboriginal women and girls were missing or murdered In Canada.[50] That number has since been challenged by activists, maintaining that as many as 4,000 indigenous women have been murdered or missing.[51] In any event, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police determined that Canada’s Native women account for 16% of the female homicides and 11% of the missing women despite only making up 4.3% of the nation’s female population, underscoring the urgency of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement.[52]

By the 1990s, the problem only grew from bad to worse, giving rise to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women movement in Canada, coinciding with the onset of the internet boom that allowed greater community, province and statewide outreach and coordination for missing persons cases. The MMIW movement has no single unifying umbrella organization, but advocates in small groups are working to liaise with missing persons’ families and law enforcement. As the number of missing persons cases keep rising, so has the movement, spreading expanding awareness of the plight of so many Native females preyed upon by unknown raping, murdering assailants, rarely identified, much less arrested, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned.

After a three-year Canadian government inquiry drawing from the testimony of 1500 families of victims and survivors, in June 2019 it too called the killing epidemic of indigenous women and girls an official “genocide.”[53]

The chief commissioner of the inquiry, retired indigenous Judge Marion Buller, declared:

This is genocide. An absolute paradigm shift is required to dismantle colonialism in Canadian society.

Present for the unveiling was Canada’s bloodline heir to the Commonwealth Crown, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose alleged biological father, former PM Pierre Trudeau, was a closet homosexual-pedophile himself. The predictable Justin Trudeau pledged to put the inquiry’s 231 recommendations expeditiously into a “National Action Plan with Indigenous partners to determine next steps.” Always at the ready to pay lip service whenever this kind of announcement goes public, Canada’s bullshitting top politician uttered:

This is an uncomfortable day for Canada but it is an essential day. To the missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls of Canada, to their families and to survivors — we have failed you, [followed by the obligatory promise to] conduct a thorough review of this report.

But more on this pedo-enabling Luciferian a little later.

The 2019 inquiry report accurately states that Canada’s law enforcement and criminal justice system have both historically failed Indigenous children and women, dismissing their allegations outright as a marginalized, unimportant segment of the population, viewed “through a lens of pervasive racism and sexist stereotypes,” which has only created in the victims an understandable distrust in the very legal system that’s supposed to protect them. It’s reached long past the crisis stage.

Making matters worse is the famous Royal Canadian Mounted Police. After the watchdog group Human Rights Watch interviewed 50 Native women in British Columbia and published a report airing their grievances against Canada’s federal police force, the RCMP allegations included “aggressive policing and inappropriate use of strip searches to accusations of sexual assault.”[54] One woman even asserted that she was gang raped by members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Their mistreatment at the hands of Canadian law enforcement has created a climate of fear to report serious crimes. With indigenous girls/women the most trafficked and murder their third leading cause of death, the unacceptable response historically from law enforcement has only contributed to the nightmare.[55] The understandable lack of willingness of victims to report crimes and the criminal justice system’s lack of prosecuting perpetrators have also made Indigenous girls and women easy crime targets for predation in a vicious circle of abuse.

But the single catalyst that prompted the overwhelming demand for the national government inquiry to delve into the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women epidemic was the highly publicized, egregious murder of 15-year old Tina Fontaine.[56] Her story brought home everything that’s broken and wrong with the system that “failed her” as the headlines look back on her sad, shortened life. Her petite body found in a sack with 25 pounds of rocks in Winnipeg’s Red River in August 2014 shocked and horrified the nation. It was pulled out of the river a week after she was reported missing. The night prior to her gone missing, Tina Fontaine had contact with a hospital, police and social workers.[57] As a runaway foster child, she had only arrived in Manitoba’s largest city the month before she died. She knew enough to seek help through social services after she was sexually violated while struggling with drug addiction. Yet a care worker dropped her off at a downtown hotel the evening before she disappeared, hardly the kind of care she needed, as the 15-year old simply walked off into the night never to be seen alive again. Tina had disclosed to the child welfare agency that she had been “hanging out” with an older man.

After nearly a year into the investigation without a suspect or arrest, an ensuing police sting operation ran from June to December 2015, prior to 56-year old Raymond Cormier’s arrest.[58] With the prosecution heavily relying on audio recordings of police interviews with Cormier and nearly fifty trial witnesses’ testimony, including several alleging the older man had sex with the underage girl, due to circumstantial evidence only, that failed to link the prime suspect’s DNA to the murder, a jury found the sexual predator not guilty in February 2018. This unpopular verdict triggered a major reaction across Canada over how both its child welfare and criminal justice systems so miserably failed the poor girl, her family and Canada’s indigenous community. No new leads have moved the unsolved case any closer to honing in on the actual killer.

According to a March 2019 BBC article:

A new report has found that she [Tina Fontaine] was often unable to access services despite clear indications she needed support.[59]

From Manitoba child and youth advocate Daphne Penrose’s 115-page report:

Throughout her life, Tina needed an array of services from child and family, education, victim support, law enforcement, health, and mental health systems. At times, particularly in the final months of her life, some of these services were unavailable, not easily accessible, or ill-coordinated, which did not provide the supports and interventions she desperately needed.[60]

Less than three years prior to Tina’s murder, her biological father was beaten to death on Halloween 2011. Tina’s great aunt Thelma Favel, who’d raised Tina since age 5 in the Sagkeeng First Nation, located northeast of Winnipeg, sought counseling services for the 12-year old struggling with her father’s untimely murder at age 41.[61] Her Aunt Thelma stated that despite her efforts to get Tina into counseling, she “was just turned away.” Thelma Favel said that Tina had only recently met her biological mother who the aunt claimed first introduced Tina to drugs. Favel said that she last saw her niece on July 1, 2014, when Tina ran away from her Sagkeeng home heading for Winnipeg. The great-aunt disclosed that upon learning that Tina had run away, Thelma Favel contacted Child and Family Services that apparently located Tina in Winnipeg, placing her in a temporary foster home. But at some point, Tina left that Winnipeg foster home although it was reported that Tina again came in contact with social services the night before she was reported missing on August 9. Aunt Thelma maintains that:

They had her in a foster home and it took them three weeks to tell me that she was AWOL.[62]

Tina’s Winnipeg aunt Lana Fontaine said that whenever Tina would run away, she would show up at her house. Lana said she last saw Tina a week prior to her disappearance, which would be the first or second day of August 2014.

Advocate Daphne Penrose’s 115-page report explained:

[Grief over Tina Fontaine’s father’s sudden violent death] grew and expanded until it began to manifest in difficulty at school, experimentation with drugs and alcohol, running away, increasing violence, and being sexually exploited by adult men who preyed on her.[63]

The young schoolgirl was never provided even one session of counseling or cultural healing services despite being so visibly crushed and grief-stricken, yet she was allowed to slip through the gaping proverbial cracks into the unpredictable, dangerous world of lethal child predation, despite right up to her disappearance receiving:

Ongoing assessments and recommendations that this [counseling] was a critical need in her life.[64]

So, in death Tina became the poster girl for much needed change in Canada. At every glaring level, the system failed to protect her. Barely a month in the city of her demise, Winnipeg carries the dubious distinction as the highest per capita for children in government care, 90% of them aboriginal kids.[65]

The Jamaica-born Winnipeg police chief from 2012 to 2016, Devon Clunis, Canada’s first appointed Black Canadian police chief, stated:

I’ve been saying we need to have a meaningful, difficult conversation in the city. By the time an individual from the indigenous community comes to the attention of the police, oftentimes it’s too late. It’s a deep social issue that needs to be addressed from a holistic community perspective.[66]

Despite the sound police chief’s logic, Conservative Party Prime Minister Stephen Harper disagreed, resisting calls for a national inquiry, myopically maintaining that Tina Fontaine’s death should be taken as nothing more than a criminal matter:

I think we should not view this as sociological phenomenon. We should view it as crime.[67]

Canada’s national inquiry had to wait until the Liberal Party candidate Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister in 2016. As city and state, Winnipeg and Canada were both singled out as sore spots within this larger sociological crisis. Winnipeg is the provincial capital of Manitoba, where some of the nation’s highest child poverty rates are found and where the number of reported missing persons keep rising every year at the same time that social services are being cut. In the now over half dozen years since Tina’s murder, conditions have only deteriorated further, with indigenous people suffering more than ever, according to Cora Morgan, head of Manitoba’s First Nations Family Advocate Office.[68] Most recently, crystal meth addiction has flared up to an all-time crisis high. In October 2020 the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Grand Chief Arlen Dumas, accused the current provincial government of stealing federal funds specifically allocated for First Nations children:

There has long been a well-oiled strategy for the Province to become a First Nation child apprehending machine, commodifying children: likely being a ploy to be able to steal Federal funds from them. The incompetence of this [Manitoba Premier Brian] Pallister government, not to mention the callous and cold operation of their Minister of Families, is utterly despicable and needs to stop. First Nations children deserve respect and this is beyond disrespectful.[69]

The murder of 15-year old Tina Fontaine forced Canada to reconcile its genocidal policy against its Aboriginal population. In America the brutal murder of just turned 22-year old Native woman Savanna LaFontaine-Greywind has served as the US counterpart, acting as a mirror to soberly reflecting the same ugly parallel taking place during the same month of August exactly three years later in 2017, incredibly on the exact same Red River little more than 200 miles south of where Tina’s lifeless body was pulled from the same flowing water.[70] It’s almost cryptic that another young indigenous woman with nearly the same surname, but this time a half decade older entering her final month of pregnancy, would also go missing for eight days before Savanna, whose name in Dakota language means “Where Thunder Finds Her,” was cast into the same Red River directly south in Fargo, North Dakota upstream from Winnipeg. Also similar to Tina Fontaine, eight days after Savanna was reported missing, the metaphoric thunder was echoing loudly when the body of Where Thunder Finds Her was found by kayakers floating in the Red River bound and wrapped in plastic, off the Minnesota riverbank state borderline separating North Dakota from Minnesota. The August 2017 murder served as a thunderous wakeup call America needed to face its own nightmarish epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, unfolding as much south of the border as north.

But unlike the Tina Fontaine murder, within days of finding Savanna’s body, two suspects were in custody and eventually convicted of conspiracy to commit murder. Once Savanna was lured under the false pretense of helping her neighbor Brooke Lynn Crews living upstairs in the same apartment building with a dress fitting, Crews proceeded to cut open Savanna as a “womb raider,” extracting her newborn she’d been carrying for eight months, allowing Savanna to die from loss of blood. Crews’ boyfriend William Hoehn allegedly came home to the bloody scene and placed a rope around Savanna’s neck to ensure she would die.[71] In 2012 Hoehn had also pleaded guilty to fracturing the skull of his own infant son. For his part in Savanna’s murder, he ended up receiving 20 years in prison while Crews was handed a life sentence without parole. Police found in the murderers’ apartment Savanna’s two-day old baby daughter alive. She is being raised by her father, Savanna’s boyfriend.

Criticism that Fargo police reacted slowly to Savanna’s disappearance grew louder after her body was recovered as the state tribal leaders demanded reform. Tribal leader Dave Flute, representing the United Tribes of North Dakota in a letter to the state congressional delegation, wrote several weeks after her murder:

During the gatherings and prayers for Savanna, we heard story after story from families who also have women in their families missing or with unsolved murders. The murder of Savanna illustrates a much larger problem of epic proportions.[72]

Finally, three years and two months after Savanna’s murder, President Trump on October 10, 2020 signed Savanna’s Law into effect, ostensibly a major step in the right direction to combat the escalating violence against Native women and girls.[73] Savanna’s Act provides tribal access to federal crime databases and mandates the Health and Human Services, Secretary of Interior and Attorney General to work directly with tribes on updating and accessing a centralized shared database along with tribal recommendations to help safeguard Native women. It also requires the creation of standardized jurisdictional guidelines for handling missing persons cases and crimes against Aboriginals, maximizing collaboration and cooperation between tribes and local, state and federal law enforcement. It requires updated statistics on missing and murdered Native American women to include recommendations on improving data collection that would be in an annual report to Congress. The only concern is that many of these actions, identified issues and purpose of this 2020 law sounds eerily similar to the failed Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010. Words come cheap when not backed up by action.

With Canada’s June 2019 national inquiry’s public release of its final report on genocide, Mohawk attorney and former president of the Native Women’s Association of Canada, Beverley Jacobs, was neither taken in by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s rhetoric nor his empty promises heard so many times before:

Our people have been in a violent relationship with Canada for too long. And when you’re in an abusive relationship and waiting for the abuser to change, but they’re not willing to change, you have to figure out how to get out of the relationship.[74]

Though the inquiry called out the government’s genocide on the indigenous population, reiterating all the alarming facts from yet another state sponsored investigation, just like mother England’s drawn-out Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, rehashing the same old ground that never fails to reap little to no substantive change, the leaders from UK, US, Canada and the entire world continue to pay lip service deceptively failing children the planet over. Today’s pandemic, not the fake Covid-19 NWO takedown of the global population and economy, but the very real global pedo-trafficking network is only growing with each worthless, do-nothing “national inquiry.” Placating the masses with platitudes of change is an old appeasement trick that no longer works for those awake enough to see through the phony misdirection dance. The last thing the world needs is more statistics, fake moral posturing and more bullshit acting as yet another transparent cover while, when no one’s looking, more kids continue getting abused and slaughtered around the world.

Cease this never-ending bullshit and utilize the overkill of a global surveillance complex, finally putting it to worthwhile purpose through cyber-forensics to gather up the mountains of evidence, conjointly with worldwide Truth and Reconciliation Commissions to round up all the guilty earth controllers and then prosecute the fuck out of all the pedophilia overlords that own, control and are hell-bent on closing in on destroying us and our entire world. We’re in the genocidal war of our lives right now, and there’s no time left to be stupid falling for more of their divide and conquer deception. We either fight the evil now or we perish.

In recent years by far the biggest single source causing the growing crisis of violence against Native females in North America is the fossil fuel extraction industry and its countless “man camps,” large scale temporary housing camps springing up everywhere the gas and oil extraction continues spreading its environmental and human destruction. Oil field extraction and the Keystone XL pipeline construction cut through the heart of Native American tribal lands. This is exactly where off-the-charts rape, abduction, sex trafficking and murder of Native girls and women in the US and Canada has proliferated in the last couple decades. The sudden influx of well paid, transient, largely white male laborers converging on the Bakken oil fields in the US has been preying virtually at will on vulnerable, unprotected indigenous females,[75] with skyrocketing incidents in eastern Montana and western North Dakota. The same appalling crimewave hit the Tar Sands region of Alberta, Canada as well.

MMIW activist Pamela Chelalekem Bond, Co-director of Protectors of the Salish Sea on the Snohomish Tribal Council as well as the Council’s Fish, Wildlife and Environment Director specifies:

These man camps that follow the black snake [pipeline] are where the trafficking is happening. If you put a pin marker in every place where indigenous women are missing, they’re in very close proximity to man camps and pipelines. So that black snake doesn’t just pollute the land and the water it’s on – it’s [literally] consuming indigenous people.[76]

This no-brainer source fueling the current epidemic abducts missing girls and women, rapes, traffics and murders them in cold blood with impunity. Just ask the Crown ruling over her 54-nation Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth and her consort hubby Prince Philip. A quick look back to October 1964 and their royal visit to British Columbia might jog their royal memory of what they criminally did to those ten Native children as the last adults seen trafficking them away alive – never to be seen again.[77] If it’s where so many of the preyed upon victims go in royal circles, they were sodomized, tortured, and butchered in blood sacrifice to the blood drinking royal cannibals. William Coombes, a Native student witness of the incident with his missing peers, about to give testimony against the Queen, was likely assassinated. When his nurse was interviewed, she disagreed completely with his official cause of death listed as tuberculosis, believing he died of arsenic poisoning. Lots of evidence surrounding William’s death screams foul play.

So following the royals’ lead over a half century ago, it’s only too obvious that mostly white thugs, by day working up a sweat toiling away in the oil fields, by night turning into party animals, typically under heavy disinhibiting alcohol and drug influence, become savage beasts lusting to lay claim by force to the local Native girls and women, sexually assaulting, trafficking and murdering them at unprecedented rates virtually with total impunity. Where are all the arrests and convictions of these known sexual predators working the oil fields and their predatory traffickers?

Almost 20% of the registered sex offenders living on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in the Baaken oil fields don’t even bother to register while in the rest of North Dakota only 4 to 5% remain unregistered.[78] While choosing not to register as sex offenders, what do you think they’re doing? Convicted criminals with long histories know they can continue getting away with their crimes since offending against Native girls and women is so infrequently prosecuted by the feds in bed with the oil industry. Young, out-of-state male workers with no community ties whatsoever possess entitlement claims to both the land they’re working on and the local females they deem “fair game” on it. Sexual harassment, sexual assault, abduction, sex trafficking and murder rates have all soared since mid-2000s. But the unprotected Native victims generally don’t report crimes, despite a new FBI office and brand-new jail opening in response to the crime surge. Between 2006 and 2012, violent crime in North Dakota boomtowns shot up 18.5% while dropping 25.6% in the rest of the state. During that same period, the number of calls to police went up nearly four times. But when the oil fracking and free flowing money run dry, the boom goes bust, followed by a spike in bankruptcy and domestic violence.

Again, the royal controllers that include the Houses of Orange (Royal Shell owners), Windsor, Rothschild and Saud, along with their largest global banks including America’s top four with federal tax subsidies, all support the too-big-to-fail Big Oil investors/profiteers busily protecting their own self-interests.[79] Ensuring the legal authorities look the other way while Big Oil’s hired hands, the “boys will be boys” continue getting away with murder. Violent blue-collar criminals are taking full advantage, preying on the least protected population in North America – Native women and children. Gas and oil companies are known to indiscriminately hire in bulk volume hundreds of employees at a time wherever and whenever needed without running cumbersome background checks.

By design at the federal level, this chronic lack of protection is reprehensible and thoroughly disgusting. Right up to 2020, no comprehensive nationalized legislation has ever bothered to build a centralized database to prioritize and combat this continental scourge, since Big Oil interests rule far more important than the lives of hapless Native North Americans forever targeted in genocidal crosshairs. Likewise, the FBI’s sloppy tracking mechanism via its Uniform Crime Report, listed only 2,415 homicides for American Indians and Alaskan Natives from 1999 to 2017, while the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tallied twice as many at 4,821.[80] It’s a sad commentary when no centralized North American database of the thousands of missing and murdered even exists, so a doctoral student at University of Lethbridge in Canada, Annita Luchessi, on her own, has to assemble a database of over 2,600 missing and murdered Native women/girls in Canada and US, with near half the victims in the US. Annita makes the poignant case:

We live in a society where portrayals of indigenous women are often as victims of violence or hypersexualized. When the rest of the country only thinks of native women in those ways, it’s easy to see us in real life as women who are easy to victimize.[81]

Then, since perceptions are only confirmed by reality, how is that going to stop the tsunami of violence? It doesn’t.

In 2013, Native American Deborah Maytubee Shipman from the Chickasaw Nation also began her own informal database via the social media platform of Facebook called “Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls USA.”[82] Retired Florida homicide detective Janet Franson and her husband moved to Montana where she started “Lost and Missing in Indian Country” on Facebook.[83] Meanwhile, lackluster feds dragging their heels need to catch up to impassioned individual citizens doing more than their share to fill the empty void created by the seemingly indifferent, too often pedo-protecting Establishment.

The obsolete law enforcement jurisdiction juggernaut still protects the criminals, though finally in 2013 an amendment to the Violence Against Women Act granted tribal courts authority to at least arrest and prosecute non-Natives for domestic violence on their land.[84] But abduction, rape, trafficking and murdering still remain federal crimes too often ignored and unprosecuted “for lack of evidence.”

The vast open expanse on both the Indian reservations and the rural areas in the US and Canada where so many victims are prone to disappear creates an enormous advantage to get away with abduction, rape, trafficking and murder. Then, as critical time passes, it becomes increasingly rare that victims get found alive, and near insurmountable challenge to locate and find victims buried, decomposing bodies. It rapidly materializes as the metaphor of searching for the needle in the haystack. Yet as public awareness grows, hundreds of well-intentioned MMIW advocates across North America, mostly Native but non-Natives too, tirelessly dedicate their time and energy to this important, much needed crisis and cause. At times local law enforcement officers view advocates as unwanted nuisances running interference, usurping or getting in the way of their policing function.[85] But the bottom line is because there has been such an acute lack of both police resources and adequate policing response to this growing human epidemic of missing victims, law enforcement limitations and its shortcomings have fueled this void needing to be filled by citizen volunteers. Coming together for the righteous cause to help in search efforts offers much needed support to hurting, distraught families, occasionally bringing closure when corpses of missing members are recovered and the extremely rare occurrence of an unsolved murder gets solved. Once in a while a coldblooded murderer does get caught and goes to prison for a long time.[86] But again, the rarest of rarest events.

A July 2019 article from United Press International rightly points out the commonly stated causes to explain the intergenerational epidemic:

Competing legal jurisdictions, overworked police departments and remote locations.[87]

But conspicuously absent are the historic roots of racism and the elephant in the room – the fossil fuel industry.

One bright spot is America’s first Native American congresswoman, Deb Haaland from New Mexico, joined recently in the House of Representatives by Yvette Herrell also from New Mexico. Kansas representative Sharice Davids was elected in 2018. The November 2020 election resulted in a record number of Native American women elected to Congress.[88] This trend in conjunction with the month prior’s Savanna Act taking effect is very encouraging as the much-needed impetus for actual positive change and not just empty lip service gesturing and posturing.

As mentioned repeatedly throughout Pedophilia and Empire, child charities provide the ideal cover for a high concentration of international “humanitarian” workers to easily commit their crimes with little oversight or scrutiny, often navigating and serially offending from one geographical location to the next typically in developing nations. One such criminal is Canadian Peter Dalglish, described by Newsweek as “one of the world’s leading experts on humanitarian work with street children and children affected by war.”[89] The credited co-founder of one of the planet’s largest childhood charities – Street Kids International, was arrested by police in Nepal in April 2018 after receiving a tip from an organization outside the country. An initial investigation reported that Dalglish’s Modus Operandi was offering needy children opportunity for foreign travel to gain a quality education abroad. A team from Nepal’s Criminal Investigation Bureau monitoring the 60-year old suspect at the time of his arrest rescued boys 12- and 14-years of age from his living quarters in the Kavre district, about 50 kilometers north of the capital Kathmandu. Since the April 2015 devastating earthquake in Nepal, Dalglish had been running the Himalayan Community Foundation, ostensibly consigned to help rebuild schools, provide medical service and health education.

Prior to arriving in Nepal, Dalglish was the appointed UN-Habitat country representative for Afghanistan from 2010 to 2014 and representative for the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response in Liberia in 2015. In 2016, he joined the World Health Organization (WHO) to assist managing the Ebola crisis. Of course, the Bill Gates funded WHO has played a notorious conspiratorial role in the gross criminal mismanagement and worldwide propaganda disinformation campaign during 2020’s Covid-19 scamdemic.[90] President Trump has wisely withdrawn US funding for this New World Order organization.

In a Kathmandu district court after the derelict was found guilty, in July 2019, Peter Dalglish received a 9-year prison sentence.[91] This asshole wasn’t busted till he was 60, so no doubt the sexual predator rose up through the international charity ranks working with kids as a senior UN and WHO official all the while busily sexually assaulting vulnerable young boys for numerous decades. 2016 was the year Justin Trudeau became Canada’s top leader, and the politician and pedophile were arm in arm buddies, as Peter Dalglish was awarded the Order of Canada, the nation’s second highest civilian honor.[92]

Another friend of Trudeau, exposed notorious Canadian “do-gooder,” known for his philanthropical organizations as an entrepreneurial mining investment financier and Lionsgate Entertainment founder, is Frank Giustra from British Columbia, linked nefariously to the Clinton Foundation, rewarded in 2013 as a Clinton board of director member. But most significant is between 2005 and 2008, Giustra used Clinton influence to help him make killer uranium deals with Kazakhstan and South Africa, paying the Clintons a total of $145 million as global pay-to-players.[93] When Pizzagate broke implicating the Clintons, it was revealed that two of Giustra’s philanthropic enterprises – Elpida boys home in Greece and Canadian Boys Club Network, funded by Giustra’s Radcliff Foundation, prominently displayed the boy lover logo that made the FBI’s published list of common pedophile symbols.[94] The thin-skinned Giustra sued Twitter for posting his pedo-references.[95] Recall also that the boy lover logo is the same familiar lookalike symbol used by Besta Pizza a couple doors down from James Alefantis’ Comet Pizza. As an aside, it was Frank Giustra who allegedly loaned Prince Harry and wife Meghan his spacious palatial pad in Canada when they fled UK in December 2019.[96]

Here’s another pedophilia link that Frank Giustra and current Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have in common. Apparently not only are billionaire Frank and politician Justin friends, but they both also share a fondness for the same boy loving logo. Yep, incredibly the Trudeau Foundation also uses the same revealing logo.[97] But then a quick look into Trudeau’s family background explains why. Cathy O’Brien, author of Trance Formation of America, was a MK-Ultra mind control victim and survivor (See Book 4, Chapter 2), whose credibility remains unchallenged for her eye-opening exposé outing the slew of top world leaders who were/are pedophiles and rapists, including Justin Trudeau’s deceased Jesuit father Pierre, Canadian Prime Minister from 1968 to 1984.[98] Cathy’s testimony strongly suggests that Justin is also an Illuminati mind control victim. On top of that, evidence also points to Justin’s pedophilic activity as a 29-year old teacher forced to abruptly leave his teaching post at the elite boarding school the West Point Grey Academy in Vancouver in 2001. In October 2019, Trudeau settled out-of-court, a seven-figure (allegedly over $2.25 million), mutual non-disclosure deal with his accuser, an underage girl likely less than 14[99] at the time of his sexual predation.[100] Will the child rapist ever answer for his crime?

Also, as is extremely common among sexually compromised prime ministers, presidents and royalty, Trudeau seems to possess a propensity for maintaining very close friendships with other pedophilic-minded men. Aside from Frank Giustra and Peter Dalglish, Justin’s roommate at both college and teaching at the same boarding school, nine years after Trudeau’s sudden departure from West Grey, Vancouver high school teacher Christopher Ingvaldson, was busted in 2010 for downloading child porn images on his work computer, and suspected of operating a global pedophile ring via Facebook.[101]

Benjamin Levin, another disgraced, convicted pedophile politician and Trudeau colleague is the former education minister in Manitoba and Ontario provinces, caught making and distributing child pornography, and pedophilic activity involving underage children in 2013.[102] Trudeau is dirty like all the rest of the New World Order leaders. He is in tight with the likes of the Bronfman pedo-crime family, globalist criminals George Soros and the pedophile Clintons. Amy MacPherson, the journalist cousin of Trudeau’s wife Sophie,[103] wrote and published a public letter to the prime minister confronting him on the widespread pedophilia cover-up plaguing Canada, specifically both Trudeau’s Liberal Party as well as the national media, citing the look-the-other-way-disease that engulfs modern politics and its MSM coverage worldwide.[104] Again, the running theme of pedophiles and pedophile enablers appear to be the compromised majority in both Big Government and Big Media. Amy called her puppet PM cousin out:

Because everyone closed their eyes in an effort to shield you from that scandal, the abuses continued and kids are presently being harmed by additional members of our family. The thing about predation is that it’s an illness and it can’t be controlled by ignoring it. All that secrecy did was let the disease flourish within our own family…[105]

Between the genocidal pedo-crimes against young Native North Americans, and the pedo-politics way of the world exposed, Canada also has its own Jeffrey Epstein. Peter Nygard, the Winnipeg fashion mogul who owns his own Caribbean island, with Epstein buddy Prince Andrew once Nygard’s friendly island guest, this 79-year old derelict has been raping underage girls as young as 14 with impunity for many decades. He was finally arrested in mid-December 2020.[106] Taken into custody in his hometown Winnipeg on a nine count indictment centering on child sex trafficking and racketeering, he’ll be facing Manhattan prosecutors just like Epstein.[107] Also like Epstein, it’s highly probable that the Finnish born Nygard has also been operating a major international child sex trafficking ring. Like Epstein who used his benefactor Wexner’s Victoria’s Secret to entice victims into his predatory orbit, Nygard fashion apparel line also exploited victims with empty modeling promises. Prosecutors wrote in papers requesting extradition:

Harm to his victims has included not only economic and psychological harm but also numerous instances of nonconsensual sex, including nonconsensual group sex, attempted forcible rapes and drugging of victims.[108]

Another parallel with Epstein is, as a control freak, Nygard trafficked his sex slaves to New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, the Bahamas and Winnipeg. He would serve them to friends and associates the same way Epstein did. No doubt intelligence agencies utilized his services as a sexual blackmail operation. 57 plaintiffs filed a class-action case against him in February 2020.

This chapter on Canada’s pedophilia is in parallel form an encapsulated version of the pedophilia epidemic unfolding in America, Britain, Europe, Australia and throughout the world since the scourge has gone fully global. Canada’s systemic policy of sexual abuse of children, trafficking and satanic blood sacrifice acts as the bookend to North America’s shameful history as covered in Book 4.

The most important battle is being won, spreading the lowdown truth to the larger population of decent, fully human world citizens who care about our children and are horrified by the unthinkable actions of less than 1% of the world population. The planetary controllers cannot hold back the truth rapidly spreading around the globe now to the people. We have entered the age of truth exposure like never before in a truth-starved world, regardless of how dark and ugly, to begin righting the wrongs so we can fully protect our children, holding the evil ones accountable.

President Trump’s attorney Lin Wood, instrumental in exposing the stolen 2020 election, has also been extremely active on Twitter the first several days of 2021, exposing the worldwide satanic pedophilia network as well.[109] Lin’s been busily outing sexually blackmailed US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, his illegal acquisition of his trafficked adopted children, his trip to Epstein’s orgy island and the Supreme Court’s apparent unwillingness to take on the voter and election fraud.

Lin Wood mentions the murdered Hollywood whistleblowing actor Isaac Kippy who outed Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg among others as pedophiles, blowing the lid off the pedo-den of iniquity called Hollywood. Lin Wood maintains that Isaac died attempting to get hacked insider information to President Trump that never got delivered. Similarly, going public on Twitter is intended to both educate the public as well as reach the president as there are individuals around Trump who are Deep State traitors. Per my research and apparently Lin Wood’s, one of these disloyal traitors is Vice President Mike Pence. Lin Wood’s New Year’s Eve bombshell announced that Jeffrey Epstein is alive. Lin believes that in exchange for his freedom, Epstein gave Trump all the dirty evidence to hang all his pedophile enemies.

Lin Wood’s latest tweets over the last few days are below:

There are THOUSANDS of videos of pedophilia crimes committed by powerful people…The number of missing children worldwide & in United States is staggering. @realDonaldTrump must appoint special prosecutor to thoroughly investigate. We Need answers. We must investigate. For the Children… I have no idea extent of blackmail scheme of raping & killing children but given the number of agencies involved, the hundreds of thousands of missing children, & the otherwise inexplicable actions of many powerful officials, celebrities, & business leaders, I fear the worst. The 10 intelligence agencies who have members employing this blackmail scheme include CCP, CIA, Mossad, FBI, MI6. The others are easily identifiable… This tweet was an insurance policy. The evil forces behind this blackmail scheme of child rape & murder need to know that others have encryption key. I have procedure in place if I die in near term or any member of my family is harmed or threatened, key will be released by many. Jeffrey Epstein used this same blackmail scheme of child rape & child murder to either further his own interests or those of any intelligence agency with whom he worked. ALL who flew on his private jet or visited his island must be IMMEDIATELY interrogated & brought to justice. The blackmail targets are approached with a gun, a child, & a camera. The target is ordered to rape the child on video. The target is then ordered to shoot the child on video. The target is then owned & controlled by the blackmailers until blackmail evidence loses its value.[110]

The truth shall set us free!


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