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Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State by Joachim Hagopian
I’m posting this book as a series of book excerpts chapter by chapter. The complete book is available free for reading online on PedoEmpire.org  Individual chapters can also be downloaded. The printed edition of this book has also been released in 4 volumes. An E-book version can be purchased for Amazon Kindle as individual chapters.
OCTOBER 3, 2017
Chapter 2: Elite’s Sinister Agenda to Normalize and Decriminalize Pedophilia
Joachim Hagopian
Cover Credit: Nora Maccoby with permission
“Some psychiatric leaders who were instrumental in removing homosexuality from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of mental disorders in 1973 have been fighting to remove pedophilia as a disorder as well, not to justify the abuse of children but rather to say that being sexually attracted to children is not a mental disorder.”

Michael L. Brown,[1]

author of A Queer Thing Happened to America[2]

The first chapter of this book alluded to how the psychiatric field utilized its latest edition of the DSM “bible” to attempt to normalize raping children, initially calling pedophilia a sexual orientation following the footsteps forged by homosexuality as a onetime deviant mental disorder turned sexual orientation morphed into the widely accepted normative sexual choice that it enjoys today. As early as 1998, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) made its objective explicitly clear, maintaining that the negative impact of child sex abuse when adults have sex with children was “overstated”[3] and that:

The vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from their child sexual experiences.

As a longtime clinician working with victims of pedophiles, that is not my observation or experience at all. The traumatic effects of child sex abuse emotionally and interpersonally may last a lifetime, and its effects sexually likely do as well. In my humble opinion, for at least two decades the APA has a proven track record of being far more interested in the well-being and care of child rapists than victimized children. Bottom line, protecting child molesters is a priority over protecting children. But then this powerful organization has also played an integral part in the CIA’s MK Ultra and Monarch mind control programs as well, where young children are systematically sexually traumatized to intentionally induce dissociative states and alter personalities.[4] An infamous example of the APA-MK overlap was the sadistic Dr. Ewen Cameron, who served as both the APA president while running the unlawful, inhumane MK Ultra program experiments using LSD on unsuspecting victims and abusing children.[5]

At a July 2013 pedophilia conference held at UK’s prestigious University of Cambridge, research experts concluded:

Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males. At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children… Normal males are aroused by children.[6]

There you have it, the psychiatric profession embraces pedophiles as typical “normal” males. If that’s not enough to prove that psychiatrists care more about child rapists than children, more evidence is written right into the various state laws as in California and New Jersey. A California law actually prohibits mental health counselors from trying to get a pedophile to change his behavior or speak negatively about it,[7] according to the attorney who is currently suing the state of California to change the law that clearly is detrimental to the safety and welfare of innocent children. The idea that therapists can be negatively sanctioned for attempting to change the criminal behavior of a client, who poses a serious threat to children, makes absolutely no sense at all. But then that’s the inverse, upside down world we’re now living in these days.

Aside from the “expert” advice of psychiatrists and psychologists forging their way, the elite – comprised of so many pedophiles – with unlimited resources, possesses a myriad of other approaches, venues and arsenal weapons at its disposal, to methodically persuade and gain wider social acceptance necessary to legalize child molestation. Ultimately the elite’s subversive mission or game-plan is first unleashing the “experts” out to “educate” the public, backed heavily by the media echo chambers declaring “no harm, no foul,” while saturating the airwaves with movies, TV and music with the running theme that “it’s only normal,” so the Washington pedophiles can then justify a vote to decriminalize and thereby free themselves from any chance of ever paying for their horrific crimes. And by that time deep state’s Federal Reserve will have tanked the economy to manipulate an angry public into blaming Trump,[8] so he’ll be out and pedo Pence will be in.[9] Already smelling blood, just before the VP kills and drinks it, Pence already betrayed Trump setting up his own political action committee to launch his backstabbing future presidential coup.[10]

The notion that pedophilia is a permanent, immutable condition inherited from birth[11] is a slippery slope that some believe may relinquish self-responsibility for abusing children, which moves toward potentially normalizing and decriminalizing pedophilia, with the precedent of homosexuality already in place. A growing number of researchers believe that most child molesters are not pedophiles and that a sizeable yet unknown percentage of pedophiles live a celibate lifestyle never touching or harming children.[12] It’s important to realize that satanic pedophiles amongst the elite will use these latest findings to their advantage. Changing societal mores leading toward increasing leniency, normalcy and decriminalization will only justify their continuing to feed off the flesh and blood of children for rejuvenated strength, longer life and enhanced power practiced since ancient times.[13] Ritualized sacrifice of young innocents through systematic rape, torture and wholesale slaughter perpetrated by the Illuminati elite has secretly flourished to this day with total impunity.

But by the day, the recent exposure of the massive PedoGate scandal[14] is looming larger,[15] and the planetary controllers are becoming increasingly nervous and desperate to legalize their pervasive violation and bloodlust toward children in order to evade criminal indictment and impending incarceration. President Trump[16] and Attorney General Sessions[17] have put them on notice. And for that reason, the deep state is amassing all its sinister forces to bring Trump and Sessions down before the pedophilic elite can be brought to justice. They’d rather destroy the earth first than relinquish their demonic power. We are currently amidst an epoch battle of the ages and survival of the human species and planet hang precariously in the balance.

This chapter will focus on the multi-level front offensive geared to change the public’s mind and attitude toward pedophilia, deploying insidious, subversive ways to frenetically shape culture and opinion towards gradually accepting adult sex with underage children as a normative choice and civil right, just like homosexuality. In recent decades through massive social engineering,[18] the LGBT agenda[19] coalesced and fused together in Political Correctness,[20] has opened the door wide open for the creeping pedophilia agenda. The war for your mind is being fought on many fronts every single day, so beware.

Meanwhile, in response to the deep state West’s “blame it on Putin and Russia” lie[21] that the left has used in vain to try and bring down Trump[22] and instigate World War III,[23] the very prudent president that the Russians have known as their only leader this century[24] – Vladimir Putin, had this to say in his Christmas message to the world last year:

The excesses and exaggerations of political correctness in these [Western] countries indeed leads to serious consideration for the legitimization of parties that promote the propaganda of pedophilia.[25]

As mentioned in the first chapter, clearly the globalist agenda and their Western minions is to utilize weaponized social engineering, the LGBT movement and Political Correctness to propagandize and brainwash the Western masses away from their traditional Christian and family roots in order to normalize pedophilia. As usual Russian President Putin was spot on.

It was reported just a few days ahead of the two world leaders Putin and Trump meeting for the first time in Hamburg on July 7th that the shrewd Russian leader issued a stern warning to the American president to begin “exposing pedophiles in Washington DC,” or else Russia will. Moscow’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov released this statement:

The foundation of support for pedophilia within US politics is a global issue that must be eradicated. This level of unethical corruption must be stopped, and we have the means to expose it if the US Government is unwilling.[26]

Thus, clearly the Russian Federation has had enough of Washington’s never-ending lies and false accusations, straight out of the mouths of so many compromised pedophiles like McCain, Graham, Schumer and Pelosi,[27] and knows that the cesspool inside Western politics must be wiped clean. The two hour meeting in Germany was said to have been successful with both leaders establishing a rapport to work together with a focus on the future rather than the past.[28] Though no press mentioned pedophilia was on their itinerary per se, by the Russians making it an off-table priority underscores the need for pedophilia so heavily concentrated in Western governments led by the United States to be rooted out. With a wink and a nod from the hordes of guilty insiders operating within the power centers of Washington,[29] London,[30] Brussels,[31] and Rome’s Vatican,[32] where for decades pedophilia has flourished the most with the most impunity because the pedo-elite meticulously set up its insulated bribery-blackmail system to exercise absolute control over their Western puppets.[33] This evil broken system has got to be taken down.

And that’s why over four decades ago in the United Kingdom a coalition merged between homosexual and pedophile rights as the beta test forerunner of what was to come.[34] Either though deceptive means of controlling politicians through pedophilia and sexual blackmail, or whether so many of the West’s political leaders are natural born sexual deviants who diagnostically fit the compulsive mental disorder as full blown child raping pedophiles, from presidents[35] to prime ministers,[36] [37] from speakers of the house[38] to powerful senators,[39] [40] congress members[41] [42]and MP’s,[43] court judges,[44] [45] military generals[46] [47] to police chiefs[48] [49] and police commissioners,[50] [51] a significant and inordinate percentage of these top Illuminati puppets in Western nations are pedophiles.[52] [53] And though 99.9% of their grotesque criminality has always remained above the law for centuries, managing to squelch every major police investigation and circumvent indictments due to their insulated power that shields and protects them from exposure and incarceration, I believe those days are coming to an end. Putin and Trump have the opportunity to work together to finally drain the global pedo-swamp, make our children safer and bring peace to this world. That’s if the elite’s deep state doesn’t blow up the world first.

The countless pedophile scandals involving satanic ritual child sexual abuse and subsequent cover-ups committed by top leaders in virtually all the Western governments over the last few decades alone serve as overwhelming, conclusive and undeniable evidence that virtually all the leaders on the world stage are high powered child molesters[54] that oversee the black ops-CIA-UN-mob controlled child sex trafficking as well as the drug and arms smuggling operations worldwide.[55] But pulling their puppet strings at the top of this Luciferian pedophile food chain[56] are the 13 Illuminati family bloodlines that really run this devil’s dominion planet.[57] These include the Rothschilds,[58] Rockefellers[59] and the British Windsor’s (part of the Merovingian “seed of Satan” gang).[60]

Though satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice go back to ancient times, a quick laundry list of their most infamously brazen, modern, fully documented pedophile scandals can start with the satanic sexual abuse at daycare centers in the 1980’s that included the McMartin,[61] West Point and the Presidio cases,[62] two enormous scandals that went straight to the Reagan and Bush White Houses – the Franklin scandal[63] and the CIA run Finders scandal,[64] both breaking in the mid to late 1980’s.

The never-ending Catholic Church pedo-epidemic[65] spanning centuries as well as the globe[66] leads straight to the Vatican popes. Ratzinger was busted for covering up the church scandal and forced into retirement.[67] Then under Francis’ watch there was a 2014 scandal hardly anybody ever heard of involving a Polish archbishop who collected over 100,000 child pornography photos, 160 videos of child abuse as well as a record abusing dozens in kids in Poland and Dominican Republic. While on house arrest awaiting trial, he “mysteriously” died.[68] But this last week the depraved debauchery at the Vatican broke wide open. As if Pope Francis’ right hand pedophile recently charged with the biggest Catholic child abuse scandal in Australian history wasn’t incriminating enough,[69] the priest under another of the pope’s top aides, the cardinal leading the Pontifical Council to “clean up” sex abuse in the church, was just caught in a police raid hosting a gay cocaine orgy at his Vatican pad.[70] With Rome’s amidst an internal turf war right now and Pope Francis’ Jesuits in a Vatican takeover, a recently fired holdout loyal to Ratzinger in retaliation called the cops on the cocaine snorting gay boys. With the Church steeped in child trafficking, a Vatican insider predicts that Francis will resign during an upcoming trip home to Argentina shortly.[71]
Then there’s the infamous UK entertainer Jimmy Savile case, whose rapes span a half century involving as many as 500 victims[72] when the kiddie lover wasn’t pimping group home kids off to British royalty, PM’s and MP’s.[73] Two decades ago Belgium was rocked by the deadly 1996-97 Dutroux scandal and its high end cover-up,[74] followed by the DynCorp-UN-US State Department child sex abuse slavery rings busted in 1999 Bosnia and elsewhere to this day.[75] Then the thousands of missing, tortured, sexually abused and murdered North American aboriginal children (and women)[76] along with the 8 million children around the globe who disappear every year, many trapped in sexual slavery trafficking rings.[77] Tony Blair[78] and George W. Bush[79]regimes’ are notorious for their pedophile sex ring cover-ups. Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express and Sex Slave Island pedo blackmail operation involved both Clintons and possibly Trump among others,[80] [81] the Dennis Hastert pedophile case,[82] the Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky case,[83] the Pentagon-NSA-CIA child pornography cover-up,[84] UK’s satanic Hampstead scandal,[85] the pedophile infested Hollywood scandals and its exposed satanic ritual abuse,[86] and finally right up to the DC/DNC’s Pizzagate[87] turned worldwide PedoGate.[88]
But there’s more. How can we forget the massive underground operation run by CIA-military black ops inflicting sexual trauma induced dissociative disorder, programming kids of all ages since the post-WWII CIA Nazi Paperclip era to this day, producing multiple generations of MK Ultra and Monarch[89] mind controlled victims as child sex slaves,[90] demonically controlled sex slave entertainment superstars,[91] super soldier assassins,[92] spies,[93] drug runners[94] and even Manchurian mind-controlled US presidents.[95] [96] All this evil raping of children is every bit real! It’s all even been covered even by mainstream press,[97] despite these days not hearing a peep about either the current pedo-epidemic[98] or Trump’s child trafficking busts[99] since taking office except when ridiculing[100] believers in Pizzagate/PedoGate as “fake news.”[101] The elite’s running scared that the scandal of the millennium will bring the entire cabal crashing down. That’s why the globalists are frantically trying to ensure their house of cards economy,[102] Trump impeachment[103]/assassination[104] and world war explode first.[105] With luxury subterranean contingency plans,[106] as transhumanists with years of supplies, they believe they can survive anything.

All these high crimes and sordid atrocities are interrelated and interconnected, and establish the pedophilia epidemic as indisputable fact, regardless of lame stream lies of denial, all involve the same child sex predators ad nauseam, comprised of US-Western government agency personnel who are pedophile puppets owned and controlled by the Illuminati Satan-worshipping, child raping and child murdering elite. And these are merely the most notorious cases that the system was not quite successful enough to cover up. The extent of the dark, heinous evil being perpetrated by this worldwide criminal enterprise is still largely unknown. But with the Illuminati government-owned thread as the connecting dot that runs through every wicked one of them, the pedophile epidemic operated by the international crime cabal in Washington, London, Brussels and Vatican must be exposed and brought down. This book is intended to facilitate and help jump start that process.

We can go back to the 1970’s and 1980’s in the United Kingdom as just one example of early proof of how embedded the child molesters and pedophile supporters are and were in the London government.[107] Along with the Vatican and US, Queen Elizabeth and her MI5 and MI6 minions have long played a leading role in global child/human trafficking.[108] Some of the biggest names in UK politics are and were above the law child rapists.[109] For over a decade, from 1974 to 1984, the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE),[110] an infamous UK organization of self-identified child rapists[111] who promoted lowering the age of sexual consent in Britain to just four years of age, by invitation openly infiltrated and co-opted the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL),[112] a major activist NGO currently known as Liberty, whose leadership figures during that decade have since risen to the highest positions in UK politics. Back in 1975 The Guardian chronicled the partnership forming between NCCL and PIE in a headline heralding the move as if promoting civil rights for gays and pedos is progress for us all: “Child-lovers win fight for role in Gay Lib.”[113]

Back in early 2014 when four of these onetime NCCL leaders as career public servants and political figures were sitting atop the British government and throne, the Daily Mail began publishing a series of incriminating articles exposing the fact that four prominent government leaders decades earlier had sought out the pedophile organization PIE to form a working partnership of likeminded left leaning activists promoting both gay and pedophile rights. Longtime leader of the Labour Party and Parliament fixture since 1982, Harriet Harman, and her MP husband Jack Dromey as NCCL officers, back in the day attempted to water down child pornography laws.[114] They welcomed PIE founder and Chairman Tom O’Carroll to not only become an NCCL member but also a speaker at their spring 1977 conference. The couple vehemently denied their involvement with the pedophile organization, claiming the Daily Mail was guilty of launching a campaign to smear their good name.[115] Jack Dromey insists that he only attacked PIE for its vile nature, never embracing it. Yet his past actions speak louder than his feeble 2014 words.

Still another high profile power player currently with a gig as the first openly gay advisor to Queen Elizabeth is Lord Justice Adrian Fulford,[116] who founded a group called Conspiracy against Public Morals that also pushed for pedophile rights, even sharing the same mailing address as PIE. Fulford worked with both NCCL and PIE organizing support rallies protesting outside the court buildings where pedophiles like Tom O’Carroll and a half dozen other PIE members were tried and convicted for child pornography and child molestation. The lobbying group Fulford founded distributed pamphlets urging that children would be liberated from the oppression of both the state and their family if they were legally allowed to have sex with adults. Guilty of loyally promoting the organization that lobbied to reduce the age of sexual consent to just four years old, when asked about his pedophilia support, typical of public figures caught in a scandal, one of the most senior judges in the UK suddenly had a lapse of memory:

I have no memory of having been involved with its foundation or the detail of the work of this campaign.

For someone who insists he never supported PIE, it’s odd that the PIE newsletter would go out of its way to thank the then barrister for a rousing 1979 speech he made on the pedophiles’ behalf.

While Patricia Hewitt was the NCCL secretary general for a decade from 1974-1983, archive records show a document published in her name only, advocating to lower the age of sexual consent in special cases to just 10 years old, and to 14 nationally, and also to legalize incest.[117] After receiving a written request from the PIE chairman in 1975 to consider PIE’s recommendations to reduce the age to just four, Hewitt responded:

We have found your evidence… most helpful and I think it has certainly been taken into account by the people preparing our evidence.[118]

And the NCCL pedo lovers’ evidence from one of their 1976 documents horrendously states:

Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage.[119]

The woman whose name appears on that document ended up from 2005 to 2007 serving in Tony Blair’s pedo-infested Labour Party government as the nation’s health secretary of all things. Whose health? Certainly not innocent little British children’s. Then in 2010 as an MP along with three of her colleagues, one of whom served as Blair’s defense secretary Geoff Hoon (1999-2005), Patricia Hewitt was busted in a £3,000 a day pay-to-play operation and suspended by her own Labour Party, amidst scandal ultimately deciding to quit politics.[120] To her partial credit though, of the four power players who so enthusiastically and publicly pledged their support to pedophilia back in the 70’s and 80’s, in 2014 Hewitt was the only one coming closest to an apology, expressing regret over her past decisions, although she still claimed it was NCCL’s executive decision, not hers, pushing to lower the age of consent to 10.[121]

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair Labour Party government was populated by pedophiles in his key cabinet posts. A UK intelligence investigation – codename Operation Ore – identified 7,250 suspects as potential pedophiles nationwide, hundreds occupying government positions while Blair was prime minister.[122] America’s counterpart under the pedophiles-R-US regime of Bush and Cheney was Operation Avalanche,[123] implicating an incredible 35,000 potential suspects under investigation, but only 100 were charged. The war criminals Blair and Bush[124] thwarted and protected their pedos at the top, Blair issuing D-Notices, both essentially using gag orders that sealed off all records from the media using their manufactured war in Iraq as the all-too-familiar, flimsy “national security” cover-up excuse. Despite their overt gross obstruction of justice, one of Blair’s closest aides Phillip Lyon was arrested for child pornography.[125] After 9/11 mastermind[126] and pedophile Dick Cheney,[127] President George W. Bush’s next in line to the US throne was GOP Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who himself was later busted for raping teenage boys as a wrestling coach.[128]

Another flagrant Blair pedophile cover-up involved Freemason, UK defense minister (from 1997-99 just prior to Blair’s corrupt choice Hoon), and NATO Secretary General (1999-2004) – Lord George Robertson.[129] The Lord used his unholy power of influence to secure guns for known pedophile and mass child murderer Thomas Hamilton after Hamilton had earlier been denied. Then in 1996 Hamilton fired off multiple deadly rounds at the Scottish village Dunblane’s middle school massacre where 16 children and their teacher were shot dead prior to Hamilton turning one of the four guns Robertson provided on himself. Blair squelched the investigation that would likely have uncovered the major child sex ring that Hamilton had set up for Robertson and other British elite. The link between Dunblane’s exclusive boarding school, the Queen Victoria School, and pedophile VIP’s is just now coming to light again in an ongoing inquiry this year.[130]

Similar to Washington, with the UK government swarming with hardcore pedophiles or conscripted by blackmail design, the rising stars of Hewitt, Harman, Dromey and Fulford may well have been aided by their pro-pedophilia stance “boldly taken” early in their careers. After all, the Pedophile Empire rewards its own as a means of both self-replication, self-protection and maximized control. Demonstrated loyalty to the pedo cause by advocating decriminalization of pedophilia in the 1970’s could not have gone unnoticed by UK’s pedophile royalty.[131] [132] The gay pro-pedo judge ends up queenie’s personal advisor and the other three ride Blair’s ascent to thin air heights within his Labouring Pedo Party. Remember, pedophiles always promote and protect their own kind.

Liberal British mainstream press apologists in 2014 offered the lame rationale that the wayward judge and NCCL trio of pro-molester proponents that ran the civil rights group in the 70’s were innocently caught up in the fervor of the youthful liberation revolution at the time, unwittingly standing side by side tolerating pedophiles aligned with them.[133] But these four rising stars were highly intelligent privileged individuals with legal backgrounds in their late twenties and early thirties who knew exactly what they were doing – embracing the rights of adults having sex with kids. And they all were duly rewarded.

Journalist Sonia Poulton pointed out in March 2014 the hypocrisy of so much negative attention being paid upon the four pro-pedos from the 70’s and 80’s when in recent years she’s interviewed dozens of molested victims who have named their parliamentary rapists, some still in government and some not, and after reporting these crimes to the police, absolutely nothing has been done to bring any of them to justice.[134] This frozen stall is deliberate so the guilty can remain free. Even after MP Tom Watson confronted PM David Cameron on the spot in the House of Commons, convincing UK’s leader to agree to launch an investigation in October 2012, finally doing something about this pervasive, shameful blight on the corrupt UK government, yet to this day as in America, not one high profile politician’s been arrested.[135]

Since the so called Cameron “investigation” never got off the ground, in July 2014 Home Secretary Theresa May initiated the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse (IICSA) to take testimony from child abuse victims.[136] But the pedophiles keep ensuring they remain immune from any and all accountability so their crimes only continue. In September 2015 the IICSA announced that all the data that had been gathered from abuse victims and witnesses was conveniently deleted from its database due to an “accidental” glitch. The obvious self-sabotage was just another successful ploy to cover-up the rampant pedo epidemic in the UK. Sonia Poulton lamented how she only observes the same unindicted politician-rapists aligning themselves ever closer with focus groups, high powered lawyers and academia (not unlike the four NCCL-PIE players decades earlier) to push for reducing the age of consent so they can continue raping children and escape justice.

Today’s mobilized effort to normalize and legalize child rape is moving faster because a growing segment of the global population now knows more than ever about the elite’s criminal operation. The establishment’s concerted attempt to protect their own pedophile interests over protecting innocent children is blatantly clear. Elitist criminal scum look upon their victims as expendable throwaways, the same way New World Order’s Illuminati chairman and globalist guru Henry Kissinger views us all as “useless eaters”[137] and Hillary as “deplorables.”[138] As always, the guilty still operate above the law as they continue sodomizing and destroying generation after generation of children’s lives. But the tide’s finally turning, and now’s the time to take a stand.

From their cozy mansions, the Illuminati elite watching that PIE phenomenon unfold years ago when an open lobbyist group representing their demented kind was actively pitching the UK government to decriminalize and normalize pedophilia way back when, no doubt had to be a celebrated moment of encouraged optimism. Pedophilia was and still is opportunistically riding on the coattails of progress advancing homosexual rights since being gay was no longer a crime (as of 1967 in UK) nor a mental illness (DSM-2 removed it in 1973). Garnering support from a sympathetic leftist press, prominent academia figures and college student unions alike, buoyed by NCCL’s decade long loyal support, all collectively embracing pedophilia rights, helped recruit over 200 PIE members by its second year in existence.[139] The pedo-elite had to view this burgeoning development as a successful first beta test run towards decriminalization. From the ruling elite pedophiles’ 1975 vantage point, the future of pedophilia must have looked promising, not that they ever really worried that their living above the law would ever catch up to them.

With PIE’s inroads in 1975, the elite agenda promoting normalization of child molestation as a legal and viable lifestyle choice must have appeared fairly close at hand. From the wider mid-70’s macro-perspective, the elite’s CIA created cultural and sexual revolution in the West was at its crest, steeped in the leftist counterculture movement pushing drugs and sexual promiscuity amongst the younger generations’ “do your own thing” hedonism along with out of the closet homosexuality.[140] Elitist social engineering manifested the CIA sponsored and anointed Gloria Steinem to lead the feminist movement,[141] and the blurring of gender roles, androgyny[142] and the LGB birth was launched (T came later). Additionally right on cue, the divorce rates began climbing significantly, and mothers as heads of single parent family households were starting to emerge as well.[143]

By 1975, the ruling elite was targeting a slew of enemies lined up in its crosshairs, designated for systematic destruction – a sovereign, relatively well informed, educated, post-Vietnam/Watergate citizen populace with a distrust toward authority,[144] still in possession of a relatively critical thinking mind. Two other enemies were the sovereign institutions of marriage and family, still represented by a relative stable marriage rate and traditional American nuclear family still a majority.[145] A productive enough national economy was able to still support a robust, largely affluent, upwardly mobile middle class majority.[146] All these positive US trademarks as “land of the free” givens had long symbolized America as a strong sovereign independent nation and world power. But by the mid-70’s, the global elite had already decided that the American people had had their heyday and it was time to destroy these made in the USA standard beacons of light and Yankee ingenuity.

By globalist design, America was still reeling from its first lost war in history,[147] a war it was not intended to win.[148] With the two Vietnams reunified under the victors’ Communist rule in 1975, the elite’s next manufactured war that America was again never intended to win was its long “war on drugs,”[149] the war that turned our nation into a permanent welfare state with a growing underclass comprised mostly of disenfranchised minorities largely stuck in urban city ghettos and barrios.[150] The Bush-Clinton-CIA drug cartel running an international cocaine smuggling operation pumped tons of the white poison into America’s inner cities[151] and gave rise to gang turf warfare in both America and Latin America,[152] ripped apart countless American families, inflicting its heaviest toll on families of color, resulting in fatherhood absenteeism lost to newly built privatized prisons.[153] [154] The elite’s war against America decimated its once vibrant middle class and nearly destroyed its forsaken poor.[155]

Meanwhile, throughout this postmodern period of hardship and upheaval for the global masses, pedophilia as an accepted social norm has only made small creeping progress. Subsequently, to speed up the process, overt signs are now appearing everywhere, designed coercively to manipulate and mold public opinion into becoming pedophile-friendly. To those pedophiles who don’t abuse children, as a society we should make treatment and social support groups more amenable. But for child rapists and molesters masquerading as our planetary masters, as soon as possible they need to be removed from all access to both children and humanity, and forced to undergo treatment for their dually diagnosed psychopathy and pedophilic disorder.[156] To allow literally a handful of severely mentally ill individuals control and destroy what’s left of the earth is pure madness.

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